Eclipse 2018 Longest in 21st Century; 2100 hours to 22:15 BST.

Is this eclipse pointing to more than planetary alignment of Venus, JUPITER, Saturn and red Mars tonight, July 27, 2018?   It is also occurring on a special Hebrew calendar date of 15 AV, known as TuB-Av.  It is a time of rejoicing for The Temple..the last wood was cut for the Temple sacrifices.  It is finished!  Today, The Suffering Servant’s blood finished our salvation.  Blood Moons remind us of that!!!

Is the world rejoicing with Israel’s new law?  No, it has allowed Syria to send bombers even in the last several days.    Is  the world going to believe that China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Russia will agree to PEACE with Israel?  America is concerned for her peace and safety…but along with that they MUST agree to Israel….we have her back!  Or, should we say, God has OUR back through her?  Yes!

Last year Virgo appeared in the skies giving birth…and her birthing pains poured hurricane waters on the earth.



This Eclipse is NOT about America this time.  Last year it was about America…and hurricanes stopped us in our tracks….signaled by The Great American Eclipse of 2017 crossing seven cities named Salem…America’s peace was taken from her.  They unleashed harsh words and continue to unleash harsh words in 2018 for God’s appointed ‘man of the hour’…The Last Trumpet called…now America’s President Donald Trump.  He is Israel’s King Cyrus that desires to bring peace to all nations and to help Israel specifically…but The Nations fight back….degrading his character as if he did not even qualify to be a judge over them.  A true REJECTION of NOT returning…resulted in King Cyrus leaving in his own pride of ‘look what He did.’…even though he didn’t quite get the job done.  This president is humble in that he wants all nations to be Great…even if they weren’t great before.  They should all return to their own clans as that is the language and gestures that they are familiar with.  Boys can NOT come to a foreign land and rape as a judgement of justice that is part of their clan in their own country.  They are foreigners being judged by this Middle East Eclipse to return to their own cultures so the rest of the world does not frustrate them.  God will judge each person’s action.  Their own country is their ‘city of refuge’.  If they do NOT return…having done nothing wrong…they may do something wrong and be killed for it.  It is the ‘rights’ of the owners of the lands that they visit to protect their own property and way of life.

JACOB tried to get back home in his 20th year with Laban.  He met Esau on the road home and gave up one-half of his wealth to him.  Esau had 400 soldiers with him when he met Jacov in a false peace.  Jacob didn’t go home right away.  He even had a lying wife who stole her father’s idols as she thought they would help her have a child.  It would be at least in that 22nd year that she may deliver Benjamin…the son of her sorrow…for requesting a child of whom she blamed God for not giving her.  Her other gods failed her and Jacob told her to stop blaming him and she should talk to God about it.  God saw it best for her to die outside of her land…known as an worshiper of false gods..even stealing them from her father’s house.  Rachel even used mandrakes (fruit) that her son Reuben had to help her get pregnant.  She is the one that sold them to Leah and that is when Leah does get to lie with Jacob.  This shows us that she gave into superstition as well.

Jacob’s children (Israel) have come through the 20th century and into the 21st century…one hundred years to Yacov’s one year.  Yacov’s life is now patterned out on the earth by our present-day Israel.  He will avoid a fight with Esau by giving up property (herds).  And, then God blesses him multiplying his wealth that he has great respect among the people…but his name is changed to Israel…so as no one would come kill them because of what his deceiving children did to the people at Shekham…they slaughtered the entire city because they violated their sister Dinah.  The family members stuck together even though they secretly hid their nasty plan of murder from Jacob and the men of Shekham.

The deceivers had to flee…Jacob’s leadership had to mold them into what they would become.  The deceiving woman Rachel had to die off…she was not allowed to raise The Son of Jacob’s strength Benjamin.  Benjamin had to be protected and trained differently than the rest.  Jacob had been gone for seven years of tending sheet in the heat and cold…bringing him almost to his death.  After 7 years…the brides agreed to leave their idol-worshiping father’s house.

The patterns are set before us…I saw them today and thus will post things as I see them.  Even the time of the eclipse shows us “Jacob’s Troubles”….and yet it is about a New Birth…a new moon finally uncovered…in it’s fullness.

It is time for the Son of Man to return?  Is the world joining the Jew in their calendar…The Lord’s Feasts?  Is the world mourning when they mourn on their fast days?  Yes…Christians are joining them.  Then, the time is nigh as the fasts days will become days of rejoicing…as the Jews see The Nations joining them.  It will be then that they say from Jerusalem, “Blessed is He that comes in The NAME of Adonai.”

Is the time nigh for the Son?  There will be a partial Solar eclipse on January 20-21 2019…..One partially dark day!  January 20-21 2019.  It matches the Jacob Laban theme of leaving to establish the homeland in year twenty. (The man (120) leaves for home in year 20).

And, the years with Beit (2) in them like 2020, 2021, 2022 all point to House House House…..The Temple The Temple The Temple…  The twentieth century brought The Land back and now in twenty-first century The Temple is crying out to return.

As per “During the 21st century, there will be 224 solar eclipses of which 77 will be partial, 72 will be annular, 68 will be Total and 7 will be Hybrids between total and annular eclipses.  Of these two annular and one total eclipse will be non-central, in the sense that the very center (axis) of the moon’s shadow will miss the earth.  In the 21st century the greatest number of eclipses in one year is four,  in 2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094.  The predictions given here are by Fred Espenak of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.”

Hybrid eclipses actually perform and do one of each of the eclipse shadows.  They are very rare.  In the time of Abraham there were 21…at the time of Issac Newton there were 23 and at the time of The Suffering Servants 100-year span there was a whopping 25 Hybrid solar eclipses to welcome our the SON of God.

Now…let’s read what NASA has to say about 2049-50 (and keep in mind that 100 years earlier Israel became a state and a Lunar Tetrad occurred in 1949-1950.)

“The eclipse of May 20, 2050, will be the second hybrid eclipse in the span of less than one year, the first one being on November 25, 2049.”

This is getting to be so much fun…I’ll be right back…let convert those dates.  They sound like Israel Independence Day and Chanukah….Perfect…

November 25 2049 – First Hybrid Eclipse –  Cheshvan 30 – Noach steps off ark Cheshvan 27.  Adom in Gan of Eden awaiting their exist from the Gan of Eden on the Rosh Chodesh of Month Four…31 days.  His re-entry is consecrated for 42 more days and nights.  “Days of Re-entry”.  The Macabees of fighting for The Temple for 3.5 years, 42 months…won on Kislev 15 with the days of dedication (chanukah) around Kislev 25.

This special 1949-50 Hybrid solar eclipse announces a time of being set-apart to consecrate the world for the future from The Temple…the new land is about to be entered in.

May 20, 2050 – 28 Iyyar —–  Do you know what day this is?  Oh my….how can I even finish typing this?????????  This very special 1950 (Jubilee) Hybrid eclipse occurs celebrating ISRAEL’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Wow!  And it is the day before the Sabbath with the Parsah reading of ‘Bamidbar’ meaning “In the Wilderness’.  The verses you could read are Numbers 1:1-4:20; Hosea 2:1-22.  All over the world Israel will be celebrating Coming out of the Wilderness…Day 43 Counting of the Omer with the Ruach HaChodesh arriving on Day 50…  This is more than powerful…what an incredible way for The Creator Elohim to celebrate what He established from the beginning…to reign from the earth teaching all men Torah that pictures His blood given in the past.  And, it’s a Shemittah year…releasing all debt…sin…

Other amazing solar eclipses prepared for us.

The Solar eclipses in 2018 and 2019:  Shevat 30 (Zechariah’s horsemen), Av 1 and Av 30.

February 15, 2018  20:52:33   150 Partial – Shevat 30 – Horsemen remove peace from earth so Temple can return…Zechariah 1-2.

July 13, 2018  03:02:16   117 Partial  (1 17 Points to Joseph’s years lost 17 and enjoyed for only 17 more years before father Jacov is buried in Hebron, Israel.

August 11, 2018   09:47:28   155 Partial   Sabbath Re’e (see) 2018 AV 30,  Moses leaves next day 1 Elul climbing up Mountain of God to seek atonement for Israel’s sin with the Golden Calf.  US releases second atomic bomb on Japan ending WWII.

January 6, 2019   01:42:38   122 Partial   (22 again pointing to The Temple/Beit/House)  Tevet 29 Sunday; January 5 2019 Sabbath Va’era (He appeared).  Whoa….HE APPEARED!

It is time my friends to choose whose house you will serve as Joshua said.  Joshua’s heart allowed him to be able to bring the people across the Jericho…  It is the path of crossing as it was the same location where Yeshua spent his 40 days and nights in the desert…crossing the Yarden back into reality of now showing He was The Messiach…healing the leopards of that day…proving…filling up The Torah…it showed who was in control of every pattern set from the ancient days.

Israel will be under this eclipse…sitting among the nations…and may it remind her of how Yacov yearned to go home and settle in the land of his father, Abraham.  Their hearts today showed up in the heavens as they passed a law…at this 2018 Eclipse….This TuB’Av (15 Av) Eclipse…that renews their vows to The Temple…which represents God’s presence on the earth….

No Temple…no symbol.  A Temple…The Great I AM’s symbol.  He will make it His own one day in all it’s splendor…but for now…it’s just one stone at a time upon which man builds.  The Messiach Stone…The Cornerstone…The Calendar…The Lord’s Feasts…The Torah that says DO NOT MURDER…Do NOT remove my image from the earth….Do NOT remove my Temple…physical and spiritual…I want to dwell within you and I want you to see me…I AM is coming again!

120 is Strong’s number for Adom, man.

From the internet today:


Skywatchers will be treated to the longest “blood moon” eclipse of the 21st Century on Friday.

As it rises, during this total eclipse, Earth’s natural satellite will turn a striking shade of red or ruddy brown.

The “totality” period, when light from the Moon is totally obscured, will last for one hour, 43 minutes.

The eclipse is visible from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, most of Asia and South America and in the UK from around 21:00 to 22:15 BST.

On the same night and over the coming days, Mars will be at its closest point to Earth since 2003 – visible as a “bright red star” where skies are clear.

Why will the eclipse last so long?

The Moon will pass right through the centre of the Earth’s shadow, at the shadow’s widest point.

“This is actually almost as long as a lunar eclipse could be,” Prof Tim O’Brien, an astrophysicist at University of Manchester, explained.

It coincides not only with Mars’s close approach, but with what he described as a “procession of planets” – a line-up of our celestial neighbours that will give skywatchers a particularly good view of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

Eclipse terms

Umbra: The darker, central part of the Earth’s shadow

Penumbra: The lighter, outer part of the shadow cast by our planet

Because the Moon is far away from Earth relatively speaking – its orbit is an ellipse, so it moves closer and further and looks larger and smaller from Earth.

“Mars will look like this beautiful bright red star just below the Moon,” said Prof O’Brien.

“Every couple of years or so, the Earth overtakes Mars on the inside as it orbits the Sun, so Mars is closest to us.

“And because of the elliptical shape of the orbit, it’s even closer than normal; it really is a great time to spot Mars.”

Where will the eclipse be visible?

Where skies are clear of cloud, the spectacle will be visible almost everywhere around the world, with the exception of North America. The eclipse will already have started by the time the Moon rises over the UK and Western Europe.

Prof O’Brien explained that people in the UK would “need to have a clear south-eastern horizon as the Moon comes up” in order to see it.


I’m including the Hale Cycle…because it shows a pattern in sun spots….and it is a connection in the pattern in men’s lives as well….Johnathan Cahn’s pointed us to Obama, The Clinton’s and Ahaz and Jezebel having 22-year tenors of public service.  This is another paradigm that connects to even the timing of this eclipse ending at 22:15.

What will our 22nd century bring?  Did Benjamin come in year 22 of Laban?  I think so! What will 2022 look like on the earth?  We have four years to repent and turn back…to The Torah…it’s calendar…and it’s Messiah…Yeshua!  It’s His blood portrayed in Blood Moons.

Hale Cycle. The approximate 22-year cycle in which the magnetic polarity of sunspot pairs reverses and then returns to its original state; during half the cycle, for example, the leading spot in every pair will have a positive polarity but during the other half, the leading spot will be negative.

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