Abraham’s Historical and Numerical Evidence

Today is 15 Tammuz….two days before Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai…after not eating for forty days and forty nights.

Saturday, July 20, 2019 is 17 Tammuz. It is the Sabbath .. This sad day of humans wanting to have a physical god before them, as they were use to seeing in Egypt, is turned to a good day this Saturday. Scripture says that there are four fasts that will turn to joy and this Saturday we will see it happen in 2019. A fast was called by the Jews to ‘remember’ the sins of the fast done by our ancestors. Yes, they are our ancestors since Christians join themselves to Judeo values.

Many Christians do believe it inappropriate to fast on the Sabbath since it is a day of rest from all normal works. It is a day you could choose to cook at a minimum so it is not a heavy burden on the cooks. Sunday July 21, 2019 would be the day to fast if you would like to join with those that fast…as we also rejoice with those that rejoice in The Lord.

It is always good to remember the sins of the past so we don’t do them again. Thus, it is the time of year for us to see what idols we have in our lives. The Israelites had strangers to the covenants of YHWY and foreigners who were not interested in YHWH’s ways come out of Egypt with them. These people influenced the Israelites to believe ‘God did NOT say not to have other gods before us.’ The ‘deceiver’ was right there with them even as the idols of ‘Comash’ and ‘Ba’al’ traveled within their large assembly.

The large assembly that occupies our earth have in large part heard about Jesus. The ‘Good News’ of salvation by his blood. And, if they love Him then they should walk as He instructs them. The narrow road then is to follow his instructions. Some call it The Bible and some call it The Torah with both being right.

It is easy to be persuaded to return to the ways of the world even after seeing miracles right before our eyes. The large crowd that left Egypt witnessed the many disasters that befell Pharaoh and his people. It took the taking of all first-borns to have the Egyptians give them their possessions as they left Egypt. It is the ‘strangers’ gold that was melted down to cover the calf figure.

The Hebrews left with their walking sticks just a Ya’cov left for his mother’s homeland with only a staff in his hand. Even in the 1940’s Italy hosted the Jews in ghettos. Today a memorial stands where one of the ghetto held them as prisoners. It is a ‘turtle fountain’ as the Jew was known to be able to carry everything they had on their back. The Holocaust lasted one Shemmitah cycle (7 years) 1938 to 1945.

But, it is not in FEAR of destruction that should bring us to our knees, but the love of what YHWH did while we were not worthy but undone sinners…men truly unworthy to stand in God’s presence. This is what Ya’cov learned being obedient to his mother who told him what YHWH told her before he was born. He was to have the older serve him the younger.

He wanted to experience YHWH on the roads of life that he traveled. He fought to be blessed and even had his hip go out of it’s socket. His family’s limp today does not make them inferior but reminds them to be humble servants in this life.

Ya’cov’s real life experience began at age 40….and yes this aligns with Yeshua Jesus coming at 4000 years….the calendar even changed to zero to now push forward to a new era. Ya’cov was a suffering servant with Laven and will close his life as the father of a King…just as Yeshua is now King over our earth…being the strength of The Father.

Seeing God face-to-face is seeing His ways are true and worthy to trust. Trusting God’s ways allows us to see his ways (face-to-face). Face-to-face is agreeing with all He says and does. Face-to-face (agreeing) with Him on this earth allows us to clearly be in his presence in eternity in that Spiritual realm. God is Spirit and can only be seen in the Spirit.

Thus, whether we have been transported into eternity and see what eternity is going to be like or if we are seeing it because we did die and see it; it still remains true that we only see when in The Spirit. The Ruach HaChodesh is given to people on earth who desire the things of God to be real in their life. His Spirit dwells within us to guide us into all His righteousness. Without His Spirit there is NO salvation. Yes, it is only by The Ruach HaChodesh that we have access to God (YHWH) here on earth. It is only in The Spirit that we can receive His instructions.

Yesterday I found myself writing about Amos 1 because prophetic people were quoting it to show why judgment was falling on California. ‘If you don’t agree with the four unjust systems established by California then you should move’, was the message. Because our Creator is willing to forgive the first and second transgression but not when people do it the third and fourth time.

I’m going to copy and paste into this post the Moabites sins and Judah’s sins. There are really seven times that it is repeated concerning people groups that have transgressed into the third and fourth time that will be disciplined for their actions against YHWH. Thus, let us take this personal as they are our examples of God’s justice.

The Moabites are Lot’s grandchildren via one of his daughters. These are Abraham’s relatives. Thus, God is dealing with people that should know how to behave on the earth…but they became like Cain building cities and naming them after themselves revealing their pride. We are told not to have memorials made of ourselves. I noticed this when we buried a 75-year old man from church on Monday. It was a new cemetery and there was not one large memorial stone anywhere. The only markers were small plates in the ground to identify the person below.

We see wicked Moabites killing wicked Edomites (Esau). Esau came from the loins of Isaac. Ya’cov’s twin brother Esau was willing to give up inheritance and birthright at the request of his father Isaac, but it is his children that fought for his rights as first-born. Thus, we see evil begetting evil as each family (Lot & Esau) lost respect for their parents. Lot’s children were born out of sodomy and Esau was born first as he struggled to be the firstborn in Rebecca’s womb. Esau was out-of-order right from the beginning. (This is why I disagree that Ya’cov was a ‘deceiver’. He was obedient to the end of his life of seeking God’s will.

Amos 2:1 Here is what Adonai says: “For Mo’av’s three crimes, no, four — I will not reverse it — because he burned the bones of the king of Edom, turning them into lime;

Amo 2:2 I will send fire on Mo’av, and it will consume the palaces of K’riot. Mo’av will die with turmoil and shouting, along with the sound of the shofar.

Amo 2:3 I will cut off the judge from among them and kill all his princes with him,” says Adonai.

Amo 2:4 Here is what Adonai says: “For Y’hudah’s three crimes, no, four — I will not reverse it — because they rejected Adonai’s Torah and haven’t observed his laws, and their lies caused them to fall into error and live the way their ancestors did;

Amo 2:5 I will send fire on Y’hudah, and it will consume the palaces of Yerushalayim.

God removes evil that became more evil by removing what they thought was their enemy.

God removed Israel because they did NOT apply Torah to their lives. (Men think higher of themselves than they ought. Man violates God’s name through sexual depravity, instructed men against consecration laws.

Amo 2:6 Here is what Adonai says: “For Isra’el’s three crimes, no, four — I will not reverse it — because they sell the upright for silver and the poor for a pair of shoes,

Amo 2:7 grinding the heads of the poor in the dust and pushing the lowly out of the way; father and son sleep with the same girl, profaning my holy name;

Amo 2:8 lying down beside any altar on clothes taken in pledge; drinking wine in the house of their God bought with fines they imposed.

Amo 2:9 “I destroyed the Emori before them; though tall as cedars and strong as oaks, I destroyed their fruit above and their root below.

Amo 2:10 More than that, I brought you up from Egypt, led you forty years in the desert, so that you could have the Emori’s land.

Amo 2:11 I raised up some of your sons to be prophets, other young men of yours to be n’zirim. People of Isra’el! Isn’t that true?” asks Adonai.

Amo 2:12 But you gave the n’zirim wine to drink and ordered the prophets, ‘Don’t prophesy!’

Amo 2:13 “Enough! I will make all this crush you, just as a cart overloaded with grain crushes what’s under it.

Amo 2:14 Even the swift won’t be able to flee; the strong won’t be able to use their strength, the warriors won’t save themselves.

Amo 2:15 Archers won’t be able to stand, the fastest runners won’t save themselves, those on horses won’t save themselves.

Amo 2:16 On that day even the bravest warriors will throw off their weapons and flee,” says Adonai.

These Scriptures speak to us today. We are no better and, yes probably worse than our ancestors. They did not have specific regulations until something went wrong and then a ruling had to be determined. Our generation will be held more accountable because we have The Bible that shows us the ways to live our lives on this earth.

Ya’cov established the ruling of being put to death if your sleep with your father’s wife after Reuben was found to have sexually assaulted Ya’cov’s concubine. When Ya’cov went to her to perform their covenant of marriage, she had to be honest with him that she had been violated by his very own son. Ya’cov could not lie with her ever again. Thus, history books show us that she dies lonely.

It is at this disgusting moment in history that Ya’cov declares the new regulation of ‘death.’ But, Ruben is not killed….but disowned from being first-born with blessing. We show no other record of him sleeping with any other woman in his father’s house. Thus, we see YHWH confirming third and fourth offenses will have judgment brought to them. Once we know what sin is…we will be held accountable for it.

By the time of Israel’s Wilderness Experience, they knew YHWH’s instructions. Ya’cov had buried his wife Rachel’s stolen idols. He had witnessed Laven’s ‘golden idol worship’ for twenty years. Ya’cov saw that it was affecting his family. He had been gone six years from raising his young children. And with the stress of unjust wages from his father-in-law, in the twentieth year Ya’cov ask his two wives to come to him and they agreed to leave their father immediately. His brides were ready to meet his father, Isaac.

Yeshua patterns Ya’cov’s 40 years with 4,000 years. Yeshua came to the world to find his bride, Israel. His mission is completed completing ‘The Suffering Servant’ pattern. Ya’cov leaves Laven at twenty years and encounters YHWH even getting a new name. Yeshua could pattern Ya’cov’s 20 years after being gone 2,000 years. Yeshua also returns to father YHWH and receives new name.’ Isaac’s son Ya’cov (Israel) becomes a force on the earth that even kings bow down and honor Ya’cov’s death with 110 days of memorial. And, Ya’cov’s first-born son from Rachel lives to 110 years.

(Could it be that our current nation of ISRAEL will be given special remembrance when they are 110 years old? I truly believe so!) 1947 + 110 = 2057!!!

We see many rituals in Laven’s life even where the oldest daughter was to be given in marriage before the younger. Ya’cob seemed to have been tricked for the entire seven years as on his wedding night he consummated his marriage with the older daughter. Leah would be the one who came to love Ya’cob’s God and today is buried with him at Hebron.

My husband was reading today about Ya’cov moving down to Egypt . Why is Jacob sometimes called ‘Israel’ and sometimes called ‘Ya’cov’ was the discussion. Ya’cov received his new name at the time his sons (Simeon and Levi) killed the entire village of men to avenge Hamor’s son Shekham raping Leah’s daughter and their sister, Dyna. Because of these two sons actions, Ya’cov entire family was in danger from the other surrounding communities. YHWH did put a hedge of protection around them as they then left that area.

Name Change – Ya’cov’s name is changed when he arrives at Paddan-Aram with God appearing to him. Ya’cov has all the idols buried in the ground at Sh’khem, they wash and change their clothes in order to move forward to Beit’el. Ya’cov is obedient to YHWH’s instructions and is protected under this new name, Israel. (Gen 34-35)

When we obey YHWH we are considered walking with Him. In Malachi 3 we see that we are to test God. How do we test Him? We are told to walk in His ways…and see that He is good. It is in trusting His ways that YHWH can now reveal Himself through us by blessing us. He has always desired to dwell with man by giving mankind blessing as we see from the Gan of Eden. But, blessings can NOT come if we are disobedience. As parents, we can understand that ‘negative’ behavior should never be rewarded with a piece of candy. And, normal living is not rewarded either. But, it is the abnormal living that YHWH can bless.

It is in when we are ask to do what we don’t understand and OBEY that we see blessing. The Torah had many strange things to it but if it was not obeyed perfectly, the message from YHWH was not understood. Moses is an example of striking the rock to give water as if Moses and Aharon had the authority over the rock. YHWH was not gloried, but Moses and Aharon were glorified for giving water.

Our Creator shows us that water represents The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would show up on and in Yeshua Jesus as he changed baptism to salvation and John was using water to repentance. This future historical moment in time had to be corrected right there on the spot. Moses and Aharon were told that they would NOT cross over to see the ‘promised land’ but that they would die on that side of the Jordan. Both Aharon and Moses die on mountain tops to show they were ‘high and lifted’ up as they represented YHWH. Aharon high priest robe was put on his son El’azar, who then descended down the mountain with Moses alone. All the people mourned Aharon thirty days and Moses thirty days when they died.

It is after Moses thirty days that Yoshua (Yeshua) led the people to the new land…which represents Yeshua Jesus leading us into our new land. Moses is seen at the Mt of Transfiguration, with Elijah and Yeshua Jesus. Thus, we see Moses did cross over into eternity and received a new body He did stand on earth’s ‘promised land’ at 4000 years from Adam. If they were on the highest point then they were standing on Mt. Hermon whose elevation is at 9000 ft.

I want to close with provoking some to prophetic thinking via numbers.

Today’s discussion on Ya’cov’s confirmed move to Egypt by YHWH happened when he was 130 years old. He entered a ‘safe haven’ at year five of the seven-year famine. We see that for two years they bought grain in Egypt but did not GO to live there until year five.

Abraham’s birth to entering land is 500 years.

Abraham born to Terah, age 70. (Nation of Israel age 70 was born/given Jerusalem as capitol. Age 71 she is trying to come out of idolatry. She implemented her own Israel Bible; required reading by it’s citizens.)

Abraham 100, Isaac born. In 60 years when Abraham age 160, twins,Ya’cov and Esau born. Abraham 175 did not live to see them argue. He died when they were 15 years old.

Abraham is 160 when Ya’cov’s sons Esau and Ya’cov are born.

Abraham d. 175 – At year 214 Joseph is born when Ya’cov is age 54 (40 + 14).

Timeline from Abraham to Joseph being sold to Egypt at age 17 is 231 years.(214 + 17)

Ya’cov is 71 when Yoseph sold to Egypt (54 + 17)

Abraham is 160 + 71 = 231 years to when Yoseph is sold to Egypt. 231 from when Abram was born.

How many years before Yoseph brings his father Ya’cov and his family of 70 to Egypt? 59

Yoseph is sold at age 17.

Yoseph stands before Pharaoh to begin his ministry at age 30. This is the beginning of his helping Egypt to acquire land to be ready for the 14-year prophecy…7 of plenty..7 of famine.

Ya’cov also had years to prepare before his 14 years with Laven before he went into the field to raise up flocks and herd (sheep/cattle). And, Ya’cov worked 7 years to acquire two wives and two concubines (4) who produced 11 sons and 1 daughter in that second set of 7 years with Laven. Binyamin is born in the 22nd year. He is the the twelfth son and second son of Rachel of whom dies giving birth to him. B is Beit meaning in the beginning. It is represented by a house and the number two. Binyamin is the truly number 2 son in Rachel’s house. He remained true to his two names given him. Son of sorrows and son of strength. He pictures Yeshua our ‘suffering servant’ and Yeshua as ‘son of God’s right hand’ (strength).

Yeshua begins his ministry at age 30 with 40 days and 40 nights in The Wilderness. This happen at the 4000-year marker in history from Adam. Four is the letter Dahlet (door). Yeshua says he is knocking for you to open the door (4). There is a time to go in and there is a time to work…door is closed.

42 – Four Dahlet door, Two Beit house = Door to house.

Forty-two ends the sixth Shemittah cycle 36-42. This is deeper to be revealed from YHWH as you witness this in your life. This cycle ends the double and triple blessing or cursing so you’ll have what you need in years 43-49 which is the seventh Shemittah year. The seven-year cycle is also seen in the Menorah. The service candle on the Menorah is known as Yeshua. He is the seventh arm where we find our rest in Him.

Israel is 130 years old standing before Pharaoh and when he is blessing Pharaoh. Will the Nation of Israel stand before the world’s kings with her King Yeshua Jesus sitting on her throne at Jerusalem when she is 130? No matter what we guess is going to happen that year…it will be a blessing as Ya’cov is blessing Pharaoh and not the other way around. Pharaoh receives the blessing and in turn provides for Ya’cov’s entire family. Pharaoh has witnessed Adonai’s hand on Ya’cov’s son Yosef…and wants to be part of those blessings.

We must make mention here that people are blessed when they bless Adonai’s children. If you try to deceive or use these children then it can come back on you. It is the ‘bless those that bless you’ and the ‘curse those that curse you’ promise of YHWH. If something is going wrong in your life, you should check to see what attitude you have toward those that obey God’s Word. And, are you just putting up with..in being tolerant…or are you truly reaching out to be a blessing to help them? How have you helped a believer this week?

Israel (Jacob) dies in 17 years age 147. This number 17 is a pattern that is important to our Creator. The Aleph (1) and Zayin (7) are both powerful to bring about the next phase of life…history…comfort.

My grandkids have a numbers joke. Why is nine missing? “Because seven ate nine.” Ha ha! If there is a number to be missing I’m glad it’s nine…a very severing number and finds completion in ten, yud, strong hand. Eight is known for new beginnings as it likens us to think about The Eighth Day…when the renewed heaven and earth are experienced. Okay…let’s move on….

Israel is 147 when he dies and ALL of Egypt mourns him for 110 days. He is embalmed according to Egyptian standards taking 40 days. Then he is mourned for 70 days. And, then Ya’cov is mourned another 7 days at Hebron with all their relatives and kings coming to where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca and Leah lay. It was an amazing march out of Egypt to memorialize ISRAEL. One hundred and seventeen days. (The pattern of 17 and 100 stand out and deserve to be studied.)

In Israel in 1947 all of world was against Israel except a few in Britain and the United States. In May 1948 Independence MO Pres. Truman was the first to endorse Israel as a nation. Ya’cov had beheld Yosef 34 years. 17 years as boy, 17 years as king.

1947 + 117 years is 2064. Beit is the house for man (6) to come through the door (4). The Aleph (1) is pictured as an ox showing the strength of YHWH. The seven is the letter Zayin shown as an ax or weapon. The Sabbath (7) is YHWH’s weapon of comfort for mankind. (The two hands (11) lift up the Sabbath that points to the Man of Comfort.

Genesis 41:1 “At the end of two years, Pharaoh had a dream: he was standing beside the Nile River and there came out of the river seven cows, sleek and fat, and they began feeding in swamp grass.” Two years earlier Yosef had given correct interpretations of the chief baker and the chief cup bearer of the king…one died and one rose up…but forgot about Yosef in prison who correctly interpreted their dreams. There is a two year or 2000-year pattern mystery that can be seen here. It has been 2000 years on the Gregorian calendar from Yeshua Jesus leaving the earth with promises of return…which He did in the spiritual via the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit). But a physical reign from David’s throne is also promised and this 2-day pattern should be studied.

Yeshua died age 34…beheld as a boy, dies as risen King of Heaven and Earth. Ya’cov beheld his suffering son for 17 years and beheld in as king of earth for 17 years. Israel his first-born son by Rachel (an idol keeper) for only 34 years of his 147-year life. Thus, he was without him for 113 years which includes Ya’cov childhood. (Will our Nation of Israel not see her Messiah until she is 113 years old? 1947 + 113 years would be 2060 on the Gregorian calendar. On the Hillel Hebrew calendar the year would be 5892. That is 108 years from the year 6000.

Once Yosef was born his father lost him for 59 years of his life. (Ya’cov is 54 when having Yosef…in the 14th year of being with Laven.) The Nation of Israel was 59 years old in the year 2006. The Hillel calendar year was 5766 moving to 5767 in the fall on Tishrei 1. It is the year 5767 that shows Israel’s 40th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem. Fall 2006 and Fall 5767 are the Sixth Shemittah cycle indicating double and triple blessing. The Nation of Israel was still blessed having authority over Jerusalem.

This blessing is associated with the miracle of mana given in double portion on the sixth day of the week while in the wilderness.

I tested this on our property and found a double hay crop in Israel’s sixth Shemittah year and laid the land fallow in the seventh. We had a large amount of hay in that sixth cycle which fed our cows in the seventh and eighth years. We found YHWH’s hand on our property in 2017 where a dead calf resurrected from what was thought to be death…after prayer…look up articles on Mattot Massei…his new name 🙂 .

Yes, Jerusalem is the chosen City from where our Messiah will reign. It is the most coveted city on the earth at this time. In 2017 and 2018 President Trump has secured it’s borders and The Golan Heights during his reign. Her enemies are still threatening her on all sides in 2019. Ya’cov too was being persecuted by Laven in his 19th year with him and is leaving in year twenty. Twenty will be the year of release with year 21 being the finish of leaving even the people of Sh’khem behind. These next several years are going to be key in history as they are walking through Ya’cov life with Laven and his desire to return home with his family to his father Isaac and his mother Rebecca. Esau is in control and has even taken over Abraham’s possessions. Isaac is old and not able to stop Esau from stealing the family business. Ya’cov and Esau seem to get along but five years before Ya’cov agrees to move to Egypt, he will have to kill his brother Esau and control his children via them paying tribute to Ya’cov’s children. The historical books confirm this and thus we can learn from these patterns on what to expect as our world progresses through the years of Ya’cov.

On year 59 The Nation of Israel celebrated acquiring Jerusalem for 40 years.

Ya’cov heard and believed the ‘good news’ about the son he had thought lost for 59 years from his beloved son Binyamin. He trusted that son as he was a full brother to the lost son, Yosef. Binyamin also suffers at his brothers hands over the years. He was an orphan from the beginning as his mother Rachel died at his birth. Binyamin would verify that his full brother was ALIVE in Egypt and was in full command of the Egypt’s world second only to Pharaoh.

Ya’cov finds Yosef at age 130. Ya’cov stands before world and blesses leader.

Ya’cov lost Yosef at age 71.

Yosef is age 76 when united with his father.

Yosef has helped Pharaoh for 46 years. (age 76 minus age 30)

Ya’cov was without Yosef for 59 years (130 minus 71)

Yosef dies at age 110.

Yosef served in Pharaoh’s house 80 years. (110 minus age 30)

Ya’cov is without the physical presence of his son Yosef for 59 years. Ya’cov finds that Yosef has been in Pharaoh’s house since he was thirty years old. He was in training to rise up to ‘comfort’ their world from a severe famine. This also pictures a famine of Adonai’s word on the earth. Our world wants their own gods to save them just as Abraham’s father Terah made idols which was passed down to Laven of which Rachel stole and lied to keep…even if it was just for gold…which YHWH would have provided…but she did not TRUST.

Yeshua not in physical form on earth for 5900 years but in spirit form.

5780 began Tishrei 1. (September 30, 2019)


Yosef age 17 in Egypt

Yosef age 76 united with family

Yosef age 93 when Israel (Ya’cov) 147 d. mourned

Yosef will die in 17 years from his father Ya’cov dying.

Israel (Ya’cov) is in Egypt with Yosef 17 years

Israel enjoyed his first-born son 17 + 17 = 34 years total.

Israel enjoyed her first-born in year 34 AD or for 34 years.

America’s January 21, 2019 Total Lunar eclipse was Saros series 134. It was on the Sabbath Torah reading Beshalach (when he sent) Exodus 13:17-17:16; Judges 4:4-5:31; Matthew 14:22-33. This 134 saros series cycles for 1700 years. It began on Nissan 15 – Passover. It will end on Sivan 11 at Feast of Weeks / Shavuot…amazing!

Abraham and Sarah marry Jubilee 40 (year 2000)

Yeshua returns to marry bride after 40 jubilees ? (year 6000)

Yeshua came into world as Year 4 completed. True – 4000 AM (Adam)

Yeshua’s spirit in world Year 5. (4000 + 1000 – 5000)

Yeshua’s spirit in world Year 6. (5000 – 6000)

Yeshua reigns in Messiach Age Year 7. (6000 – 7000)

Yeshua reigns as King of Heaven & Earth Year 8 (7000 – 8000+)

The King of Kings Theme: King of Kings rules at 8000 years.

Yosef ruled Egypt for 80 years – Pattern of ‘Eighth Day.’

Hebrew calendar New Year 5780; 20 September 2019, 1 Tishrei; Feast Trumpets, Rosh Hoshannah

Ya’cov was at Hebron when Yosef gave a bad report on the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah. This is where the giants lay in memorial. It was as if Adam, Abraham and Isaac had not already heard such conversations in their own life times of brothers treating each other badly from this same spot on the earth. And, it is Shekhem again that beholds the judgment. But it is the city of Dotan that the brothers were found and they plotted his death. It is first-born Reuben that tries to save Rachel’s firstborn Yosef by returning to save him from the cistern…but his plan fails as the Ishmalites have already acquired Yosef.

Ya’cov’s children (sheep) were warned two years earlier that they should come down to Egypt. Father Ya’cov refused to go so as not to have the first-born’s brother Binyamin also killed by the world of Egypt. Yeshua told the parable of those renting the owners vineyard killing the servants that came to collect the rent due. When the owner’s son came to collect, they killed him as well. This indicates Yeshua’s death..being the son of The Father. The Father will return to set things straight. First the son comes to reign a thousand years…then The Father brings final restitution to those who still rejected His Son.

Ya’cov will receive confirmation from YHWH in the last five years of the famine to go down to Egypt. But, there is also confirmation that they will RETURN out of Egypt to come into their Promised Land. Yosef knew this and had his bones prepared to be carried out. We too prepare for that final Kingdom in that Eighth Day of the earth’s history….8000 years.

This pictures Yeshua returning to earth. He also lived in Egypt while on earth. Mary and Joseph had taken him there to escape Herod’s persecution. He came as a suffering servant Binyamin and returns as King of Kings as seen in Yosef…as seen in Ya’cov being carried out and mourned for 110 days…and Yosef dying at age 110. (Aleph, Yud…The strength of the Hand of God.)

Two year warning: Amos 1 – a sheep owner (YHWH is our sheep owner)

Amo 1:1 The words of `Amos, one of the sheep owners in T’koa, which he saw concerning Isra’el in the days of `Uziyah king of Y’hudah and Yarov`am the son of Yo’ash, king of Isra’el, two years before the earthquake;

Amo 1:2 he said: Adonai is roaring from Tziyon thundering from Yerushalayim; the shepherds’ pastures will mourn, and Mount Karmel’s summit will wither.

Scorching heat…withered pastures…NO FOOD!….two years before! 2017 gave America unprecedented hurricanes and fires. It was two years into God’s War of 2015.

YHWH works through nature…as we’ve just seen with Ya’cov’s family going down into Egypt. In two years there will be an earthquake…with the pastures withered by heat. Droughts are connected to earthquakes.

California has had fires and droughts….plus flooding with mud because the trees are gone that held the soil…2017 – 2019 = 2 years….now the earthquakes 2019. Please read the yhebrew.com post ‘Earthquakes swarm in CA.’ Actually God’s War began in 2015 as told by 15-year old Nathan when he died and returned on Feast of Tabernacles Day One 2015. Thus, we are FOUR years into God’s War.

This post is meant to get us to think prophetically about the future. Ya’cov being named Israel is no mistake. ISRAEL today is connected to their forefather.

In November 1947 – May 1948 Israel was recognized as a nation on YHWH’s earth. In 2019 they turned 71 years old. In 2047-2048 they are 100 years old. In 2077-2078 they are 130 years old.

Adam was 130 when Sheth was born.

Ya’cov, named Israel, was 130 years old when standing before Pharaoh.

The Nation of Israel is 130 years old in 2077-2078. (Nation 1947-1948)

Eclipse saros series 130 Total Lunar eclipse covers Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East June 26, 2029. Total duration 3h40m. Total blackout is 1 hour 42 minutes. Greatest eclipse at 03:23:22 UTC. (a saros cycle is 6,585.3 days which is 18 years 11 days 8 hours.)

June 26, 2029 is 13 Tammuz, Four days before Worship of Golden Calf Fast, 17 Tammuz. It is a Shemittah year with Israel celebrating 81 years and 62 years from liberating Jerusalem. From a crucifixion viewpoint it’s duration is similar to Yeshua’s experience on the stake for 3 hours and death at 3:00 pm. The 40 is completion and consecration time patterning to year 4000. 42 ends the sixth cycle.

THIRTY certainly seems to show righteous men being brought into the world: Sheth, Ya’cov, Yosef, Yeshua.

Abraham was 100 when Isaac born.

Abraham has 100 children (in his lineage) when he dies at age 175.

Abraham’s grandchild, Nation of Israel, is 100 in 2047-2048. (1947 – 1948)

Adam is put in Gan of Eden on 48th day. (He has a 40-day consecration period after his surgery on Day 8…giving up a side bone for Eve.)

Israel recognized as a nation in 1948.

Adam to Abraham is 40 Jubilees (2000 years)

Abraham and Sarah marry in Jubilee 40 (year 2000)

Adam to Yeshua Jesus 4000 years

Yeshua to New Heaven and Earth 4000 years

Total Plan: 8000 years (Eight is new beginnings)

Hos 14:3 (14:4) Ashur will not save us, we will not ride on horses, and we will no longer call what we made with our hands our gods. For it is only in you that the fatherless can find mercy.”

Hos 14:8 (14:9) Efrayim [will say], ‘What have I to do any more with idols?’ And I, I answer and affirm him; I am like a fresh, green cypress tree; your fruitfulness comes from me.”

Hos 14:9 (14:10) Let the wise understand these things, and let the discerning know them. For the ways of Adonai are straight, And the righteous walk in them, but in them sinners stumble.

Isa 32:10 In a year and a few days more, you overconfident women will shudder, because the vintage will fail, the harvest will not come.

Isa 32:11 Tremble, you complacent women! Shudder, you overconfident women! Strip bare, wear sackcloth to cover yourselves.

I believe that the woman of the United States have gone into ‘overconfidence’ mode and rightfully are being shunned by male and female (even in our own government) who can’t believe what is being spewed from their mouths. May they put on sackcloth to cover their sins to YHWH.

ISRAEL is to be the standard for the earth. Israel is The Bible…all The Bible. The Scriptures have always pointed to The Messiah. The OT patriarchs lives were lived out to point. The NT continues to point forward even as it is proving the OT. It is an amazing plan .. even seen in the false circumcisions at Shekem. When people only join Israel to be blessed, it is selfish. When the nations join Israel because they love her first…that is true love. Return to your first love…God…Yeshua Jesus…The Torah…He is The Living Word.

This is a spiritual message and will not be understood by the world. But if you are a Judea Christian, you are grafted into these patterns. Dig in to study to show yourself approved…a workman with a heart seeking after God’s heart…Yeshua our king that will reign from the earth at His time appointed.

written July 18, 2019, 15 Tammuz 5779.

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