The Mystery of the 153 Fish – John 21

This story begins on the Counting of the Omer Day 3 with the Suffering Servant risen and asking…Peter, “Do you love me more than these fish?”

Pattern: 153 fish; YHVH in the Scriptures 153 times.

If you have followed and the articles on the 153 fish over the last year….Pastor Biltz now shows us the answer…amazing.  Thank you Pastor Biltz as you looked into the depths of understanding the Hebrew language.  Thank you for the study of His name which connects us in His image…His people…His fish…His sheep.

We are connected to The Passover Lamb…Hah Beitsor (The Pesach).

Now we start counting up to Shavuot.  These are the days of the Counting of the Omer…this is when John 21:20 opens with the third time the disciples saw their master after His resurrection.

He is bringing all to the land of Israel to  have the angels check their garments.   Some fish will be kept and some thrown back to where they will gnash their teeth.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of the 153 Fish – John 21

  1. Hashem’s timing is impeccable. When you become awake then you realize the trappings of the mystery babylon are left behind. We are of the Kingdom of God. the fallen ones who have already worshipped the demiurge of the coming antichrist in flesh, moloch, have taken the mark. It is the X of nimrod. The X is the 24th letter of the alphabet and in simple numerology 24 = 2+4 = 6. In the lawless nature of the beast things such as XXX or 666 is spawned for pornography. It is no coincidence that 30 pieces of silver (30 denari) an egyptian month’s wages were the price tag on a man’s life. It was the bait taken by Judas Iscariot. The roman numerals for 30 are XXX. Silver is number 47 on the atomic chart. The cycle of Mars is 47 years. The country where the poser pope was born is Argentina which basically means silver land and the root word from latin is “argentum” for money which the love of is the root of all evil. This is where hitler went to after he faked his death on 30 Apr 1945 which is walpurghisnacht, the eve of beltane. The US satanic church was born exactly 21 years later in the ritual year of 1966 in the city go Chicago where the son of perdition launched his political career and lilith in the flesh, hillary rodham clinton was born.

    The moloch worshippers use bohemian grove to worhsip moloch in owl form. Isaiah tells you lilith is in the abode of owls. This same owl is cast over capital hill. Sin entered through woman, and the embodiment of sin, the daughter of perdition was to be the final piece of the puzzle as the head of state in the last chapter of the mystery babylon, the US which was formed on the cursed date of 17 Tammuz.
    Here is the owl form cast over capital hill.

    This last election dark prophecy was broken when the curse of sin and destiny of mankind by sin entering woman was stopped cold in its tracks. The clintons are devastated because the father of lies has come full circle and the lies that are on this earth are consuming those which have done his bidding through time. It is over for them.

    This thing has been orchestrated by them with precision through time. 1929 was a year of intense judgement. The smallest country in the world – the false seed, the vatican – the whore of babylon sits on seven hills and its namesake is the roman whore goddess, roma, known as the protector of rome. The gematria of vatican hill which was given to the RCC by the Kingdom of Italy on the Julian birthday of George Washington on 11 Feb 1929 is 666 in English gematria and 911 in Jewish gematria.

    A bohemian grove moloch worshipping president , herbert hoover who played his part to bring the great depression was inaugurated on 04 Mar 1929. This date was changed by another luciferian, fdr, in his third term in a feeble attempt to cover their dark NWO tracks.
    From 04 Mar 1929 to the bombing of Pearl Harbor is exactly 666 weeks.
    Now add a mars cycle of 47 years. You land on 07 Dec 1988. Now add 666 weeks. It is 11 Sept 2001.

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  2. 153 is an unusual number. 1 cubed + 5 cubed + 3 cubed = 153. In a pyramid starting with 17 members on the bottom and removing one each layer to the top one sums to 153. In some statistical counts Israel is the 153rd largest nation.

    Israel should be looked at as a seed concept. Currently it is a core representation of both what is good and bad in this world. The world is an extension of it. The parable of trees at Judges 9:11 tells you what the tree of knowledge is. It is the fig tree. Israel is referred to as a fig tree.

    In Jewish tradition the wheat harvest ending with the threshing is what Yeshua was referring to as a rapture event ended right after Shavuot. From 01 Jan 2017 to 03 Jun 2017 is 153 days.

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    1. Good insight. Cheshvan 17 (flood begins and Adom deceived) to Nissan 20 (closing out last days of Unleavened Bread) a high Sabbath. Wow! That is now. Now we start 40 days to The Ascension and 50 days to Shavuot. Powerful changes on our earth at this timing in history.


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