Trump Pence Miracle – Pattern of Return

Trump: 70 years old; Nov 9 2016…. USA approved for President January 20, 2017.

State of Israel: 70 years old; Nov 9 1947… UN approved.  Recognized by US in May 1948.

Trump to place US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump name likened to Mosche.  He calls out the people and leads them.

Hebrew calendar:

Cheshvan 10 – Noach and animals have been placed in ark and door closed.

Cheshvan 10  – Trump has viewed the White House (new ark) with Obama, Thursday, Cheshvan 9 with Cheshvan 10 beginning at dusk.

Trump is a man likened to Moses that brings the children back to their land and Noach who saved his family from destruction….being able to start over.

Baptism waters were seen with Moses and Noache.  Waters of the earth are known as ‘nations’ in Scripture.  Trump will enter this baptism of nations to bring the people through their troubles and into freedom.  Freedom came at Passover as the blood covered the door posts in Egypt with death surrounding them.

Noache also saw every living thing perish before them.  Eight humans entered the ark and on Cheshvan 10 the door was closed.  No one else could enter.  They sat shiva for seven days and on Cheshvan 17 the flood waters released.  November 10 2016 at dusk begins Cheshvan 10 2016.  On November 11 2016, Veterans Day, Noach is remembered as America’s veterans are remembered.  ‘Sitting Shiva’ is taking time to grieve and mourn over someone or thing.  Noach’s family was mourning the loss of all things living that would soon die.

November 10-11 2016 is Cheshvan 10 (Noach in ark)

November 17-18 2016 is Cheshvan 17 (Flood waters release)

April 12-13 2017 is Nissan 17 (Unleavened Bread/Resurrection)

One Hundred and fifty days later, on Nissan 17, Noache was sitting 22.5 feet above the mountains of Ararat.  It was the Feast of First Fruits and Unleavened Bread, The Day of the Resurrection of Yeshua Jesus the Messiach.     President Elect Trump should resurrect Israel to a high status in the waters of the world.  Noache was lifted up at 150 days (five months) from Cheshvan 17.  Five months is a time in a pregnancy where a child can now hear.  It is time for Israel to hear from the new Mosche to bring them out of their distress.

Covenants were made with both Noache and Mosche.  The rainbow for Noache reminded man of God’s judgment by water and next by fire.  Trump must remove the ‘false rainbow’ covenant of the LGBT from the White House and America’s soil.  To take the sign of the rainbow of what God meant for good and to turn it to evil is an abomination.

Mosche had a ‘threshold’ covenant of blood that was proven by The Torah being written on their hearts.  Israel spent forty years in the desert learning the Torah.  They replaced their parents who disobeyed.   The United States leaders must be removed if they do not want to support the olive tree, Israel.  The USA is to join Israel by being grafted into her olive tree, and follow The Torah.  It is the Gentile, foreigner and stranger that is grafted into the Jew…not the other way around.

Mr. Trump will successfully lead God’s nation to righteousness if he is not afraid to enter the waters of the nations, be baptized in the blood of Yeshua and teach the nations to walk in Torah.  His own nation follows Judeo principles…they must RETURN to Torah in order to be blessed.

Only then will this new covenant of PEACE come to the world and America.

Mike Pence is an avid Christian.  Donald Trump loves Jewish people.  These two witnesses can work together to bring G-d’s PEACE through The Torah.  Their standing before the nations is a miracle….no one has a doubt about this miracle.

One last pattern:  Mr. Donald Trump is born as the Sabbath begins.  The reading was….

Mr. Trump wins the Presidential Elect at the Torah reading, November ll, Cheshvan 10 of “Go Forth.”    The next Torah reading on November 18 which is Cheshvan 17, the day the waters release is, “He appeared.”

Mr. Trump Goes Forth into the world.  ‘He appears’ in their lives to keep them safe on their journey with him.

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