Patterns of crossing over – #Marj Dabi, Jacob with Esau

PATTERNS:  7  10 17   20  21  70  80  601

Patterns that show up in seven-year markers of tribulation…go into patterns of 70 years…relating to Israel today.  These patterns show us that The Creator Elohim is in control…..

More patterns of 17 and 20….  Stay with me as we explore some patterns set from the foundation of the world. These patterns show there is a force that directs men’s paths.

These are patterns that keep showing up.  They are not to be thought of as superstitious.  They come from a deeper study of the lives of biblical men’s lives and how rhese same things will play out in history.

Patterns can be seen in men’s lives, years, days, generations, actions; etc.  When you study the bible they are called, ‘likened to’.  Many bible characters are likened to Christ, Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ Hebrew name is Yeshua, known as the Messiach (anointed one).  So, if I speak of The Messiach, I will call him Yeshua which means ‘salvation.’

I love the life-line of Joseph of whom saved the Israelites from famine.  But, first let us start with his father Jacob and his father Isaac, of whom his father was Abraham.  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph…through these obedient men came the very foundation of the Judeo Christian faith.  It is in this faith that we now see the real ‘end of days’ played out via observing them and their brothers.

Isaac was 40 years old when he found his wife, Rebecca.   She came from Sarah’s brother, Bethu’el.  Isaac is 60 when Rebecca delivers the twins that struggled within her; Esau and Jacob.

Jacob flees the presence of his twin Esau at age 40.  Esau sold his birthright when he thought he was going to die from hunger.  Jacob could have had the birthright if Esau had not struggled with him in the womb and let Jacob be born first.    Jacob is ‘likened’ to the ‘suffering servant’ even in the womb he was beaten….The Messiach’s birthing also was difficult with Herod killing babies.  At the right moment in history and at the right hour,when the lambs were being slain, Yeshua was slain an early Passover.  It was the 6th hour (noon) dying at the ninth hour (3:00 p.m.).

The inheritance of the worldly goods seem to remain with Esau as he remained closer to home overseeing the wealth of Abraham.  Jacob is not seen as rich as Esau.  Jacob even gives rich Esau half of his goods when trying to return home appeasing Esau so he doesn’t kill him and his family.  Esau did not kiss Jacob on the neck, but the marks noted above the Hebrew word indicate that he gave him  a ‘bite’ on his neck.

He works for seven years and then receives two wives.  His favorite wife loves idols and will personally stay barren for their first seven years of marriage.  Rachel will have Joseph when Jacob is age 54.  He also is given Dinah this same year through a concubine.  Jacob leaves his family and spends day and night looking over Laban’s herds and building his own herds.

Let us review.  Jacob finds two wives at age 40 and works 7 years before he can have them.

In the next 7 years cycle he has eleven children, Joseph and Dinah being the last two in that fourteenth year Jacob was with Laban.  Two Shemittah cycles have past and when Jacob is in this third cycle with Laben, he is feeding and growing the flocks for both of them but then separates so he can now have his own possessions for his family.

At year twenty (20) we see that his TWO wives come to him in the field to where he is and they all agree to leave.  They cross out of the Land of Laban and head to the Land of Promise (home).

It will be in the 21st year that Rachel prays to God for a child…as Jacob said it is God who gives children…not himself.  She is seen sitting on the camels saddle saying she is having her monthly cycle.  I think the idols were covered in gold and that is why Laban travels to retrieve his idols…made of gold….just as the golden calf was covered with gold and the things in the temple are covered with gold.  Laban returns without his golden idols.

Rachel is pregnant and will die giving birth to Benjamin in that 21st year.  Jacob finds the idols and buries them in the ground near Beth’el under a Timbrinth tree.

Jacob renames his newborn son, Benjamin, son of my right hand.  This is another name for the son of God, Son of my Right Hand.  Benjamin is ‘patterned’ to the coming of The Messiach here….in the 21st year…third Shemittah cycle of Jacob with Laban.

This story has great depth to it, but from the surface we can see a cycle that will repeat in our day.

Before I show you that, I want to turn to the story of where Mosche is ready to bring the Israelite second generation across the Jordan (Yarden).  They will count all of the twenty (20) year olds and up and see how many will go to battle to cleanse the cities that they now will claim as their own.  Twenty is the key number that will show up in our pattern.  It is said that it takes them twenty (20) years to accomplish the taste of remove, occupy, remove, cleanse, occupy…remove clean occupy.  If they do it too quickly there would be too many wild animals around to keep themselves safe.

20 – 40 years of age cross over

20 years to cross over to the promised land

20 years – Jacob comes out of Laban to return to Abraham

Twenty-one years bring the end of the third Shemittah cycle.  Each Shemittah cycle is seven years long.  Jacob is finally on his way out after running from Laban, meeting Esau and has Benjamin in twenty-first year.

Jacob is 61 years old when he has Benjamin.

Jacob has allowed an idol worshiping wife to raise his son for seven years.  She passes out of Joseph and Benjamin’s lives when Jacob is 61.  Joseph is 7 years old.  Jacob will only have him for TEN more years.  Joseph is removed by his brothers at age 17.  When Joseph is found, again Jacob will only be with him 17 years.  There are two sets of 17 that Jacob enjoys this son.  Thus, he enjoys Joseph for a total of 34 years….which also was the age when The Messiach Yeshua was in his ministry beginning at the age of thirty.  Joseph is once again ‘likened’ to the Messiach.

Seventeen is seen at the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  It began in the year 17.  Yeshua Jesus walked the earth at that time…but would not have been in full ministry yet.  Eight is the number for new beginnings…so it makes sense that it would be the 80th Jubilee.

Now, let’s bring this forward.

2017 is the 120th Jubilee of the earth.  Mankind is Strongs #120.  Adom is Strongs #119.  So, even in the description of man, God moved Mr. Strong to His thinking.

We have mankind (Strongs #120) celebrating God’s creation of man in the 120th Anniversary of the earth.

What will happen in the 6001st year as it begins the first Jubilee?  It will be 6000 years plus the first day and first year of the next 1000 years!  Will it take a Jubilee of 50 years to bring the final effort before The Messiach comes welcomed from Jerusalem?  We know the 1000 -year reign of The Messiach sitting on the throne is yet to be experienced.

That 1000 years will be peace for many, but we also know many children will be born to those that survive these battles.  Children will once again decide to cross over and come into the land of worship.  If the people do not follow the ways of Adonai/Yeshua, then no rain will fall on their land as they choose to place that curse upon themselves.  The Millennial reign is another time of purifying to see who really wants to live filled up in Torah.

I want to present another number to you in that Noach was 601 years old when they walked out of the ark and onto the ‘new’ dry land.  Then, we find that Mosche had  all the Israelites counted that were twenty years and older.  Remember, all their parents have died over the last 40 years.  Now, there were 601,750 that were twenty and older that would trust Yahweh to cross over with them to take the ‘new’ land.

Each of these experiences show us effort to come into a new land or return to the land.  We come out of trouble and into establishing something new and good.

601 – Noache’s age – end of flood experience

601,750 – Men 20+ in age – end of wilderness experience

61 – Jacob’s age birthing Benjamin, end of Laban experience.

’61 – Israel a nation in land

Six is the letter, vav, and represented by a hook.  It means to connect, and.  One is the letter Aleph which is represented by the picture of an ox head…for strength and first.  It is used when symbolizing God.

Man is connected with God in these numbers. It is the Aleph that has the strength to bring man into the land promised by the Ox…God.

We find Six Million Jews removed from the face of the earth along with many more millions in trying to stop the carnage of the Holocaust. This Six (Vav) was the connecting force that brought Israel into The Promised Land in 1947-48.  Interestingly Jacob began having his children at age 47-48 as well.

Jacob will then lose Joseph for SIXTY years.

Jacob is age 71 when he loses Joseph.

Israel will be age 71 in Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.   1947-1948 ;  2018-2019.  Note: Jacob was age 47-54 when he had eleven children and age 61 when he had his last child, Benjamin.

They will go into Egypt with 70 children with Benjamin claiming 10 of them.

Is Israel today finding her lost children?  Just as Joseph had the insight on how to save all of Egypt…Joseph also had the insight to not be left in Egypt (the world).  He had them bring his bones out with them to be buried in the land when they crossed over.

Today, you can see a humble area of  Joseph’s Tomb by Shechem. It is hard to visit because Arabs prevent Jews from visiting it.   It sits by the two mountains of blessing or cursing, Mt. Ebel and Mt. Gerazim.  These two mountains pattern Jacob’s two wives.  Rachel loved idols and bore Joseph of whom used the wealth of the world to help them survive.   Jacob’s two wives were sisters.  One prayed to Adonai and the other did not…until Rachel prayed for Benjamin in Jacob’s 61st year.    This area is viewed close to where the Israelites crossed the Yarden with the first 601,750 (IDF) soldiers.

I was born in the 20th century and now it has turned into the 21st century.  In five years it will be 2021…  20  21.  These numbers are always in the THIRD Shemittah cycle in a Jubilee, which is 50 years.  Jacob’s life is showing us what is to happen in history.

On October 2, 2016 on the Hebrew Civil Calendar is will begin that 120th Jubilee of the earth.  Thus, instead of 2017 beginning in January, it begins at the first of October at Rosh Hoshanna, The Feast of Trumpets.


Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan inspects the honour guard during a visit to Northern Cyprus
Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan inspects the honour guard during a visit to Northern Cyprus September 1, 2014. Erdogan paid his first visit abroad as head of state to Northern Cyprus on Monday and said the window of opportunity will not remain open forever for a “two state solution” in the country. REUTERS/Andreas Manolis

Av 20 is another interesting number that leads to the end of the third cycle. On Av 20, August 24 2016, Turkey President Erdogan sent tanks to cross into Syria to begin a seven-year struggle to remove all Kurdish Christians, Armenian Christians and take Iraq (Babylon).  Remember, Abraham was an Armenian and Laban spoke Armenian.

Turkey is  honoring the 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Marj Dabiq.  They won this battle against 20,000 knights that came from Egypt only to be crushed as Egypt had no artillery going before them.  Twenty thousand crossed over….again…we see that number…but that 20 failed.

Huge areas are going to be taken in war including the southern parts of Russia all in the name of oil…and all in the name of The Ottoman revived Empire… under the figure of Turkey who heads the Muslim Empire.

Mini Summation:

Syria’s wars began in 2011

Three years later Turkey inspects it’s military – 2014

Laban waits three days before finding Jacob had gone.  Turkey sits on the side lines waiting three years.

Laban then takes seven days to catch Jacob….for a total of TEN days of Jacob being on the run.  Ten days it the time of probation…then comes the time of atonement of judgment…likened to Yom Kippur…Tishrei 10…The Day of Atonement…known as ,The Fast.  It’s the only day the priest offered a burnt offering for the 70 nations.  70 bulls for 70  nations.  Jacob took 70 children into Egypt (the nation).

Turkey, in seven more years hopes to capture land for the ultimate caliphate of power.  It will then be TEN years since this siege for world control has been set before them.  It is now the year 2021.

20 and 21.  The numbers that reach into our minds from the past and now to the future.  It’s a year, it’s centuries, it numbers of men.

Personally, I think there is a Jubilee coming like none other.  It is 50 years of change! Noach was a righteous man and yet he was shorted fifty years of being 1000 years old.  One Jubilee is missing…and this may be the Jubilee in honor of him.  He saw the flood and he will see this  change that will bring in the Millennium.  I’m hoping he’s one of the witnesses as people know and trust him to bring them through troubled times.

Another man that was shorted his 1000 years was Adam.  Adonai told him that he would die in the day that he sinned.  And, since a thousand years is as a day with the LORD, he did die in the Lord’s day.  Adom was shorted 70 years. Israel will be 70 years in a year.  She approved by the United Nations in November 1947 but not officially reccognized by any nation until the United States President Harry S Truman of Independence, Missouri congratulatings them and scribbled through the State of Palestine and wrote in State of Israel.  I write this blog from Independence, Missouri….and thus it is appropriate for this time in history that these things come to light from this location on the earth.

I must say, that I also confess one other thing.  I just found out that if your name is Adam, then the Jewish community automatically considers that name to be in their lineage.  I look like my mother.  He maiden name was Adam.  Her father was William.  His father Nicholas Adam married a Berg.  Thus, my mother had strong ties to be Jewish.

Perhaps this is the reason for my strong desire to love the Jews and love their Yeshua Jesus.  I was born on Elul 2 when Mosche and Yeshua would have spent time on the mountains with God in fasting.  I have a strong desire to learn the things of God and then show them to others.

I married a Lau of which I recently learned is the name of several main rabbis in Israel.  My family does not say they are Jewish, but German.  All I know is that I am His and all His to use as He pleases.

I was born on a 1950 8.0 earthquake to India with many dying.  It seems some of my interests have been keenly looking into God’s hand in the earthquakes around the world.  We each have our own bend in life and mine seems to be looking for patterns so that I can show people that God is real and He is in action in His creation.   It has grown my faith and I know who my Savior is….and He is coming back…as a Jew to reign.  May I please Him as He is the one who shows me His ways….  No man could ever plan such incredible patterns of events…and I know this is just the surface of what He really has done and is planning to do.

If we could please stop arguing about religion and just sit and see  Him working…we would all be humble toward one another…as His plans come forth, as He comes once again…. and on time.