FINAL WARNING Planet X Nibiru Updated September 19, 2017, MUST WATCH SHOCK!!

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Are we ready for a pole shift?  What could be worse than global warming…. The dragon of Revelation 12… red dragon Nibiru has tail facing Atlantic.  It’s north magnetic pulls at our north magnetic pole and a struggle occurs.  In the magnetic fight the land mass is pulled up over the north pole.  They say that the ocean will rise 600 – 700 feet and the earth will wobble as never before.  And, earthquakes will occur lifting that land up.

We must learn to eat chicken while throwing out the bones.    The brown dwarf planet, Planet X, Nibiru, Zada Talk are alias for the same dragon of Genesis 3:15 is sitting between the earth and the our sun.  There is so much information and so-called experts on this that we must be careful.  I choose to throw about the bones when they talk about ‘aliens.’

We do NOT have a Greek god speaking to us, but a Creator that from the beginning had a plan and even set it before mankind in the constellations.  Astronomy is important to study and yet we must not participate in astrology that turns our lives into believing in horoscopes.  This is like looking at Esau and Jacob and wishing they were both good when God explicitly says he ‘hates’ Esau.  It’s what Esau did in his life that he hated.

Revelation 12 speaks of the dragon casting one-third of the stars to the earth and we say how could that be?  Who is this dragon?  Today is September 25 2017 and it is also Tishrei 5 with the New Year of 5778 on the Hebrew calendar.  Tishrei 1 began a New Year on the Hebrew civil calendar.  It is Rosh Hoshannah…The Feast of Trumpets that goes on for two days until they see the sliver of the moon.  Because, we don’t know the day or the hour of it but we do know the Season of His return.  He wants us to be watching and it insults him to throw out the Scriptures that say we can’t know.  If you understand The Lord’s Feasts…you will understand the story ADONAI is telling.  He shares it in the constellations and in his Feasts…so NONE are deceived about His return.  We know the season, but not the year.


Adom was created on Day 6 and now he will get his wife Chanoh on Creation Day 13.  They will rest on the Sabbath the next day…Day Fourteen of Creation.  What goes on in the past will go on today.  Both Adom and Chanoh had land involved in their creation.  Dirt (clay) and land were involved to create them.  They even had a new land to be set into…Adom on Day 42 of his creation and Chanoh is presented back to Adom for the second time..on her day 82…just as Noach’s wife, Emzara, will hold him as a baby at age 82.  It’s a pattern that we need to hold onto…for our future…showing us the ‘Eighth Day’…new beginning with the new heaven and earth.  (8000 years).  I love to look at patterns as we have a very mathematical Creator.  Absolutely everything is set on a course to be accomplished to the second.

We are at a time in history that we see the virgin Virgo being in tremendous pain delivering Jupiter that is ten times the size of earth….and yet this Jupiter has just been born as we see it passing through the birth canal of Virgo…the virgin.  Jupiter had remained in her tummy retracting back and forth for nine months and will now come through the birth canal.

We have a dark planet…that no one can really see except possibly when we have a partial solar eclipse coming up in January.  Then we can see another brightness in the sky even though it may look like a tail of light.  This tail of light comes from the X Planet that was found in the 1980’s.  President Reagan began a new Star Wars theme of protecting Americans and military caves were built to the tune of 130-150 now in the United States.  There is no doubt from all what has gone on that it is not Global warming, but this Planet X/Nibiru that has had all the presidents sworn to secrecy to avoid a world-wide panic.  China has built ghost cities preparing to house it’s people.  The water has risen in China/Indonesia causing them to have lost 70 per cent of that particular land.

I’m posting a few Utubes just in case you’re not up to speed on what is really causing the world’s ‘mother nature’ problems….hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.

This chicken has some strangeness to it but not all of them will talk about aliens…but this one is good if you know what bone to throw out.

Be blessed as I continue to put some patterns together so that none will be deceived as to the days we are living in.  High ground will be important….I never was comfortable with CA…lol.  Those fault lines will truly give in as this magnetic pull increases.

It is the end of September and we are still having animals and humans suffering from 90+ degree of heat….and yet my friend and daughter tell me today about how they wrapped in blankets this morning since it was so cold in Arizona.  And, two weeks ago my daughter sent me a picture of a very strange sky.  It was half light and half dark…she had never seen anything so strange.

My opinion….it follow the protocol of this dwarf planet and it’s debris that is being thrown toward the earth.  So far they haven’t hit but they change the sky for sure.  And, they also change our weather….the ice and cold hurl by and send temperatures dropping cold while the tropical warm waters keep the heat…thus causing unusual weather patterns on the earth.  Tomorrow, September 26,  2017 we will finally get a drop in temperatures and rain.  The suffering animals will have to adjust as the four seasons meld together…soon we won’t know what season we’re in.

Stay alert my friends….I’ll include a few more videos….as I’m not an ET believer…

I believe this all ties into what our Creator has preordained from the foundation of the earth.  I believe the SIX connects man to earth and it also brings about a location change that eventually turns into a blessing where the earth can start again…for those that love God.

Man created Day Six

Man buried six feet down….(I’m being silly now with this one)

Men are set apart (holy) in 60-day cycles…

Noach was 600 when he got on the ark – 601 when he got off; 603-4 started multiplying on the earth…having grandchildren too.  LAND Change with new humans

Noach’s grandfather Methuselah is 604 when baby Noach is born.

Isaac (Jacob’s father) is 60 when Rebecca gives birth to two son, Jacob and Esau.

Yeshua is on the earth in the year 6.

6000 years is the 120th Jubilee of the earth.

6004 could be MID Tribulation which brings purified LAND so Messiach can return.

Thus, when they say that the sea level will rise 600 feet and some say 700 feet…I can believe it…  There is a pattern of change…and it’s always about LAND…In this case we need to remember Israel is where The Messiach said the land and even that land will split down the middle from the east to the west.  Everything will be lifted up…so we can’t count on the level of the earth that you live on right now.  If you sit on a fault line….it will be raised up.  Interesting….more for all of us to think about…

We must prepare to be here….it has been a false witness that says God’s children escape…Noah never left…he was lifted up and placed in his special tabernacle ark.

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