The Shemittah – 4 Sets 77, 42-year Pattern

1903, 1917, 1958/59, 2000/01

The 8+ Earthquake pattern shows FOUR double 8+ earthquakes in Shemittah (7) years.

Let’s take a closer look at the Shemittah cycles of earthquakes over 8+ since 1900.  In my previous blog I shared this list with you.  These numbers represent the year that the 8+ earthquake occurred.  They began June 11, 1902 on Sivan 6.  Sivan 6 can be known as The Lord’s Feasts of Shuvot known as Pentecost.  This caught my attention and so I spent several weeks looking at all of the 8+ earthquakes since the year 1900.  Our first quake occurred in the sixth year of the Shemittah cycle.  The next two 8+ earthquakes occurred in the Shemittah year of release (7).  Then, we see that there were zero 8+ earthquakes in the first year of the new Shemittah cycle.  Then we have twins again in year two….  And, thus it continues until this year of 2015.  The last 8+ quake occurred on Tishrei 3, September 16, 2015.  God skipped the year (7) of release.  The last six that you see was on the very first day of God’s religious calendar that He had Moses set up.  That month is called Nissan.  On Nissan 1, 2013 in the Sixth Shemittah cycle, God issued his release through Chili.  It would be Chile again that he announces His Civil New Year Day 3.  This is powerful!

It is the Hebrew calendar that sets God apart from the world.  Here we have the only eight plus earthquakes occurring on what God considers very important days…His calendar recognizing the religious year first and then then the Civil year when the kings are crowned.  This pattern is for us to sit up and take notice.

Now, let us look to what else God may have for us to see in these earthquakes….  We will only scratch the surface in this article.

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1903, 1917, 1958-59, 2000-01

Two 8+ earthquakes occur in 4 years: 1903, 1917, 1958/59, 2000/01. There is a four pattern running throughout it and a 42-year pattern.   Four is the Hebrew letter Dahlet and is the represented by a door.  God’s Torah is the door to see our sin.

1903       January 4     Tevet 5  (Tevet 10 – Fast – Babylon first touched walls)

August 11      Av 18     (Av 15 – Tub’Av – Breaking of Ax, Fast Av 9)

14 years – 2 Shemittah cycles

1917      May 1            Iyyar 9     (Iyyar 4 – Israel Independence Day)  24 Day Counting Omer

June 26         Tammuz 6 (Tammuz 17 Golden Calf)

42 years – 6 Shemittah cycles

1958        Nov 6          Cheshvan 23 (Noah in boat until Cheshvan 27.  Also, Book Daniel blessed day make it to 1335th day, Cheshvan 25)  Cheshvan 23 is still in chaos.

1959        May 4          Nissan 26 – Day 11 Counting Omer, Death of Joshua

42 years – 6 Shemittah cycles

2000      Nov 16        Cheshvan 17 (Noah Flood began this day)

2001      June 23        Tammuz 2  (Tammuz 17 fast – Golden Calf)

We have war and terror showing up in these Shemittah cycles.  We have 1903 Wars,  WWI in 1917, Israel at War in 1958-59, and America’s 911 wake-up call to terrorism.

What is 42  more years from 2000-01?  That’s is simple arithmetic….42.  2042-43.

It is now 2015 and the last THREE Shemittah years have not hosted an 8+ earthquake, much less the twin 8+ that will continue the pattern.  Six (vav) times Seven (Zayin/weapon) is forty-two.  God uses these  weapons to sift man to bring him to rest in the year of release and the day of rest which is the Sabbath.

I believe that men will need to learn to rest on the Sabbath before they can learn to rest in the 7th Shemmitah year of our Lord.

This little study was interesting to me and I will continue to study the 8+ earthquake patterns.

What happened exactly on the days of January 4 1903, August 11 1903, May 1 1917, June 26 1917, November 26, 1958, May 4 1959, November 16, 2000, June 23 2001.

Where were you on these days?  I was born August 15, 1950 and so I was in Catholic grade school in 1958-59.  On November 14, 2000 we buried my mother with this quake occurring two days later.   My father died on February 23, 2000.  It is a horrible thing to lose both of your parents in one year.  We also had a son graduate from high school in May and a daughter get married July 1, 2000.  And, I still made a trip to Cairo Egypt during Ramadan in December 2000.  It truly was a earth-shaking experience for me and I have not turned back from what I have learned.  It was a year that I truly was on my knees every day.

These earthquakes are WAR quakes.  God shakes our lives and the earth in get men to, ‘bow the knee.’

And, the summary line of the Hebrew calendar is also one of fasting….that, in the past ALSO brought men to ‘bow their knee.’

1903- We have the Fast of Tevet five days later which is about the world touching Israel’s walls to carrying them away because they did not obey Torah and observe The Lord’s Feasts.  Av 18 is also about Israel’s temple as the, ‘breaking of the axe’ was on Av 15, Tu’BAv.  There was not enough wood for the burning of the sacrifices the people would bring.  The Temple was destroyed several times on Av 9 and to have an earthquake between these times is a sign of correction in the world once again.  This is about IsraEL returning to her land, ordained by Yahweh.

1917 – 9 Iyyar sits after 2 Iyyar when the first Temple construction began, and we have the Miracle of the 153 fish.  9 Iyyar will also IsraEL’s Independence Day 1948.  AMAZING.  This quake signifies Israel’s future for the Temple.

1917 – The second 8+ earthquake on 6 Tammuz has Moses earth-shaking experience up with God getting the first set of instructions.  It is the first time man will now live by the written words of God.  God hears the noise of the children and tells Mosche to return to them.  God’s mountain is shaking again on 6 Tammuz as it did on Tammuz 17 on the Worship of the Golden Calf….just as men today fight over idols.  It will take until Yom Kippur when Moses returns with God now ready to set up a tabernacle with the children in the desert.

Both of these 1917 quakes are about the War it will take to bring God’s children to His instruction where God can dwell with men.  Men today desire NOT to offer sacrifices to God in a temple.  They think it weird and don’t try to see that God never did desire the blood of bulls and animals, but He wanted their hearts to desire to worship Him.  These were God’s ways and the Israelites accepted these ways.  Today men desire to have Jesus dwell with them, but they do not get this ‘blood and guts’ thing.  They don’t see that there was really only one burnt offering a year and it was on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  It was a picture of Yeshua dying on the cross.  Yeshua said to do this in memory of me until He comes again.  What is done is heaven is to be done on earth.  The Seder is to be done in memory of Yeshua’s blood being spilled for us.  He is that atonement.  The sacrifice we do today, without a temple, is one of preaching this Good News to all.  It is also to preach that Torah is the way of life that gives us our walk with God.  The Mt Sinai experience taught them how to live with God….and we now need to re-learn it.  The Israelites went through wars in order to gain the LAND and we see it once again happening before our eyes as God establishes Himself in Israel and all the earth.

In 1958-59 I still see the theme of the Seder.  It is Nissan 26 which is always Day 11 of Counting of Omer.  It is always the ‘death of Joshua.’  Joshua is likened to Messiah.  He is part of being memorialized as a great leader along with when Yeshua has just risen and He speaks re-enforcing the words of the fathers, Joshua.  Great leaders are always recognized and likened to our Savior Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

But, even as we remember the death of Yeshua and Joshua in Nissan at the time of Passover, we see the November, Cheshvan 23 quake reminding us of Noah’s plight of also being buried in the oceans of the earth for a year and one week.  Daniel says that if you can make it to the 1335th day from the abomination that leads to desolation, you will be blessed.  If we understand that day of abomination to be Yom Kippur, THEE day of judgment and atonement, and we count 45 more days, it brings us to Cheshvan 25.  Noah’s waters were being released at Cheshvan 23 and then he was almost on dry ground so the animals could leave the ark on Cheshvan 27.  Noah made it to the day of blessing….Cheshvan 25.  Cheshvan 23 still has the turmoil surrounding the earth as this quake reminded man of this scripture.   Adonai promises that those keeping Torah will be safe.  He did not promise a removal from the trouble, but He promised they would be blessed if they can survive the troubles.  In 2015, that date is on the Sabbath and we will be studying The Life of Sarah.  I love to find these pockets of ‘secrets’ that men have always known, but have lost through their non-study of the Lord’s Feasts.  If we understand God’s ways, then we are ‘safe’ in His ways.

2000 –  This is an amazing date in history as it is mentioned in the bible.  God did not have any of His prophets write down one jot or tittle without it being important.  The date was Cheshvan 17 when the waters released from the earth.  There were earthquakes releasing such force and fire that the earth’s waters exploded upward.  The forces in the skies were also released and drenched the earth in just 150 days.  Yes, Cheshvan 17 2000 was an 8+ earthquake for us to remember God.  Noah needed to make it for one year and yet get past Cheshvan 17 in that next year to fulfill the cycle of Daniel’s prophecy that would be seen again in the future of man.  God is not Greek and thus we see His patterns repeated throughout history so that we can be sure that it is NOT a matter of co-incidence….but God’s Hand on His creation.

Tammuz 6 makes sense for the last double 8+ earthquake in a Shemittah year.  Tammuz is an ugly month in which men turn to their own pride and strongly reject God.  The Fast of Tammuz was not the beginning of the troubles, but the troubles occurred during the forty days that Moses was gone.  They drew further and further away from God’s instruction that was already on their hearts.  And now, they were co-mingled with the Goeim (foreigners) that came out of Egypt with them.  They taught them the ways of Egypt.  They even took the Egyptian bull god of strength as their main idol.    Yes, this last 8+ quake in 2001 was showing men the destruction of pride that had come among them and the destruction of 911 would be allowed as the twin towers were symbols of Babylon’s pride.

Men today are prideful and believe they are worshiping God is their best way they know.  God told them not to mingle….  Now, it will take a cleansing to bring them out of Egypt again….  will they fight to stay or will they make aliyah to Adonai with their hearts and then with their plight.

I learned a lot through these double sevens.  So, you ask, “What is next?”

Will God keep to His pattern of 42 and we will look to 2042-43 to have some more indicators for us?  Or, will it be that GREAT earthquake that splits Jerusalem as it lifts up and God will once again build a temple that men will be in awe of?

It is when we War with God that we win!  We see His pattern in these earthquakes.  There are more patterns…to be studied at another time….  But, for now… this enough proof for your to RETURN to Torah?  If not, expect more wars and rumors of wars because you have decided not to be delivered in this time of birth pains.

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