Gathering of Kings in Jerusalem for Peres Funeral Unmistakable Fulfillment of Isaiah 60 Messiah Prophecy –

Shimon Peres, the last king to die of whom helped bring Israel to be a nation, died on Elul 25…The First Day of Creation.

Elul 25, September 28 2016 California had swarms of earthquakes and the still has them on alert for an expected 7+ earthquake.

Hurricane Matthew formed into chaos as the leaders were put in the skies headed to Israel as the SHOFAR is blown.

Elul 25 is NOT just an ordinary day…  Elul 25 2016 was Day One of Creation when The Creator looked down and called for The Light…The Messiach to come…and speak earth out of it’s chaos.  Yeshua Jesus’ words separated the chaos, the winds that swirled above the waters and He separated them…making sense of the land below.  In 2016 the earth looked very similar with earthquakes ready to explode in California and the skies being swallowed by Matthew.

Former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Simon Peres, the last king,  died of a head injury…a stroke.  He was put in a coma the previous week.  His family had asked for ‘complete’ healing for him.  Our Creator had this king on His time schedule.

This man would be used prophetically as the 120th Jubilee of the earth was beginning.  The year 5777 would be October 2  2016 at dusk.  It would also bring in the year 2017…The year that begins the 120th Jubilee of the earth.

On God’s heavenly calendar it had been a day that chaos would be recognized and removed.  He saw it at Creation and He now would once again be calling “The Light of the World’ to show up to speak to the waters.  Yes, the waters in the Scriptures are always representative as the nations of the world.

The nations showed up with even the U.S. President Obama showing up along with the Palestinians authority, Abbas.  The leaders stood shoulder to shoulder memorializing a man who represented God on the earth.   He was a soldier and a President that helped bring Israel to be a nation.  Prophecy unfolded as the nations could see each others image just as Mosche saw  God face-to-face…seeing his image.  Could these men live together on the earth after seeing each other’s image?  Mosche did live and actually his face ‘glowed’ from being in God’s presence.  He wore a veil so as not to make the people afraid.  Mosche was unveiled in the Tabernacle when in the presence of God.

Did these leaders speak to each other or did they just return in the skies controlled by Hurricane Matthew? Are any of us turning to The Book of Matthew to hear that disciples wisdom?   His force is said to be greater than his 2007 counter part Alex.

Did any appreciate the message requested by President Peres?  It is what is read at Feast of Trumpets…declaring the King of whom is coming.

God drew the waters/nations together ‘for such a time as this.’  Every nation heard God’s message from the land of promise.  Every nation must bow…and every knee will submit as The King arrives and sets up His throne in Jerusalem.

Did they hear the words….NO Two-State Solution?  The world knows that is not an option.  The only option is to live with Jews which is living with The Messiach.  That is God’s “Final Solution.”  If the nations of the world continue to reject Israel, they are rejecting God’s reigning from Jerusalem…and they can be labeled, ‘Replacing Israel.’  No one could replace Mosche until his time was up at age 120.

The trumpets were blown and the nations leaders came.  They came to the City of the King.  Jerusalem is the city from where The King Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) will reign for one thousand years.

The kings of the earth honored God…just as prophecy said would happen before The Messiach returns to that One Day of reign (1,000 years).

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