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Our world in The Dire Straits due to ‘Golden Calf’ worship!

The Torah study for Shabbot August 22 2015, 7 Elul, was Shoftim, ‘judges.’  In this study Pastor Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries told the story of Herod who came down to Caesarea and wrapped himself in total silver.  I have been to Caesarea and sat in this hippodrome.  They also had like stadium seating against the waters for their chariot races.  It was designed after Athens but against the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean.  Herod shown like a god as the sunlight from the water glistened against the silver.  They declared him God.  He did not refrain from their statement.  But, as he looked up, he saw an owl sitting on a branch above.  His stomach quenched and tightened and he knew he was about to die.  He said the to people, Because you have said I am God, I will now die.  And, he died.  He did not retort the statement about being God.  This is a story told by a man who lived at this time, Josephus.  Men in these days recognized the owl as judgment.  Today, Satan has encouraged men to honor what once was considered judgment.  We must remember, that ‘evil’ will seem to appear as ‘light’.

Read Bohemia Grove article for detail on this group.  This article continues the study on the ‘Large Owl” at the Bohemia Grove to whom the elitist pledge their ‘Care’.

Bohemian Grove owl: who or what is it? On Molech and Lilith, part 4 of 4 – National Worldview and Science | Examiner.

“Satan is all about deception and about calling evil good and good evil (which, of course, is specifically condemned in the Bible: Isaiah 5:20). Thus, pagans, occultists, magicians, witches—by any other name—constantly re-write history, mythology and theology.”

“So, it may very well be the case that the owl worshipped at Bohemian Grove is Lilith aka Innana aka Columbia aka Semiramis aka Ishtar aka Anat aka Asherah aka Isis aka Juno aka Minerva aka Aphrodite aka Venus aka Nike aka fill in the blank.”

“In Infernal names, directional correspondences, etc., Diane Vera wrote:

I describe Lilith as “Queen of our world” and “Queen of this age.” Whereas LaVeyans [referring to Anton La Vey, the founder of the church of satan] would say that we live in the “Age of Satan,” I would say, more specifically, that we live in the Age of Lilith. Thus, the recent favorable changes in Lilith’s image are only to be expected.

So, is the Bohemia Grove owl Lilith?”

“Well, we have seen that she is associated with owls. Of course, one instance of this may actually have been Inanna.”

“Then again, the false goddess Nike is sometimes depicted as an owl (and you thought that Nike was a shoe company; nope, just more corporate and pop-occultural paganism). Of course, Nike, the sometimes owl, is a companion of Athena.”

I will now give my view on what is happening at Bohemia Grove and the several other ‘frat houses’ in that area that accommodate the leaders of government and business in our world.   I base my views on God’s Word, the Bible.  These men God into their ‘secret’ party by having their parties during, The Dire Straits.  I show the dates of their meetings in the first article exposing this cult organization.  People can say what they may about this ‘secret’ organization but anything ‘secret’ is NOT good.  God says to make your, ‘Yes, yes and your No, no.’  It is here that men meet to get to know each other and meet eye-to-eye so government and corporate worlds can get to know each other.

But, men have become seduced into other things as well during these sessions.  There are buses of sodomites bused in to service whomever.  No Jews or blacks have been permitted in until just in the last couple of years; since the ‘frats’ have been exposed. President Nixon’s memoirs stated that he did not personally approve of some of the activity going on there and he personally felt it disgusting.

Is there any difference between a golden calf, owl, sphinx or any other creature man desires to conjure up to idolize?  I don’t think so.  This commandment was removed by the Universal Church but it still  is there in the other versions of the B I B L E.

Exo 20:3 ב “You are to have no other gods before me.
Exo 20:4 You are not to make for yourselves a carved image or any kind of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or in the water below the shoreline.
Exo 20:5 You are not to bow down to them or serve them; for I, Adonai your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,
Exo 20:6 but displaying grace to the thousandth generation of those who love me and obey my mitzvot (commandments.)

I’m a believer in God ‘grace’ and in his Torah (instructions.)  I don’t see where they have changed since Adam.  We got a few more instructions for when IsraEL was ready to occupy her land but in the New Testament there is NO direct instructions on NOT doing what was told to these kids at Mt. Sinai.  In fact, when Jesus/Yeshua was ask about some of the Torah, he even made it more stern….I say even if you look with lust in your mind, you have committed it.  He strengthened the instructions…never removing one of them.

Modern Golden Calf
Modern Golden Calf

God shows us the specific dates of the false worship of the golden calf.  He is getting the second set of tablets from God at the time of Elul and Tishrei.  The first set were broken because on Tammuz 17 he told Moses to go see what the kids were in an uproar about.

On Tammuz 18 the ‘golden calf’ is melted down and the gold thrown into the water.  When they drank the water many poisoned themselves and died.  This reminds me of whatever we lust after will be the destruction of us.

When the Hebrews could NOT see God and Mosche was NOT returning to them, they wanted a figure to represent God.  They thought it would be pleasing to God to honor this calf since it was one of the most venerated gods in Egypt.   Today Taurus can have the sun sitting between it’s horns or some other place on its body.  We could make a big deal over this as we could say that it could be God expressing his view about the world at the time of it’s occurrence.  Or men could think that these strange happenings in the sky are like horoscopes which we are told not to participate in.  Astrology is what God forbids; not astronomy.   It is good to study the universe as it gives us a big picture of God who put it all into place.  It is good to look for signals (seasons, mo’eds) and appointments that God has with mankind.  It is important that we are on God’s calendar, too.

The ox or bull is the picture language for the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph-bet.   Aleph is a silent letter and is only pronounced when attached to a consonant or vowel.  God is that way in lives.  He is more powerful being silent, than chatty.  The strength of the Ox is associated with God as being powerful.  The Aleph is known to represent Elohim (the God of strength).

Aaron’s calf would be stripped of it’s gold and the gold put in the waters for the people to drink.  Several thousand would die from this poisoning.

Have you ever been so close to an area of evil but you never realized it?  I believe I came very close to this area when we visited our son who was in the Air Force at Vandenberg AFB 18 years ago.   We hiked through the Redwoods.  It was an awe-inspiring trip to see trees so large that you felt like a small cat among them.  It certainly is the perfect place for this, ‘Big Kid’s Club.’

Kid's Club House

(tree house built by Grandpa)

Now, let us ask ourselves who began the worship of this large owl near Santa Rosa, CA.  Think now…if you were going to design a place to be remembered and wanted it to be Number One, you would place it where?  Yes, on Highway One.  Yes, now you will remember how to get there and peek in some time.  It sits at the very beginning of Highway One in the U.S. in California.  There are a few military bases close by and it is on a type of guarded one-way in.


“In order to have a New World Order you would have to be persuaded that the goal was bigger than yourself.  Men who have experienced this organization have said that just being with the prominent members of the world and the swaying music sold you on their goals.”

What was God’s goal for Israel’s (Jacob’s) children?  It would be a New World Order.  It would be the freedom to worship God as God desired to be worshiped.  They would be free to worship WHEN and WHERE God desired.  It would be a system set up that would put a protective hedge around God’s children so they could live safely on His earth.  They were not rules, but protective edges to live by.  The trouble came when the leaders built the edges so high that the children continually fell off and did not consider them things that protected them.  The walls would continue to be built so high that God’s Torah (instructions) could no longer be seen.  God turned into appearing to be just a ‘Do this, Do that’ God.  Always judging people for failing…when God’s foundation was really easy.

This my friends is the same description these elitists present to their New World Order members.  They are gods of this earth directing the course of men’s lives.  It is not my intent to dig up all what the Bilderbergers, The Trilateralists, and etc. etc. are doing to our world.

My intent in this writing is to inform others of this Satanic deception.  It is also my intent to show that the Bohemian Grove researchers have missed the main clue to exposing this club.  Books have been written and money invested to travel to this place and expose this group.  But once again, the point of when these activities occur hold the key to what this is about.

The governmental frats show up during The Dire Straits.  As I watched hours of video on this and found dates of the actual Owl ritual, it occur at The Fast of Tammuz.  It is the worship of the Golden Calf described in Exodus 32.   Exodus 34 shares the second giving of the tablets.  We see Shavuot (similar to Pentecost and the same day) of the giving of the Holy Spirit with Mosche leaving to get the first instructions.  They are told what to do but he and Joshua find the people in turmoil as he returns and Mosche knows they are not ready to live according to God’s ways.  Mosche throws down the tablet and will now have to make new ones for God to inscribe on when he returns.

From Shavuot to the worship of the golden Calf on Tammuz 17 there is now a time of repentance and then on the first day of Elul Mosche goes back up to talk with God again taking the new tablets with him.  The people will be patience this second set of forty days and Mosche does return on Tishrei 10 known as The Day of Atonement.  From Shavuot to 18 Tammuz is SIX weeks.  Six weeks after that we see Moses leaving.  He will return in 40 days on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10.  There could be some prophetic symbolism here so let’s add it up.  Twelve weeks and forty days.  Seventeen weeks and 3 days.  And, it is exactly Eighteen weeks to The Feast of Tabernacles.  Hmm..eclipses occur every 18 years.  God’s pattern is showing up.

The time period known as The Dire Straits is twenty-one days long.  It begins at the Fast of Tammuz (17 Tammuz) and ends at the Fast of the 9th of Av, known as Tish A-BAv).  This Bohemia Grove Owl worship is another ‘Golden Calf’ worship.  It is about financial gain and power in the world as the Hebrew’s felt very special seeing The Hand of God bringing them out of Egypt (the world).  Egypt is Mitparhim and it means, Dire Strait.  Our world is in Dire Straits if there ever was one.  Even Athens (Greek gods) is folding it’s doors.  China is folding.  America is folding.  Who is rising?  Turkey….Yes, the old Ottoman Empire just as Daniel told us.

This time period is when IsraEL seems to have its troubles in history.  You can research this very easily but I will give you a few examples of their troubles.   The Holy Temple was destroyed twice on the 9th of Av.  In 2005 the final Gazan residents were removed on that day.  What a mistake to give their beautiful horticulture and homes to the Palestinian Authority to have Hamas voted in as their government a year later.  It is a continued war zone.

Spain determined that all Jews must be removed from their soil by Tammuz 29 1492. Queen Isabella granted Columbus (a Jew) to fill his ship full of Jews.  She kept the Jews possessions as booty.  They loaded his ship which left nine days later on the 9th of Av No one in Europe wanted them and the Americas will continue to not want them.  God wanted them.  He planned from the time of creation and continued to express His desires through Abraham.  They  would multiply as the stars and be a nation one day.

The Jews today have returned to their land on May 14, 1948.  It took 78 million lives in World War II to bring them in.  In 2018 they will begin their 70th year as a nation. They will complete that seventy years in 2019.  They recaptured Jerusalem June 6 1967.  That fifty year Jubilee 2017. Will the ‘Elitest let them build the temple now? They will need to move a few items from the mount!  Could it be built in peace and then defiled in 2018 at the 3.5 year mark of their Jubilee year 2019?  The next Shemittah 7-year cycle is 2015 – 2022.  All of this would tie prophecy together if the ‘Wise Owl’ group allows it.

When will our world chase after the Jew so they can freely teach us about Torah, God’s instructions?  Or, will we just keep blaming them for killing “Our’ Jesus when God ordained it.  Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus.  Christians need to give respect and perhaps they will teach us Torah and we will teach them why Yeshua is Messiah!

I have written on this blog about the 2018 eclipses that point to the third year of the possible ‘Tribulation’ that could begin in a few months.  There will be a false peace until that point.  Then the anti-Messiah declares himself as a god doing wonders.  2022 will once again have a Tetrad (four consecutive total lunar eclipses.)  I’ve written on this so check it out with the 2018 eclipses.

I will report on what last Saturday held for IsraEL and our world at this 9th of Av time period during this 2014-2015 Shemittah year. In order to always be Happy in the Lord on the Sabbath, the Fast of the 9th of Av was moved to Sunday.  I did a complete fast with them on July 26, 2015 still repenting of the sins of the fathers for not laying the land to rest in the Shemmitah years that took them into Babylon.  Today they are in their land and they are laying their land fallow.

These fasts can be turned into good days with obedience.  Once we love the Lord our God, then we should want to obey Him.  I personally see that just the Tish B’Av fast being moved to Sunday shows God’s acceptance of a people desiring to serve Him His ways.

Do these Bohemians realize when they are meeting?  I believe whoever is orchestrating their programs totally understands.  It began in the 1800’s and these men would be Masons that came from Europe.

I repeat, men have taken a sacred fasting time of the Hebrews and made it into a party of beasting worship with beasty orgies.

The Bohemian’s calf has taken on the shape of wisdom.  Men have chosen an animal that can fly just as the calf could be seen in the sky as Taurus the bull encircles the earth.  These ‘wise’ men from across America’s corporations are being invited to experience the ultimate fun.  It started as a private group and has extended it’s invitation into other realms.  It takes money to support this “wisdom’ and so the elitists are invited.  The artists come to serve and sell their wares so they can sustain their CA lifestyles.

In their invitation they speak of the Lion awakening.  The Lion is in the sky as Leo.

The golden calf represents the idol worship of man.  The Owl and burning up the Care of others for the good of the New World Order is a perversion of what God desired.  God desired that the Israelites would be the new leaders for the world to follow accordingly. He gave them The Torah, of which men today have thrown out as unnecessary and old fashion.  It would begin as early as 100 AD that the Gentile would start taking charge of The New Church Order.  The synagogues were taken over with the excuse….Those dirty Jews that killed ‘OUR’ Jesus.

By 325 AD Constantine would set forth the Nicaea Council that would disallow for two Passovers, establish Easter instead and burn the synagogues with the Jews inside.  This type of treatment would carry through to Martin Luther who said the same and it continued.  Hitler picked up on this rhetoric and said, No More Jews.

Men are doing what is right in their own eyes and this elitist club says that OUR world must do what is right in THEIR eyes.

Men seem to think they can serve God and manna at the same time.  I don’t think it’s going very well.   President Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes and others seem to be god-fearing humans.  But, did they know that this BIG silly Owl, constructed in the Redwood Forests, would be taken seriously by God when He declares that there should be no other gods before me?

Yes, once again!  Our Creator cares and every man will held responsible.  It is just another god that man made up…………  Men like clubs…God does not.  Men wanted to have kings…..God said, I’m your king.  Men keep saying things….and God keeps proving to them that what they want is harmful to them.

We are almost 6,000 years from Adam and God’s grace and mercy have NOT failed.  He had more mercy in the Old Covenant and even established The Mercy Seat built into the Tabernacle to remind the people of His mercy.  There is NO grace without mercy.

“LORD have mercy on us,” is still true today and we probably need it more today than ever before.

When men seek an Owl to edify their wisdom, they are replacing God.

When men say that the Torah is no more, they are canceling God and His instructions. Yeshua/Jesus is the embodiment of the Torah.  No Torah, No Messiah!  Plain and simple….this is NOT hard to understand but it may take a Jewish mindset.

Seeing sightly
Dire Strait – Mankind sees dimly

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