LISTEN – September 23, 2017: (Ha’azinu) – The Song of Moses.

Pastor Biltz is a prophetic teacher.  Listen to his live teaching from the Parashah 53 Ha’azinu, “Listen.”  It is the ‘Song of Mosche’ that is sung in the ‘end of times’.  Do Christians know this song that Mosche sung to the people?   They were to memorize it.  Next week is the last Torah portion for the year.    It is called, “This is the Blessing.”  Then the portion begin again in Bere’shit (Genesis).

Mosche wrote the entire book of Deuteronomy in one chodesh (month).  Read his final words….they apply to us.

Our world acts out what the Scriptures reveal.  The Creator’s cursing and also his blessing are revealed….each week in The Torah portions.

What do the hurricanes and earthquakes show us?  It is not MOTHER NATURE….it is God’s hand….and he is heard in the ‘whisper’.  In I Kings 19 Elijah hears God ‘in the whisper’.  Can you hear him?   But first, God showed his power over His creation.  And if ADONAI had control over his creation, then Elijah could go back out one more time and do a few last things for Adonai before he was replaced

Elijah is dealing with Jezebel in I Kings.  By chapter 19 God has him stand outside the mountain and behold…..winds, earthquakes, fire…continue to read and look at the lessons for our lives and future.

Jonathan Cahn speaks of Jezebel in his newest book, The Paradym.  Isn’t it something as our earth is experiencing these birthing pains that his book is released.  He is another prophet declaring to RETURN TO TORAH.

Elijah leaves the scene after Jezebel and passes the mantle to Elisha…just as Pastor Biltz, Teacher Bryan of Beit Yeshua and Jonathan Cahn and many others…..are teaching the correct paths of worshiping our Creator…through The Messiach, Yeshua.  We are sent prophets that expound on the ways of the past so we see OUR future.  All of their lives are to show us correct living and also what is The Next Scene as stage earth.

Please feed yourself from the teachings of these excellent preachers given to us in our day….the end of days…that changes and brings Torah back to the earth.  If you don’t bring Torah back to the earth…you are lawless…  Our Savior Yeshua/Jesus is The Living Word…filled up with The Torah.  If you love Him…you should love His words…that all begin in the first five books….called The Torah.  …   which leads to all the other words spoken and written down through it’s generations.

ENJOY  LISTENing  to Pastor Biltz.

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