Cleve to The Land, Trump 75 ON Total Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021 – Abraham 75 enters foreign land.

Shocking News!

SHOCKING is the word that my friend with autism is always saying to us. “Do, you want to know something shocking?” Then he will tell you what has shocked him. He is a very smart young man and amazing with numbers. He quickly knew that America’s problem began exactly 150 years ago in 1871. But, reigning in that intelligence is hard as the autism pulls at his speech. His family knows exactly the date it hit him. The vaccines affected his brothers as well, but Joseph was hit more severely in that he will NOT marry. I dedicate this article to Joseph who absolutely loves Yeshua Jesus with his whole being. He will never ever defy what Jesus did on that stake 2000 years ago for him and all of us.


Raised Catholic, only walking one block to mass and Catholic school every day. My dad worked to raise money to build St. Mary’s Church and then two schools after that. We loved Father Kempker and the nuns who looked over us all during our grade school years. My dad worked hard to send six children to that private education. It crushed him to see his children as adults leave his favored religion. He sat in the Keota Care Center with Parkinson begging me to return. I could have felt sorry for him in his shaking body and say, Yes to him. But, instead I disagreed with his opinion that all religions had the same God. Before he died a cousin did speak to him and he finally understood that it was Jesus alone that atoned for his sins. I feel I will see him again.

I’m seventy years old and I am sitting here shocked once again in seeing God’s hand on my life.

As a child I felt very special to be born on The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. My parents even gave me Mary as my middle name. I committed myself to Jesus and Mary. I liked the nuns but not their rough rule that would hit the hands of students. I even thought I would be a nun when I grew up. I always tell people that, but then I found that boys were fun and changed my mind by my public high school days.

Today, January 24, 2021 I sat in my home on Sunday no longer going to a Catholic Church and no longer going to a ‘christian’ church’. What has happened to this girl who loved Jesus? She became so in love with Him that she grew to understand him through ALL the Bible.

Today, I listened to a broadcast sent to me that I could agree. No false narratives on tribulation theologies, no false dispensation theories, no more Calvinist theories….but just plain old…like a child…read what The Bible says and believe. We have made too many rules where teens don’t even hold hands which takes Scripture out of context. A man not touching a woman is in context to sex before marriage. But, the walls are set tall so we don’t violate the original meaning. Isn’t that what The Pharisees did? They built up walls to protect the foundation stones. Then it seemed to be viewed as works by Christians. These addition to protect the ‘foundational principles’ have now lead to church removing the entire Torah from their lives. These removed ‘foundation stones’ have eroded seeker-friendly church and over-the-top zealous Baptists churches. Whoa is us…we are just like those Pharisees. Jesus never came to remove The Torah but show how to live it out. No one living it out…lead to it’s being ‘NOW CLOSED!’

Double witnesses confirm God’s word all throughout the Bible. I learned that Jesus never said anything new but only said what The Father gave him to speak and those words always confirmed what had already been spoken or written in the past….Jesus’ past. The Ancient Paths are NOT the Catholic’s 12 apostles, but The Twelve Tribes of Ya’cov / renamed by God to be Israel…’struggled with God.’ We also will be given a new name…just as God gave part of his name to Abram and Sari…the Hei – breathe – Abraham and Sarah. The letter can only be said breathing out. Say, Hay. that is the letter Hei meaning behold, grace.

All books will be thrown away because God imparts on our hearts by his name El Shaddai. El Shaddai means the breast that provides, giving us what we need. I realized yesterday, at the five-hour Bible study on the Sabbath named BO meaning ‘Come’, of what it meant to, ‘come out of Egypt’. I had come out of her…and yet could be pulled back into her if I did NOT ‘search the Scriptures to show thyself an approved workman of the LORD.’ Once we desire for El Shaddai to provide for us….we can then see him as YHWH.. Lord of all Hosts in our life that does miracles.

Today, I was reading a book my close friend wrote called, Sound The Alarm, 911. There I found my ‘shocking’ news.

In my early walk with God I would have used this new finding to be very positive that God loved me. But, in my growth in understanding what is ‘false’ by age 70, I look at it as another ‘AWE” moment to say thank you YHWH for not letting me get sucked into thinking I was special in ‘religion’s’ eyes.

On January 24, 2022 our world would also be shocked to find out about The Vatican of Rome. We would find out that since 1871 these people have held America as a corporation. This foreign enterprise set itself up to rule us. We saw foreign flags flying at Joe Biden’s inauguration showing he was a president of a foreign power of whom ruled from the soil of Washington, D.C. It is not a state in America, but it has buildings that hold that enterprise to rule there. We are NOT a republic but a Corporation. In 2018 Donald J Trump visited these foreign countries and showed them the evidence of their takeover. He told them to back away and give us our republic back or full exposure would be clearly given.

Did they back away? Maybe some did, but The Red Dragon stayed involved and rose it’s head back up and sent another round of takeover. A planned demic took 350,000 American lives, a fraudulent ‘election’ take over, America’s security is breached.

Participants will face prosecution. They will have a military tribunal trial. TREASON against The United States of America will not be taken lightly.

Our President can NOT be inaugurated on ‘foreign’ soil. He will be inaugurated on March 4, 2021 on our republic’s soil. We are back in the days of 1871 with NO debt owed to a ‘kabal’.

Seventy Eight percent of those voting in our 2020 elections voted for President Trump. But, through the internet dominion software was programed to switch votes to an algorithem that favored Joe Biden by 11,000 ish votes.

President Trump is declared to be only the ‘second’ president who truly cared about ‘the people’. He has sacrificed his own wealth, prosperity and his life for our nation. God revealed the other man to be Grover Cleveland who ran for two terms but not consecutively. He cleaved to The Land of America as he saw what had taken place in 1871 of ‘the kabal’ takeover by Rome.

Cleveland had two terms with four years in between those terms. He spent twelve years endeavoring to fix the problem. He can be likened to Moses who gave three sets of forty years each to grow to the person God needed to bring ‘the slaves’ out of Egypt. Moses died in perfect health at age 120 and Cleveland dies at age 71 after three sets of four years. Both men be willing servants of God for The Land.

Cleveland was the 22nd President and the 24th President. Donald Trump is born exactly at 38 years from Cleveland’s death in Sivan…but born TEN days earlier in the full moon of SIVAN 15.

Both of these men show the Spirit on them as the Ruach HaChodesh was given at Sivan 6 which is Day 50 of the ‘counting of the omar’. This festival has been celebrated since Adam. Man can not be saved but with the Spirit of God on them.

But death still came in the dark of Sivan as Stephen Grover Cleveland did not win the fight against the popes. He died on Sivan 25…with a dark moon June 24, 1908. Exactly 38 years later minius ten days on Sivan 15…the full moon held strong on Friday. Then on Saturday, Sabbath B’ha’alotcha, ‘when you set up’ his mother would find rest, too. Sabbath Be’lach’tah would begin at dusk on Friday as she held him in her arms. His aunts would encourage and pray over him during his life. He was named after another Donald who had died before his birth. He was prophesized over by his aunts to be a leader in our world. He still holds that bible in his hands today. If you study those Scriptures attached to him in Numbers 8:1-12:16 we see very exact descriptions on how to build the items in temple when it is set up. Yes, he is about God’s Temple being set up on our earth and what vessels will need to look like in order to serve God’s Temple. What type of priest will you be?

Yes, the second president with a ‘caring heart for the people’ was revealed to be Donald J Trump. The Pattern flowed from Cleveland being revealed as the first man to ‘care about people’. Donald J Trump will not reign on foreign soil in 2022, 2023 and 2024. He will cleave to our land for four more years on a land that he saw fit to set free by The hand of YAH on him. He declared America to be a republic in 2018 and his military supports him. He is destined to bring America’s RESET!

I write about this today as I’m impressed with their birth dates and Cleveland’s death date being very special. Check my next post or the previous to this.

Today, I didn’t mean to write about Mary…but it was meant to be. Because ‘the traditions’ that men set before us can be evil and we must not trust our hearts to their traditions…but only to the things God sets up that are holy and sets him apart…no other people are saints before us…He hates idols.

Rome has been confirmed as The GREAT Whore in our Bibles. It has a three-fold system just as we see three stars in the Washington D.C. flag. New York is called Zion, Jerusalem. The one square mile in Italy holds The Vatican! These three entities are on foreign soil.

The very church I grew up in….today is being shown our world as the ‘whore’ who worked with the Anti Christ…worked against The Anointed One Yeshua Jesus that is to come. Yeshua never said to build churches….He is within you….His spirit is in you…smelling your heart…your circumcised heart.

A prideful day for me: August 15, 1950 (2 Elul)

I was born on a Tuesday. On that exact day, August 15, 1950 (a jubilee year), Pope Pius XXI adopted the pagan belief and proclaimed the assumption of Mary (body ascension to Heaven without dying) to be a Catholic doctrine.

I grew up knowing that my birthday was The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin and I did dedicate myself to being pure before Mary and Jesus. I was a fun-spirited red head, but I held my place when it came to boys in my dating years.

Today, I see that this incredible ‘false’ narrative was created the very DAY I was born. Yes, Joseph will say, “Shocking” when I tell him. He is a young thirty living with his aging father and mother. COVID has shut him in. This plague has been hard because he loves people and has had to contain.

1950 was a Jubilee year. Pope collect extra money in the jubilee year and so it was on my birth day that they created a Holy Day of Obligation. Attend Mass…light candles and buy Mary things. This revenue cheapens Mary. Articles hang around necks for sick and non sick. People hurry to get blessings from her before they die for extra plenary bonuses. We give money to priests for extra masses for our loved ones so they can get out of purgatory sooner. So, if you’re poor y ou stay there longer? Wow….what a burden to the poor. Marten Luther saw through this and wrote a 92 point thesis…causing him to be removed from their priesthood. Now. we have animal trans acceptances…whatever that is about. Yes, so much confusion that we must STOP. Mary is not an intercessor to Jesus. There are no intercessors, but Jesus himself to The Father…Not the Holy See (Pope), but to God, The Father, Scripture says.

My friend’s book goes into great detail about this ‘whore’. She was also raised Catholic. Why is it we see many in congress turning to this faith? Italian Nancy Pelosi makes sense because she’s Italian. Chuck Schumer just claiming it as well as Joe B’den. They are the newest most powerful leaders showing their alliance to this ‘cabal’. Catholic just means ‘universal’. Yes again, One Religion for all. I’m so sorry for a group that uses our precious savior for their financial Babylon. This will hurt many Catholics but we must remember that Jesus never wanted a religion….He came to have a ‘relationship’. Leaders and non-leaders disappoint us but Yeshua Jesus will never disappoint us. YHWH has this. It’s been a plan from the foundation of the earth to test you…do you just love your church, or do you really desire to learn how Jesus wants you to live? He lived in The Torah because He is the Living Word…The Living Torah. Amein!

Her footnote:

  1. The assumption of Semiramis who became the mother goddess of all Sun Worship. The assumption of Mary is August 15th. In 1950 A.D. Pope Pius XXI adopted the Pagan belief and proclaimed the assumption of Mary (Bodily ascension to Heaven without dying) to be Catholic doctrine.

I suggest you get this book by Cindy Alexander, Sound the Alarm, 911. She also has a more thoroughly book on false religions in her book, The Mystery Revealed.

So what else happened the day I was born?

150,000 Indonesian people die because of an 8.0 earthquake.

I would say that GOD was not pleased with Pope Pius XXI. God never said to adore another human being. His name means, ‘my savior’. So, every time Mary said his name, she was saying, he was her savior. She was a sinner…ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are NOT to pray to saints…only Yeshua/Jesus is our intercessor to The Father.

There is one name in which to be saved, YESHUAH. YHWH shows us Elohim’s attribute of Lord’s of all Hosts…strength.

This week’s BO (Come) has God telling us himself that Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov knew him by the name El Shaddai (provider)and not by the LORD. NOW the children would come out Egypt knowing his name YHWH…God of earth shaking MIRACLES….ALL would remember His hand of strength.

Torah Study for January 16, 2021

Parshah 14: Va’era (I appeared) Sh’mot Exodus 6:2-9-35, Ezekiel 28:25-29:21, Romans 9:14:17, 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

Torah Study for January 23, 2021

Parshah 15: Bo (Come / Go) Sh’mot Exodus 10:1-13:16; Jeremiah 46:13-28

Yes, right now we have Donald J Trump parting the Sea of the nations. We have plagues of knats, we have earthquakes with wind, fire and smoke.

Donald J Trump also walks out the things in Ezra’s life. Last year to the day when he was ‘lightly impeached’, Ezra also had called The Tribes to come to him that same day. While Trump departed Air Force One in Wisconsin he ask for prayer. He beseeched the nations to rally for his presidency.

Ezra was fasting with the local tribes for three weeks wearing sackcloth standing in the rain when Judah and Binyamin finally came to him. Both men are asking these ‘nations’ to come out of Babylon. Ezra knew the foundation stones could only be laid by the original men as they knew where the borders were. Those not really knowing the ways of YHWH could not come near The Temple.

Last year at time President Trump’s first impeachment light took 40 million dollars to find nothing and waste his time in leading our nation. A plague then ensued to ensure a win in the 2020 election.

Now, in 2021 within a day of a ”peaceful protest’ for fraudulent elections The House again brought impeachment charges to an Trump/Ezra that was leaving the soil of Washington, D.C. No Justices were consulted, but on the ‘whim’ of a female harlot ‘impeachment’ ensued. Their own mouths gave evidence of themselves ‘inciting’ violence and death in America by riots. Yes, what the ‘accusers accused was their OWN deceitful sin and lies. Video-tapes don’t lie but media still lied in 2021. Violence is rampant in Babylon AMERICA.

All the tribes said ‘we are guilty’. We ALL need to check with our families and we will come back to tell you our decision Priest Ezra. TEN days later….the tribes decided that they WILL go before their own judges to see who did give honor to YHWH and who did not. They would divorce those desiring to stay in their Babylonian ways. The wives and children over the last 70 years would go before judges. This we can be sure: After 7000 years of life on this earth, we will each stand before our JUDGE YHWH. We can not live into eternity without YHWH. Our world is not of this world, but of the New to come.

2020 – They reported back to Trump….they would still impeach.

517 BC they reported back to Ezra. NO, we will not kill you Ezra our priest…we will obey ADONAI our Lord of Hosts. We want our and back just how we had it before. They would take years to renew it just as America may take years of conflict to renew it. A new House, a new Congress, a new money, a renewed military, a renewed intelligence force….brings ‘renewed’ people ‘as in the days of Esther. They went out and fought for what was their rights to LIVE. Life is more important than death…so they even fought on Yom Kippur.

Yes, God’s children will rise up as in the Days of ‘Esther’…Adar 13, Purim Adar 14. Adar 15 Purim outside of Jerusalem is known as Shushan Purim. It is a FULL moon in the LAST month (Adar) to celebrate getting hid of the Haman’s in our world.

2021: February 25, Fast of Esther; February 26, Purim Adar 14. Sabbath Tetzaveh Shushan Purim….celebrate as Haman and his TEN sons and more are hung up for the world to witness that God’s enemies are removed.

This is where we are today. Read Esther with emphasis on 3:13, 9:21 and Ezekiel 32:17. Sabbath Tetzaveh: Exodus 27:20-30:10, 1 Samuel 15:2-34, Mark 6:14-29

Prepare my friends for spiritual WAR. Because YHWH is The LORD of all HOSTS in Heaven and earth. Righteous kings are his. I Kings 1: self appointed Adoniyah as king was removed by death. The real king set in place at age 17 as Donald J Trump began in 2017. Solomon who was Anointed by Prophet Priest Nathan. Trump is anointed by God confirmed by speaking a prophetic word in 2016 that there will only be two U.S. Presidents that will ‘care about the people’. The second is Donald J Trump. Later, the question came to the LORD. Well who was the first? “Grover Cleveland” the Lord told my friend. “And there will be a money system with gt and st.” My friend did not have that explained to him. But he wondered if it didn’t represent gold and silver.

We know that Cleveland saw the 1871 takeover over by The Vatican. 150 years later to the year Donald J Trump would take it down. Both men were for the ‘gold standard’. Thus, we will see what Gt and St stand for as prophecy fulfills itself.

We will fight the righteous fight my friends. If our land goes down…the world goes down. God is looking for LEADERS who care about His children. This is about YHWH’s Kingdom coming. But until that is established, we MUST give honor to God’s will with righteousness on our earth.

Grover Cleveland was anointed to STOP the evil and 150 years later…three jubilees…Donald J Trump is anointed also to STOP evil on earth. STAND up prayer warriors. YHWH is answering our prayers….and He says to bring our sword to fight for earth’s land….then you can go back and be The East Gate for the rest of The Tribes Joshua told the firstborn Rueben and firstborn Gad (troops). Firstborn Manasseh also settles as a protector of Israel’s East Gate which is now called, GREATER Israel. Yes, God’s FIRSTBORN is coming at HIS East Gate soon!

Three ‘firstborns’ came with ‘Troops’ to include The Gentiles being saved as well. This East Gate is where I predict the TWO feet set down on our earth. It’s not a small East Gate in Jerusalem. These are warrior feet stepping into a valley that will slit open for living water to flow…,making all the plates of the earth slide.

RISE up to fight for The Land. America’s land and Israel’s Land. All the earth belongs to The Lord. Israel is where Yeshua Jesus will reign from. March 2021 we were busy with ships at Venezula and didn’t help Israel claim her East Gate….then the plague closed us all in. Opening these doors (4) secures Gates.

No Mary statues…no idols…pray only to Yeshua Jesus. Pray to The Father as it is His desire that all men would turn from their sin….teshuva. Repent for our ancestors past sins and our sins of innocence. YHWH will forgive but he seeks your face in asking Him.

We do NOT venerate man. Donald J Trump is an open vessel that has allowed himself to be used. Our concentration must be on bringing The Kingdom of God to earth. We must have righteous rulers just as evil rulers were removed. I Kings 1, 2 show King David’s last months on earth. His first son Absolom was killed by David’s General Jo’ab. David cried and mourned for the loss of this son…we could hear God weeping for the loss of Jesus on the stake that was planned in the future. Then Jo’ab sets up the ‘second’ son born to King David to be king without David’s or the Prophet Nathan’s anointing approval. We must remember that it is ADONAI that sets up rulers and they must have his anointing.

Thus, after Jo’ab puts Adoniyah on a horse parading him before the people as the new king even as King David is still alive, Prophet Nathan tells Solomon’s mother Bathsheba about this ‘fraudulent election’. Jo’ab even had a huge feast for the people to attend to celebrate this kingship just as B’den just presented himself to our world. Yes, a fraudulent king is before our Republic but not perhaps before his Corporation. J Robinette B’den…which means: house of dens, is a president but for a foreign company that is about to be bankrupt as all it’s funds are being transferred to The United States of America, the Republic….not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC, The Corporation. (Please note that they incorporated their corporation in all capital letters.)

King David’s bones are chilled and so they searched the entire kingdom for a young female virgin to keep him warm. This is not a sexual relationship but a servant relationship even filling his need of staying warm. She is us. She is a ‘second’ witness to everything that is said to King David. She is trustworthy not to poison him. She is trustworthy to support him. That is our position with Donald J Trump of whom can also get sick and cold and poisoned. We need to keep his mind alert and thank him for being a selfless person. We need to pray that the favor of the Ruach HaKodesh will sit on him…indwell him…so all evil can not come near him. If there is evil his feet will burn and he will know it is a signal to move quickly away.

I want to close with this, because my friends wonder if he will have three terms. He will if he is likened to Moses of whom had three terms. Or, he may go two terms as we see Cleveland had to terms but still worked hard during the second set of four years to find support to win the third term. These patterns are in the hands of ADONAI. And, what is more important, Trump continuing until he his 83 or our Messiah coming to reign? Men are merely vehicles to get us to stay focused on YAHWEH’s mission for our earth.

But, I do have hope for him until age 83 because of Noach’s wife. It is always about the bride my friends. Methusalach has a sister named Emzara. She was there to hold Noah when he was born. She is 83 when he is born and she saw his glowing eyes and see through skin that scared his dad Lemek that he thought he should be put down. Methuselah goes off to see Enoch of whom is writing down history for us in a cave. Enoch prophesized that Noach has a very special purpose in God’s plan. Do not kill him. Lemek will die at age 777. I think because of his strange behavior in trying to destroy a child chosen to bring God rest (comfort). Lemek thought his strange looking son wasn’t his because he looked like the angelic beings. He was concerned about cross breeding.

Emzara is there to hold and protect him from his own father, Lemek. The Dahlet/door pattern sets in here as it will be 400 years until they marry. Yes, just as Yeshua Jesus open the doors of history at the year 4000 so will Noach marry his bride of whom brings forth three sons quickly after they are married. There is about a year between each of them. They marry when Emzara is 483 and they quickly have three boys.

The Three Pattern kicks in here and throughout history we will see this number be very special. Even The Flood begins in year 1333 from Adam verified in The Book of Jubilees. There is no counting out genealogies and if someone had one too many Lemek’s or one less Quanin it has been a problem. This three Patter is set right here as Noach’s is in the ark in the year 1333.

These things needs to be examined because when we don’t have to look too hard and just look at what year it is…and go with it all the rest can flow for us.

Now, let’s get back to 83. Eight is the letter Chet or Chai for life. It is pictured as a wall. Three is the letter gimel pictured as a camel or a foot. The wall is tall and the camel is tall. She is a strong wall walking forth lifting up for Noach. Noach just turned 500 which is hey. behold. He beholds his bride at age 583. She is 83 years older than Noach.

Now, let’s look at what age Donald J Trump will be at age 83 when his walls have been strengthened and set up. He is born at the Sabbath B’ha’alotcha ‘When You Set Up.’ Donald is D for again Dalet as move, open, door, hang, path or way. He is a man that sets things on a path.

Dah – is how you pronounce his name with ‘ah’ having God’s ‘ah’ on him. Again, another ‘ah’ ending with another dahlet. In my opinion alone, he has a double witness in his name from the beginning to the end.

Abraham left his father Terah’s house in Hebron at age 75. Then he was given the land wherever his foot stepped in the next twenty-five years. He even went as far as Damascus to save nephew Lot from the Five Kings that hauled him off. Thus, it was a large territory.

Donald J Trump will be 75 on June 14, 2021. And, what is special about Donald J Trump is that his Hebrew birthday is Sivan 15…of which a Total Lunar Eclipse will cross the Americas. Yes, another ‘shocking’ moment in history. He was born on the beautiful full moon of Sivan with the Holy Spirit beginning to spread all across our world as people return to their cities after hearing “the gospel that the Gentile can be saved along with The Jew by hearing the message of Yeshua Jesus’ love for the world and dying for their sins.’ Jews were so confused by this and fought it. Even the Apostle Sh’ual (Paul) had to be blinded for three days and three nights to get his attention to stop fighting about ‘resurrection from the dead’ because it was true.

So, what does this Total Lunar Eclipse mean? I can only go by what we know happened as the last Total Solar Eclipse crossed seven cities in America in 2017. The bad news was that we had a drought that caused states to allow farmers to bail hay from the roadsides to have enough hay for cattle. Cattle were sold off and prices were terrible. The good side of 2017 was that Donald J Trump names Jerusalem the capitol of Israel but did not yet move the Embassy until a year later. He was cautious about what he did with Israel but tried his best. 2017 was his first year of figuring out politics and it was hard with Republicans not even liking him….they fought alot.

Thus, with that short memory, let us just say it was NOT a very good year. Sun total darkness making an west to east 70 mile wide path from the north corner to the southern corner. Ouch! And, that was the year of many hurricanes….ouch ouch ouch!

TOTAL SOLAR not good.

Now, someone in our class said a Total Lunar Eclipse was good for Israel. They use the moon and sun to calculate time so I just don’t know. But, we do know this is crossing America and it will darken the light of the moon that he was born in. They are trying to cancel him out and thus I want to think that it will say to our world that “You will NOT cancel out my chosen vessel, but I may cancel you out!” Or, it is signaling that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is gone and President Donald J Trump’s The United States of America, the republic is coming into FULL light after trying to be darkened. Yes, I believe this will be true because he will become closer to God and be fuller in stature of giving YHWH honor instead of men on this earth.

Trump beging Hebrew Birthday Sivan 15 on May 26, 2021 – Age 75

75 – 2021

76 – 2022

77 – 2023

78 – 2024

79 – 2025

80 – 2026

81 – 2027

82 – 2028

83 – 2029

I close with this….I have a leader who believes that 2029 is prophesied to be, The Return. She has based this on a Rabbi’s thoughts. She believes she will be alive to see it. She will be 83 next fall. Emzara was 83 when she saw the one that looked like ‘the shining one’. Trump will be 75 beginning his new walk heading out like Abraham to his new venture perhaps building a New White House at age 75 in the Spring of 2022.

Twenty two has been my favorite calculation for The Return. He may chose another 150 years and show us more 22’s that play into our history. Binyamin was born year 2186…yes, just 14 years before the year 2200 AM. Binyamin pictures: Son (house) of sorrow and renamed to son (house) of my strength. This last son is about to come as The Son of Suffering already went to the stake to die for our sins. This same son’s has another attribute to be seen which is King of Kings. The sword is us with our (pei) mouth fighting for Him. The sword comes from His mouth…our mouth. And yes, Donald J Trump has sounded The Shofar.

Perhaps we’ve just had a sampling of what real birthing pains feel like. If our earth’s ‘red dragons’ control our ability to work and earn money, then we will see more falling.

My friend who will be 83 next fall and was told she would see The Messiach and not die also held several years of bible studies with Kansas City pastors at 8340 Corinthian Place. She knows they raised up Kansas City to Jesus Christ.

Forty is the time of completion of a king’s reign as we see with King Shaul, King David, King Solomon and others. It’s a time of completion. Moses had three segments of 40 years in his life.

Let us all ponder these things in our hearts and keep looking up.

Let us keep focused on that ‘heavenly country’ said Abraham and not of this world.

And, let us get on YHWH’s calendar so we an see men raised up before us acting out their lives on His calendar. What a sad people we are when we don’t see, The Hand of Elohim writing on our walls of history.

P.S. I took this picture when in Israel in Hebron. Behind these doors are the ‘memorial’ tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rivkah, Ya’cov and Leah. No tomb here for Rachel…No tomb for Mary. But, Adam and Eve also have ‘memorial’ tombs here.

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