Rare Hybrid Eclipse Shadows

 Jerusalem Day 2049-50

Latitude 40 is Israel, Jerusalem

Hybrid Saros Series Number 148

TD of Greatest eclipse:  20:42:50

Jerusalem Day

Month Two

Day 28

 Iyyar 2050

May 20  2050


Isra’el established in 1948 resounds in Saros Series 148

Isra’el reigns at 40th latitude

Isra’el is celebrated in 2050, a jubilee year

Isra’el is celebrated on Jerusalem Day.

Nation of Isra’el completes 100 years.

Time: 20:42:50

20 is the year Jacob left Laban’s house.

   Isra’el was established in 20th century

42 is 6 Shemittah cycles (7×6); 42 months, 1260 days of Daniel.  42 weeks is full term pregnancy.

50 Yu’vil Jubilee (set free); 42+7= 49 to complete freedom.

Five is the letter Hei  ‘behold’, grace   ה

Yahweh’s heavens declare His glory!

Hybrid Eclipses Jacob/Isra’el

Life cycle of a Hybrid Eclipse is 1700 Years

Joseph was sold into Slavery at age 17.

Ya’cov is 64 when losing Yosef.  (47 + 17 = 64)

Ya’cov stands before the world (Pharaoh) age 130.  He has lost his son for 66 years (130 minus 64).   Ya’cov will enjoy Yosef for another 17 years and then die at age 147 (130 + 17).  Thus, he beheld his son for 34 years; 17 in the homeland and 17 in the world of Egypt.

 This can show the paradigm of Yeshua Jesus being born, hidden and finally lifted up in resurrection at age 34. 

Yosef is 83 when he draws his family to Egypt to save them from a famine.  Yosef will enjoy his father for 17 more years.  Yosef is 100 years of age when Ya’cov dies at age 147.  We know his father Ya’cov was 47 when Yosef was born. 

He was 40 when he arrived and worked 7 years before receiving two brides.  Yosef is the last born in that 2nd 7 years with Laban.  thus Ya’cov is 47 when Yosef is born.    There will be at least 7 years before Benjamin is born.  Ya’cov goes into the animal husbandry for Laban for the next six years.  Benjamin will be born after the 3rd 7 years still outside of Isaac’s land.  Twenty One years will show us our 21st century and Ya’cov’s 22nd year bringing forth Benjamin (son of right hand) shows us 22nd century or 2022….etc.

Ya’cov age 47 having Yosef, portraying The Suffering Servant, definitely shows us the Nation of Israel in November of 1947.  Suffering to be recognized and it would take until spring 1948 with Harry S Truman believing The Bible.

Isaac was 180 years when he died.  We know Yosef goes down to Egypt 190 years from The Promise to the land.  Therefore, Ya’cov leaves 10 years after Isaac dies.  The same pattern of 10 show up in that Ya’cov leaves at 10 years from Isaac dying and Yosef dies ten years after his father Ya’cov dies.

Yosef dies at age110.  He had 10 years left to mend his hurts with his brothers who sold him into Egypt.  After 66 years of them not coming to look for him, he still forgave them and supplied all their needs even after their father was no longer in their lives.

Could that 66 years play into 6600 years of history that man still has not looked in the right direction for their Messiach? 

There is another set of seventeen in Yosef’s story.  Benjamin is probably ten years old when Yosef is seventeen and starting his severing from the family.  He could be born when Yosef is 7 years olds.  Yosef leaves at age 17 and therefore Benjamin is ten years of age.  They loved each other dearly since their mother died in giving birth to Benjamin.  These picture attitudes and timelines for Yeshua’s first arrival and his second arrival as King of Kings looking for his closest kin…..us!

17 AD is when Yeshua was probably 20 years old as it is being poven that he was was born in -3-2 BCE.  17 AD begins a new Jubilee year on some calendars.

At age 20 he is fully molding himself into one of the many sects of the Pharisees qualifying himself to have disciples and becoming their ‘master teacher’.  He was in their synagogues and He will return as The Teacher again….just as Israel has arrived to begin restoring The Torah on the earth.  When our personal temples are ready to be taught, He will return.  It is the ‘fullness/willingness of the Gentile that He patiently awaits.

By age 34 He completed the task of living out Torah as taught by Mosch.  His disciples would live another 17 years making it a jubilee of time (51 years) setting men free with the message of Jew and Gentile are to be of one mind in Torah…never leaving their first love which is The Living God/The Living torah who is Yeshua Jesus in the flesh. 

The bride Sarah 127 lived exactly 17 more years than Yosef 110.

So we close with many patterns seen and yet I stand in awe of why ‘hybrid’ eclipses are not set to a pattern for NASA to calculate.  But, they are set to patterns of men’s lives and they are set to an endurance of 1700 years…..which is 17 cycles of 100 years each.

So what do I make of this number seventeen?  It begins with number one which is also the letter aleph.  It’s picture language is that of an ox.  This letter aleph represents our Creator Elohim as the strength of our house.  It takes six more times (days, cycles, years, etc.) of sifting man to get him to come to rest…known to God as ‘comfort.’

God gave Himself comfort in knowing Noach would preserve The Seed so Yeshua Jesus could redeem the world from it’s unholy ways. 

I’ve been searching for ways to express what I just saw Adonai do in my life once again.  I speak with sympathy for all the family and friends of our precious servant Sue who passed into His glory on December 26, 2018.  My precious friend remained on our earth for exactly seventeen months from the day I saw her on July 26, 2017.  It was on that day that she spoke softly but wanted me to share with her entire family the story of the calf now named Mattot Massei.  This seemingly dead black Angus calf resurrected by lifting his hoof flat on the ground and then sitting his head on that right hoof.   The prayer witnessed by four people in the darkness of that wooded ravine just ask for a small sign of life before they left in and then the prayer got jumbled up by asking for the head and the hoof to rise up.  An unknown fleece had been laid before The Lord….and it would not be taken back….but what was firm in my mind was that things were changing and it was praying in the name of Yeshua the Messiach that was key. 

It was an overwhelming moment for the four that stood and gave testimony to the words of the prayer coming true right before our eyes.

I know that there are patterns on the earth and as I continue to seek out the ways of God, it only builds my faith.  My friend is now in His glory…but she also was given 17 months to behold her children now a family of thirty.

Let us learn so we can know how to worship the One who created us, and so that we will recognize Him when He returns.

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