Why on Christmas: 7.7 Chile EQ, Typhoon Philippines? Why on Chanukah Day One?


December 25 Christmas

Kislev 25 Chanukah Day One

Today, families who love Jesus are in church celebrating his birth.  Over 8,000 churches were noted as to be targeted for terrorism at Christmas.  Churches were manning their men with guns.  Buses are being checked for bombs.  My husband is one of the many bus captains running those buses to bring families to church.  His church’s garage entry was damaged last week, but they failed to access it as per the police investigation.  My imagination brought to my mind that there are not 8000 terrorists but only a few, to limit the exposure of the nasty deeds.   Could it be that a bomb was planted and now it just took a ‘drive by’ to detonate?  The damaged church showed the ‘mark’of where a bomb had been planted.  The bomb could even be in the garbage dumpster.   Terror is terror even in making mankind having to ‘defend and be on guard’ for their lives.

Today, is one of those days that people ‘may’ go to church.  Christmas and Easter are the two days that people consider to extra special.  Thus, the Friday people first seek to kill the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.  All, of this because our world has decided it is ‘politically incorrect’ or adds divisiveness to speak about their difference in their religious views.

I speak today freely, but tomorrow I may not when the United Nations reads my every email or blog article to see if I’m in alignment with their thinking.  In Hebraism, there is much discussion about God’s Torah and part of that discussion even involved the lives of men from the past.  It is in their lives that we learn how to live correctly.  Was Abraham terribly upset to take a human life?  Where do we learn that life is ‘set apart’ to God?  In whose image are we created?  Who gives man authority to ‘take’ life?

I write these things today on Christmas Day as people gather today to celebrate the ‘birth’ of a king.  But, this birth of a king was placed on a day celebrated to be Nimrod’s birthday.  He fathered Tammuz and therefore ‘pig’ is served since Tammuz was supposedly killed by a ‘pig.’

Now….read this article and see if something interesting jumps out at you…it did to me!  In order to get the people to higher ground…they offered them ‘pig’ to eat.  These are suppose to be Christian people and today on American Christmas tables ‘ham’ will be served.  It is the traditional food that is selected for Christmas and Easter in the Christian world.  Do you think a Jew or Muslim would be enticed to leave their homes….to come and eat pig?

Today, is Chanukah Day One….the day all abominable things were removed from The Temple….Trees………(CHRISTmas Trees)…..Pigs…..were required to be slain on God’s altar for the last 3.5 years…as The Book of Danial tells us what the abomination of desolation was at that time in 167 BCE.  In John 7:20 we see Yeshua  (Jesus) standing at the Porch of Solomon at the remembrance of the dedication (chanukah) The Temple.  If you study your Bible correctly you’ll see they all observed a tradition established by the Jews in commemoration of the loss of The Temple at that time.  In Daniel we see that the deceiver changes the times and seasons.  We have lost the Hebrew calendar to even know what day it is and therefore man has created (through Constantine and his mother in 325 AD) CHRISTmas and Estar in place of Chanukah and Passover.

The Gentile court is trodden down for 2300 days we just read yesterday in my class learning about Chanukah.  In Scripture there is no court for the Gentile any longer.  This pattern shows up in history and is portrayed in our future as that Gentile court is no longer necessary.  They had their time to decide to follow God’s ways or they would follow the traditions of man…..that burnt up every Hebrew text so they can say….I won’t believe what you say because we have the original text…from those that supplied King James in the 1600’s.

Thus, the problem with this typhoon today being issued by our Creator on Christmas is that they are celebrating Nimrod, Tammuz, Diana, Alexander the Great even had a statue in the Temple of God….as he was considered a god in that generation.

Today, we know that Miriam’s conception was at The Feast of Dedication.  I posted that confirmation through the scriptures on this blog site.

Wouldn’t it be better to be celebrating our Savior conception….and His real birth at The Feast of Tabernacles which is Tishrei 15 in the fall of the year near October?  How can the Christian ever make the Jew jealous of their Jesus, when their Jesus only has ‘grace’ and no instruction on how to live on the earth.  Therefore, Christians, are a victim of their own doing.  They bring the ‘wrath’ of God on themselves proclaiming God to be special on a day that is abhorrent to Him….and they eat food that he says is ‘abhorrent to Him’.

God is not interested in man’ intentions….his traditions….as it adds to God’s Words and they expect God to be obedient to what they want Him to do….accept a day of deception as a special day….only bring The Creator of the Universe to only a ‘common’ god.  And, he flat out says, he won’t do it.

The Hebrews were warned continually before crossing the Jordan….not to follow the ways of men’s traditions.  The Temple was removed because Solomon married so many wives and some of those wives took Solomon’s flesh and blood and offered them to Molech in a fire offering.

It was then through Solomon’s grandchildren that paid for the sins of their father, Solomon. They were carried way to the incredible city of Babylon for 70 years.  Again, another temptation set before them that was so strong that some never returned to Israel even though King Cyrus had a hook put in his nose by God to bring them back to the land.  Today, Jews in America and around the world do NOT want to return….to suffer….to build the land and be part of this ‘thing’ God is  doing on the earth.  They are Cain’s building their own dynasties.

Today, we have a Midianite and perhaps a Cain..that God has put his hooks into.  It is a terrible thing for Christians not to support Mr. Trump.  Against All Odds God has established him as the next king of the earth….He is a Jew…even if he doesn’t act like one….he does have it’s knowledge and just needs to increase in it.  But, Christians will be his greatest hindrance as they can’t encourage him to lead us in the real Torah set out by Abel’s God….The Creator.  We just want Mr. Trump to say, “Merry Christmas” and we cheer and accept him.  Do you think God is happy with Christmas?  I don’t as it’s made God common.  He says He is HOLY- Set Apart.  His Torah sets His children apart.

Today…Kislev 25 is Chanukah Day One….It will last for eight days and more as we are always delighting in the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) being within us.  But, for the next eight days, we need to watch the world news.  We’ve had President Obama vote with the United Nations on Israel not being allowed to build in the areas that they won in the 1967 Six-Day War.  Israel has waited how many years to build….with Hilary Clinton demanding any homes that were built torn down….1967-2017 is FIFTY YEARS…50…A Jubilee of God’s children being silenced and not allowed to GROW in their own land.  God Forbid it….my hands are pounding these words for your to HEAR this.

We need to come out of our own ‘giving more to ourselves’ than the real poor.



A 7.7 earthquake to Chile with tsunami warnings and everyone running.

Typhoon hitting with millions without electricity in the Philippines.

I’m done writing for now and it’s only noon on Sunday, Christmas Day…with my family all celebrating the ‘birth’ when it’s the ‘conception’ of our beloved Savior.  I’m going to make Latkas for the meal….at least they know not to eat ‘pig’ and throw another ‘fleece’ out to God and ask him to, ‘please forgive us’ we only mean to do good…in our way…as we are covered with your ‘grace’ that allows us to do it.

Every Hebrew words is an ‘action’ word.  God is in action right now….and the prayer should be for His mercy….and to help ‘understand’ his ways…and come out of the Gentile Court that keeps trodding down The Torah of God….His instructions on how to live safely on the earth.

“Happy Feast of Dedication, ADONAI.  And, thank you for giving us a chance to RETURN to where you once had us….”



article by

A powerful typhoon hit the Philippines late Sunday, cutting off electricity to millions and disrupting Christmas celebrations for tens of thousands who fled its approach, officials said.

Typhoon Nock-Ten made landfall in the eastern island province of Catanduanes at 6:30 pm (1030 GMT) with gusts of 235 kilometres (146 miles) an hour, the state weather service said.

Officials said there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the storm, one of the strongest this year to hit the disaster-prone archipelago on the Pacific Rim.

The military and local governments earlier moved at least 102,000 people from the coasts, Catanduanes and the nearby Bicol peninsula, an impoverished region which is home to more than five million, provincial officials said.

“Most of Bicol is without electricity,” Joaquin Berces, a member of the region’s civil defence office told AFP as residents hunkered down in the dark.

“We stayed indoors for our own safety and we probably won’t know the extent of the damage until tomorrow,” he said by telephone from Legazpi city, the regional capital about 350 kilometres southeast of Manila.

Communication and power lines have been cut in Catanduanes, he added.

  • Festivities abandoned –

Experts had earlier warned of large coastal waves of up to 2.5-metres (eight-feet) high, floods and landslides.

The typhoon was forecast to sweep west toward the country’s most densely populated areas, passing just south of the capital Manila on Monday afternoon.

“It would pass over land overnight and we hope that would dissipate the typhoon’s strength somewhat” before reaching the Manila area, state weather forecaster Lorie de la Cruz told AFP.

She said maximum sustained winds during land fall were 185 kilometres (115 miles) per hour, far lower than the 250 kph winds estimated earlier by the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Nock-Ten, named after a bird found in Laos, struck on one of the biggest holidays in the mainly Christian nation, and one provincial governor offered roast pig at evacuation centres to entice people to abandon celebrations at home.

“Floods terrify me. Each time I hear about a coming typhoon I want to throw up,” Criselda Buenvenuto, 68, told AFP as she joined neighbours sheltering at a school in the town of Santo Domingo in Bicol.

The hunchbacked widow lived alone in the kitchen of her house after the rest of it was destroyed during a typhoon 10 years ago that killed more than a thousand people.

In the village of Alcala on the slopes of the active Mayon volcano, about 100 babies, toddlers, parents and elderly people were the first to be trucked off to another school as rain and strong winds shook trees.

“There are large ash deposits on the slopes (of Mayon). Heavy rain can dislodge them and bury our homes in mud,” said local official Alberto Lindo.

  • Clear the beaches –

The government forced more than 12,000 residents to move away from the Catanduanes coast, provincial vice governor Shirley Abundo said on ABS-CBN television.

In Camarines Sur province near Catanduanes, governor Miguel Villafuerte said on his Facebook page that nearly 90,000 residents were moved out of their homes as part of his “zero casualty” goal.

“Please evacuate, we will offer roast pig at the evacuation centres,” he said in another post on Twitter.

Civil defence officials in Bicol said earlier nearly half a million people in the region were in harm’s way and needed to be moved out.

All ferry services and commercial flights in the area were suspended.

Some 20 typhoons or lesser storms strike the Philippines each year, routinely killing hundreds of people, and Bicol is often the first region to be hit.

It prides itself on having sharpened its disaster response to minimise casualties.

Rescue workers in Manila and surrounding provinces have been put on standby, evacuation centres opened and food and other rations stocked.

The coastguard on Sunday ordered the beaches south of Manila to be cleared of holidaymakers by Monday, while residents of the capital’s seaside slums were warned to leave their homes.

Mammoth tsunami-like waves devastated the city of Tacloban and nearby areas when super typhoon Haiyan struck the central Philippines in November 2013, leaving 7,350 people dead or missing.


Our Creator is ‘Dedicated’ to bringing His Creation back to order….Day One Chanukah 2016.

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