Midwest Drought 2018 – 18 bales – St Joe covered by 2017 Great American Eclipse

18 bales – Field only produced 18 bales.

2018 August 20 update:  Governor allows state land to be bailed because of shortage of hay.

2011 – Seven years ago (a Shemittah cycle) our property had a drought…but I do not remember it much as that July 4th my husband had a five-way by-pass after a heart attack.  Our hay man reminded us today what 2011 looked like…7 years ago.

I feel blessed to have been given my husband back for another seven years.  Today Friday, July 13 2018 our 10-year old grandson Caleb joyfully worked with Grandpa (69) in 98 degree temperatures to move our 17 bales onto pallets to store them under our trees.  It may be the only hay that our small acres produce this year.

This St Joseph Missouri farmer sat under the 2017 Great American Eclipse last year.  People flocked to the St. Joe area camping out over the weekend to participate in this incredible event happening in America.  It will be back in a few years….

But, for now…even as I remembered to watch it from our property last year…it was long enough for a few bats to come out and fly around.  As it began I watched it with my eyes for a short moment and found it to look like a piece of silver aluminum foil in the sky.  We then put on glasses and viewed it safely.

This is our neighbors hay that rolled by our front door on July 12, 2018.  It is to feed the cattle right now….not stored for next winter…but right now.  All hay and stored hay has been eaten as we even searched high and low trying to find hay for our few animals this winter.

This farmer has 320 acres and has had total crop failure on all of it.  There will be no corn or beans come to head.  They have received one inch (1″) of rain since January 2018.  Our property is behind on water but we have received 5.6 ish inches this year.  We got to bail one harvest that produced one half of its normal yield.

Instead of applauding the sight of eclipses, I believe we should be praying in humbleness that God would relent on his judgments on the earth.  I have been writing about the God being made to be common in my last long articles.  I will keep this short as you can read the last articles published in July 2018 to catch up with the Hawaii Volcano gods and we wonder why our gateway to America is burning.

Adonai’s sign of his covenant with us via Noach is the ‘rainbow’.  We all know that when we see the rainbow it is to confirm to us that God will not destroy the earth by a worldwide flood again.  Everyone is pleased and so they don’t worry about the ‘worldwide’ flood….but we do see local floods that took many lives in 2017 with the hurricanes.

Several hurricanes stacked one upon the other with Harvey being the most ferocious.  Then  on 29 Av, August 21 2017, Great American Eclipse crossed seven cities in America with the name, Salem….peace.  Peace had been removed by water and fire was next…even in 2017…  2018 is the volcano year with Hawaii losing over 600 homes and still burning and 300 lives lost at Guatemala 30 days later on June 3 2018.

Now, we sit in the midst of a time of judgment concerning pestilence with NO food…for the cattle to eat…so farmers will sell them…and prices will drop and by Spring if there is rain…the rancher will buy cattle to eat his pastures.  But, if pastures stay dry…with no winter hay in surplus to feed…and no winter rains again…beef will go up because no one can raise them with hay perhaps over $150 a bale.  My first cousin told me that this last winter farmers were so desperate for their animals that the price was edging to $200.00 a bale.

Now friends….what do we think about making God ‘common’?

I just watched Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) feature The Apostle Paul movie commercial-free on Monday night.  I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. and could hardly keep my eyes open.  But, my blood was boiling at certain points because I study the Bible and still saw how the church replaces Israel and the Hebraisms is that is our heritage to claim.

The sheet coming down with all the different animals on it has been taken as we are now able to eat whatever food we want.  A 36-year old Baptist pastor visited us for two days and also agreed that it was not a ‘congratulations’ to eat whatever you want…but it was Paul’s commission to go to these people (who eat whatever they want) and tell them they be accepted into the ways of The Messiach now.  That they too could live their lives set-apart to God by eating according to Leviticus 23.  That they should no longer offer idols to Zeus, Apollonian, Diana as these gods aren’t even real.  But, it is through the new message of Yeshua Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection that they can now yoke to and walk in correctness and holiness before their God.

Sha’ul Paul was made to speak as if the law was done away with and at the same time he was made out to be lying under his breath that he didn’t believe it.  Paul was so confusing in that movie that you wonder what that actor had to really think about his role.  In fact, Sha’ul may come back and be ready to give a big speech himself to discuss how misunderstood he’s been since Constantine.

I want to find the verse but Sha’ul is so upset with being accused of doing Gentile acts that he gets made and stated that “God forbid that I would do anything against The Torah.  I even did the Nazarite vows and paid for five other to do it.

This was an expensive venture that was probably cost in today’s money perhaps $20,000…$5,000 each…because they had to pay for their own cattle to slaughter in living that way.

Now, back to the subject of common.  Peter says,  “I haven’t even eaten anything ‘unclean’ and I’ve never eaten anything ‘common.'”  Thus Peter, of whom is recorded as an apostle to the Gentile and to the Jew,  is claiming to purest of Jews even as he’s been commissioned to go out into the areas of the world.   Sha’ul frequented the areas of Greece, Athens and therefore was around more of the Greek and Romans gods.  This is where they offer meats/foods to Apollo, Zeus, Diane etc.   Sha’ul and Peter keep revisiting areas that they once taught the correct ways and yet when they returned to these areas, they had fallen back into that countries traditions.

These two apostles  confirm that many Jews and Gentiles had been told the correct form of worship and yet these Jews and Gentiles return to their old forms of worship…and this is what God is sick of in their offerings to him.   They could not attend a BBQ for Zeus and bring that same meat to The Lord’s Feasts.

The offering to Zeus was a worthless thing to do as these little gods are not real.  Thus, the offering is neutralized…and it can’t hurt their bodies persae as food.   But, it most certainly won’t bless them in what they thought might happen in getting on the ‘good side’ of that god.

The book of Daniel speaks of carrying trees around and putting ornaments on them…it is a worthless thing to do because this neither hurts or can help you.  It is our Living G-d that can help us….not Christmas trees.  In fact, they are an insult to God.  His goal is for you not to do it on HIS Feastivals…if you think you must follow the traditions of men and celebrate the tree.

Our Creator is the REAL living God and will not have false gods before Him.  They are “common” and God is ‘holy/set apart.”  He can NOT be worshiped by double-minded hearts when we are to have one heart which operates in what ADONAI requests.

You see God wants it done correctly or not done at all.  And, our Creator will not take the meat sacrifice given to Zeus, Appolyion or Diana, Isis, etc. and have it now given to honor Him.  These gods aren’t even  gods as these gods are just made up by people over thousands of years of time.

Thus, this meat  is just common meat…made common by offering it up to these idols…and thus it can never be made ‘holy’ separated out to be used in another sacrifice to ADONAI.

It is with the heart in which a person does something that is important to God and it through action that the intent of the heart is revealed.    Elohim will not be shared by Hawaii’s gods or the Muslim’s god Allah or any other god.

Abraham’s father Laban made idols for the people and Abraham corrected his father in doing such a trade.    Actually our Living God is called, ‘the unknown god’ by Abraham because men didn’t know ‘the living God’.  Our living God acts upon the earth….and if we choose to close our eyes…then he’ll close his eyes to us.  He does NOT need us…we need Him.

Even Peter says he has never eaten anything unclean…..thus he has never eaten any scavenger…pig…mice…lobster..non-scaled fish…etc.    And so, as we see the apostles eating with the Gentiles they are all eating ‘clean’ according to Leviticus 23.   The food was not to be a stumbling block…it was clean food.  The stumbling block came in the food becoming, ‘common.’  This was not to be tolerated!

Peter states that he has never eaten anything ‘common.’  Whoa….thus when they brought a foreign meat to his table…he would ask where it came from and he would NOT eat it if it had been part of a differnt ‘gods’ offering.  None of them were to be a stumbling block s before their brethren….other Jews, new converts to Yeshua…who could have witnessed them eating common.    Unclean eating was never questioned….no one was eating pork BBQ.

And, if there were other Jews who were eating unclean according to Leviticus 23, they were corrected in their eating and on the disgust of  worshiping these Greek/Roman idols.

Today, we in America parade Zeus and Diana at the Olympics handing them off to the next country…and I believe some countries celebrate her original name, goddess Isis.

The Korean Olympics was a joke for goddesses and demons….and there we are..involved and thinking God should not judge us for our actions.

I’ll stop here…  18 bales of hay to feed summer cattle…and that field will not have another crop….unless we all humble ourselves and repent….  We will be bailing ditches my friends because that is all the corners of the earth that may not be bailed yet.


The Dire Straits are truly dire right now….  But, do God’s sheep know any of these dates?  No!  But, they do know that today is a superstitious Friday The Thirteenth.  I don’t believe in that at all……..but I do believe that He who made us is in control.  And I believe that when His instructions (torah) are violated….judgment comes….and it’s cyclical…and it will continue to happen again…until we repent…and remove all of these rabbit feet from our lives.

And, no more ‘God damn’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ as a ‘second breath’ that just comes out of our mouths.  All of this makes God ‘common.’  Even Adom and Chanoh (Eve) brought God down to a common level as they wanted to know what He knew…they wanted to be mini-gods…making God ‘common.’  He’ll cast us out…as He has shown us how to be ‘holy’ as He is ‘holy’.  It is throuh His Son Yeshua’s blood and resurrection and then we live out the Torah as Yeshua embodied the complete Torah…filling it up to it’s fullest…thus quaifying Him to The Messiach.

In fact….don’t call him GOD…it’s ADONAI (Lord).  And it’s Yeshua (meaning your salvation).  So…JC has been violated and yet was just a name that they made up.  The Greeks gave Sha’ul the name….Paul and they also called him Appolyan incarnate.

This movie on The Apostle Paul used his Greek name throughout the settings of history. This is replacement theology.   Israel and her language and her calendar are deemed unimportant….again cause for punishment.  ‘Bad TBN’ for endorsing this movie.  If there is one thing wrong…then it’s all wrong….and they had lots of things wrong…just as the churches today claim to know it all.

If you keep using Greek thinking .. you start to think Jesus was Greek.  He was not Greek…even though they called him Jesus.  In Hebrew our savior’s name is Yeshua…meaning your ‘Salvation.’

We will all get new names….what will yours be?  I do know I’m a new creature and my name means beautiful gate…and I do open my mouth for Him.

Assignment:  Define God’s definition of:







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