Senators McCain and Ted Kennedy die same day of brain cancer.

King of the Earth

Moses born and died 7 Adar

George Washington born 7 Adar


George Washington born February 22, 1732

Ted Morris Kennedy born February 22, 1932

Senator Ted Kennedy dies August 25, 2009

Senator McCain dies August 25,  2018

Elvis Presley dies August 16, 2009

Aretha Franklin dies August 16, 2018


Moses is God’s chosen leader who lived 120 years and died in full health…not buried.  Moses is seen with Yeshua at transfiguration at Booths/Sukkot.

A farmer named George Washington will be chosen for eight years to be America’s first president.  He and Mosch share birthdays on the Hebrew calendar,  7 Adar.

Ted Morris Kennedy, the ninth child of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, was born 200 years exactly on George Washington’s birthday.  They choose to name him after a friend.

George Washington is born on 7 Adar (2.22.1732) and dies on 16 Kislev (12.14.1799).  He is born with the leader Moses and he dies on Kislev 16 which is exactly at the time the  Maccabees  win The Temple back from Antiochus Epiphanies of Rome.  George was a ‘hybrid’ man in the stature of Moses Adar 7 desiring to honor God first in his life building up America’s temple to honor God Kislev 16.  He did accept his destiny.

George Washington born on 7 Adar with Moses…both accepted their destinies.

George Washington dies celebrating America’s freedom as The Temple is won back from the Romans on 16 Kislev.

Senator Ted Kennedy will share George Washington’s February 22, 1932 birthday of whom was born 200 years earlier.

Kennedy is born on 15 Adar I which is in a leap month (extra 30 days) added to the Hebrew calendar in 1932.  Kennedy is born on the little Purim followed 30 days later by The Fast of Esther and then Purim held on 15 Adar II.  Purim celebrates ending the oppression by Persia (Iran of that day).  Senator Kennedy dies at age 77 after 47 years of political service.  George Washington will be 67 when he dies after giving 8 years of service to help begin America.

Senator Ted Kennedy will die on August 25 of brain cancer as does Senator McCain die of brain cancer the same day August 25.  Kennedy was 77 in 2009 and McCain was 81 in 2018 according to the Gregorian calendar.

McCain will die on the Hebrew date of his birth 14 Elul.  He completes 82 years of life on the Hebrew calendar August 25, 2018 is 14 Elul.  He was born on the Sabbath Ki Titze (when you go out to war) and he will die on the same Sabbath Ki Titze (when you go out to war).   14 Elul is his birth and death…his beginning and his end.

It is issued for all men to die once and McCain did it according to Moses…who also died on the exact day of his birth.  In McCain’s case…it was the same Sabbath, same Torah reading and same Hebrew date.  He completed his life according to his purposes and did NOT understand the plan Adonai had laid out for him in those Scriptures.  Ki Titze completely lays out the instructions on how to lie safely on the earth.

Two more celebrities (kings) of the earth die in Elul, The Month of the King.  Elul 2 ended Elvis Presley’s physical kingship and Elul 3 ended Aretha’s physical Queenship.  August 16 will be the date of both of their memories.  The King died 9 years before The Queen.  They continue to entertain the world with their rock and roll music as their families collect royalty fees.  The Presley family collected $458 million dollars in the year 2017.  Queen of Soul and Queen of Rock Aretha had 112 charted singles on Billboard, including 77 100 entries, 17 top-ten singles, 100 R&B entries and 20 number one R&B singles.

as per wikipedia

Die August 16 – Elvis Presley 2009, Aretha Franklin 2018


Ted Moor Kennedy 77 #9 child

b. 2.22.1932 15 Adar I

d. 8.25.2009 5 Elul

47 years government

Born same day as George Washington

Dies same date as John McCain:   August 25

Ted Kennedy 77 2009; McCain 81 2018.

Both Kennedy & McCain die of brain cancer

Moses born and died 7 Adar 

First President George Washington b. 2.22.1932 * 7 Adar

Senator Ted Kennedy b. 2.22.2009 * 15 Adar I

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