“War and Peace’ Leo Tolstoy BORN on Rosh Hoshanna

‘A midnight plunge into a freezing pond’ – The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy.

Learning about Sofia will give us insight into the man, Lev (Leo) Tolstoy.  His life according to the Hebrew calendar is absolutely amazing.  Yes, he was born on the the Feast of Trumpets…the two-day long festival that began the Civil New Year.  It is known to be calling the king to his coronation.  Leo Tolstoy was a king who called  men to ‘peace.’  He loved the Jews and his wife despised them.  Take time to learn about her and you’ll learn about him.

Also, what is amazing is how I fell into looking into looking into his life.  I’m watching the film series, Young Indiana Jones on Netflix with my seven-year old grandson.  In the third series Indiana and Tolstoy meet each other as they are each running away from home   I never knew about this man whose books have influenced so many through the years.  He wrote War and Peace…….He left the Russian Orthodox Church….in pursuit of The Torah.

Read this short review on his wife and then you will know why I’m now more than interested in how this man thought and why.

Do you know of anyone born as a Count on the day the kings are announced?  The Day is Rosh Hosanna, Tishrei 1. It begin the Hebrew civil calendar known for the blowing of the shofar.

Rosh Hoshanna Tolstoy
Rosh Hoshanna announcing Tolstoy

Tishrei 1 – 10 is known as, ‘The Days of Awe.’

Something amazing happened in 2015 since I’ve written this article, so I’m going to insert it here for Tishrei 3.  Tishrei 1 and 2 announce the king.  Tishrei 3 is still announcing something…it is the Fast of Gedalia.  The Jews in Israel killed the king God appointed for them under Nebenkennzer when they were taken into captivity to Babylon.  In 2015 it is the day of the first 8+ earthquake since April 1, 2014, Nissan 1, the New Year brining in the ecclesiastical New Year.  Yes, I write about his in a blog talking about these earthquakes being ‘Bookends.’  God waited 1 year and 6 months to show us His calendar celebrating his important new years.  Tishrei 3 2015, The Fast of Gedaliah, was recognized as a day when God would give us leaders that we do not like because of our disobedience to The Torah.  Men think Torah is a burden and Jesus said that it was light.  It is the way of life, not for salvation, but for living happily on this earth.  We have Tolstoy being born on the Feast of Trumpets and his daughter will be born on Tishrei 4…during The Days of Awe.  He was a king on this earth that wrote about War and Peace and how to have God’s peace.  It’s not a church, but an inner peace walking as Yeshua walked.  He wanted to give all his wealth away and left it up to his daughter to as much on his death.  The estate was divided up to the best he could get it divided.  His life is an example of giving to the poor…which is what the Shabbot is all about.  We rest on it to give and serve others.  Shabbot is about leaving yourself behind and making no one your servant.

Countess Tatyana, is born on Tishrei 4.  What is amazing is that she will die on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10…The last day of Awe.  It is either the Day of Atonement or Day of Judgment for each person.  Did Leo or Tatyana believe on the blood of Jesus/Yeshua?  I believe so as they walked out the Torah.

Ready for one more of his family… in the power-packed month of Tishrei?  Count Alexis , 11th child, is born 23 Tishrei 1881, known as Simchat Torah. (As I update this article, Simchat Torah is beginning.  God is always astonishes me as he uses my fingers to His perfect timing in even updating this!)

It is the 8th day of The Feast of Tabernacles known as,  ‘rejoicing in the Torah.’  The people are now leaving Jerusalem and going out and telling others about The Torah…God’s love manual to them.  I just left sharing seven days with my first Feast of Tabernacles celebration at Lake Paradise with over 200 believers.  I met people who for 24 years have carried a replica of the God’s Tabernacle into the state capitols of America.  They have witnessed God shaking the earth as the camp in those cities.  Alabama had 65 tornadoes April 27, 2011 as the entered the city.  God had a cleansing to do there.  It is better to draw near to God on our knees here on this earth than not be able to bow our knee in the future upon His return.

God knew the Tolstoy children before they were born.  God knew you before your were born.  What have you done with this fleeting life that you’ve been privileged to witness.  I just met a man who doesn’t want a thing but to live in a little garage heated by a wood stove.  The Holy Spirit indwells him as he is filled with utmost joy….  There is no better place to be than that!


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