Pyramids – NOT before flood. 200-year earlier flood also allows for Tower of Babel.

Towers of Confusion!   This utube shows how The Flood was earlier thus giving time to build The Tower of Babel….then being dispersed into the world.   There were no pyramids before the flood….no water damage.

Why did men change the dates?  Why did men add an extra Cain in the genealogy?  Why Why Why explained here…  Absolutely a must watch!  Our Bibles are history but it is a copy.    Other historical documents verify which copies are correct.  Man could change the original but it is the copies that confirm the original.  Let’s get things right so we don’t go down the wrong road and aid atheists…God children must know CORRECT history… is God’s history….we are not allowed to change one thing….

Mosch hit the rock instead of speaking to it to bring forth water in the desert.  He was not allowed to cross over into the land even being in full health at 120 years of age.  How much worse it will be for Christians as they change things….we must get God’s history correct.

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