Israel flag

I love IsraEL. Christopher Columbus is not in the Bible nor is this star. But both have stood for new beginnings and set to The Creator’s purposes.

I love the throne of David and this flag declares His return to reign on that throne.

He alone intentionally built The House of David and is prophecied to physically reign from Jerusalem.

Praise this House of David and do not tear down this flag. He created all stars and King David.

Congratulations Israel. 70 years and then Terah gave birth to Abram. One hundred year old Abraham gave birth to Isaac. You are in your foundation years and will spread across the earth. They will bring their goods to you as they misunderstood your bride and the nations will seek your God to bless them.

You will grow old and bear many children, too many to count.

Congratulations! Yah’s praise on the earth!

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