Americans are Concerned

A story of the healing for a nation….with fasting and prayer….God hears His children….Nov 8 2016.

On Monday, November 7, 2016 I fasted with prayer for God to intervene for the good of Israel, our country and the world.

After I voted on November 8 2016, I returned to read an article that laid out 37 political concerns between the Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I began to comment on each topic until the article was removed from the MSN news website.

Late Tuesday afternoon our two granddaughters (ages 6 and 8) came over after home school and helped grandma clean out flower beds.  It was now dark and time to talk to God about our nation and His desires as He is the one who sets up leadership in our world.

The election results were coming in and I did not go to bed until I saw Mr. Trump with Mike Pence accept the people’s electoral and popular votes  2:50 a.m.    Tears swelled my eyes even as I found myself begging, cheering, begging again and boldly thanking our Creator for His hand in this.  My adult children started a group text and we were updating each other.  I was thankful that my entire family was cheering for the same team knowing that God was the one choosing the next president for us.

By morning Secretary Clinton did  win the popular vote, by a slim margin.  Trump’s win was called ‘historical’ and somewhat of a ‘miracle’ that he won.  Key states fell to him as Americans came out in record numbers to vote.  Iowa fell first, then Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and then Wisconsin fell….which have always carried the ‘Blue.’

Hillary had raised $1.3 billion to spend on this campaign versus $800 million spent by Trump.  He did not have GOP campaign money for the ads that Hillary had.  He was the lone shofar calling to the people’s hearts to  “Take Back American!”

Republicans never got behind him as Trump did things very ‘unconventional.’  And, now that he has won, they all fear that their way of running government….well…perhaps God just gave them a new system; that is FOR THE PEOPLE….and not special interests.

PTL is what half of America is cheering today and the other half is in denial!  I know their feelings when I was so angry as to have to endure another four years of Obama.  I could not understand how God could allow such a thing.

To me “Taking Back America” is putting America back on God’s principles of LIFE.  We must STOP the abortion holocaust.

I believe in helping countries to stand on their own feet.  Japan is rich and she is also rich in sinful pornography.  Japanese prize themselves on their education.  They can figure out how to pay for their protection or they can build their own military just as  we see the rich Saudi’s are now doing.

Today’s world is different than yesterday.  American military is for the safety of Americans.  Yes, I voted for these and other issues.  Mr Trump is the shofar calling us to what America can be.  We can be Israel’s BEST friend…and not one of whom keeps checking to make sure she’s not building any homes or schools…as was Hillary’s job.

I’ve called Donald Trump, “God’s Last Trump for America.”

My friend fasted and prayed for three days without water or food for God to give us Donald Trump.  I did not know she was doing this.  She is 65 and not in the best of health.  Here is what she text me Wednesday morning.

 “I stayed up all night too and fasted and prayed for 3 days and nights without food or water.  I asked God to help Trump go against the mighty Goliath.  Then when God heard our prayers of so many and gave America a 2nd chance to turn from our evil ways and return to Him.  I came as soon as it was over gave the Lord our God all the glory!  May we now do good and not evil.”

I had sent her this picture that I received from Donald Trump at his win that morning.  Here is her response.

“Thank you for sending me the picture and for your fasting and prayers!  May Adonai send a great revival to Israel, America and the world to all mankind.  May we begin today to daily pray for America and our leaders in this the year of our Lord’s jubilee!”

I now publish what my thoughts were on the issues that were laid out in the article. Eight out of thirty-seven items is a start but not a finish.   There are many issues for Americans to give President Elect Donald Trump their thoughts.  I found that he does listen….He truly is a text away….

And, thank you for voting!  America needs you and you just showed God your heart!


Trump versus Hillary – A Few Serious Concerns

ABORTION – Trump: Restrict Access To Abortion – Reverse Roe v Wade 1973 was filed on Kislev 25, The Feast of Dedication known as Chanukah.

The Dedication of The Lord’s Temple at the time of the Macabees 167 BCE. This same day man filed paperwork that began the process of destroying the Lord’s human temple,made in His image, that dwells inside a pregnant woman. Mankind justifies their actions because they first throw out God’s Torah (instructions). God is removed from man’s mind, thus his heart no longer seeks the ways of God. TORAHLESS people means a LAWLESS people.

Child Care – Hillary only wants ‘licensed’ daycare. Removing children from the safe hands of a friend or relative is handing our children to the wolves…of whom could be teaching Sharia Law. Age four is too young for school; especially boys as their cognitive matures slower.

China – Wouldn’t “Made in USA” and ‘made in China’ build both countries? Why should Americans buy from any country that plays war games with them?

Climate Change – God Control – Where are the studies for the coal and volcanoes that heat up the waters of the earth? No one wants to talk about the dates they erupt. On the Hebrew calendar they can be seen as signals of judgment.

Volcanoes: The Shishaldin Alaska 1999-2016 volcanoes pattern Zechariah 1:7… The Four Horsemen who take peace from the earth through the volcanoes at Tu’B Shevat, Shevat 24 to Purim in the month of Adar. It is God speaking in the earthquakes…as it is He that controls even the hair on your head. See volcanoes.

Earthquakes on special God-days. Sixteen Alaska earthquakes over 7.0 from 1964 to 2016 pattern by starting on Nissan 15 (Passover Day 1) 1964 to TuB’Shevat 2016. See

Education – Hillary: $580 BILLION for free education. K-12 has 50 million children equals $11,670 that each child is allocated. Free college makes ‘lifer’ students…who still don’t know what they want to do when they turn 40. Work study works……. We should not teach our society that life is Free.

Energy – Natural gas is our friend…and Israel has lots of it…support God’s children. The earth is God’s footstool and Jerusalem is from where He will rule….Go natural.

Hillary: $60 BILLION on clean energy? Will we remove every airplane from the sky? Isn’t the sky big enough to hold what evaporates? Are we going back to the Garden of Eden? Greenland was called Greenland for a reason….it was GREEN. Move your cities to higher hills if the ocean is rising, don’t bill the world for what is NOT their problem….it’s God’s world and we should respect that. All of creation speaks out and cries….as it rumbles and spews…because of being Torahless…murdering millions created in God’s image. Their blood is crying out through the Threshold Covenant just as Abel’s blood cried out.

Executive Authority – Obama used “Your Majesty” his entire reign. The Supreme Court finally stopped him when it came to ‘immigration.’ Trump vows against a monarchy rule….we are a Republic.

Foreign Policy – We have to recognize who the enemy is….instead of creating enemies so the ‘war machine’ churns.


The verse I claim for President Elect Trump =

Number 10:9 “When you go to war in your land against an adversary who is oppressing you, you are to sound an alarm with the trumpets played by President Trump;  then you will be remembered before ADONAI your God, and you will be saved from your enemies.


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