With ballistic missile radar, U.S. opens First Permanent military base in Israel

The Day of The Lord’s War — ELUL 27 * September 18 2017 *  Congratulations….America is committed to stand next to ISRAEL!  Thank you for serving Isaac’s children.   May they grow beyond the 8.5 million that now live in Israel.  A ‘ballistic’ 200,000 Israeli babies were born this year.  FOUR times the amount of Israeli deaths.

ALSO….   FOUR Ballistic CAT 4 and 5 hurricanes are ON the world’s radar on ELUL 27.   Maria and Jose are still active on Rosh Hoshanna…Tishrei 1 (September 21 2017).

YHWH’s presence will be like a CATEGORY 70 …  truly a presence to be dealt with.   ALL of these forces are divinely orchestrated for the humbling of men’s evil spirits that are out-of- control.

ADONAI’S WAR…..to be continued until every knee bows….

Source: With ballistic missile radar, U.S. opens first permanent military base in Israel – Israel News – Haaretz.com