Eclipse Study: 2017 – 7 Salem cities declare Jerusalem, Israel. Five 2018 Eclipses.

ISRAEL 1947-2017


JERUSALEM DAY celebrated MAY 14, 2018

29 IYYAR 5778 * 3rd Shemittah Cycle

FIVE 2018 Eclipses

Signals of Blessing and Cursing!

The Great American Eclipse August 21, 2017 – Hurricanes batter America

Great American Eclipses crosses 7 cities named, Salem.

2017 U.S. President Declares Jerusalem, Israel

Claim Jerusalem for Blessing

Blame Jerualem for Cursing

Joshua 24:15 – Choose Ye Whom You Will Serve…as for me and my house…we will serve

Jerualem, Isra’el!

Four Total lunar eclipses occurring consecutively, one after the other, is very rare. NASA calls that phenomenon a, Tetrad.

Eclipses are on a set schedule. But it appears to this writer that the schedule increases as our earth gets older. It’s eclipses are likened to feeling like Tishrei, the first month with Adom. And as some of the saros cycle, they land on the darker months such as Tammuz, Av and now Elul…the end of the year. And, the ‘tetrad’ eclipses seem to occur more often and occur on months that give memory to ‘the events of God.’ 2014-2015 eclipses are examples of that. The solar eclipses mark the first of the month one and month seven…(the beginning of new years) and then the lunar eclipses happen exactly on the first day of Passover and the first day of The Feast of Tabernacles.

This particular phenomenon of being at Passover and The Feast of Tabernacles happened in 1492 with Columbus, 1949 with Israel being a new nation and 1967 marking The Six-Day War. The heavens are definitely speaking to us and they are declaring Israel as being a ‘set-apart’ nation and The Torah that the represent is not to be taken for granted.


A River of Life

It is also interesting that the Tetrads in the 14th Century, 20th Century and 21st Century occur at times when Ishmael’s relatives want to war with Isra’el. It is as if The Creator is announcing His hooks put into them to secure ‘The Historical Land.’ Jerusalem,The City of Peace, is actually a war torn city that is used to bring ADONAI’s peace to the world. It is His peace that men should be seeking as it is His feet that will touch it’s hill and split the city in half….forming a river in between those hills from which will flow ‘Waters of Life.’

This ‘God Phenomenon’ has put people on edge and searching their souls. It has caused people to consider the Hebrew roots of The Messiach that is coming. It has caused people to challenge the words of ‘Rome’. The children want correct ‘word’ definition that line up with the historical text of that day. After all, the entire Bible was written to Jews, by Jews.

A River of Death

The 21st Century Christian community found hooks put in themselves drawing them to listen to the Daniel’s of the earth, and they too wanted to learn Evreit (Hebrew.) Daniel was a young boy when they left Jerusalem for Babylon. He and his friends would still observe The Torah for that 70 years of separation from Jerusalem even as they were challenged by the state of Iraq (Babylon). It sent them into lion dens and it also sent them into the fiery furnace.

It is noted that great eclipses darkened the skies the years that Solomon’s Temple fell.  Thus, we should learn about this time period and how it is connected to our bringing The Temple back on the earth.  587 BCE less 70 years is 517 BC…  Our 2014-2015 Tetrad and 2017, 2022, 2034 eclipses could synchronize with this time period…for eclipses.  There are 500-year paths that lead back to Solomon’s destruction and rebuilding by King Cyrus.  And that will also lead to another 500 years that will find the Macabees 163 BCE guarding The temple which leads to the Herodeon family in charge right ahead of year zero; another 500 year slot to consider the ‘Temple Change’ Paradigm.

Daniel’s life was not easy as even his name was changed to Belshazzar…sounding very similar to Beltshazzar, the king from whom was ‘found to be lacking.’ King Cyrus had hooks put into him and drew him to help Israel. He ransacked Babylon taking it in one day. The ‘River Paradigm’ is seen as King Cyrus drains it and sneaks through that one breach to take the incredibly beautiful City of Babylon.

A City to Return

Even in captivity, the Hebrews would not forget Jerusalem. Daniel and their friends noted the end of their 70-year captivity as in 2017 President Trump at age 70 would confirm Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel when it was 70 years as a nation. The Creator had hooks in the earth that brought men forward to accomplish His will…and in His timing…of the Old New Paradigm.

Sincere circumcised hearts wanted to know how to return. It would be the young that were now old that would rekindle the Evreit language. And, with the language was the calendar and that calendar gave celebration to, The Lord’s Feasts.

It would be ‘as in the days of Mosche and Noache’ where the ‘old’ died off and the ‘young’ would cross over and bring The Torah back to the earth. Yes, it was the ‘Old Young Paradigm’ spreading out on the earth. The old earth was perishing and a ‘new heaven on earth’ was arriving. The old monarchies would be replaced with One New Monarchy…….whose capitol was in Jerusalem.

King Nebuchadnezzar would be quieted for seven seasons of time and eat as an animal looking like a bird that even grew claws. Daniel took charge of the entire kingdom at this time and taught the people. When King Nebuchadnezzar came out of his God-induced stupor, he was transformed and became like a preacher from the largest pulpit of the world at that time….Babylon was Great when the Hebrews were with them. Thus, we see ALL of Babylon learned The Torah, it’s calendar; The Lord’s Appointments.

If King Nebuchadnezzar was silenced from ruling for seven seasons…this could very well be seven of The Lord’s Feasts. Season is mo’ed; appointment of time. There are seven festivals in one year. Was King Nebuchadnezzar given one year of rest as his nation experienced every feast that year or was he given seven years (1 Shemittah cycle) of rest so the Hebrews had seven years of celebrating seven feasts each year…making a total of 49 festivals? This then would even pattern with the 490 years that the land was not laid to rest and thus they went into captivity one year for every seven of those 490 years.  Something to think about.

And, as King Nebuchadnezzar woke from his silence to once again rule, it sounds like a jubilee of celebration where everything is set free.

This man had chased down and killed many Jews to bring them to Babylon and used their skills to build great gardens and streets of gold. They built walls 40 feet high and 80 feet wide that chariots ran side-by-side atop it. The city was a forty-mile long fortress…impermeable with a river running through it. It was the ‘old city’ of Nimrod that still held heart hostage to foreign gods. But, the heart of God was brought to it and The Torah changed it….it was healed from within.

King Nebuchadnezzar was restored from a scavenging animal to a ‘clean human scavenger’ seeking souls to return to Torah.. The Torah was the ‘image’ of The Creator…and that image was to spread out on the earth.

We know this to be truth because just as the name Mosche is synonymous in meaning, The Torah; so is the word Messiach.   King Nebuchadnezzar and The Messiach are nemesis to each other…their lives took on the ‘unclean scavengers’ only to be resurrected after a 70-type ministry.  Seven is a sifting to finally reach purification.

It would be a different king that reigned over Babylon when King Cyrus attacked in 517 BC. King Belshatzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar…Daniel 5:22-30. saw the hand writing on the wall that meant, “he was lacking’. He was slain by King Cyrus…that very night he defiled God’s sacred vessels, he died.

King Beltshazzer brought The Temple vessels into his palace and drank from them honoring his gods of silver, gold, bronze, iron, wood and stone with the vessels of Adonai. (Daniel 5:23)

His ‘lack of understanding’ the ways of The Creator would bring Babylon’s doom. He lacked and ‘fell short’.

King Darius threw Daniel in lions den. Daniel 7:17 Darius trusted God to spare Daniel…his edict could not be changed…He 6:26 be in awe of Daniel God.

He had been given warnings directly by ‘The Hand of God’ and by Daniel and the Hebrews. He is a nemesis to Nimrod and others that desire to leave their mark on society by building BIG things that impress the people of the earth. Towers that God’s breathe topples.

Towers can be built but only by those that wear a talitt. The talitt represents person of whom covers himself in God’s instruction, known in the days of Mosche as, The Torah. Today, the New Testament confirms the Old. The ten generations of ‘old prophets’ from Adom and Noach were first and led to the next ten generations of ‘new prophets.’ Nothing went away, but perhaps new instructions were needed for more people on the earth. Noach’s son Shem would be called Melchizedek…God’s priest that represents heaven’s opinion. Heaven is a nemesis to God, The Creator.

Bond servant Shem would teach The Torah as it had been given from bond servant Adom to bond servant Noach and now himself to Terah. Bond servant Abraham would be known as The Father of Nations. His generations would include Mosche…of whom now helped to establish Jerusalem as the city through which The Creator’s would reign through the Hebrew people (The Torah.)

The original Heavenly instructions witnessed with Adom and Noach declared that cities should not bear men’s names. Qaynin (Cain) violated this instruction and named a city after himself and his children. Soon all his sons did the same. We even see Noach’s sons naming cities after their wives…thus, after several hundred years that torah (instruction) was violated once again.

When we build our lives on the same prideful foundation, that building (family name) will fall again and again during the ages. Babylon has been set upon the earth as a negative in man’s history. The Creator ‘marked’ this city so men will not follow Nimrod. This city continues to show man ‘the mind of God.’ Men on earth are still drawn to it through its ‘hooks’ of oil. Black oil is not anointing oil.

Cheshvan 40 Days and 40 Nights Paradigm

Temples Destroyed – Temples Restored

Noache – Beginning Cheshvan 17 it rained forty days and forty nights. What was that 40th day? (Kislev 27)

Adom and Chanoh sinned Cheshvan 17 and then were removed Month Four Rosh Chodesh (head of month.) What day was it that they were removed from that beautiful Gan of Eden? (1 Tevet)

The Maccabees won The Temple back, cleaned it and then dedicated it 25 Kislev to 2 Tevet. What was forty days before that? (Cheshvan 15-22)

Do we see the pattern….from Adom to Noach to Chanukah…  This pattern is clearly displayed in the Chanukah message with The Macabees and Antiochua Epiphanes.  This story line (paradigm) will be repeating in our day just as it is laid out as a prophecy yet to be completed in the book that reveals…The Revelation of John.

Adom, Noach, Maccabees, 1938-1945 Holocaust nemesis each other. The first 4,000 years continually showed us the Paraidmg of Kislev 25 to 2 Tevet.  Each pattern shows a new ‘conception of land change’ that still embraced the physical conception of The Seed to come.  It is always about keeping The Temple that shows The Light of the World to reign on earth with man.  Chanukah celebrates the ‘conception of Christ/Anointed One.’

The Conception paradigm reveals ‘light.’   The Light of the World is conceived in the virgin Miriam through the Ruach Ha Chodesh….and his name shall be called, Emmanu’el…Yahuah….Yeshua.

The 17 Cheshvan Paradigm

Sin revealed…Sin covered!

These Patriarchs ALL point to Chanukah known as Days of Dedication and Festival of Lights. Each of these patriarchs were nemesis with their lives pointing to, The Seed. Chanukah proves to be the time of the conception of, The Messiach. Kislev 27 – Tevet 1 is the culmination of that 40 days and 40 nights. These are the Nemesis that should be studied to see The Seed once again come in full embodiment of The Messiach.

And, they wrapped him in swaddling clothes…he was wrapped in the linen of the priestly garments. They were poor and thus were given the left-over garments of the priests that had served in The Temple.

Nimrod…celebrated the winter solace with his son Tammuz. The coat of Santa Claus is the ‘Cost of False Witness Paradigm.’ Adom had a special coat…given to Noach…stolen by Ham’s son Kanan…then worn by his son, Nimrod.

The Covering Paradigm

In all the days of mankind, a piece of clothing is attached to significance. We know that there will be up to a thousand Gentiles chasing after one talitt. Men will chase the Jew to find out what The Torah is about. The Suffering Servant wore the covering of a Pharisee. There were several sects of Pharisees and they did not all agree. The Suffering Servant would follow the teaching of The House of Hillel…since The House of Shemi did not believe in the resurrection of the dead or life after death. Soon the covering of the stone would be rolled back and The House of Shemi would have to admit their wrong thinking.

A Hebrew ‘season’ is not a time period of weather change, but it means mo’edim…an appointment that you are instructed to come and participate. There are seven festivals The Creator implemented to meet with mankind. We see Adom, Noach, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Yeshua and his entire family, disciples and even the apostles including Paul participate in The Lord’s Feasts and the additional memorials such as Chanukah.

Thus, even as all of the Jews did not return to Israel with King Cyrus, as they are not all returning today; they still understood The Lord’s Feasts. They celebrate them in the provinces where they live. It was in this way that God’s instructions spread out onto the earth. These are ADONAI’s ways…not our ways…to spread His instruction across the world.

By 35 AD the blessing (The Messiach) had come and gone with over 3000 souls going out multiplying The Torah message across the world. In 70 AD the house (The Temple) had been torn down, so all The Jews would now go out into the world. It was not by a flood, but by a fire that The House was gone.

Kislev 18 – 2017 – Temple Cleansed

And, just as the Hebrew were to return after 70 years in Babylon, it will be as The Nation of Isra’el is 70 years old that Jerusalem would be re-confirmed as The Capitol of Isra’el…on Kislev Chanukah 2017. And, the heavens will declare His glory through their eclipses….their tetrads.

Phenomenon of Truth Patterns

This ‘Truth’ phenomenon has caused people to seek for themselves and not just listen to the shepherds in the pulpits. Each person will stand before The Creator at The Bema Seat of Judgment. The shepherds individually will be held more accountable for leading their flocks astray or blessed for leading them to truth in Torah. Thus, it is up to each individual to take note of ‘God things’ from the past, now and future. He was, is and will be…. using the same ‘Truth Patterns.’

The Creator desires that non should perish. That means that some will perish and it will because of the lack of wisdom and knowledge…which is God’s instruction..The Torah.

Elul is the last month of the Civil Hebrew calendar and the tetrads are following the same ‘coming to a close’ scenario. There are more ‘tetrads’ occurring at the end of the saros cycles. The signals are getting stronger for ‘The Messiach’s’ return to earth via Israel.


JERUSALEM CONFIRMED: December 6, 2017; Kislev 18 5778.

NATION of ISRAEL Secures Jerusalem: 20 Years; 1947 – 1967.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL50 years; 1967-2017. June 6, 1967 – May 14, 2018

NATION of ISRA’EL 70 years; May 1948 – 2018. 29 Iyyar

BALFOUR ACCORD100 years; November 6, 1917 – 2017; 100 years since ‘Promise’.

Israel was ratified by The United Nations in November 1947. It celebrated 70 years in the fall of 2017. It was on May 14, 1948 that the United States President Harry S Truman’s gave legitimate recognition to The Nation of Israel. Her enemies had been prepared to attack. The nations of the world were watching Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan attack….a long siege and Isra’el held.

Blood Tetrad 1949-1950 – More wars and rumors of wars remained on her soils as she was marked by a ‘tetrad’ occurring on Passover and The Feast of Tabernacles. Jerusalem was marked for the Suffering of The Messiach (Pesach) and Isra’el also marked for The King of Kings to Tabernacle with man. Jacob’s joint was displaced and he would limp into the next century…the 21st century.

The ‘Tetrad’ of Bloody Moons continues. They occur in 1967 marking The Six Day War!

Yom Kippur was also marked by the “1970 Yom Kippur War.” The Day of judgment and atonement known as, The Fast. Did the Christian see ‘the fast’ typed out in their bibles? It was there but not identified by the scholars. Thus, Christian sheep did not know to ‘fast with those that fast, and mourn with those that mourn.’ They still did not see themselves equally yoked with Israel.

When the odds of survival are low is when we see, The Shekinnah Glory. For 50 years the miracles of The 1967 Six-Day War have been told; 1967-2017. By the ‘Fifth Day’ the Egyptian signed to surrender. And then, their Pharaoh-egyptian hearts hardened once again as they announced…. “One more day.”

That “One Day” was marked by The Creator…He wanted JERUSALEM.  It fell to Israel’s military without bloodshed, as the people hung white flags outside on their homes. As the enemy battled to reach Jerusalem, blood was shed.  But for Jerusalem it was just a quiet surrender….truly A City of Peace….Shalom…Yeru shalom.

General Allenby thought his battalion had left him.  So he and his men plowed through The City Gate….if you win the city gate, you’ve won the city.  He and his men found flags of surrender.  To his surprise the IDF had not yet entered The City.  Jerusalem was won by a single man…just as Abraham chased the four kings past Damascus with only 3l8 home-grown (circumcised) men and won the Middle East.

Abraham and Jacob’s children aways stand amazed and give witness ‘The Hand of The Creator’ acting through them.  Every Israeli soldier knows in his heart that he is a bond servants to The Most High and it is ELOHYM that directs them to fight their battles.

1947 – 1967 – Twenty Years – The Time of Jacob’s troubles were ending as he fought to leave Lavan’s house. His name was changed to Israel because he struggled all night for ‘The angel of The Lord’ to ‘bless’ him. His name would be changed from Jacob to Isra’el…from deceiver to full rights to ‘The Promise’ of a nation. This limp intentionally inflicted upon Jacob would continue as his nation continue the struggle to reveal The One that gave him the limp.

This ‘chosen people and chosen land’ reveal the ‘Deeds of The Messiach’ and they reveal ‘His ‘blood’ Covenant’ with all man. This blood covenant covers the penalty of sin…which is spiritual death.

When you plant a tree it will grow but it belongs to The Creator. In the third year it’s fruit is brought to the temple. In the fourth year it’s fruit is for the poor and in the Fifth year it is to be tithed on, but it’s fruit belongs to the owner. What about eclipses? What do they tell us? The lunar ‘tetrad’ eclipses also occurred in Shemittah years. They were in year 7…a year that everything is set free and goes back to it’s original owner..The Lord.

The Third Year – For The Lord/Temple

Deuteronomy 14:28 “At the end of every third year you bring out all the tithe of your increase of that year and store it up within your gates.” I’ll let you finish the verse, but God is telling them bring the tithe of the third crop to feed the Levite priests, the sojourners (people who want Israel’s God), the fatherless and the widow who are within your gates. Each of these have no land to benefit from and God wants them to be cared for without any resentment. Yahweh ends the verse saying that He will bless them for doing this.

I love this because it confirms the letter gimel also being ‘three’ pictured by a camel..lifted up. The Book of Jubilees declares the flood began in the year 1333. Noach was offered up for the world to continue…He was a tithe…a remnant that would sprout and grow to multiply in the year 1335. Daniel speaks of making it to the 1335th day…and if you can make it to that day then you will be blessed…to multiply.

Five is ‘behold’, Hei…like ‘grace’…we behold it by acting on what is available to act on. It shows our faith and yet if this ‘grace’ were not there to act on, we would not be saved. The fruit is made available and we act in eating the fruit that saves us. Faith in that fruit to save us causes us to eat it….just as faith in the Blood Covenant of The Suffering Servant is there for all but we each must partake and eat of His fruit to live spiritually. We must act in the ways of Torah as The Messiach is The Torah…the complete Torah. As we multiply and grow our spiritual temple it brings back The Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

What will 2035 look like? Will Jerusalem be risen up as A City of Peace from where The Messiach will rule once again?

These eclipses are a reminder of the instruction of the third Shemittah cycle in which they bring out the tithe. The world will be watching these eclipses as they speak to hearts. They are eclipses that should show man’s peace being taken so man can feed others the fruit of The Torah.

Genesis 1 speaks of God’s mo’eds (appointed seasons) made for men.

Five Eclipses in 3rd year of Shemittah Cycle

Three Partial Solar

Two Total Lunar

AUGUST 21, 2017 – AV 29 – Saros 145 – The Great American Eclipse; 2nd Shemittah cycle.

January 31, 2018 Total LUNAR – Saros 124; 3rd Shemittah Year – Shevat 30

February 15, 2018 Partial Solar – Saros 150; 3rd Shemittah Year – Shevat 15


July 13, 2018 – Partial Solar – Saros 117 – 3rd Shemittah Year – AV 1

July 27, 2018 Total LUNAR – Saros 129 -3rd Shemittah Year – AV 15

August 11, 2018 Partial Solar – Saros 155 – 3rd Shemittah Year – AV 30

First things first! The Story of the Great American Eclipse of August 21 2017.

AUGUST 21, 2017 – AV 29 – Total SOLAR Eclipse across America – This eclipse could be part o this series as it closed out the Shemittah 2nd cycle. AV 29 5777 is 29 days before the new year 5778.

What happened on AV 29 in history?

AV 29 2017 – Mosche chisels on second set of ‘stone tablets’ as he prepares to climb Mount Sinai to appeal for atonement from golden calf worship Tammuz 17 (July). The had thrown down the first set inscribed by ‘The Hand of G-d’ and now the people want Mosche to intercede for them.

AV 29 2017 Monday Total solar eclipse passed over seven (7) cities in America named Salem…Shalom.

On Kislev 18, 2017 President Trump reconfirmed that Jerusalem was the The Capitol of Israel. America’s eclipse of 29 AV was the signal (appointment) of what was to come.

Seven U.S. cities confirming Shalom in 2017.

(The true Man of Peace was on the earth in 17 AD)

The AV 29 Shalom eclipse pointed to Chanukah Cleaning, Kislev 18 December 6, 2017. A single man, Donald Trump, stood before the world and confirmed what even King Cyrus told the world. Return to your home…Jerusalem…from there you will direct ‘peace on the earth.’ Those that bless Israel will be blessed…and those that side with the ‘dark side’ of an eclipse, will only see it’s dark side. Only out of darkness can come light!

This darkening eclipse passed directly over the home of ‘the author’ with record 42 mph winds and 1.11 inches of rain before the eclipse. The clouds cleared briefly for a peek at the 1:10 – 1:12 pm Total solar eclipse. Hurricane Harvey winds were churning and the eclipse signaled it’s full impact by Erev Sabbath…August 25, 2017. Those details at

Hurricane Emily hit the United States on August 1, Av 9 2017. Monday evening, July 31, Av 8 the fast began at dusk. This author mourned with those that mourned on 9 AV, The Ninth of Av Fast..declared by the Jews because so many horrible things have happened to them on that day.

August 1, 2017, The Fast of Av; AV 9 2017 was 13th Anniversary of Jews expelled from Gaza in 2005.

AV 9 – History

2005 Gaza Expels 8500 Jews to make way for terrorists.

10 Spies reject the land God chose for them. This is the reason Mosche could not enter the land with them. He did not stop them from just trusting ADONAI in the first place. Mosche allowed them to check out the land…He stayed back and was fasting forty days and forty nights…for their safe return.

Two temples destroyed this day,.

1290 AD Jews kicked out of Europe.

1492 AD Jews kicked out of Spain with Columbus helping. Does the year sound familiar? Columbus sailed the oceans blue and his boat is full of Jews with all ports rejecting them. Horrible!

1914 WWI Breaks out. Germany is blamed for the war having to pay all war debt. It sent Germany into bankruptcy which then brings on WWII…with the holocaust….that will eventually bring about a land deed from Britain for the Jews known as the 1917 Balfour Accord.

FIVE ECLIPSES – Third Shemittah Cycle

1 of 5 Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Year

JANUARY 31, 2018 – Shevat 30 – Total Lunar Eclipse – Saros 124. Year 3 of Shemittah Cycle.

On this day it is Rosh Chodesh, Head of Month. On 30 Shevat 2009 Obama repeats the Isaiah 9:10 curse. In 1938 Banda Sea earthquake. In 1918 the First Hebrew Woman’s league was formed in NYC. On 30 Shevat 2013 7.1 Earthquake shakes Solomon Island. The next day on 1 Adar entire Turkish City wiped out.

2 of 5 Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Cycle

Zechariah 1 – Four Horsemen return on Shevat 24 to report man’s peace on earth; not G-d’s peace.

FEBRUARY 15, 2018 – Shevat 15 Solar Partial Eclipse – Tu B’Shevat (15 Shevat) Year 3 of Shemittah cycle – This is a special day that celebrates the New Year of Trees. Men are known as trees and are to be fruitful on the earth.

1971 3 consecutive Total LUNAR eclipse. One on TuB’Shevat 15 as in 2018.

The 1970 Yom Kippur War was being fought. It is a day of prayer for trees/men.

1971 6.5 Greater Los Angeles; 14 Shevat

325 years ago – 7.5 Italy earthquake; 60,000 souls die

13 Shevat:

1938 Philippines earthquake on Sabbath – Holocaust begins 1938.

1948 8.2 Philippines – (Israel trying for state recognition, 1948.)

2011 7.2 Pakistan earthquake

Tu B’Shevat, 15 Shevat is a time of prayer…so horsemen do not take peace from the earth.

3 of 5 Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah cycle

JUNE 7, 1948 – 2018 – 5727 * ISRAEL’S 70TH ANNIVERSARY

JULY 13, 2018 – AV 1 – Partial Solar Eclipse, Saros 117, Rosh Chodesh/Head of Month, Eve of Sabbath, Day after Yom Kippur Katan.

2008 AV 1-4 Edwardo Hurricane affected President George Bush personal residence.

JULY 12, 2018 is Tammuz 29 – Yom Kippur Katan (Day of Little Judgment)

Lithuania – Every male child killed.

1976 China 7.5 EQ 242,769 to 655,000 killed. Thirty Days later 1138 AD Syria loses 230,000,

80,000 lost at Caucasia

2013 New Guinea Britain 6.8 and 7.2 earthquakes

JULY 11, 2018 – Tammuz 28

1453 Breslau 41 Jews burned

1716 Brussels Jews expelled

1893 Germany granted Jews equality

1922 Palestine Mandate – Israel receives fraction of the original land mandated in 1917.

4 of 5 Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Cycle

JULY 27, 2018 – AV 15 – Total Lunar eclipse, Saros 129 – Tu B’Av – Erev Sabbath, – Breaking Axe.

Annual cutting of wood for temple is concluded.

1971 – Lunar Partial

AV 14 – Buenos Aires bombs killed 86, injury 300.

AV 17 – 1980 Basic law – Jerusalem in Capitol of Israel

5 of 5 Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Cycle

AUGUST 11, 2018 – AV 30 – Partial Solar eclipse, Saros 155- Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh (Head Month), Erev ELUL

AV 30 – 230,000 Syrians die – 880-year Anniversary,

AV 29 – Mosche chisels tablets

1966 Syria attacks Galilee Boat, Israel shoots down two Syrian Migs.

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