AV 27 AV 30 Disaster Markers – Hermine Hurricane and Hiroshima

What do Hiroshima, Nagasaki atomic bombs and Hermine and Camile hurricanes have in common?  And, what do Russian and China earthquakes have in common?

Hebrew Months:  Tishrei  Cheshvan   Kislev   Tevet   Shevat   Adar (I-II)   Nissan   Iyyar    Sivan   Tammuz   AV   Elul

TO-THE-DAY Disasters

The month of Tammuz was named for Nimrod’s son, a god they worshiped.  The month of Tammuz is known as the month of the worship of the ‘Golden Calf.’  Idolatry had to be removed before God’s word could be implemented into their lives.  

Thus, patterns show up early in the month of Tammuz as judgments fall.  Magnitude earthquakes are rare.  They only occur every few years and certainly not more than one in a single year.

 These 8+ earthquakes are Anniversary Quakes.


1905      8.4       Mongolia – close to Russia

12 Years to the Day

1917       8.4                             TONGA

60 Years – Same Country


1977      8.1                         TONGA

Next Hebrew Month is Av

AV 27   Disasters   TO-THE-DAY

1931       Shemittah Year      North CHINA Earthquake

14 Years Later  (2 7-year cycles (Shemittah cycles)

1945        20,000 Ton TNT     August 6 1945, Little Boy dropped on Hiroshima, 70,000 die  in three-mile radius; 70,000 die from fallout over five years.

 4 Years Later to the day

1949       8.1                               CANADA

20 Years Later to-the-day

1969        8.2                              Kuril Islands, RUSSIA

2016            To-the-day * Hermine Hurricane devastating East Coast – N Florida to Maine – once in a decade storm.  August 31 (Av 27) to September 9 (Elul 6).

To-The-Day  Battle of Marj Dabiq  AV 27

2016       Turkey           Sends tanks into Syria (August 24 * 500-year anniversary (To-the- Day) The Battle of Marj Dabiq.  Turkey plans to become Ottoman Empire Revived but without Medo Persia.

AV 30   Disasters

1945      20,000 Ton TNT    August 9, 1945 Nagasaki Atom Bomb * 70,000 die within 3 miles

24 Years Later

1969                                 Camile Hurricane

47 Years Later

2016                     Hermine Hurricane  (August 31 – September 9) (Av 27 – Elul 6)

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, volcanoes, disasters are MARKERS…..for change… Political Change….

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