A Complete Life – Delitzsch – Died month he was born.

A Man With A Completed Life

77 Years

Franz Delitzsch 1813 – 1890

Born February 23 – 23 Adar I

Died March 4 – 12 Adar

Born and Died Shemittah Cycle One

Adar: The Fast of Esther and PURIM celebrated Adar 13, 14 15

Born 23 Adar I

Died 12 Adar

Born: February 23, 1813

Died: March 4, 1890

Born: 23 Adar I Shemittah cycle 1

Died, 12 Adar Shemittah cycle 1

When God knows every hair on a man’s head. We know man’s days are calculated to when he will die.

Franz Delitzch would live out his life in a time that would lead to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews extinguished from the earth for a false teaching that “The Jew” killed “Our Jesus”.

“He would stand firm in his love for the Jewish people when Christian scholars were moving further away from Jewish interpretations. They were progressing toward the hate and ignorance that culminated in the Holocaust.” quoted from The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels.

The Vine of David created the Del;itzsch Hebrew/English Gospels under the conviction that the words of Scripture originally penned in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are inspired by God – that they are God’s expressed will for man and reveal the light of the Messiah.

Quoted from The Delitzsch

Delitzsch’s Approach

Delitzsch held the view that “the Hebrew remained, even after the exile, the language of Jewish literature.” Citing numerous examples, he states, “The Shemitic woof of the New Testament Hellenism is Hebrew, not Aramaic. Our Lord and his apostles thought and spoke for the most part in Hebrew.” So Delitzsch’s work, on some level, attempts to reconstruct the actual Hebrew teachings of Yeshua. Delitzsch produced his translation according to how he felt it would have been worded if it were originally thought and written in Hebrew.

This ‘little author’s’ opinion is that he brought forth things that have been hidden from the eyes of believers. Hadassah was hidden under the name Esther as she entered her kings court. Mordicai was 124 years old when he was almost hung on a gallows by Haman.

Professor Delitzsch was born at these times of things trying to be hidden. His life-cycle was to uncover that which was being hidden.

Our Creator rose him up for 77 years to unveil to the world our Hebrew Messiah. He was born when the Hebrew and Gregorian were in full view of each other….they matched day for day….everyone knew what day it was. But, confusion prevailed on the earth as men wanted Pope Gregorian thinking and not the Hebrew calendar as those people had killed ‘our Jesus.’

We must go back to our roots so we understand the stories. This has been my heart since I can remember and now today..on 1 Adar I… I am writing to give honor to a man who dedicated his life to correct understanding of our Hebrew Messiah.

He was born just 10 days after The Fast of Esther. He would die at The Fast of Esther. He was mourned and remembered for his life as many remembered to fast at The Fast of Esther. This is amazing to look back and find this out about a mere human being…and yet the power of God was on his life..and he desired to be that humble servant called for a specific purpose.

He would be a Hadassah with others helping him write and edit The Four Gospels so people could sense the Jewishness of the Hebrew Messiach. We celebrate when The Jew is no longer considered an enemy of Jesus but the ones that were told to help bring The Messiach to the earth. They are the ones to declare His name from Jerusalem. “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the LORD….

It is The Torah that is first in man’s life…because it points to the Savior. When they see that Yeshua was the one that upheld everything about The Torah…it proves that he is The Messiach. This is salvation my friends. We recognize Him because He is The Torah.

The Torah shows man that he needs a savior. Then the Messiah shows the way to eternal salvation through His blood being shed. Yeshua defines himself as The Torah whose yoke is easy to live in it…not under it or above it…but to live in The Torah…God’s instruction. Yeshua is The Living Word….The Living Torah….never to be done away with.

Thank you YHWH for placing Professor Delitzsch on our earth and having his life-cycle be to uncover the Jewishness of our Messiah.

We all start life but it is what we do with our life that matters. At age 77…a number of completeness…and in the month of Adar…in which things hidden are revealed.

We thank you Professor Delitzsch for helping save The Jewish People from annihilation. May you be counted among ‘The righteous ones.’

And, thank you to all those at First Fruits of Zion that accepted the next step of making his life-work available to the world in 2011. You reviewed many of his revised versions and today we have what you considered the best of those works….thank you!

And, 121 years from Professor Delitzsch’s death in 1890 FFOZ resembles Mordicai who brought forth Esther at age 121. Then Mordicai was paraded in the streets three years later when age 124. Yes, First Fruit of Zion has answered the call to their life-mission to be used by The Creator. May HaShem bless you all in these days where the veil over the eyes is being removed.

Adar I…on the Rosh Chodesh of Adar even President Trump declared to The Nations….STOP all the killing by war and the killing for legalizing the slaughter of babies in the womb. Over 62 million children created in the ‘image of God’ with a spirit…have died since 1973. Baby Killing is more than murder as this human being never got to meet The Creator….but He knows them by their name.

I close with a rebuttal to the woman who gave the Democratic response to President Trump State of the Union Address on 1 Adar. It doesn’t matter who she but it matters what she says from her heart. I truly feel she must be misinformed…because it is NOT true…

I quote her pre-written sermon…”that more black woman die in giving birth than any other woman.” What? Child birthing is child birthing. Are these black mothers intentionally murdered by their doctors? Hmm…that is a new ‘genocide’ I had not thought about…let’s check into that perhaps.

But, what is true is that more ‘blacks’ are intentionally convinced to have an abortion! That is where the agenda lies that should be rejected. So, now the ‘black’ has succumbed and lowered their numbers in a ‘lie’ they’ve been told. And this woman speaker is asking them to STOP having children because they’ll die in childbirth? That is a lie from The Deceiver from the garden.

62 Million Abortions since 1973 is 62 million people missing that had a special life planned for them by The Creator. 62 million Delitzsch professors are missing!

The mind is deceived just as it is deception that people would still say, “Jews killed Jesus.”

God had a plan before Creation that a Savior would be needed and that One Seed was scheduled right on time exactly 4000 years later….4 days from Adam. He died for the sins of the world…right on time to the hour prophesied for him to do it…3:00 pm. There is no mistake that Romans and Jews were involved……but Yeshua said that he always prayed to The Father that none would be lost that had been given to his charge. And, there was one that would be lost to the son of perdition. Judas was allowed to be possessed and it was he that handed Yeshua over. Just one was lost….but no others!

We each have a calling……….do NOT let yourself be handed over. Study to show yourself approved a workman for the LORD.

In 2011 I ordered twelve of these books and gave most of them away. Truth is priceless…..eternally priceless. ffoz.org The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels. A Hebrew/English Translation of Matthew Mark Luke John.

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