Hurricane Lane’s History connects to Harvey! Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes Parallel.

Hawaii’s Hiki and Himalaya 8.6 Earthquake same day; August 15, 1950!

Idolatrous Nations Judged!

Do earthquakes and hurricanes go hand in hand?

August 12 2018 is Elul 1 the rosh chodesh of the month…with Kaktovik Alaska hosting 6.3 earthquake.  By August 19 (Elul 8) Fiji issues a 8.3 deep earthquake.  Shifting produces heat released and the skies warm up.

Notice how these happenings occur at the dark time of no or a sliver of the moon…called ‘rosh chodesh.’

What else does Hawaii’s 1950 Hiki  attach to?

Idolatry leads to same time of judgment: Month of Av-Elul

Here is how the months go July: Tammuz/Av; August: Av/Elul; September/Elul/Tishrei.

Tropical cyclone Hiki was the FIRST wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States delivering 52 inches in four days.   In 2017 Harvey then took FIRST place in the wettest dumping 64.58 (164.0 cm) in Texas.  That’s an increase of 12.58″.

1950 – 2017 —  These occur one jubilee and 17 years apart.  Sixty-seven years apart (50+17=67).

Month of Elul – Month of Repentance – Moses Elul 1 to Tishrei 10 asking God to forgive Israel for worship of idol of golden calf.

Hurricane Hiki – 1950 August 15 – 2 Elul  (Moses just got up Mt. Sinai to request forgiveness.  The mountain had been shaking with lightening in His anger with them.)

SAME time slots on Gregorian and Hebrew calendars:

Hurricane Harvey – 2017 – Birthed August 13; 21 Av – 7 Elul.

Harvey hit Middle Texas Coast –  August 25 – 29, Elul 3-7.

Harvey is FIRST major hurricane to make landfall along the Middle Texas Coast since Celia August 3, 1970.  (47 years to Harvey; 48 years to now active Hurricane Lane August 23, 2018.)

Celia: August 3 1970 Av 1 – Which is during ‘The Dire Straits’ (Tammuz 17 thru 9 Av).  Celia hits at the worst time in Israel’s history which has now turned on the world.

The WORLD allowed The Yom Kippur War of October 1973 to happen (Tishrei 10).  Not one country came to their aide in 1973….shame on the world!  The U.S. didn’t listen to Celia drowning waters on Texas in 1970.   Privately some citizens who loved her went to help; no U.S. troops were sent.  The surprise attack on The Fast left them for weeks hiding in bunkers.   Israel was alone..and now the United States would be alone…as more and more troubles come upon her.  Even Obama turned his ear away from Israel for EIGHT years…until Next 2017 Harvey came with The Great American Eclipse dumping 64.58″ of rain on America with many dying.  And we still fight against Trump who is trying to help Israel.

Celia 1970 to 2017 is 47 years later and now 48 years later with Lane approaching on Elul 10 – (30 days until Yom Kippur; September 19, 2018).

 Harvey First Category 4 to make landfall along the Texas Coast since Carla  in 1961.  (1961 to 2017 is 56 years)

 What else does Hiki have in common? It was in the year 1950 which could be considered a jubilee of fifty years…being the year 1950 on the Gregorian calendar. Hiki was formed on August 12, 1950 southeast of Hawaii.

(This ‘little author’ writing this article was born that fateful day on August 15 1950 when 50,000 died in Indonesia and also when Hiki passed into Hawaii killing one human being by downed electrical wiring. One died and then another was born of whom would write about these days of destruction.)

What else partnered with Hiki that day on August 15, 1950? On August 15, 1950 Indonesia was host to an 8.6 earthquake that killed over 50,000 people in the Himalaya mountains.

Are Hiki (Abel) and Himalayas/Imaus (from the genus of moth) named after gods?  Abel was killed by his brother Cain.   Has God seen fit to send Abel to avenge his blood on the same type of people of whom follow after other gods.

(Countries in Himalayas: Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan.  Himalayan range has many of the Earth’s highest peaks (50 mountains), including Mount Everest.)

(Hiki is Hawaiian for Able.)  wikipedia

Thus, in 1950 there was an 8.6 earthquake in the Indonesia area that openly serves other gods and we know Hawaii openly serves other gods.

This author is born that day known as 2 Elul. She will grow to the age of 67 when experiencing Harvey and writing about it. One year will pass and another pattern shows up with earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes.  The writing continues to reveal dates that match the ‘patterns’ of The Creator.

On Sunday, August 19, 2018 which is also Elul 8 2018 an 8.2 earthquake is hosted at Ndoi Island, Fiji. A 6.3 and a 6.8 quickly follow that day at Fiji. But, this oversize earthquake is buried very deep in the earth so it does not affect the inhabitants on top of the earth.

But, in the same season Hawaii has been hosting constant volcano earthquake shaking since May 3, 2018. As that shaking has finally become calmer, two Alaska volcano earthquakes have been quickening sending forth their heat into the atmosphere. This heat mixes with cooler air and now on August 23 a Category 5 hurricane is headed toward Hawaii.

There is definitely a weather pattern that connects hot air rising and moving northward and when it reaches the colder northern air patterns, they disrupt into huge swirling masses of air that pick up the ocean waters and cause devastation to those in their path.

Thus, if we can look at how often and when earthquakes happens and in that slippage of plates as they crash together we can see the magma being disrupted that finds another path to seep upward to release the pressure within the earth.

We do NOT have a green gas problem, but an inner core magma problem. Some could call it ‘hell’ breaking lose on them in the form of fire….and water…in the form of storms. We are promised to never be flooded again by the ‘Covenant of the Rainbow’. But, that same promise tells us that we will be destroyed by ‘fire’ the next time. These fires come from the weather patterns being changed by manipulation by chem clouds also known as man-made ‘chem trails’ that are not normal in our skies.

God tell us that man was destroying creation since the time of Adam and now we see it again because we misuse our land. Man does not REST the land so it can overgrow it’s foliage and not become a dry barren land that burns.

My challenge has been to see if The Creator…of whom allows man free will….has set our earth to a pattern that we might be able to identify so we could RETURN to His ways.

His ways are to rest the earth every seventh year…just as we are to REST on the seventh day of the week….just as He rested from creating ALL things on the seventh day….so as to be an example for our future……. He did NOT need to rest physically, but became Lord over the Sabbath so we also would observe that example in order to maintain the earth and ourselves.

Hawaii is a younger state in joining the United Stations. She has been a set of outer islands to protect our borders. Thus, when a culture from the past is adopted into our Christian Judeo culture and does not agree with it and teaches others to serve and play around with their gods…and then we bring that back to the main island…acting as if they are just gods to be played with…The Creator has now put His foot on those islands and said, “No!”

If we put the Hawaii islands hurricanes on the Hebrew calendar we would find a pattern. But, until men are willing to look to The One Living God of the entire universe…these dates mean nothing to them.

First men have to believe there is a God. Second, they have to believe this God. And thirdly, they have to obey this God. Is this hard? No! Experience, past history and The Scriptures show us that all other gods are not real. And, we are told that all of these false gods must be removed from a nation’s soil. Why must they be removed? Because we have a very jealous God.

Hawaii’s gods and teachings will them no good in this hurricane that is headed their way as this is written. The idolatry that was brought to New Orleans was drown in Katrina and then we wanted to build back the evils of the ‘fun days’ of Mardi Gra! WRONG! Hurricane Maria and Harvey made mega churches places of refuge for the homeless. Did they find a Jewish Jesus there? Or, a Jesus that no longer does Torah so man just does what is ‘right in their own eyes’?

Today on Thursday, August 23, 2018, the United States is sending it’s ships and submarines away from Hawaii. Hurricane Lane is making a lane toward what the United States has considered her military might.

What happens to a nation when their military leaves port? Is America now distracted from protecting itself? Or, upon whom should she seek for her protection. Foreign gods have invaded her from nail salons who tout Buddha, Diana, Fish with a ball in it’s mouth. We walk under the symbol of ‘Astarte’ every time we walk into a Starbucks coffee house. We eat food dedicated to Allah when in restaurants such as ‘Subway’ that cater to people of Islam. Our world’s foreign gods and even Christians that don’t take the time to investigate how to be ‘set-apart/holy’ to The Creator criticize a person for not wanting to eat pork or non-scaled seafood or what one person has deemed ‘unclean’ according to Leviticus 23.

It breaks my heart to watch destruction come upon people who ‘just want to have fun’ in their life time. We are to have fun on this earth…but not to another’s expense. We are to judge those in our own community of faith…those who believe in The Messiah that is coming to reign from Jerusalem.

We are told we must live in this world….but we are NOT to be OF this world. It is this instruction, that the ‘HELL’ will not break forth on the earth. The heat that glows within our earth is likened to a ‘Lake of Fire.’ This lake is spewing forth it’s wrath. We MUST stop running as there is no cave to hide in that God does not see us. We should fall flat and humble ourselves so the ‘fires’ around us won’t touch us.

The earthquakes in divers places…the fire via the volcanoes make more mountains that we mistakenly build homes on…(“Build it and they will come,” is the saying.)

We must remember that God allows and actually orchestrates storms in our lives to distract us from perverting the direction He created for those that love Him. His direction is that we would always RETURN to Torah..RETURN to His Scriptures…His stories on how to live righteously on the earth.

The Creator Elohym established King Cyrus to bring the Jews back to Israel. He established President Obama and now He established President Trump. These men are opposites. All are motivated by self purpose but it is up to us each individually to chose the path to righteousness or The Lane Hurricane will visit your own doorstep.

I feel bad for those in hurricane Lane’s path just as I feel bad 150,000 Indonesia died the day I was born in 1950. Fifty is a jubilee number…a new beginning to bring all things to God’s purposes or setting ‘captives’ free. Do those on vacation would bear witness to the people of the those islands? Or, are we caught up in being entertained and think it’s just a show of cute ‘gods’ they present to us there.

Even as Christians we are doing ‘what is right in our own eyes’ as we’ve determined it wrong to tell a relative that their swimsuit is inappropriate or what they post on Instagram is embarrassing to us. Families have members living openly in sin and expect the family relatives to accept them living that way. Even God’s mature members don’t want to stand up against sin and look down on family members if they try to change their child.

It’s a mess……….But it’s not hopeless……..

The United States has ships fleeing and rightly so. We are to flee sin when presented with it. Flee evil so you can save him who is perishing. When the storm is done……the ships can return……but they will return to a cleansed island……a cleansed body of God’s believers…… they can give Him thanks for all they see Him doing on the earth.

I praise Him today……even thought the day I was born…seems to be one of destruction…and yet…it’s a day of standing on the mountain with Moses talking to God…in the burning bush of whose fire in my life will never go out.

I thank Him..and thank Him for my protection every day as I see evil approaching.

I’ll post Hawaii Hebrew dates in the next post………you will be amazed or you will just simply say, “So what!”

Hurricane Lane #37

1100 AM HST August 23 2018

Location 17.3N 157.5W

Maximum strength 130 MPH

Moving NW at 7 MPH

Maximum Pressure: 949 MB

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