2017, 1967, 1917 Jubilee Wars

Three Jubilee Wars for Jerusalem

1917, 1967, 2017

The Time for the Gentiles to trodden down The Temple is closing.

The Pattern for ‘The War for Jerusalem in 2017’

First, The 1917 Ottoman Empire War with Britain observes it’s 100th Anniversary. 1917, a Jubilee year.

Second, The Six-Day War of 1967 with her brothers; Egypt, Syria, Jordan observes it’s 50th Anniversary. 1967, also a Jubilee year.

Third, The 2017 War for Jerusalem with the Nations. 2017 is a Jubilee year.

Four-Day War 1917

Shabbot Vayishlach – ‘He sent’

Chanukah – Feast of Dedication to Temple

Kislev 23, December 8 1917 – WWI – Turkish Ottoman Empire

Kislev 26, December 11 1917 – British General Allenby wins as Sir Philip Chetwode entered by foot into The Holy City of Jerusalem.

Stage One: Kislev 23 24 25 26 – Jerusalem won in four days; December 8, 9, 10, 11, 1917.

Stage Two: Kislev 27 28 29 Tevet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11; December 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

Ottoman’s continue to sacrifice lives even though they lost.

Kislev 23 to Tevet 11; Shabbot Vayishlach, ‘he sent’ through Chanukah through Fast of Tevet, day 2. Genesis 32:4-36:43; Obediah 1:1-21; Matt 17-18.

December 8 – 26, 1917 (Christmas season)

1917 Four-Day Siege becomes

Eighteen-Day Siege

(Kislev 7 days, Tevet 11 days)

Vayishlach ‘he sent’ through Fast of Tevet 2

43,000 lives sacrificed

Two front; included south of Bethlehem

Ottoman Empire sacrificed 25,000 souls on holy ground.

British sacrificed 18,000 souls for holy ground.

Two fronts included Jerusalem and south of Bethlehem.

Pattern: Herod killed male children under two years old including those at Bethlehem. Pharaoh of Egypt killed all male under two years old. Moses was born under this curse. Moses is 80 years old when he leads the Israelites out of bondage. (A pattern for the ‘eighth’ day!)

Six-Day War 1967

Independence Day – Iyyar 28 – June 7 1967

In The Six-Day War Israel expanded it’s borders. Israel returned the extra land booty except for the control of the Suez Canal. Egypt had seized the canal in 1956 from Britain. Egypt had closed the canal to Israel in 1967. Israel held control of the Suez until the Yom Kippur War 1973. Egypt then ask the United States to clear the 120-mile stretch of canal of mines and ship wreckage. It reopened in 1975.

Actually, The Six-Day War was over on the fifth day. Egypt had surrendered but then changed her mind, for one last incitement. It would be on this day that our Creator drew Egypt to battle so Israel could walk into The Holy City of Jerusalem and reclaim her gates. It was on this 6th Day, June 7, 1967 that Jerusalem was in the Jews hands once again. Jerusalem is always to be Israel’s capitol.

President Obama will not issue a visa or recognize a birth certificate with it saying Jerusalem, Israel.

Jerusalem is claimed by The Messiach, of whom will personally set His feet on The Mount of Olives, to claim it for His children…the Israelites.

2017 – 100th Anniversary of winning Israel, claiming City of Jerusalem.

2017 – 50th Anniversary of reclaiming City of Jerusalem.

The 2017 War could begin as President Donald Trump moves the United States embassy to Jerusalem confirming Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.

The United States begins 2017 badly by aligning against Israel as per a referendum passed by the United Nations against Israel building and expanding. Israel can prove this referendum was incited by President Obama of whom is happy to end his presidency siding with the UN by abstaining from voting. The approved referendum has already lead the world to boycott Israel.

Israel abided by all agreements for stopping development and those dates have long since expired. Israel is years behind in building because of the practices that the United States has imposed on her.


The 100-Year Anniversary for the land was at Chanukah 1917.

The conception of Miriam was at Chanukah -3 BCE.

Yeshua Jesus is seen at Solomon’s Porch at Chanukah 27 AD.

Yeshua Jesus was teaching Torah in the Temple in 17 AD (a Jubilee year).

Elul 27 – 2015 – 111 die as Mecca towers fall from the earth quaking. Nathan (15-year old Jew) returns from near-death experience declaring this Elul 27 to be the beginning of Yahweh’s War.

Holocaust – WWII 1938-1945 – 7 years, 1 Shemittah; 60 million died, 6 million Jews (10% offering).

Syria War 2009-2016 – 7 years, 1 Shemittah cycle; 500,000 sacrificed; Damascus and Aleppo gone.

Let us not forget that Israel’s borders were to be huge….until the Arabs disagreed and in 1947 this is all they got.

SEVENTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY in 2017 —  The United Nations agreed and yet the ARABS won’t recognize ANY land for ISRAEL.   There is NO peace with the close minded.


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