by Bob Ward

Measure for Measure – 42 – Binyamin – Year 6020 what does it mean?

Can the wolf and lamb live together unequally yoked? No, not at this time! Therefore, until that day we must look for how God communicates to us to understand how to live safely on our earth. My goal is not to pull God out of my back pocket to use as I please, but to look into his design and purposes.

Four is the letter Dahlet represented by a door. Two is the letter Beit that is represented by a house. Ben is son. Beit (house), Ben is son, B is in the beginning. Thus, 42 could be read The Son in the house knocking on the door. Genesis begins B – In the beginning. In the beginning the son was in the house…that is powerful showing Yeshua light was there. Today art shows Jesus knocking on a door. It is up to us to open the door of our heart to Him. It is up to open that door because there is a point where he no longer knocks…because The Church does not want to open to Him….thus He goes away and there is a time of silence. This I believe is happening NOW. Come as a child and he will always open to you…but as in the days of Noach no one was calling on God.

Do numbers mean something? They most certainly do…and especially to our Creator. If I’ve learned anything…I learned to ask God why? I want to know why the ark has it’s dimension. Do I see similar patterns showing up in other places and in other peoples lives? The depth of God is for us to search out. 42 has become more clear me over the last TWO years. It’s a journey to The Eighth Day…which comes after the Seventh, of course.

Not many people talk about this because they just seem to want to be ‘caught out’ of earth’s mess. No, we are to persevere and ‘shine as a light under a basket..where it’s already dark.

I’ve had several female friends in Iowa over thirty years ago. Our messenging keeps us connected to long time friends. After writing this post I received a chart that showed from January 1 to March 25, 2020 American woman have had nearly TEN MILLION abortions. I was shocked. One of these friends, Sue, sent me the number of abortion in 2019….are you ready? 42.2 million. I was shocked as the number that shows a change in location, a change in history…a struggling time before being set free was once again 42.2 million. Mohommad died in year 42 AD. Today, New Jersey figures showed that 42 percent of people tested were positive with COVID 19.

Another friend Jenny from Iowa text me back that she relates these abortion to this plague. I agree with her as do many of my friends who live without fear of this in their strong faith in Jesus. Cain killed Abel and did not reveal his murder but his blood cried out from the rocks under which he was buried. These 42.2 abused children’s blood is crying out right now….and our Creator is the avenger. And, now we know this virus is attaching the average age as well. May we STOP this horrific tragedy legalized in 1973 when our firsborn was born….I can’t imagine life without him.

Perhaps our dark days are also because of the world’s growing hatred for Israel. We must remember that Israel is the spiritual side of God’s thoughts. He wants them to grow up just as He wants us to grow up.

America and others have supported communist regimes that now have so much money they are buying islands and nations that have the richest minerals in the world….put there by God for testing man’s character. The choice of good and evil will always be there because evil is to be crushed once and for all into eternity. Without dark we do not know there is light. Darkness comes first so LIGHT can overtake it. We must not think in the moment but in God’s long term goal for mankind.

The Obama’s left us with 142 justice seats open for President Trump to fill across our nation. Day Six is still trying to close by wiping out darkness. The Obama Administration nor governments 100 years ago did NOT collect double blessings but saw plagues…the black plague…the Spanish Swine Plague (78 million plus died in 1918-1919.). And wicked judges eventually approved ABORTION for the United States with over 60 million deaths.

Will there be a measure for measure seen in this plague for the Jew’s Holocaust to those nations that denied her life? Where were those judges to STOP that in 1942..The Year The Ovens were stoked for a Quicker Final Solution for the Jew Problem our world had?

Day Seven is groaning to be born so it can rest in a righteous world. We are not collecting our double blessing because we don’t know The Torah…blessing and cursing statues. Trump is moving us into Day Seven. He proudly has filled those 142 vacancies plus many more judicial vacancies.

I believe we truly are at the end of the Sixth Day… at the 42nd year of a 50-year Shemittah cycle. In fact, what if year 42 of 50 began in 2015? That would put us five years into God’s War Shemittah cycle. That means that 2020 is Year Five from this signal given to us. We had many signals in 2014-2015 with Four Total Blood Moon aligned at Passover twice and Fast of Tabernacles twice. And, we had a young Jewish boy living in Israel age 15 die. He is twenty in 2020…a year of clear hindsight.

Nathan’s experience on the other side of this thin veil impressed him so much that he knew he had not done enough for the Creator he knew very little of. Now that he knew, he wanted to tell others that it was NOT what you wear on your head and arm..the phylacteries…but it is what is in your heart. It must be a sincere heart for YHWH…and he was also revealed the name of the Messiah. When he told them…they cut it out of the video…and some started to disown his words. His parents also were secular Jews, not Orthodox and took down his video interview of his experience. I listened at least six times to clearly hear his words and I even found the original where he reveals The Name. Yes, I believe in 2015 as a ‘marker’ we can use. Nathan said it the Messiach said it would be soon. But, what is soon in ADONAI’s timing?

We know of Wars that are 7 years long…and ten years long and 100 years long. Then there are mini battles to win the big war. 2017 was declared a Jubilee year. President Donald (a new dawn) Trump (a trumpet call) was risen up through prayer of Christians with a vision for God’s plan via this billionaire Donald Trump. God did establish him we called him a type of king Cyrus…now I declare him also Ezra as he followed Ezra call to the people to remove the foreigner from our land on the exact day December 18, 2019 as Ezra called Judah and Binyamin to himself on 20 Kislev…the Third Day of Chanukah.

I watched the impeachment unfold with no papers delivered. Ezra made the request and they agreed about their sin but needed time to get back to Ezra about leaving their families after 70 years. Ten days later…which shows Enoch’s ten generations of history and then the Big Change…Binyamin and Judah returned to request more time so they could take their families before their own judges. Trump went before the United States Congress and was judged…INNOCENT of all charges.

The foreigner has to be removed from our earth…and President Trump is the only president who has risen up to do it….at all costs and yet humble in heart to protect them as it happens. We are moving into hard times…with freedom still fought during his second term. Trump will remain King Cyrus. He will also be Ezra desiring to build the foundation of The Torah back to the earth. Trump is a priest and prophet like Ezra for Israel. He will become known as Elisha…with a double portion of blessing that acts for the God of Israel. He will wipe out God’s enemies.

You see….it’s a promise from our Creator…if you bless Israel you will be blessed…and blessed to help cleanse the earth…which is seen as bloody. The ‘grace’ only crowd will become shocked that it will take blood and judgement from God to cleanse our earth.

Believers are to claim all the blessings ADONAI has for them through the blood of Yeshua. The harvest is NOW. We will collect double salvations right now as people take time to read, listen and watch Christian materials about Jesus. They will also take time to listen to Jewish rabbis who look into the deeper things of God. I just experienced at this writing Christian who take Scripture saying this plague is NOT from God….that he is the same always and never changes. Hmm…they are correct but their view must be that He never judges…they don’t use OT standards and don’t see all the attributes of God. They make God be who they want Him to be….they must think God could not stop this accident from happening? Really…He knows every hair on our head…and He knows when it’s our time to exit this realm….and He orchestrates our death…unless we pray sincerely to stay a while longer…God does listen to the pleas of His children. No, my God is no wimp to just let prayers go unheard with no avenging. My God is an avenger…that’s His job…not mine.

If we try to go out on The Sabbath nothing is there….the earth will be rested. Exodus 16:19 ‘On the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, two ‘omers (4 quarts which equals 1 gallon) per person. The door is closing…42 brings silence as it changes….and there will be a time of silence for about a half hour. Do you know what one hour of time is in heaven’s time…if there is such a things as time in heaven? I divided it by 1000 years of time and it is 42 years. One half hour of heaven’s time is 21 years…..this is the century that Binyamin was born….year 2186 calculated from Adam according to the Book of Jubilees.

Trust me…it’s always about 4 and 2. Dahlet (door) (4) and Beit (temple / house) (2); the Door and the house. (The Door is Yeshua…he is Thee Son in the house.) Woman took the advice of Ba’lam at the time of Pe’or and intermarried with those around Israel’s camp. These foreigners had to be removed before the Israelites could cross over The Jordan and move into The Promised Land. 420 pounds of atonement were collected as booty for marrying the foreigner It would now be seen as items of ‘atonement’ for that sin and placed in The Tabernacle. Numbers 31

42 Moves – We need to ask ourselves WHY that amount? It was days before they crossed over…it was the end of that segment of time in history so they could begin a new day. The Israelites moving: The Final Move to Canaan….Number Forty-Two.

God’s plans encompass time in 42…in material things, physical, generations and Heavens plans it’s always 42…and it is even seen in the Shemittah cycle. Every seven years is calculated as one Shemittah cycle of time…then comes the release…known a jubilee.

It is seen pointing to Succot when Moses arrives back on Yom Kippur. Moses goes up the mountain a second time to take the stones he has now written on. He arrives back on 10 Tishrei (40 days later) and sees the people assesmble probably at Day 42…Tishrei 12. It is seen in Noach’s Flood – When was the door shut to the ark? Cheshvan 10 to one accord and dudring that week to another account. Thus eitehr at 40 days from the New Year that began at Tishrei with Noach God closes the door. I a few days people are aware of it and begin mocking them to come out. Day 42 aligns with a BIG change coming…at Day 47…when their waters released on Cheshvan 17….47 days from Tishrei 1. Yes, two days for total release at day 49. Did they lift off on Day 50? Man could no longer cling to the ark? It was finished for those that scoffed at God’s Torah (instructions).

The waters changed the face of the earth and they relocated to a new format..only 8 survived. Day 40 – 47 it was quiet and no man could enter…no more prayers answreed….it was done. Day 47 began 40 days of tribulation until the rains stopped and the earth quite shaking. It was now a dark night 27 Kislev…no moon…but in the future it would be called Day of Light – The Third Day…sound familar?

People believe Jesus will return in what is called, The Third day…because of the pattern of 3-days being raised up. Do you know what Third Day it is? Day Three of what is called Dedixation of Lights…Day three of Chanukah. This is more than measure for measure…it shows earth’s future of coming out of constant darkness no matter what govermment suppresses God children.

The Book of Jubilees calculates time in this manner –

Week One – Years 1-7

Week Two – Year 8-14

Week Three – Years 15-21 (Just as Passover and Succot are celebrated on days 15-21)

Week Four – Years 22-28

Week Five – Years 29-35

Week Six – Years 36-42

Week Seven – Years 43-49

Enoch speaks of 700-year generations with our earth programmed for ten sets of those 700 years. His method of calculation completes a 7000-year program just as Christians all believe in a 6000-year program that matches the days of creation culminating at a 7000 year completion…then entering into The Eighth Day. Thus, we see the same time frames but from a different perspective.

Watch….Yeshua Jesus came at 4000 years and then has another 2000-year plan bringing all things to change from what we’re use to at 6000 years. A one-thousand year additional reign with Yeshua Jesus ruling on earth… brings our earth to a complete 7000-year program. It’s a measure for measure.

These patterns are seen in the construction of Moses Wilderness Tabernacle and even in the articles put in it.

Exo 26:1 “You are to make the tabernacle with ten sheets of finely woven linen and with blue, purple and scarlet yarn. You are to make them with k’ruvim worked in, that have been crafted by a skilled artisan.
Exo 26:2 Each one is to be forty-two feet long and six feet wide; all the sheets are to be the same size.

Fifty hooks would be put on these ten sheets each six feet wide…for 600 feet.

We see Day Six, Year 6000 and even 12 tribes starring at us…with a jubilee of hooks representing being set free. These two sets of 600 each equals 1200 feet of curtains…42 feet long all around the Tabernacle. It’s complete with an opening at each end of the tent of a 22.5′ curtain which is exactly the dimension we’re told that Noah sat above the highest mountains of the earth creating a veil of water between him and earth. Noach ark’s is a picture of The Temple and the veil that was wrent (torn) in The Temple when Yeshua died on a piece of wood at 1700 years from Noach.

Each Hebrew letter has three characteristics attached to it. This is why we must not criticize a person who has thoughts about something might mean for us. Are they be prophetic? Not really, because they are just sharing a word meaning that anyone who understands that specific word language would agree with. But, for a person of only speaking their own particular language it can sound prophetic and thus rejected by many in case it is a false prophet.

Since 2017 I’ve been drawn to the number 42. Our land experienced a miracle on July 22, 2017 which found itself extremely connected to The Last Days. Now, this is what some may be skeptical about but there were FOUR of us verifying a calf to be dead. On this dark night we stood amazed that it had died because at 3:00 pm that afternoon a paramedic and nurse had just given the dehydrated calf electrolytes via a tube. By 9:00 pm it was found dead and the second application was not administered. This 60-day old bull calf lay in a dry creek bed and so the men pulled him off to the side so in case it rained it would not float away.

What day did this happen? July 22, 2017 as the Sabbath closed. The Torah read was Mattot Massei and thus this resurrected calf was renamed Mattot Massei formerly named Montana (born on a Monday). After it’s resurrection the wind came up that dropped the temperature to 42 degrees. The wind had surged to over 60 mph and took our flagpole to the ground and two large tree limbs now blocked our front drive which had to be removed by a tractor.

What else happened? He became so special that I just could not sell him nor his mother since this miracle was upon them. So, in October, 2017 his little herd went to auction at St. Joe Missouri and sold for $1.36 a pound. We did NOT go to the sale. When we received the proceeds from that sale the ticket was Number 42. Shortly after that sale, we were traveling to the airport to spend time with our daughter in Arizona and my husband tells us the temperature in Missouri was 42 degrees. We are just in Arizona for a few weeks and I am hitching a ride home from a Friday night Bible group and this lady had borrowed her daughter’s nice car and in big bright blue digital numbers it read 42. We kept talking and finally I ask her if her car always read 42 as she drove it. It certainly was not 42 degrees out in Arizona and we were going faster than 42 mph. She looked puzzled too and then said…I think that is miles per gallon. It stayed 42 the entire time I was with her.

Now I know people can see certain numbers everywhere but I’m still perplexed over this quandary and it just constantly is in my face. Even today, my daughter is age 42 as our world is experiencing God’s dynamics involving 42. I really never connected our resurrected calf with this number until about six months after that miracle. So, let me share a little more before I finally understood this calf’s message to our world.

As we have not worked for over ten years and try to live on our social security, things got tight so my husband cashed in something…to pay off some debt and we were looking to get a different vehicle. He came home with a check for $42,000. I knew this was from God and another confirmation to this number that kept pointing me to Day Six in God’s Creation Week. He paid off our bills and cashed in something else so we could get a different vehicle.

After looking for weeks…I am wearing out from being in the Missouri cold and wind doing this. We found ourselves an hour from home at a Honda Odyssey dealership. We were looking into used cars and as we were waiting I looked into a new Odyssey…and we told ourselves…why are we buying a small car that won’t hold our five young grandchildren? Our thinking was switched to an Odyssey which our sons each had one and loved them. After much negotiation we settled on a car…if only they would drop the price more which they did. There are NO used good Odyssey’s because people keep them…they go forever as our family has seen. To end this story, I knew we had the right car when I accidentally got to see it’s original price of $42,000. I knew God’s hand was on this transaction and it happened because they came down almost $8,000 to make us happy.

The money to buy this car was a blessing to see $42,000 from an investment from a long time ago confirmed it’s purchase. Now that investment is spent and gone. And now we are holding our son’s family of 4 kids + 2 adults = 6 and 2 of us..making 8. Yes, 4+2 = 6 in their family….as I just realized this while writing this. Eight is the number of new beginnings and one day our earth will experience that Eighth Day. Our other son living here also have four children and together we make 14 at this location. We are truly blessed to have these young adult grandchildren and grandchildren reaching out to tell people about what Jesus did for them…so wanting others not see hell.

Looking at the clock when it’s 2:42 or 4:42 no longer surprises me because it’s what I’m NOT to forget. I must tell about our calf’s resurrection at our property named El Shaddai (God provides all) because the day is about being resurrected with Him because of Son’s saving blood. It’s about prayers being sincere and from the heart…even when you’re praying the words get confusing and don’t seem to be your own…they are His words so He can be gloried.

Just the other day March 2020 I realized that if there was a property directly across the road from us to the west, it’s address would be 4200. Hmm again! I have to find a parking lot in AZ to park my girlfriend’s car after borrowing it for a week….YES..the last spot at the Phoenix Airport….in a hurry…no stops until at Floor Eight; 811-42. Yes, it’s always with me and this friend knew it too when I told her where to find her car at 42.

And, when we sold the last calves to close our little cow business, they sold for $1.42 lb. That was the average price that day for their size at the sale barn.

So, what is this all about? My girlfriend, that I sat in class with for years, finally said to me…what Parashah is the Mattot Massei readings.? It was the 42nd Parshah. There was the answer. The readings are about the tribes of Israel and their journeys. In 2017 two portions were read that week to keep with no leap month added to the Hebrew calendar.

When we study the people (tribes) of Israel along with their struggles and journeys to become a nation on our earth, we do see how God uses their lives to picture to forward to His only begotten Son arrival and sacrifice on a stake.

Forty Two is a huge breakthrough for prophetic thinkers. It is the number that ends the Sixth Shemittah cycle. It causes a time of silence…perhaps it’s own number being 42 or it’s 36 to 42. 3+6 is 9 a very severing number.

In the last two years I’ve taken note of what happens on our earth’s history in reference to numbers.. Is there a big shift that propels our world into seven-year segments? Are we entering into that last shift of years…say at the end of President Trumps next 4-year term? Year 49 is actually the last year in a jubilee cycle. Year 50 is really likened to year 1…as being set free.

Our earth is on a mathematical pattern to righteousness.

Day Six – Man was Created.

Day Six – Week Two Chanoh (Eve) was created from Adam’s bone.

Six is always connected to man.

It is the letter vav (6) that is pictured as a shepherd’s staff or a tall hook. In fact, man is considered a hook to God from earth to heaven. We are to be hooked..linked to God. That is our purpose…to hook to him…to show His ways to others so they can fellowship as well.

In 450 BC men like Ezra and Nehimiah organized The Torah into portions so their people could study them. These are the Scriptures they chose for us to read at this week in history. Believe me…God did purpose them to do this. Many pay attention and witness that these Scriptures appointed to certain weeks…the same weeks each year…do act out on our earth. It is no coincidence that we are all in our homes just as they were all in their homes for PASSOER in Egypt. We will spend Passover in our homes in our own Egypt with a plague over our heads. And, yet some will eat unclean (pig) for Eastar and others will eat clean by choosing kosher meat or lamb and unleavened bread for seven days at Pesach (Passover).

God speaks through His Torah. Go to First Fruits of Zion website to see the Torah Portions to read with your own bibles or buy a Complete Jewish Bible and read along…it’s beautiful.

In 2017 the Sabbath had a double torah portion to be read. In 2020 it will again have two portions to go forth onto the earth. Double portions happens in the Sixth Day…First two people even both created on Day six but 7 days apart…according to The Book of Jubilees. These are patterns to focus on as this one brings man first and then 7000 years later his bride…and it fits perfectly with the study of ‘end times’ happenings.

DOUBLE READING July 18, 2020 – The Tribes of our earth and their journeys

Mattot-Massei are again read together this year in 2020 on July 18.

Parashah 42: Mattot (Tribes) Numbers 30:2-32:42. Jeremiah 1:12-3

Parashah 43: Masa’ei (stages/journey) Numbers 33:1-36:13. Jeremiah 2:4-28; 3:4

What was the prayer said over this dead calf that was pronounced dead?

“Lord we thank you for the life of all these cattle. You let them have water from the pond so they would not die. Please bring rain to cool them off and save them from death. We thank you for everything you give us. I just have a hard time believing that you would give us this young bull Taurus to be named after you The Aleph should he produce. He calf before us is a bull calf and suppose to bred one day and yet I know he’s not as he’ll go to the slaughter as will the other two bull calves. You, Adonai, caused young Taurus to impregnate all these cows and you are dropping them on very special Sabbath days. They have been giving honor to you. I have a hard time believing this first time would carry her calf for almost a year, give birth and now have her baby die. Please…I beg you for this calf’s life. You are the giver of life. Thank you for cooling off these cows and now we pray this in …. Oh Lord, could you just do one thing…could I just see perhaps a wiggle of this calf’s tail…would that be too much to ask for a sign of life before we go in?

And then my words were getting as if I was laying a fleece before God and I even said I’m sorry for doing that…

Lord, could you lift up his head? And his hoof?

Oh Lord, I’m sorry to lay a fleece before you. I just thank you if you would give this calf life. I pray this all in the name of YESHUA ha Messiach.

We all agreed by saying, Amen.

It was a hot muggy 90 degrees at 9:00 pm Saturday night.

Now, that I had closed with a prayer with a request…we didn’t quite know what to do. We just stood a little and then as I said…well, let’s go in.

The calf that lay down in a ravine at the two woman’s feet and at the direct feet of the two males (age 21 and 36) close to him…lifted it’s head up and then it’s hoof and sat it’s head on that right hoof. He just held it there and no one knew what to say or do…except Amen and Praise the Lord…Amen..Praise the Lord just kept echoing through us. My knees wanted to kneel but I knew Adonai lifts me up to stand before Him and I stood…but very humbly with weakened knees.

I immediaitely went into prayer recognizing that God’s presence was there and tears came to my eyes as I thanked him for answering the prayers in my life as a mother and grandmother to show Himself real to my family.

I thanked him for the life of this calf as I did not mean to lay a fleece before Him….but so thankful for His presence in our lives.

If we would have had a cell phone we could have taken a picture. Probably after a minute the calf put it’s hoof down and curled it’s head toward it’s stomach. We did not issue an electrolytes…didn’t even think about it. But, they would all go to church in the morning and they all knew I would check on the calf in the morning.

We went to the house to tell my husband and they all verified what had happened…and then a strong wind was heard and the three quickly drove to their homes. Our son llived one quarter of a mile apart with no trees dropping. The other car made it out but just before two large branches were downed to block our front entrance. That wind was over 60 mph flattening our flagpole to the ground as it dropped the temperature to 42 degrees.

In another 60 days exactly..this calf would mistakenly be loaded and sold to our neighbor hayman. Mattot Massei would be raised by this loving care giver and his wife until he was 18 months old. He arrived to Kingsville sale barn to sell as a bull…semen tested…but in the end we never found out for what purpose he sold. God stuck our hay man truck driver in a snowstorm in CO with roads closing behind. Mattot Massei had no one looking out for him and to this day we do not know if he went for butcher at 1550 pounds or he got to breed. This is also in the prayer over him because it was confusing to really pray about his future life and why God should spare him.

In fact, our hayman as me if I wanted him to breed his daughter’s heifer but he preferred he not because if he did butcher him his meat flavor might be taste tainted. We decided to let Taurua service their three cows so Taurus could settle 42 cows before I reluctantly sold this incredible bull. His price was $1700 as a four year old because he would follow another pattern of Joseph being sold at age 17….and Ya’cov only got to see him for another 17 years before he died. Everything about this bull was blessed.

Our properties are always named El Shaddai (God – Provider of all). This property and all our land properties were named with signs hung up…El Shaddai. We are praying people who inow whom gives us everything..all the cattle on this earth’s hills are His.

So, later I will tell you what I’ve learned about the numbers 42 and how it plays out in history…and our world.

The new Corona virus is keeping us in hiding….especially since I’m 70 in August. I will respect this plague as God knew about it and allows all to happen.

It is man,,,,not ADONAI…that changes. Our Creator has had a plan before the foundation of our earth and does not deviate from it. If Esther did not go to her husband with The Jews troubles, then God would have used another person. God said he would use Moses lineage instead and he did…his brother Aharon’s could only be the High Priest.

Moses begged God to go with them…they could NOT go without ADONIA. God never goes back on his thoughts or words. God did go with them but he also killed everyone of them for their lack of faith during that forty years. Will we fight this virus found in 2019 for 40 years before it starts to calm down and be less severe? Christians are so fearful of being given a mark that they won’t take a vaccine when perhaps God is giving them a free pass on this plague with it. To me a mark is already on us. It’s the letter ‘tav’ which looks like a cross. When we accept what Yeshua Jesus did on the cross and believe in his teachings….His first love becomes our first love…we are promised to live in safety.

I will take supplements and eat healthy to live. I will NOT be afraid but PREPARED because this virus will be wicked for a long time to come. A vaccine should have nothing to do with taking ”a mark’. What goes in my mind causes my hands to act. Thus, when my mind is stayed on Him…my hands and feet should walk correctly in Torah which promises protection. We have NOT because we don’t ask according to The Torah. If you ask anything in my Name….His name is Torah…Yeshua and the Seat of Mosche are the same thing. Please clear your minds because they it is the little black box on a Jews head that reminds of what is in our minds. It is a mark…wearing a strap on their arms that reaches to their hand reminds them of their ‘mark for Torah’. It doesn’t save them but it teaches them to teach….it reminds them to stand against their city Tel’viv capitol of homosexuality. They hate it…but we make fun of their ‘marks on their head and arms. Shame on us….No Torah is being Lawless. I will keep my mind clear and stayed on Him who embodies The Torah…His hands and feet pierced like the unleavened bread with pierceings in it. All to remind us of our salvation in Yeshua Jesus. When I participate in The Lord’s Feasts…His Festival…I’m marking myself…showing the world these markers…designed by our Creator at creation. The Sabbath is the first festival given.

Every morning the Israelites got up they would bury a parent. Today, we are burying the grand parents. Why the older generation? Many reasons of sin and offenses from even their parents past…such as the 1937 – 1945 Holocaust. Have you as their children as forgivenss for any one in your family that could have beeni nvolved in it? Parents have given into their children and participated at sports…on the day of rest or the Christian’s Sunday. Lack of faith has eliminated Torah from our earth….and it is crying and begging to come back.

I will not die because I praise His name is a spiritual blessing. We will ALL die and yes we can extend our lives by praising His name. But eternal life is the promise in that verse people are claiming so they don’t die from CV19 or other illnesses. My friend died and she claimed it…a very Godly soft spoken woman of whom I cherished her love for God.

If I should physically die and not write anymore…(Heaven forbid) may this be my legacy that I fought for God’s Torah (instruction) to remain pure on the earth…as in the days of Mosche. It will be the next generation that will bring in the millennial reign of Messiah because our King of Kings will be instructing in the ways of Torah…because that is who Jesus is…The Living Torah / The Living Word.

What else happened? Levy and Simeon (hear) didn’t listen to their father…these two boys killed all the men at Shechem when Diana was raped. Levy produces the line of Aharon who is connected with the disaster of the ‘golden calf’. Aharon’s line is told to kill those who chose to go against God’s instructions. These instructions were necessary for generations to look forward God’s ultimate sacrifice and to look back to remember that ultimate sacrifice by our Messiah.

And, who are the priests who slaughter the animals in the Wilderness Tabernacle and The Temple? The lineage of Levy is still doing the slaughtering. But, who can only go inside the holy of holies? The line of Aharon can become a high priest. They represent the people with the highest honor to slaughter….pointing to Yeshua Jesus. Who was of this line? John the Baptist…son of Zechariah of whom could not speak for 42 months…the time of a full term pregnancy.

And how many generations are from Abraham to Moses: 14. Moses to David is 14 generations. David to Yeshua Jesus is 14 generations. How many generations to our Messiah’s resurrection? 42. Full term pregnancy 42 weeks. 1260 days = 42 weeks. 3.5 years is 42 weeks. (numbers given by Daniel)

Oh my friends….FORTY TWO brings the culmination of things even Yeshua coming the first time at year 4000 and The Shekinah at another 4000 years…filling up an 8000 year program.

42 BC – Herod rules

4 BC – Herod dies

42 – Mid-life crisis hits

By 4200 AD – The Torah via Jews leaving Jerusalem moved into our world.

642 AD Mohammad died. Islam went into full swing cleansing 350,000 people from China via his next predecessor Barrak, of whom was also died of war wounds at 660 AD..

1142 AD – Peter The Venerable claimed The Quran as heresy after paying Robert Akantan (?) to translate it into New Arabic. Polygamy would not be tolerated; The Heresy War began and Muslims were killed and then they added The Jews..for killing their Jesus.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had 42% enthusiasm from party supporters. Month 4, 2020; March. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had 54% enthusiastic party supporters. Not much enthusiasm for either of these dark candidates.

Exo 26:1 “You are to make the tabernacle with ten sheets of finely woven linen and with blue, purple and scarlet yarn. You are to make them with k’ruvim worked in, that have been crafted by a skilled artisan.
Exo 26:2 Each one is to be forty-two feet long and six feet wide; all the sheets are to be the same size.

The biggest disappointment about my religious experience in life is that I feel The Church has caused their own clicks to hold unto their members. Churches have wasted a lot of time on their own agendas and doctrines when there is only one doctrine.

We study and study to prove over and over our own opinions. If you have to spend so much time on a subject….there has to be something wrong to keep discussing it…evidently you’ve not won the conversation yet….for year and years…the same doctrines poured out…because no one totally agrees…is so so sad….when a child is suppose to get this.

We waste time on rapture theories that have only been thought up by who knows who 200 years ago. I’m praying for this next generation to KISS – keep it simple – and think like Adam. He was given a 7-day week. Everything would flow from that seven day schedule. His plan will last seven thousand years because is unchanging in his patterns.

From Creation Week One the end was seen. There would be 7000 years and then The Eighth Day. Man would work Six Days showing man working for 6000 years. Our Creator had a great simple plan layed out full of patterns. It even told about The Seed to be planted – Himself in the flesh to be seen in one called, My Son. God’s Son Yeshua did crush the head of Satan at Day Four (4000 years). He even said I am the door…the way. Your way began with instructions on food…you have NOT changed that. Your way began with The Sabbath…you have NOT changed that. Your way chastised Cain for murdering his brother….we DO that every day removing your image via abortions. If we can’t keep all the commandments then we’ll just go ahead an break them all they say….thus we eat unclean, no Sabbath….we can’t even keep TWO it seems.

Pleas e ADONIA reveal yourself to us before we all waste away. Please let us be the teachers of your Torah…to a receptive generation and not haughty people. Please come and show them your Torah…your full set of instructions so there is no more deception. I feel like Elijah wanting to go hide under a broom tree as the Jezebels argue about Torah being removed from our earth.

You have placed us in our caves….as the earthquake shook Salt Lake City removing Moroni’s trumpet on 22 Adar….Beit Beit..temple temple…house, house. This house would NOT be blowing the shofar for your return. It is a false angel cast down..on March 18, 2020 and again that city felt the earthquake shocks on Nissan 7 the anniversary date of Lazarus raised up by Yeshua.

The grave was opened on Day FOUR that same as Yeshua dying at year 4000. Yeshua would reveal himself through resurrection and speak of our sign of his return being Jonah in the belly of the earth. Three days is 3000 years. Four thousand to Yeshua and three thousand more makes it 7000 years. Yes, Jonah and Yeshua were each three days in their darkness and it will be three days again to see Him rise in authority over our earth.

Are we entering that 7th day? Yes….but Day 42…the days of silence…where no more prayers may be heard are here. Pharaoh could NOT stop the plagues…they had to happen…people needed to know the character of who was in charge. God so loved the world that he chastised it’s people…he is not looking for a world to love Him….he’s doing this for us….He loves us. He will accept a remnant to enjoy what has been prepared.

Raise us up with you Yeshua our King. Please come and save us from our enemies. But if we should lead such a stubborn people don’t let us do it alone…send Yeshua back to us soon or speak to us in the quiet of our minds..

Not our words be done…but your will be done…You are to be comforted by releasing your earth from such terrible sins that dwells on it. Silence your earth. Put it in a 42-year period of cleansing so it can be refined as gold…put us through a winepress so we become pure in linen so see through that there is nothing false left in us.

Only your blood can do that…thank you…I am an unclean person living amongst unclean people (Isaiah 6:4). Woe to me! I am doomed. I deserve to be removed…Please have mercy on us…forgive our sins of NOT properly calling on you…clean our lips with burning coal…your words are sweet to us and heal. But your sweet words seem to come out as bitter words, not wanting to be heard by your children.

The churches do NOT believe in your first love…The Torah. They want to remain lawless and thus The Lawless ones are every where and fooled…tricked by Satan….Get behind me Satan you said as your friend Peter didn’t want any harm done to you.

We are still a people that don’t understand your ways…your wrath on your son to save us and now your wrath turned on us. We are without excuse…we’ve seen The Cross and made a mockery of it…turning it upside down in Satanic worship and just gaudy jewelry…you want no image of anything about you to be created as it all turns to evil worship….evil is called good.

Dying on the state you said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgive them ADONAI as it was all your plan…not man’s plan. You suffered and died, then rose up so now you CAN return.

Can you please forgive my children…all of us… for our sins of ignorance against your Torah? Can you forgive us for not applying it to their lives…they do love Jesus…and yet they laugh at our ways of Torah. My heart breaks that they won’t be the greatest in the kingdom…will they be the least then…making it in but just not able to teach? Or, are they cast out into darkness….it breaks my heart….I plead for my family and my friends who love Jesus…please forgive all of us.

Help us to stay in our caves as your death angel passes over now at PASSOVER! Please spare my family LORD…my firstborn and all my children and grandchildren….and I thank you for being a righteous judge….evil MUST stop so your righteousness can prevail. I truly am an undone woman…forgive me…lift my head and my hoof to you…let them give honor to your Name…YHWH…In your son’s name, Yeshua ha (the) Messiach I pray this.

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