Battle of #Marj Dabiq- again!

TURKEY crosses into Syria with tanks on: August 24 2016.

500 Year-Anniversary, August 24 1516 – August 24 2016, finds Turkey sending troops to Syria to restore the caliphate of The Persia Empire.    It is the ‘final solution’ to the take over of the Middle East.  Turkey…who was, is and becomes all powerful within the next SEVEN years.

The August 24 2016 Italy 6.2 and the Burma 6.8 earthquakes signaled the #Battle of Dabiq last Wednesday…August 24, 2016.  On the Hebrew calendar 20 Av.


Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan inspects the honour guard during a visit to Northern Cyprus
Turkey Pres Erdogan Inspects Honor Guard Sept. 2014

In 2014 Erdogan inspected his troops knowing on this day that he would cross the borders of Syria moving his way to take Iraq and more with Kurdish Christians and Armenian Christians alike dying.    The revived Ottoman Empire will NOT include the Medos this time. It would just be Persia as seen by Daniel.

This seven-year Battle would go into 2021.  Erdogan suggests goals will be accomplished by 2023.  The battles will be tough but worth the caliphate of lives.

Wars always please those who want to de-populate.

The Syrian wars began in 2011 with King Assad already killing 250,000 of his own citizen. Erdogan watched for three years.  In 2014 he inspects his troops for this day, August 24 2016.  Five Hundred years from #Battle at Marj Dabiq.  The caliphate is welcomed.  The announcement of “charge” was NOT translated to English.  The tanks rolled out first with ground troops following.

Will the world let this happen?  The war with Syria has been confusing to the world, but not to those in Turkey’s power.  The news media is controlled and the world only heard what they were told.  People in the area have a different story.  Who funded this war and allowed Benghazi to happen.  Hilary knows and is seen as another puppet on this string.  3500 emails gone.

Americans heads swirl and almost give up on what is the truth.  Will more American lives (or any life) continued to be lost because of this lust for world control?  Oil is used as a smoke screen to bringing back the Ottoman Empire.

Who controls the military?

Vice President Biden seems to have authority over the Middle East military.  He directs the Middle East military to move out of the way to east of the Euphrates….with all being warned to get out of harms way.

Obama is allowing it…giving Iraq, Kurdish Christians and Armenian Christians to the destruction of Turkey who is Persia of the Ottoman Empire.  The Medos are cast out by Persia and so it is that The Book of Daniel says it will be the same but different with this last kingdom.

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