A War is Coming! Learn why prophetic teachers are concerned.

Artist and ‘Watchman’ B Ward writes:
 “As Pastor Bill Randles* states: “During the seventies until up to a more recent time there were signs of an expectancy for the Lord’s Return. These signs came usually one or maybe a few more in a year’s time as to The Lord’s Return. Some became disillusioned and gave way as too much time passing instead of studying the “End Times” as truly given in scripture as to the timing. (This was partially due to the Pre-Trib Rapture teaching emphasizing the [Imminent] Return of the Messiah. Not realizing that quickly was more in line with once He appeared it would be quickly, suddenly [on that day] and nothing to do with the time up and until that day. There are definite scriptural signs noting the season of His coming to those that are watching so we will not be caught unawares. Much must happen before He Returns as laid out in scripture for example, the “Great Falling Away” through deception and the “Unveiling of the Anti-Christ”.) mine.  There is also the matter of great importance in that the signs of the times of His Coming are increasing rapidly not on a yearly, monthly or daily basis…but now hourly as to prophetic signs taking place!” 
Here are some examples of statements below from friends:
Greg just got back from Saudi just before Christmas and he couldn’t agree more with all this info….
The axis is at hand…China, Russia, and Iran!!!  The times are in His hands.  We must be vigilant!
Jay Sekulow:The U.N. has just passed a resolution that will fund & set up a group of people who will investigate and create LISTS OF PEOPLE & BUSINESSES who do business with Israel in Judea and Samaria. Now, I want you to read this excerpt from pre-War Nazi Germany: “There can be little doubt that the peculiarly malignant character of the persecution of the Jews in Nuremberg, a persecution which is continually being revived, is connected with the incessant agitation of Stuermer, a weekly… that specializes in anti-Semitism. (It is edited by the Nazi leader Julius Streicher, who was in charge of the anti-Semitic boycott on April 1,1933.) Der Stuermer not only incites to ever-renewed persecution but it continually publishes the names of individual Jews, with their addresses, as suitable for victimization. One of its special features is the “Pillory” (“Pranger”), in which it publishes the names of Gentile girls who have associated with Jews (whose names are often published as well), demanding that they shall be boycotted by all, thus exposing them to public execration and possibly to violence and economic ruin. The Stuermer shows no sign up to date of abandoning its campaign….”

The Paris Middle East Peace conference is expected to call on all sides to establish a Palestinian State within the so-called 1967 borders in a relatively short period of time.“As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.” Isaiah 31:5 (KJV)

*A Sword on the Land..Bill Randles: watch https://youtu.be/DR5tZMxzpZk
I’ve been listening and learning from Jacob Prasch& Bill Randles for a long time now. Excellent teachers. Have corresponded with both. Both good men. Bill Randles very humble guy in the LORD. Bill has been going through the book of Genesis with some outstanding insights from the Holy Spirit, especially applied to the days we live in. On you tube you can find their most recent teachings listed by Andrew R, just type his name in the box and his page brings up a small number of men who are teaching the Word accurately; Jacob, Bill, David, Nathan, etc. (There are so very few left who actually teach the Word with integrity and by the Holy Spirit. Accountable teachers.).
 Bob. Pray that we, the remnant, remain steadfast in these last days & perilous times. Helen

There is no such thing as Israel’s “pre-1967 borders”

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