Donald Trump ‘Goes Forth’

Donald Trump – A hook in his nose ‘as in the days of Noah’

Trump ‘Goes Forth’ with Noachic Earthquakes

Harvest Moon largest in 70 years * Trump 70 years o

Torah Reading November 12 2016: Lech Lacha ‘Go Forth’

November 10 2016 at dusk began Cheshvan 10 – Trump at White House. Noach’s ark door is closed. (Obama out, Trump in) Tremors in the earth.

November 17 2016 at dusk begins Cheshvan 17 – Noach’s Flood is released, earthquakes.

November 13 2016 Cheshvan 12, New Zealand 7.8 earthquakes with continual shaking. Time: 06:52:45 (UTC) 4.6, 7.8, 5.8, 6.5, 5.7, 6.1,5.0,4.9,5.2,5.2,5.2,4.9,4.9,5.3,6.2,5.2, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 4.5, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 5.1, 5.1, 4.6, 4.9, 4.2, 5.1, 5.0, 5.2, 4.6.

Thirty-two 4.5+ New Zealand earthquakes

Four over 6.1

One at 7.8.  (very rare to have this high of earthquake)

A Harvest Moon – Huge in the sky as I type Sunday, November 13 2016 – two nights in a row….. is it pulling and moving plates.  They say that the gravitational pull does not affect earthquakes.  So, instead we give praise to the closeness and beauty of our moon. But, the rapid earthquakes continue…

November 14 2016 Cheshvan 13 New Zealand: 6.5, 5.2, 5.4 and they keep on going…..

We are experiencing earthquakes just ‘as in the days of Noach’. The animals felt it and ran to the ark. These are the ‘Days of Noach’. Genesis 7:6 “Noach was 600 years old when the water flooded the earth. Noach went into the ark with his sons…..” 7:10 “After seven days the water flooded the earth. On the seventeenth day of the second month of the 600th year of Noach’s life all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of the sky were opened. It rained on the earth forty days and forty nights.”

The water poured forth seven days later, the seventeenth, then they were in the ark Cheshvan 10. Forty days from Cheshvan 17 is Kislev 27…Chanukah Day Three….The Third Day of The Feast of Dedication.

I’ve been writing about patterns in numbers, years, jubilees, men’s lives and now we must continue because at that this time on our earth it is hot and heavy with patterns being seen every day as the anniversary of Noach’s Flood is celebrated by our Creator, Elohim Yahuah. He is Creator, all powerful, living and eternal. We witness Adonai’s character through His creation. This writing could be called, “As in the ‘Hands’ of Elohim” so we comprehend the scope of our Creator.

‘As in the days of Adom’, we see that in Adom’s 101st year of his life his second son, Abel, is killed by his first son, Cain. We are told that the firstborn Cain’s sacrifice was not pleasing to God. So, what is pleasing to God? Especially since a ‘fat’ offering is not even being offered today on the earth….or will it again? How can man send up a sweet aroma to the LORD as Adom, Noach, Abraham, David, Joshia and even the apostles at the time of Yeshua Jesus did?  How can all things be fulfilled and we still see patterns from the original patriarchs?  Could it be that the world is filling up…just as in their day?

The Strong’s concordance assigned #120 for the describing ‘mankind’, Adom. #119 is ‘rudy’ from which we know the Esau that was rudy in complexion. Adom actually means blood. We have the elements of the earth taking on blood thus, creating man.

This may be a coincidence but I just watched the documentary, “White Helmets.” These are the people that began to fight against the Assad regime in Syria. There have been 400,000 deaths now attributed to that genocide. The ‘White Helmets’ started as men decided it was better not to take lives and instead save them. The ‘White Helmets’ are now in 120 locations in that war area. They watch the bombs drop from Russia and then rush to save the people from the shattered buildings and pillage. They pray every day for the bombs to stop as they place people in body bags or hand little crying children to a close relative.

120 locations or group that are now trying to save any human (friend or foe) from death. The do this in the 120 Jubilee of the earth, 6000 years old. Which, we must also note that Noach was 600 years old entering the ark and 601 coming out. He immediately offered up a burnt offering of every clean animal on the ark.

Is Aleppo a burnt offering? It’s terrible to say, but the latest news as of Sunday, November 13 2016, Cheshvan 12, the news is that Aleppo will burn the terrorists alive. Does that mean that even the ‘White Helmets’ will be wiped out? God forbid that such human destruction will be allowed. May Mr. Putin not say “Peace Peace” to President Elect Trump and continue with such carnage. Russia sat at the Opening Olympic Games just a few years ago while that day they invaded Georgia. I watched that in disbelief. The world should never allow sin to prevail…even in disguise.

Aleppo is not a burnt offering to ADONAI Elohim, but to foreign god of whom is controlled by Satan.

If life is requested to be taken to appease a god, then that god is of Satan. The living God is about life and how to stay safe on the earth…not how to die. And no man can be judge to take the life of innocent people of whom are only requesting freedom from tyrany. Mr. Putin can not be a Christian, as he is in direct disobedience to ‘Thou shalt not murder.’ He has CAIN on his forehead.

As in Cain….

Adom and Chanoh spent exactly one Shemittah cycle (7 years) in the beautiful gan of Eden. On Cheshvan 17 Satan deceived them and six weeks (42 weeks) later they were removed. Adom immediately offered a burnt fat offering to the LORD in expressing his reliance on God. He knew he could do nothing in his new world without The Creator being involved in it. If we can trust the information from the Book of Jubilees then we can see that it is in the 23rd to 35th year of being outside the Garden of Eden that Chanoh delivers their first child, Cain.  In fact, it is in the second Jubilee.  (Jubilee Chapter 3 explains)

Jubilee One (first 50 years of man living on earth)

Week 1 – Years 1 – 7 Adom enjoying the earth as it was meant to be…even talking in same tongue to the animals.

Week 2 – Years 8 – 14 (Year 8… Tevet 1, 4th month cast out, offered sacrifice 42 days from Cheshvan 17… Year 8.)

Week 3 – Year 15- 21

Week 4 – Year 22 – 28

Week 5 – Year 29 – 35

Week 6 – Year 35 – 42

Week 7 – Year 43 – 50

Trouble with Adom in the eight year, 47th day, Cheshvan 17…The Day of Deception.

The Day of Deception now becomes the Day of Recompense…The Noachic flood waters release Cheshvan 17.

The Genesis account lines up with the Jubilee account for patterns of a righteous Creator. Tit for Tat you might say. Man gave into deception and removed on that very same day 1656 years later.

Thus, do we now look a little deeper into the phrase, “As in the days”?

As in the Days of Noach has always been thought to just mean…men were sinful and had to be removed. But, to see judgment fall on the very day of past sin is truly a Creator God that desires that no one should not know the Hand of God on his children…as He is the avenger.  His patience came to a close…no one was calling on His name to stop him.

These are new patterns to me but I’m sure they aren’t new to those that study ALL the words of God. In 1885 The Book of Jubilees and many others were removed from our Bibles. We have been dumbed down and can’t put the patterns together. But, God will NOT be mocked….He will awaken his children to full knowledge as not only the books will come back, but patterns continue to be revealed…to those that watch…The Watchman.

As in the Days of Adom –

As in the Days of Noache –

As in the Days of Abraham –

As in the Days of Lot –

As in the Days of Sodom and Gomorrah –

As in the Days of Mosche –

As in the Days of David –

As in the Days of Solomon –

As in the Days of Esther –

As in the Days of Yeshua –

As in the Days of Issac Newton –

As in the Days of Abraham Lincoln –

As in the Days of Messiach –

As in the Days of this reader- ..let him see the patterns

All of these days pattern themselves with a similar theme.

This theme will make for great conversation around The Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

Did each generation see the previous patterns set before them? And, here we are at another turn in history with what people call a ‘HISTORIAL’ moment….and unknown man becoming President of the United States of America. A business man, television producer, billionaire who has admitted he didn’t know why he was doing this….except for the heart that he had for America. So, it’s not about the money of Midianite Mosche or rich Abraham or rich Solomon or Queen Esther..or King Cyrus who all had wealth….it was about God drawing them to the task at hand….to make sure the Messiach arrives to a earth and being welcomed.

Today, men ask themselves, “Who is this Donald Trump?” Many try to explain him but the real Donald Trump “will stand up’ and reveal who he really is during his term as king. Adonai appointed him for a single purpose…as he did all the kings of the earth. All kings are placed in a position (a hook put into their nose and drawn to do God’s bidding) of power to bring about the Messiach of whom is to reign for one thousand years. That Davidic Covenant has to happen before the final heaven and earth come down from where all men will come to worship and live forever. It is an actual place even seen by those who have died and come back and given witness to it’s majesty. It’s activity has been recorded from enlightenment to the different depth of Hades known as the firey abyss.

A Priestly King

In my heart I felt Donald Trump was being called to righteness.  Since I have sought to learn about the Hebrew side of my bible, I see that Torah is not law, but instruction.  It has not been done away with but Jesus Yeshua enhanced its meaning of how to live safely on the earth.  The grace provided in the death of Yeshua brings our salvation and it’s the Torah that He filled up for us to then live safely on the earth.

I now insert these thoughts because as I was closing out this article, I just saw a video of Rabbi Schneider laying hands on Donald Trump.  He prayed the Aharonic blessing with his hands on Donald Trump’s forehead.  Donald Trump has bowed himself to the Hebrew Jesus whose name is Yeshua.  My heart is speechless as I just witnessed what I thought was going on in Mr. Trump’s world.  But, how could he tell the world?  I can’t even tell the world about the real Jesus being Jewish without Christians tormenting me.

And now Donald Trump and I will seek that common bond in Torah that comes through the safety of Yeshua being Lord and Savior.  This my friends, makes him a ‘friend’ of God.  He is going to walk out his life according to the Torah and bring in that Sabbath of rest in this coming 121st Jubilee of the earth.  I know I’ll write about this again….but just as Noach, Abraham, Jacob and David trusted God to raise a new people up, so is Mr. Trump.  Give him time to rest and listen to the God of Adom, Noache, Abraham, Moses and Jacob.   The prayers of God’s children have been heard and now we must let God lead this man….because God’s heart does seek His righteousness to be set upon the earth.

As in the days…As in the days….has a true historical ring to it. We’ve said these words but perhaps have not really understood them until this ‘moment in time.’ It is ‘As in the Days of Elijah.” With only a remnant left to understand The Hand of God actively fulfilling His purposes on the earth.

Fulfill does not mean something is done, but in progress so it keeps accomplishing what it was meant to do. I am fulfilling my duties to bring this to you….for this moment in time.


The Rainbow is God’s Covenant to man: God set it upon the earth on Cheshvan 27 when Noah stepped off the ark one year later at age 601.

One year from now Noach’s Rainbow of judgment will be confirmed. It has been violated, but only God can change a covenant He set up before men. It is by fire instead of water.

Fire and Water

What will the 6001st year of history look like? I’m sure that word HISTORICAL will continue to be used.

Next: The Torah portion that describes Abraham’s call to ‘go forth’. A national leader with a beautiful wife. Genesis 12:1-17:27. (17 and 27. Flood begins on 17th and Noach’s gets off ark on the 27th. The numbers of these verses even speak out.)

hadassah lau

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