Is God made ‘common’ affecting us today? Eclipses continue to draw disasters to America.

The Writing On Our Walls

Pointing Forward and Backward

Eclipses * Feasts * Hebrew Letters * Equinox * Tribulation

Israel 70 Years Independent Nation

Center of Torah: Leviticus 10:16

darosh, darash * searching, he searched

The ‘looking forward’ and ‘looking backward’ mystery of God.

There is a focal point with Adonai. It is His Torah. His instructions are in His universe that He created. They are on a planned course as we see that schedule through the eclipses of the sun and moon and even in the equinox. In our generation men are able to look into other galaxies and stand in amazement. The scientists have given their ‘Final Answer’ and it is that “a great being has to be holding it together.”

Let’s come back to earth and now witness our Creator in another way. What if I told you His hand has and always will be on His feasts. It seems nearly all of scripture is written around the time periods of fellowship that God set up between Himself and man.

I am going to propose to you, that there is a pattern in The Lord’s Feasts that point to something. That something has always been, The Apple of His Eye…The Torah.

The first five books of the bible are known as, The Torah. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Elohim chose Mosche to be the author. He had lived forty years in Egypt; forty years with Moabites who were about false worship; and forty years in the desert as he learned and taught them the ways of the great I AM.

It would be these five books that were to be repeated to the future generations so they would NOT forget their past. He brought them out of Egypt at Passover and so their calendar will begin in Nisan. They would come out of the world and brought through a mikvah via the Reed Sea and then they would be disciplined in the ways of God.

The first two books speak about creation where on the seventh day the Sabbath was established. Noah understood about sacrifice as seven sets of each clean animal entered the ark. Immediately after stepping foot on dry ground he built an altar and offered the animals. Abraham was familiar with altars and so were his sons. Mosche was familiar with sacrifices to false gods through Egypt and the Moabites. He lived forty years with the Moabites who made offerings to many gods. His father-in-law was actually a Moabite priest and would have officiated at these killings.

It will be Mosche who will write the five books known as the Torah – teaching, commonly called Law.

As we stand and look at the magnitude of the universe and the hand that holds it together, it is like a ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ story. But what we really have is ‘God’s Believe It Or Not stories.’

Believe this because it is TRUE. And, this is the same gospel message preached in the first century.

Remember, Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search it out.” (KJV) When we look at the original Hebrew language as well as the original culture and historical content, hidden treasures will appear and give you the desire to search more and more!

John 5:39 “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.” (NKJV)

Mark 7:8 “For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men – the washing of pitchers and cups, and many other such things you do.” 9 He said to them, “All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition.”

The Pharisees were committing violence against the Torah by adding things that were never in the original instructions. Did Mosche question the relevancy of telling Adam and Noah’s stories? Were their stories relevant to the Hebrews lives? After all, God removed all their lineage by a flood. So, is the Law of Moses done away with as men claim? Will we find patterns that point us to the open hand of God as shown in the letter Kauf כ ?

Luke 11:39 “But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone.”

Eternal life is not found by acts of searching the scriptures or by the washing of cups and tithing of mint. The scriptures testify to Christ, but it is the belief in Christ (the anointed one) that leads to eternal life. Thus, following the letter of the law with wrong motives does not lead to righteousness before God. He does not tell them to stop observing Torah, but to act justly, love God and follow Torah.

Torah #8451 תורה towrah, to-raw’; from 3384; a precept or statute, especially the Decalogue or Pentateuch;–law.

Picture language:

Tav: ת Cross, covenant or sign of the covenant

Vav: ו Nail, tent peg, to secure

Resh: ר Person especially the highest person, head

Hey: ה Reveal, At the end of the word ‘Hey’ can mean what comes from or out of, belonging to.

Torah: The covenant secured by the highest person revealed or that which comes from the highest person nailed to the cross.

Right there in the word TORAH is the meaning of Messiah signing the covenant. He did it with being nailed securely so to be revealed. Torah comes from a word meaning to point out, to shoot the arrow; that is to hit the mark. Sin comes from the word meaning to miss; that is to miss the mark! In the Hebrew thinking, they are the opposite of each other.

It is tremendous to learn that within the word Torah men can find their way to salvation. It is connecting ourselves to the covenant of the cross. Now let’s learn about the numbers fifty and forty-nine and arrows. I want to reference Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah volume 1 by Dan and Brenda Cathcart. They are tremendous teachers and supply visual materials on this.

Beginning with the Book of Genesis, every fiftieth letter begins to spell Torah. Yes, every 50th letter begins to spell the word, Torah. In Genesis 1:1-5 the word Torah is spelled out. You start with the first Tav and start counting fifty letters. The Vav is next. Fifty letters later we find the Resh and fifty letters later will be the Hey.

The next book is Exodus. It has the same pattern starting with the first Tav in the book.

What is the middle Book of the five books? Leviticus.

What is the middle verse of Leviticus? Lev 10:16

What is the middle word of Lev 10:16? Search. דרש Dahlet Resh Sheen (spelling is right to left)

This is amazing, ladies and gentlemen. God takes a word that means to point to something, to search out and points to what? It is the word for ‘Search’ or Darash. People are darashing when they are studying God’s word.

Let’s read the very middle verse, Leviticus 10:16a.

“But Moses searched carefully for the goat of the sin offering, and behold it had been burned up!” (NASB)

Wow…the middle verse of the Pentateuch speaks of searching for Messiah and BEHOLD (Hey) he was sacrificed. PTL! God’s mission was seen as accomplished.

In the original Hebrew text words translated to “searched carefully” are a double verb. That is, the same word repeats but in a different tense. In the ancient and biblical Hebrew, there are no vowels, only consonants and thus, the two words look and are spelled the same but are pronounced differently with the vowel sounds implied by context. The pronunciation is “darosh, darash.” If translated literally it would be “searching, he searched.” Thus, both sides of the center of the Torah have the same word instructing us to search.” Cathcart

Now, how about another “Believe it or Not’ by Adonai. The book after Leviticus is Numbers. What does Numbers do? The pattern is still every fifty letters but it reverses the spelling of Torah. You will find the first Hey ה and then go fifty letters and find resh ר; go fifty letters to find vav ו; and fifty letters later we find the final letter, Tav ת Torah is spelled in reverse.

God is now pointing back to the beginning. Or, is He pointing to the middle book and middle word once again in Leviticus? Both are true.

I like to look deeper into God’s words and so I would also say that the Hey means to BEHOLD the breathe of God who is the highest head (resh) nailed (vav) and made secure the covenant (tav). The letter Tav is pictured like a small t. It’s a cross representing a covenant. It is God who seals covenants and will NOT break them. He is showing us from the end to the beginning his sign of the covenant was fully in His Torah.

In the last book, Deuteronomy, the pattern is slightly different. It is reversed like that in Numbers, but the first hey ה starts in verse five of chapter 1. Then we proceed with every 49th letter.

Yes, in Deuteronomy every forty-ninth letter begins to spell Torahתורה but in reverse. Hey, Resh, Vav and then Tet. So, what is going on? We can see Adonai is very sincere about the Torah. I am not a Hebrew scholar on numbers but they are of the utmost importance to us. I challenge you to think about the ‘whys’ of this, ‘Believe It Or Not’ story.

Adonai is constantly reminding us of Torah. He is instructing us how to successfully live on this incredible earth He created for us. Torah means instruction. The Greek word has been applied in this ‘last generation,’ and many times wrongfully placed in our bibles as meaning ‘legislation’. And since the word ‘grace’ has been allocated a Greek meaning, we no longer see a God of justice for disobedience to His instructions. Every one now does what is right in their own eyes…just as in the days of Noache.

Genesis and Exodus point to the middle book, Leviticus. Leviticus gives us complete instructions on what is acceptable to God if our heart is right. If the heart is NOT right with God then the instructions do NOT bring blessing to us. Many worry so much about the ‘heart’ that they have built ‘high fences’ around the bible and have actually plowed under God’s original garden.

Jews know the Messiah can NOT violate Torah, but He will be filled up with it. He will be living it and instructing it. We see three feasts in Zechariah 14 that all mankind are instructed to participate. Pesach, Shavuot and Feast of Tabernacles. These are future and called the……………….

Let’s look at the number fifty and forty-nine. We have a pattern with spacing and direction.

Fifty is the number of deliverance. The Jubilee Year is every 50th year. It is the year that all slaves are set free and will be known as the Jubilee of Remission/Forgiveness. The interval from the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) is 50 days. (Lev 23). Yeshua rose on the Feast of First Fruits.”

Forty-nine is seven sevens. Seven is the number of completion. God rested on the seventh day and made it holy (set apart). Deuteronomy completes the Book of Moses and thus, is a type of completion. It also marks the completion of the wandering in the wilderness.” Cathcart.

The Cathcarts reveal one more pattern before we move on. Leviticus 1:1. Starting with the 2nd letter and counting every 8th letter you get the name of God or Yahovah (YHVH), יהוה (right to left).

The number eight is associated with God. It represents the beginning of a new cycle.

Yood: Hand

Hey: Revealed

Vav: Nail

Hey: Revealed

Jehovah: The hand revealed the nail revealed.

Torah is important to God. He will now reinforce this through His feasts. There are mo’ed (appointments/seasons) that our Creator set up for all men since Adam. This book has been dedicated to showing you what happens in each of these months that are close to our current time-line and even earlier in time.

For this connecting pattern we need to realize that the first THREE feasts of The Lord all point to the Holy Spirit. No matter what generation man has lived in, there has always been the Spirit of God hovering over them or placed inside them.

The first three feasts point to the coming of Messiah. He was the Pesach lamb that died, rose and then walked discipling men for forty days. Ten days later on Shavuot the Ruach HaChodesh, known as the Holy Spirit, arrives so all men can hear the message in their own language. Torah will now go out into all the world as they now looked forward to the Messiah’s second coming. The question that should be asked of the coming Messiah is, “Have you been here before? Is this your second visit?” Yes, there will be many questions asked, but it will definitely be His second physical return.

Now, back to what remains. What remains is the last three feasts of the Lord. Rosh Hoshanah, also known as The Feast of Trumpets, will call the King and the King will blow the last shofar to call the people. Who will hear it? The question is if they will come back into the rain. The Shulamite woman in the Song Solomon would not come back out into the rain. She is a picture of the church who is looking for a rapture to occur to escape. The church MUST come back out and follow Torah in order to be blessed. God is pleased to bless when His instructions are followed.

Tishrei 1, the trumpets are blown for two days…since we don’t know the day or the hour of His return. The sliver of the new moon is looked for from the waxing of the moon, not it’s waning. The New Civil calendar would be correctly calculated for all the rest of the appointed times for the next year. It is the Coronation of the King. This is a dress rehearsal for the people so they have the proper attire to wear to the wedding. Israel is the bride with Gentiles invited to the wedding party. Israel is responsible for carrying the Torah to the world. We all enter in through the blood of King Messiah.

The second rehearsal is also in Tishrei and it occurs on that ‘ten day’ theme popular with our Creator. This ten days is similar to Shavuot because we see a Spirit coming. There are two spirits. One of JUDGMENT is balanced with the one of ATONEMENT. The day is called, Yom Kippur. Tishrei 10 is a high FAST day. This is a serious fast as the God of Heaven and Earth can release His wrath or mercy on us. For those atoned by the blood of the risen Messiah, it is a great day. But, for those that have not accepted the atoning blood of Messiah, it is an ugly day.

The rain of blessing will not fall on those children that desire not to be thankful for their king that gave His life for them. And so our example lies in the true-life story of Nabel, the husband of Abigail, of whom his heart waxed after TEN days and he died. That is God interesting way of describing a disease of the heart. Heart stops….DEAD…Dead…dead….d. Dead is dead. Nabel was rich and had all the desires of his world and he would not be thankful. Actually, his words are interesting because they are the words we hear today. “How do I know you are to be the real king one day?” Yes, we don’t want to believe the king is coming and we don’t want to believe we will live under His instructions, as from such ancient of times.

Okay, let’s move on to the third feast. Five days later the people celebrate by building sukkots and camping out under the stars celebrating and trusting their Creator for everything. They come out of their Gog – Big homes, stop working at their jobs and trust God to continue to provide for them.

This is a seven-day long festival known as The Feast of Tabernacles. One more day is added and known as Sim’chot Torah. They are now staying one more day just to rejoice in the Torah.

Tell me, who today is taught to just spend ONE entire day rejoicing in God’s instruction? Instead, men argue every day why these ancient of days instructions are not valid for today. Yes, there are many things that men cannot do, but there are many things they can do. This ‘last generation’ definitely has NO problem breaking, ‘Keep the Sabbath holy’.

There are eight feasts with the very first being set up at Creation with Adam. The Sabbath was established to spend time with our Creator. It is the seventh day which is the last day of the week. It is amazing that people argue with God that they do NOT want to rest. They willfully transgress the Torah. The description of sin: The transgression of the Torah.

I can decide to rest on Shabbot and still attend church on Sunday, if I so desire. This commandment is NOT hard to keep. What is hard on you is your friends and family. It is then that you decide to whom you will obey.

The word common must be understood and the word ‘holy’ needs to be understood. Holy simply means ‘set apart.’ There is nothing wrong with being common but it definitely is NOT ‘holy’. Everything is not equal and days are not equal…even in the number of the week being seven is not even. It is that “seventh’ day that is the odd number that follows the pattern of The Day of Creation. The pattern for common begins at Creation and then with the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Even’. It is this tree that causes us to draw God down to where we are to be ‘common.’ They wanted to know what God knew…and thus they ate…because they could be ‘little gods’…and more like God.

Since God is spirit we are more like Him than we might think. But, no matter how much our image is made in His image…there is One Living God that made all the universe and us. We are to respect His purposes for making all things including outselves.

“As in the Days of Adom” and ‘As in the days of Noach’ and ‘As in the days of The Suffering Servant’ so it will be “in the last days.” The common person has ‘free choice’ to remain common and enjoy their lives living in peace with mankind and then not assured of eternal happiness or the commoner can choose to be ‘set apart’ during their time on earth and be assured of being ‘set apart’ with The Creator through eternity. One choice has a short span of time and the other has an eternal perspective of happiness forever.

These choices are placed before us in the form of the word, ‘common.’ It is our choice to be common or to be ‘set apart’ according to The Creator’s ways of being holy unto Him.

There is a pattern in all of this…. Thus, once you choose to follow God’s way of being ‘set apart’ or ‘holy’ you then will recognize all the patterns that have set upon the earth that follow this theme: “Be Ye Holy Unto The Lord.”

You do not argue with it….because it’s just like not walking in front of an oncoming car in which you could be killed. Dogs take the risk of racing with, ahead of and in front of cars and vehicles. They have a true competitive spirit in them and if it weren’t for cautious drivers, more dogs would be killed.

Gentiles are called ‘dogs’ in the Bible. They have not yet decided to run a ‘separate’ race other than what their instinct tells them. Gentiles are grafted into the ways of the Hebrews and it creates a safe path while they walk in the physical on the earth.

The ‘Seventh Day’ also represents Messiah’s millennial reign that is soon to occur. It will be a 1,000 years of rejoicing in the Torah. It is then in that “Eighth Day” that the new Heaven and Earth come down. This earth is not going away for a long time…as we see, at least another 1,000 years. I like my property in the middle of the United States and plan to visit Zion more than the three times God is requesting my presence there. I look forward to Yeshua in the physical reigning on King David’s throne from Jerusalem…Yes, the capitol of the world even finally recognized by a few world leaders such as President Trump. The more leaders that have their people request to be part of this recognition the more blessing for that nation. But, it can NOT just be likened to King Joshia who put on the largest Passover ever in the world’s history…even over Solomon. They still were carried off to Babylon because it was the heart of Joshia that made it a BIG celebration….the people just came and ate….but without a sincere heart for God. The Creator never has hated the system for worship such as what Joshia did, but he has always hated your participation in it when you didn’t believe in it.

Today men don’t participate in The Lord’s Feasts because they don’t believe in them. Thus, the heart is proven and God says just be happy with your time on earth for that is all that you’ll have. Is that all people really want? I don’t think so. I think they want to run the race that Sha’ul (Paul) encouraged them to run as he did. But, teachers have been fed misinformation on what some of the Hebraisms mean. If they learn what these Hebraisms mean and don’t change their teachings….then they will not only miss the blessings in eternity…but they will also be issued very severe punishment for having lead The Shepherd’s sheep astray. It is a great responsibility to teach God’s ways correctly…not from one’s traditions but from God’s Truths.

So, what do these three Tishrei feasts point back to? They point back to Shavuot, The Lord’s coming. Shavuot is the 50th day from the Feast of First Fruits. Yeshua said that He would come back as the Comforter and He did. Shavuot sits in the middle of the seven feasts of the Lord.

On Shavuot May 19, 2018 our family cow Behar gave birth to a heifer. She was so late in giving birth according to the other five in her herd…and her bag was small that we almost thought she was not pregnant…but as Shavuot was beginning in the Midwest and as it was in full swing in Israel…she gave birth to a calf that I call Shavi. Before I got to see her at an hour old, the granddaughter had named her ‘Waffles.’

This cow had her first baby on our property in 2017 on the Sabbath Bahar. B’har means ‘On the Mount’, Lev 25:1-26:2. Thus, I named her Behar. In 2018 she is now owned by our grandson, thus she gives birth at our son’s property. It is once again on the Sabbath but even more special as it is also The Feast of Shavuot. I was driving my car returning from being ‘On The Mount’ near Lake Paradise celebrating Shavuot with about twenty other Believers. I stand in awe always at ‘The Hand of God’ on us. I then made a straight path to observe this new time…that would continue the story of God’s cattle that he has entrusted us to witness His hand on them.

Moses was entrusted with God’s instruction to give to the Israelites. He would intentionally break the God’s tablets because they did NOT have the heart to accept it’s instruction.

and it was also the day recorded that Moses gave God’s instructions to the people at Mt. Sinai. People also know it as Pentecost which is when the Holy Spirit was given in Jerusalem. Hebrewism explains it as Shavuot…the 50th Day of the Counting of Omer when their first barley harvest is brought to The Temple. The dedication of this barley would bring further blessing on their fields and family. When we don’t know these things, we do ‘waffle’ in life but with ‘truth’ spoken we should take on a ‘new’ name….thus her name is Shavi to me. Her mother has now given birth on the Sabbath twice and reminds me of Shavuot every time I see this calf. Shavi was brought back with her mother to our property. Bahar is being serviced by our Aleph bull, named Taurus. I praise Elohim for His blessing to our farm named after him, El Shaddai.

We witness the Ruach HaChodesh arriving on The Counting of the Omer Day 50. Just as the first two books point to Torah in every 50 letters, so do the first three feasts. And, just as the last two books spell Torah in every 49 letters pointing back to Leviticus whose middle verse says TORAH TORAH, so do the feasts. The last three feasts point to back the His Coming.

A type of Shavuot will again happen. But, this time the Holy Spirit arrives in the flesh of Messiah…whose name is Yeshua meaning, God’s salvation. Will His arrival be on Shavuot? The Tishrei Feasts define the Calling, Atonement and His Reign. But, there is a process to even the choosing and coronation of kings. That would make a great study. I’m not setting a date, but things to think about.

To start, we see the shepherd David and how he acquires his bride, Abigail. He rode off ‘into the sunset’ with her and her entourage five days after Nabel’s death. Hmm…The three Tishrei feasts are seen in this story. David is in the field (month of Elul). David and his men help care for Nabel’s sheep and then want to be fed and paid. Nabel is drunk with the world. Abigail waits until he sobers up, while taking some food to David and his men. Nabel refuses as he does NOT know if David really is the son of the king. Nabel is dead in ten days from a waxed heart. Abigail’s entire house is saved and not destroyed as they all follow David. Someone should write that book and connect it to the feasts…maybe I will at another time.

Patterns….Let’s get back to why I wrote this chapter. How do we see the ‘Looking Forward and Looking Back’ Coming of Messiah. Let’s now look at God’s Creation.

Since I found out about the concept of Four Blood Moons occurring on the Lord’s Feasts, people ask me what they are suppose to do with this information. How should it change their lives? They want to know why I’m so excited about The Lord’s Feasts connecting to these eclipses.

What I know is that the spirit in me drives me to study the Words of God. The more I learn, the more I stand in ‘awe’ of our Creator God. It is also when writing about the yood of Elohim in my life and those around me, that I still write with excitement and awe.

We have looked at The Books of Torah and The Lord’s Feasts and now let us look at the pattern with eclipses. The first two point to the middle which is a TOTAL SOLAR eclipse on March 20, 2015. After that ‘Total solar eclipse’ there are two more eclipses. But, this time they reverse with the partial being hosted first and ending with the ‘Total lunar eclipse’ known as a Super Blood Moon.

Here is what it looks like….

TOTAL BLOOD LUNAR April 14, Nissan 14, 2014. Total Lunar Eclipse on 15 Nissan known as Pesach/PASSOVER – Messiah dies on stake.

TOTAL SOLAR April 29 is Nissan 29, 2014, Day 14 Counting of Omer. Fifteenth day from Total Lunar. Day after Holocaust Remembrance Day.

TOTAL BLOOD LUNAR October 8, Tishrei 14, 2014 – Erev Feast of Tabernacles.

PARTIAL SOLAR October 23, Tishrei 29, 2014

TOTAL SOLAR March 20, 29 Adar 2015, Erev Rosh HaChodesh, Head of Ecclesiastical New Year, Erev Vayikra Shabbot ‘He called’, LEV 1:1 – 5:26, Isaiah 66:1-24, Luke 1-3, Rosh Chodesh 1 Nissan.

TOTAL BLOOD LUNAR April 5, 15 Nissan 2015, Chol HaMo’ed Pesach, Unleavened Bread, Sabbath, Ex 33:12 – 34:26, Ez 37:1-14.

PARTIAL SOLAR September 13, 2015, 29 Elul Day. Erev Feast of Trumpets- Rosh Hosanna, Shemittah year 2015-2016 begins.

TOTAL BLOOD LUNAR September 28, Tishrei 15, 2015. Feast of Tabernacles Day 1. Super Blood Moon, Lev22:26- 23-44, Number 29:12-16, Zech 14:1-21.

Now, what do YOU see in the 2014-2015 Tetrad Year? Look at it…look again. Let’s break it down simply:

Eight Eclipses: Four Total Blood Moon with the last being a Super Blood Moon.

Four Solar: Two Total, Two partial; plus the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox.

The Vernal is at the very center Lev 1:1. The Autumnal closes it on YOM KIPPUR.

The last Blood Moon is a SUPER Blood Moon on Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles.

The King is cleansing and setting up His Tabernacle on this earth. Are you ready? If 2016 is Year Seven of the cycle….these are signaling in 2015 which would be the 6th Shemittah cycle.

LUNAR T 2014

SOLAR T 2014

LUNAR T 2014

SOLAR P 2014

SOLAR T 2015

LUNAR T 2015

SOLAR P 2015

LUNAR T 2015

The Lord’s Feasts Eclipses

Passover 2014 (Blood Moon)

Holocaust Remembrance 2014 (Total Solar)

Feast of Tabernacles 2014 (Blood Moon)

Tishrei 29 2014 (Solar Partial)

Erev Nissan Ecclesiastical New Year 2015 Begins (Total Solar)

Unleavened Bread, Sabbath (Blood Moon)

Day Remission, Erev Rosh Hoshana, Erev Feast Trumpets – Partial Solar

Yom Kippur 2015 – The Fast

Feast of Tabernacles Day – Blood Super Moon

Torah Readings:

Chol HaMo’ed Pesach Exodus 33:12-34:26 Ezekiel 37:1-14

Emor ‘Say’, Leviticus 21:1-24:23. Ezekiel 44:15-31, Luke 18-20

Succot Day 1: Lev 22:26-23:44, Numbers 29:12-16, Zechariah 14:1-21

Noach ‘Noah’ Genesis 6:9-11:32, Isaiah 66:1-24, Matt 3-4

Vayikra ‘He called’ Leviticus 1:1-5:26, Isaiah 66:1-24, Luke 1-3

Chol HaMo’ed Peach Exodus 33:12-34:26, Ezekiel 37:1-14

Nitzavim ‘Standing’ Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20, Isaiah 61:10-63:9, Acts 19-20

Succot Day 1: Lev 22:26-23:44, Numbers 29:12-16, Zechariah 14:1-21



Genesis points to Leviticus

Exodus points to Leviticus

Torah’s Center Verse: Leviticus 10:16

Torah’s Center Words: Darash, searching; Darosh, he searched

Book of Numbers points back to Leviticus

Deuteronomy points back to Leviticus

On either side of the center verse Mosche was looking for something. The center falls between the words translated as “searched” and “carefully.”

Le 10:16a “But Moses searched carefully for the goat of the sin offering, and behold, it had been burned up!…(NASB)

(We know The Torah has proven Yeshua to be the Messiah, THEE burnt sin offering)

ECLIPSES in 6th Shemittah cycle 2014-2015.

ALL ‘eight’ eclipses point to the center. Could there be a pattern in the universe pointing to something?

Three point to the PARTIAL Solar Eclipse

Three point back to the TOTAL Solar Eclipse.

The first set of eclipses look to the center with a Partial eclipse. The last three eclipses look to the center staring at a Total eclipse.

There are TWO solar WITNESSES sitting next to each other saying pretty much the same thing, but the last is stronger in it’s message being a Total Solar.

Are these likened to the Books of the Torah that they look forward and yet back. We know that Mosche was looking for the burnt offering and it had been completely burned up. He saw into the future like Abraham did. The both saw that God completed what He said about the Savior.

Am I getting too mystical? Let’s keep drashing.

The Lord’s Feasts

The first three point to Shavuot

The last three point back to Shavuot.

Shavuot is in the middle.

Who came? The Ruach HaChodesh on the 50th Day Count Omer

Who is to come next? King Messiah

The center of The Lord’s Feast is once again, searching for the Messiah. Men every day want to know when He is returning. His return should be at the center of every Christians research. The majority of the bible speaks of His coming, therefore, that should be our focus is “searching” for Him.

Let’s keep talking here….what is missing from Deuteronomy? The 50th Letter. Deuteronomy was written in thirty days as it is a summary of what had happened over 40 years. We know the Jubilee year sets men free. It is in the 7th Shemittah cycle that land and debt are forgiven. It is in the 50th year, after 7×7 which equals 49, that the slave was set free. And, the slave was sent away with many goods for his years of work. It is that 50th Jubilee year that is yet to come.

Could it be that Deuteronomy shows us the future Jubilee where Messiah will set the earth free. Every man will be set free in that year. Mosche is looking for the burnt offering. He found it. But, it will be in Messiah’s reign to come that He will be found in the flesh to reign from the mountains of Zion over the entire earth.


The first three feasts point to Shavuot. The first three years point to the abomination in the Temple.

Pesach – Fast of Firstborn

Unleavened Bread

Feast of First Fruits


Feast of Trumpets

Day of Atonement Yom Kippur

Feast of Tabernacles

Simchat Torah – Rejoicing in the Torah

Simchat Torah is like the bookend of all of The Lord’s Feasts. Simchat Torah is the next day after Sh’mini Atzeret. Sh’mini Atzeret is the 8th and last day of the celebration of Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles. God gives the Torah and keeps reminding them to rejoice in it. They should be excited to return once again to celebrate their lives in Torah as set-apart people. It is to be a continual cycle.

Simchat Torah reminds me of another bookend, the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2015. This equinox occurs on Yom Kippur/The Day of Judgment. This equinox points us to The King Coming. It is on Yom Kippur that atonement is made by the King and is really the new beginning.

The trumpets sound asking for help. The trumpets are sounded when help is coming. The trumpets announce arrivals.

2016 is now considered to be The Shemittah year. It is the year of release setting captives free. It is a year warned of by the eclipses. In this 7th year of the Shemittah cycle, the eclipses sounded. 2017 would then be considered year one. It began in the summer with hurricanes that swept the south climbing into the Midwest. On August 21, 2017 The Biblical Eclipse crossed Seven Salem cities. The name Salem refers to Jerusalem evidenced by Psalm 76:2 which uses “Salem” as a parallel for “Zion”, the citadel for Jerusalem.

In the fall of 2016 Mr. Donald Trump, known as ‘The Last Trump’ would win the election to be president of the United States. The winds of King Cyrus would blow into the world. Who was this king? He was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old when he took office. He would start the plans to announce Jerusalem to be the United States Embassy…confirming it as the capitol of Jerusalem.

2017 brought that announcement into play at Israel’s 70th celebration as a nation. She would now be a reckoning on the earth. She would be a stone that many would stumble over. A new Joseph had brought his father to be recognized before the world. This Joseph removed his nation from the world powers to bring Israel and the United States back into financial stability. The United States and ISrael had been ask to compromise and assimilate into the other nations. King Cyrus said no as he was under direct orders of The Shemittah. It was a year of release…and in this next 7 years all would truly be released.

April 19 2018 Israel’s Independence Day. Celebrates 70 years * 1948 to 2018

On May 3 2018 The Kilauea Volcano erupted and also moved Hawaii’s other volcano to wake up. Lauana makes up one-half of their island. Thirty days later exactly on June 3, 2018 volcano Al Fuego in Guatemala woke up killing over 300 people. Kilauea has not stopped with 5.3 earthquakes every day 70 days later. In her first 50 days she had 50 4.2+ earthquakes. The only 4.0 earthquake recorded happened on Day 40 of The Counting of the Omer. This is the recorded Ascension to Heaven of The Suffering Servant nearly 2000 years ago.

Fires spread across America. St. Joe Missouri has only received one inch of rain from January to July in 2018. A farmer with 320 acres knew he had total crop failure by July 7, 2018…it was the month of Tammuz….

Dire Straits: Jews are in deep repentance at this time for their part involved in idols with the ‘golden calf.’ Do you fast for your unknown idolatry in your life?

The Dire Straits began on the Sabbath of Balak on June 30, 2018 and closes on the Sabbath Devarim (Words) on July 21, 2018. The author fasted on July 1, 2018, which was the deferred fast…since you never fast on The Sabbath. The next day I mourned with those that were mourning. That day of fasting brought a consistent soft rain to their 35-acre farm named; El Shaddai. It fed their hay fields and cooled their cattle but it was only .10th inch of rain.

The hay bailed from a neighbors field only brought 18 bales for this St. Joe farmer to pick up. It was to feed his cattle now or they would perish. His hay ground had failed, too. All surplus hay was sold during the winter as the Spring rains were not. Ponds were dropping and stagnant waters prevailing. Water must be hauled or cattle sold. The market will be a glut with cattle prices dropping. Those that can find hay for the winter and water supplies will profit in the spring. But, if the severity continues all cattle will be sold and the blessings will cease.

Will the cow Bahar be sold with her calf Shuvi? Will the other cows who raised special calves have to leave El Shaddai? And, perhaps it is time to move out the older horse that can’t be ridden and is just a family pet! These are decisions our personal family will deal with….or we could see atonement because this house chooses to obey The Torah of God…and to give witness to what He does in our lives.

Did these 2014-15 and The Great American Solar Eclipse  2017 signal a seven-year period that Joseph dealt with…and yet spoken to be much worse in the end of days because men now were arguing about if The Torah was for our generation or not? Yes, this discussion has been going on since 2008 and before. The Shemittah cycles continue and life on the earth has not gotten better.

It seems when you help a community to have enough money to live with you…but they do NOT understand your community rules and do NOT want to obey them….then perhaps they are best left where they can live according to their teachings. It is not fair to come to America to rape woman because they have a sleeveless top on. No one wants to be raped…but to the foreigner they don’t know the rules….of…DO NOT TOUCH! They are criminally pillaging the nations with their own form of righteousness…their own false torah (instruction).

The world problems have become many as we try to elevate mankind and yet we leave The Torah behind…which shows us all how to live safely on the earth.

This 2015 Yom Kippur could be a pattern showing equal judgment for all men who have rejected Torah and the Living Torah, Yeshua Messiah. It is in the sixth year that the double and triple portions of blessings are given and also judgments begin. 2015 signaled what was coming. 2016 issued more signals with 2017 being the first year: Hurricanes that bankrupted our insurance industry. 2018 is burning with several volcanoes and no rain for the bread makers of the world.

And, the last ‘Blood Moon’ of the 2014-2015 tetrads occur five days later. On the Hebrew calendar they would be called the 5775 – 5776 Blood Moon. I prefer the name, “5775-5776 Blood Feasting Eclipses. These are signaled in the 6th Shemittah cycle if 2016 is considered the 7th year of that 7-year Shemittah cycle.

The religious Hebrew calendar begins in the spring on Nissan 1. The civil Hebrew calendar begins in the fall on Tishrei 1. Thus, to show you these years on the current calendar used in America we have to include the fall of 2015 as it is part of the 2016 Hebrew calendar. Thus, Gregorian fall 2015 and winter, spring, summer 2016 will make up the 2015-2016 7th year of the Shemittah cycle. It is this year that sets things free.

We also must not be so dogmatic of putting The Creator in a box of time….He runs our world in cycles and they follow patterns. There are times of ten days, forty days etc. that are transition times. But, what we can see is the patterns in weather, eclipses and The Lord’s Feasts. And, in our own lives.

If we think about it, all of the Lord’s Feasts point to our Savior Yeshua’s blood spilled out and point to His return.

Passover happened because Adonai saw their oppression of not being able to participate in Torah. He brought them out of Egypt as the ‘death angel’ passed over their door if they had special blood applied to their thresholds. Passover was reinforced again as Joshua lead them across the Jordan via Jericho’s location forty years later. Years later on Passover The Suffering Servant died completing these previous pictures about His death, burial and resurrection.

We have a Creator that works in patterns and wants us to remember ‘The Stories’ so we are not deceived by false shepherds. All Bibles and books will be burnt as you will only need to accept these stories into your hearts and believe them….as they show what The Creator did coming in human form and dying in the ‘flesh’ to relate to you. If men discard these feasts, they discard the stories and lean unto their own understanding….skewed by so many altered bibles.

Yeshua Jesus attended The Lord’s Feasts. He, his family and disciples were all Torah observant. They forward to Him and they now look back to Him.

He walked this earth telling them about Shavuot (The Comforter) and His return.

Shofar warnings and announcements. His blood purged the penalty of sin.

Messiah can return when presented as ‘holy.’

The Messiach is filled up fully with The Torah…never violating it in one point.

Yeshua is qualified to be Messiach because of The Torah…He upheld it…

Rejoicing in Torah (Messiah) is highest gift God can give man. His blessings can fall on the obedient. They do it because they love Him…because of what He did for them at the stake. Now Torah is not The Taskmaster showing sin….it upholds life on the earth…to those that obey it…because they love HIM..because He is The Word…The Torah.

Do we see the Seven-Year Tribulation in these feast pictures? I do!

We have to come out of our Egypt passing through waters. Pesach

We daily unleaven our human flesh by participating in God’s instruction.

We are the First Fruits of God as living proof that Torah produces disciples of fruit.

The Holy Spirit is revealed – Shavuot

We call for help – Feast Trumpets

Help arrives and we are forgiven with blood. Day Atonement

Our Temple is secure as we rejoice in Torah. – Tabernacles

In this process of looking at The Lord’s Feasts we see the miraculous plan of salvation. We also see that it is in the middle of our tribulation that it is The Holy Spirit setting up our camp that establishes our sukkots/homes.

Noach and Mosch both had water baptisms. This represents The Holy Spirit guiding them. Men have signed peace agreements with the enemy. It seems they are following God but they acknowledge they don’t believe The Torah is for today. Thus, they openly lead men astray in their own truth. They teach that the two greatest commandments is to love God and love each other….and upon all the rest hang on these elements. So……YES…..The Torah is to be done because we first love God and we do it love with each other. Instead….they just want to love God and love others…….But…what happened to all the things that HANG on the first two? “Nope….they aren’t for us today!” These men are now foxes in a shepherd’s clothing.

The Maccabees weren’t really Jews but they would be the clan that drew people back to The Temple. They would help them dedicate their lives back to the ways of Elohim. They knew the people could NOT live without God’s Temple or without God’s instructions, The Torah.

At three and one-half years the Maccabees found themselves

they would once again come against the enemy. Their trust came in knowing that is was the only way BACK to God. Matthew Maccabee died in those battles. It would be at Kislev 25 that the lights of The Temple would shine. The depleted supply of old oil miraculously stayed burning for eight days and that is when they knew Jehovah was with them once again.

In our day, it will be a false agreement that is signed and perhaps the temple will be built. But at the mid point of the seven years, and perhaps the mid point is at the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer which is Shavuot; that the oil will not stay lite. Perhaps it will be the statue of Zeus once again representing men and their Greek thinking or the Black Stone that will be placed in the temple for all to worship. No matter what it is, it will NOT resemble Torah. It is the day that God tells them NOT to even go back into their homes but to flee.

It will be the day perhaps that the Temple is ripped from it’s foundation by Jehovah as the WRONG spirit was elevated. It is the Anti-Christ fully unveiled. He will NOT allow Torah. He will NOT allow Shabbot. He will NOT allow The Lord’s Feasts.

Yes, it is set to a pattern. These patterns look to the middle book which is Leviticus 10:16….the middle words of The Torah is “searching, he searched.” What are we searching for? Mosche was searching for the ‘burnt offering.’ It will be the WRONG burnt offering, my friends. It will be the wrong Spirit that is glorified from Jerusalem. He will be ‘Lawless’ which is Torahless; which identifies the Anti-Christ.

Our personal concern should be if we are involved in anything that is violating Torah. Are doing or saying anything that makes God ‘common’?

‘God damn’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ have become common words spoken by most people everyday. Do they have a personal relationship that they can ask God to dam another person? Even Balam could not undo the blessings of God on Israel.

Oh Lordy! Oh my Gosh (God)! Geeze (Gee God)! are all words that make God common. If His name is above all names and if His words are even above His name, how can man call upon this incredible God?

Even the apostle Peter said, ” I have not even eaten anything unclean much less eaten anything common.”

He is saying that he observed food laws given by God to be ‘set-apart unto The L-rd. Unclean food is anything listed in Leviticus 23 as not appropriate to eat. We don’t have to understand the ‘why’ of not eating something, but we just must obey it because that is what The Creator chose to cause an individual to be ‘set-apart’ to Him. Thus, no matter if Peter ate by himself, with other Jews or with Gentiles….he had never personally eaten anything unclean. He kept the Torah (instruction) of food given since Adom.

Man’s first sin involved food and thus God still uses food to show man’s heart toward obedience.

The second thing Peter comments on is ‘common’ food.   He had never eaten anything ‘unclean’ according to Leviticus and he had never eaten anything ‘common’.

So, what is common?

God will not be made to be ‘common’.   He is holy and set apart as our Creator and many other attributes. He is also our friend but he will not come down to our level and change something because you are close friends.

Adom made God to be ‘common’ and he got kicked out of the Gan of Eden.

Noach’s generation made God ‘common’ and all perished in water.

Solomon made God ‘common’ and lost The Kingdom.

The Israelites made God ‘common’ and went to Babylon for 70 years.

Men today make God ‘common’ resulting in chaos.

Common is not bad….but God is not ‘common’.

Idols are bad….but don’t hurt us…but place The Creator on that level…thus a ‘common’ god.

Christmas trees don’t hurt us…but they can NOT help us….thus they are pointless to waste your time with them in God’s view point.

Peter, Paul nor any of the disciples/apostles eat anything ‘common’.  ‘Common’ in this format meant that as they were around pagan people who offered food to other gods that they would not eat it.   Adom was to show  obedience through a piece of fruit.  They were would not eat it.

These foods did not harm the human body by becoming poison but they were tainted spiritually by  the disobedience of eating them.   We must remember that our battles are spiritual…not physical.  

Perhaps a banana was offered to Zeus, Diana, Molek or Allah….and because these made-up gods are not real….there is no real curse or adverse affect from eating the banana. 

 But, The Creator says that the food is just ‘common’.    It is ‘common’ because it was offered up to a false god is no longer worthy of being made an offering to Him.

He wants us to be a special ‘set-apart’ people unto His ways….not the world’s ways…and this food instruction is a pattern for us to remember to be ‘set apart’ unto Him in our lives.

He will not be associated with anything offered to another ‘god’; especially a god that is claimed to be ‘greater’.  The people that believe in ‘false gods’ can’t associate with The Living God.  He wants you to have ONE heart because He is ONE God for All people to search after.  God is a spirit and completed plans of coming in a fleshy form for our eyes to behold…and watch die…and resurrect again…and that will return to reign on the earth.

Thus, let us understand that ALL the apostles kept The Torah of God by never eating any food except food described in Leviticus 23.  They had never eaten anything ‘common’ that was served to them by a Gentile or a Jew.   Many Hebrews then and today still ride the fence and participate in honoring several gods.   King Solomon had earthly wisdom which turned prideful in that he thought he was beyond reproach.    Many of his foreign wives honored other gods and Solomon would give in to their requests of honoring  Molech.  His wives and himself came to believe in offering up their children to Molech. 

King Solomon turned away from The Living God and turned to foreign gods.  His kingdom was ranked from him but it would happen through his grandsons.   How insulting to anointed King of Israel and then say that Torah did not apply to him.   This is an example of do what God says, but don’t do what I do.

Today, we have Nails by Diana or restaurants with Buddha statues present.    I must commit to not being served by that store as they honor foreign gods there.

Today, we have sandwich shops serving Hallel meat catering to Muslims.  The cattle are slaughtered in a certain way with a prayer said over it while faced toward Mecca.  I should not eat it…I must watch for packaging that claims this blessing.

Christmas is surrounded with Saint Nicholas…the fat jolly guy…nothing to do with Christ in Christmas. In fact, it’s name sounds Catholic being Christ-mass. But, it’s held on the winter equinox that celebrates the god Tammuz.

Today in 2018, we ‘god-damn’ everything……..truly making God’s name…..below ‘common.’

We find that God wants us to recognize that we are ‘common.’ It is in being ‘common’ that we can repent and recognize that He alone is holy. Even as we fail to be ‘set apart’ it is okay because we repent and recognize that He alone can be ‘Holy Holy Holy’.

Let us start by searching…the very middle word of The Torah. As we search we will find that He will lift us up so we can stand in His righteousness before Him. His ‘writing on the wall’ shows us lacking. We are given a warning….God is patient that none should perish…but judgment falls to move men’s hearts. And, it is The Torah that judges us. It was set upon the earth since it’s beginning with Adom. Men obey it or they don’t. They obey God’s instructions or they chose not to obey. Now, we have a fuller picture of what Torah looks like in Yeshua of whom came in the flesh and is known as The Living Word. He never violated it in one point which then qualifies Him to teach it into eternity.

Did He lose friends? Did Abraham lose friends? Did Noach lose friends? Will you lose friends? YES! But, your new friends will be God-fearers searching out the ways of God. Searching…Searching…Searching to the ends of the earth and into the heavens…and He is there…a friend that will elevate you there as well.

We can look back now to the 2014-15 eclipses that pointed many to look to The Lord’s Feasts. They operated on them and thus men are without excuse in checking into them. Many do NOT believe it yet…and now the next test… The Seven Salem eclipses known as The Great American Solar Eclipse.

The Great American Solar Eclipse first passed over Salem Oregon. Salem Idaho was next. Salem Wyoming was the third city of Salem to experience it’s darkness. The middle Salem would be in Nebraska…#4 (Dahlet/gateway). The fifth Salem covered would be in Missouri…the ‘show me’ state. You have to show them in order to believe. The shadow continued to Salem Kentucky closing in on Nashville. Then it closed out with Salem #7 being in South Carolina.

When the hurricanes and tornadoes hit the United states in the summer of 2017 it began where it left off. It began in Florida and went up through South Carolina, Kentucky and even Missouri was effected. Many will tell the story of how each Salem was affected a year later.

Eclipses are signal and eclipse locations are now confirmed as being targeted. It crossed our property in Missouri and we are feeling the drought as it’s heat of 102 today. Animals suffer in heat with only weeds standing high.

What does it take for mankind to change their ways? In 2011 my husband had a five-way by-pass. It was the time of another drought our hayman said. I remember it being 106 at that fourth of July.

It can be a hard thing to change a thinking that has been programmed into you your entire life. Many walk several paths so if one fails then the other may save them. Some just prefer to hold unto their good ancestors that will invite them into eternity. They cling to mere men who were probably good and yet all have sinned and come short…very short…of the glory of God.

After searching and digging for Messiah, it really is NOT hard resting on the day He chose for me to rest. And resting in Torah reveals the love our Creator Adonai still has for us. We are the ones that walked away, not God. I no longer look at the what I thought was the ‘work’ of Shabbot as work. It is rest and comfort to know you are representing the Creator of the Universe and doing things His way instead of my way. Okay, enough…let’s proceed.

These are the pictures seen in this chapter. I’ve poked and prodded to see the patterns and I feel we have just scratched the surface for what God has for us to search out. What we can know is that our Creator works ALL things to His glory. It is for kings to search them out and that pleases Him.

Unique Precursors to each witness.

What happened just before the eclipses of 2014-2015? On November 3, 2013, 30 Cheshvan we had a very unusual solar eclipse. It was the Erev of Rosh Chodesh, a very dark time. This solar eclipse did one of everything that it could. It acted as a Partial, Annular and Total Solar eclipse. It is a rare thing to have a Hybrid Solar eclipse. This solar hybrid introduced the coming Tetrads – Four Blood Moons – which would each have their own uniqueness to them. They begin at Passover and end at Passover. I would call them the Pesach Blood Lunar eclipses with two Feast of Tabernacles Blood Lunar eclipses. The solar were sandwiched in the middle.

What happened just before The Lord’s Feasts of 2014-2015? It would be on November 28, 2013 that was the First Day of Chanukah. It was also Thanksgiving Day for the United States. I was the last time for a thousand years that this would ever happen again. I lived with sadness in my heart that mankind would not rededicate themselves and be thankful for God’s Torah. It was also the day Comet Ison could be seen from the skies. It was 25 Kislev, the day the Maccabees reclaimed the Temple in 165 BC after Antiochus Epiphanies set up Zeus for three and half years as god. They called it Thanksgivach.

What happened before the Torah was given at Mt. Sinai with Mosche? The priests of Korach had to be killed for their part in setting up the golden calf. The gold was melted from the calf and put in the streams of water. Those that drank from the waters died. There was a plague but the people had to be purified.

Wow! Each happening had a precursor that judged men. In fact, the world’s precursor picture is Adam. His entire lineage was wiped out by the flood. Noah was given a rainbow as a sign. It had two purposes…the earth would never be destroyed by a world-wide flood again. And, the second part of the rainbow covenant sign would be that the next time the earth would burn.

The earth will burn to be purified for the millennial reign. The Creator of our world IS a jealous God. The bones that lie in the earth defile man and then man is reminded that he is just ‘common’. It is for all bones to burn up so no bone can contaminate the earth or man any longer. In fact, we are told that as we go in and out we will see these bones and be reminded of what once defiled us.

His bones were not broken at The Stake…He was pierced through for our transgressions…. This Suffering Servant was set apart….Holy for us….to be searched for.

We have a GADOL (Big) God. It comes down to a simple truth of seeking His face as Mosche did on that mountain. I don’t need to escape to the moon to see Him but in the eclipses He is signaling us.

‘Yood of ELOHIM’ Writing On Our Walls

Meine Meine

Found Wonting

MARCH 20, 2015

Vernal Equinox Total Solar Eclipse on Sabbath

March 20 2015 stands out for many reasons. After writing the article on Pointing Forward and Backward, I looked for perhaps one more clue about the balance being shown in the universe and God’s Torah. I found something most intriguing. Look at this….all happening on the SAME day! Not only would there be a Total Solar Eclipse this day, but it was also the Vernal Equinox. And, it was announcing the Sabbath.

What was the reading for that Shabbot? Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26; Isaiah 66:1-24, Luke 1-3; according to ElShaddai Ministries 2014-2015 calendar. To put this all in perspective, I suggest you read the scriptures for yourself.

Do NOT be found wonting.

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