Abraham Lincoln Celebrated 1809 – 2019

Abraham Lincoln Tribute

210 years

Born Shevat 26 – February 12 1809; Shevat 26 is February 1, 2019

(Shevat 24 – Zechariah Horseman)

16th President 1861 – 1865

Married to Mary Todd – 1842 – 1865 (23 year)

Assassinated April 15, 1865  – Nissan 19

Passover is Nissan 14 – Suffering Servant Resurrection Nissan 17

Abe was born to be a Horseman – Civil War President

Leads the nation through the bloodiest war on American soil.

Leads the nation through the greatest moral crisis – constitutional crisis- political crisis!

Abe 1811 – 2 year old; February 12 1812 – 3 years old

SHEVAT 24 – Day of last and strongest 7.7 earthquake.

SHEVAT 26 – Young Abe turned THREE; two days after the Third earthquake struck covering 3,100,000 square miles at 3:45 am. He was born in Kentucky, age two when three Midwest Madrid earthquakes 7.7, 7.5, 7.7 strike.

Zechariah 1 is speaking to ADONAI on specific dates: Shevat 1 and Shevat 24.

There are horses seen standing behind myrtle (hadassah) trees. ADONAI asks them where they have been. They respond by saying that they have returned from searching out the earth. They found men at peace but not at God’s peace.

ADONAI then instructs men on horses to find artisans (creative ways) to remove the four horn’s (nations) peace because they had come against Israel, Judah and Jerusalem.

(At Shevat 24 2019…IRAN’s military leader declared they will ‘destroy’ Israel.  Israel is are taking his threat serious as they again bomb Iran and Syria’s border.)

In 1811 on the first day of Chanukah…Kislev 25……peace was removed in America. It was the first strike to avenge one of the cities: Israel, Judah, Jerusalem. The Moon would be going dark on that day…even as it meant “Festival of Light” in Israel and to Jews.

Fourteen days later on January 23, 1812 the second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck with just a quarter of a moon showing.  These quakes will become infamous and carry the name “Madrid Fault Line” quakes.  The second epicenter was near the small town of Madrid, Missouri.   This second earthquake covered 600,000 square miles…just as Noach was age 600 when the entire earth’s foundations shook to release the waters below.  (Isn’t it good to know these things so we can tell our children that God was, is and still is active in the earth?)

Something that is not remembered about Noah’s Flood is found in The Book of Jubilees. That book is very specific about the year and day The Flood began; Month Two, Day 17…same day as Adam’s deception in Gan of Eden.   Yes, the KJV bible even says, “Month Two, Day 17.  It matches…thus we begin to see God’s patterns from the beginning…from the foundation…of man’s history.

And The Book of Jubilees is emphatic about the year…. 1333 years from Adam.

And another mystery for us….Enoch 92 is very specific about describing TEN generations of 700 years each that take us to the 7,000th year from Adam.

Enoch describes the ‘second’ generation of removing the first generation of life. Thus, we can say that by year 1400 man was on the way to a ‘second’ start. ADONAI had Enoch explain each of the generations that would look like this.  The first generation was years 0-700, 1400, 2100, 2800, 3500, 4200, 4900, 5400, 6300, 7000. This is totally a new look at history that I’ve never seen anyone consider before…but I hope they will now…I am.

Do you notice what year we’re in of history even if our calendars are off about 230 years. Yes, we’re almost to the ‘ninth’ generation 6300. It then enters into the generation described as bliss. Read it for yourselves in Enoch chapter 92.

Let’s also make note that The Flood of 1333 still gives Noach’s family 67 years to prepare for the celebration of the next generation or history marker.

Hmm. I don’t even question this myself but you might think it to be a stretch.  To me this is fact:  Israel’s Six-Day Miracle War of 1967 is a marker to year 6300.   We are at a new birth of time…and we are the children to prepare the way for that last 700-year generation.  It doesn’t matter what you think about that…it matters what you DO about that.  You will either prepare the world correctly in God’s instructions…or you will try to have others stay with you in the ‘old’ world and eventually die off (be removed early perhaps.)  I love choices, don’t you?

The THIRD earthquake – Happened on SHEVAT 24….The Day the Zechariah 1’s horseman are seen on the earth and told to go remove man’s peace because of the ill will and actions toward Israel, Judah and Jerusalem. Sound familiar? Through my studies I can prove to you that the Shishaldrin Volcano erupts at these Horsemen and on the day of Shevat 24. This volcano sits in Alaska…and it wakes up at this time when ordered by our Creator.

December 16, 1811 – 7.7 earthquake Arkansas

January 23, 1812 – 7.5 earthquake Began at Madrid, MO 600,000 sq. miles

February 7, 1812 – 7.7 earthquake 3,100,000 square miles; 3:45 am

Kislev 25; 12.16.1811 – 7.7 Shemittah Year Chanukah Day One (25)

Shevat 9; 1.23.1812 – 7.5 Shemittah Year Six days from Tu B’Shevat (15)

Shevat 24; 2.07.1812 – 7.7 Shemittah Year Zechariah 1 Horsemen (24)

Abraham turned THREE years old on February 12, 1812.

He was born on Shevat 26…..a true horseman

President Lincoln is killed on Nissan 19…Passover Week.

Yeshua is killed on Nissan 14…Pesach Week

Yeshua Resurrects 3 days later on Nissan 17…First Fruits, Unleavened Bread.

These are the journey of God and our cows…and the tribes they grow on our property named Elshaddai Estates….as He owns all the cattle on the hills of the earth.

El Shaddai’s bull calf born Monday, May 22, 2017:  Named Montana but changed to Mattot Massai (journey/tribes) on Sunday morning July 22, 2017.  He lifted his head and hoof as a sign of life on Shabbot Mattot after being declared dead by his family nurse and his Paramedic owners.  The prayer for a ‘sign of life’ turned into “lifting his head and his hoof.” (what was that about? …sounds like a fleece before The Lord…just close this prayer in the power of Yeshua’s name the one praying thought.)

God put the words in the mouth so He could act through this 60-day old bull calf that lay there on land that was named El Shaddai in 2009.  Two homes would be built on it and now cattle tramped through it’s woods.  God showed up that dark night and designed the prayer so the four adults standing there would each stand in awe and be a witness to it.  The desire of the mother was always for her children to see God real in our lives!

Mattot had been dehydrated for THREE days in heat indexes hitting 110 degrees.  He  would rise up on Sunday morning being nudged up a steep hill to find his mother.  They cried out to each other and she nourished him back to life.  The electrolytes were not administered as he rose up.


He image

Next, his full brother Abraham is born a year later by the same father, Aleph Taurus.  The first bull for El Shaddai Estates.  Bull calf Abraham was born April 4, 2018 by the same cow, Montessa.  Her firstborn, bull calf Mattot had raised up from what four adults had determined was death.  But he showed life that night of July 21, 2017 after praying over him in the name of Yeshua ha Messiach (Jesus the Messiah).

Her second born was huge and looked the size of the two others born three weeks ahead of him.   Her second bull calf was born high on a hill with the wind blowing so strong that he dried quickly…but it was 42 degrees that day.  Nissan 19 2018…again, a day that looks to Yeshua’s resurrection.

This second-born son had to be named Abraham as he was born the day President Lincoln was assassinates.  Both Yeshua and Lincoln were Horsemen that would be ‘Suffering Servants’ for the word.  They were killed the same time…Passover.  But, Yeshua would also experience something else that week…Resurrection.  All of history pointed forward to that day or it now looks back to that day.  And, now this second born calf would again attach to Abraham Lincoln.

The family was disbanding the herds and twelve were scheduled to ship out to the Saint Joseph Missouri sale barn on February 1.  The hay was depleted and the grandkids were in college.  The father was leaving for more Air Force training and it was time to sell the entire herd.  This little Abraham was to load up as well…unless a buyer would come quickly.

But, what day did the men decide to do this?  February 1.  Upon checking…the Torah Keeper smiled…and laughed inside…because Yahweh had spoken again.  It was about being born this time…

It was Nissan 26…Abraham Lincoln’s Hebrew birthday.

ON Abraham Lincoln’s birthday…Shevat 26, February 1, 2019.  I stand ‘awe’ as these stories continue in our lives.

(I still am reluctant to load him with his 11 friends…but that is up to YHWH!  We misplaced Mattot but God kept him safe and hopefully he will be a father.  This calf, too, named Abraham was said that his name should be Father Abraham.  Tha is what has been told about him since his birth.)

January 30, 2019 – SHEVAT 24 – Polar Vortex across Midwest with many people dying.  A female student found behind a college campus building frozen at -50 degrees.   Chicago airport shuta down flights as the ‘wolf vortex’ freezes plane equipment. Nothing like this has ever been seen before.  We can liken it to America’s 2018 hurricanes and her fire that followed.  Wind, cold, fires…all to get men out of their ‘idol zones.’

Mattot’s experience was 30 days before the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse that spanned 70 miles wide crossing The Midwest.  Now hay production was cut in half in 2018 and these cows are out of hay…as we remember the darkening of America that day.

Saint Joe Missouri had one inch of rain from January to June 2018.  Hay was being bought to save ‘the cattle’ during the summer.  The winter hay is against short.  Now it is the Saint Joe sale barn that is involved in the cows dispersal.  The favored Montessa will NOT be sold…but her calves seem to leave.  She four years old and a sweet cow that keeps to herself…yet to be caught for a shot.

The Polar Vortex is 10 days from the Total Wolf Blood Moon of January 20, 2019. This Saros Series 134 darkened most of the world except the land of Goshen and Israel. This saros series had it’s beginning on Nissan 15…Passover…Pesach April 1 1550. (April Fool’s Day)

(Eclipses can be likened to chariots. I Kings 9:23 Solomon had 550 chief officers to handle his chariots and those that built everything Solomon touched. He had 40,000 stalls from ruling 40 years. He was not to multiply wives and horses and lost The Temple because of he rewrote the words of God.  He was to trust God alone for it’s construction but his wealth was sent to other nations to pay for the lavishness of it.)

Solar Saros Series 134 will conclude after it’s 72nd reign.  They cycle every 18 years and so we will see #134t again on January 31, 2037.   It will again be the exact same day as 2019…Tu’Bu Shevat.  Shevat 15 pointing to Israel’s celebration of trees…not to cut men down but putting them by water so they grow.  It will also be at Zehariah’s Shevat 1-24 Horsemen.  What will Israel Judah and Jerusalem be like then?

 Saros 134 just had it’s 27th cycle and 2037 will celebrate it’s 28th cycle.  It will come as a Total Eclipse in the years 1874 to 2325.   It has a 1280.14-year life span. It’s lifespan reminds me of days that Daniel talks about…1260 days, 1290 days and if you can make it to 1335th daysthat is the year of blessing.  Hmm, Noach and eight people made it to the year 1335..and they got off the ark and multiplied.

It will end it’s life May 28, 2830 – 15 Sivan at the time of SHAVUOT. It began at Passover Nissan 15…showing our Savior Yeshua Jesus’ resurrection THREE days later…Dark days…had to happen first in order for ‘day’ to come.  Now we are seeing the Total eclipse at Shevat…Trees to grow tall…Men to grow in The Torah.  At it closes it ends at 1280 year cycle with the world knows as Pentecost also ‘the giving of the Torah’ at Mt. Sinai…and Shavuot.  How powerful the witness of this chariot in the sky.

Yeshua teaches The Father’s instructions for 40 days and 40 nights…returning to The Father after completing Day 40.  Day 41 could have been The Ascension.  And then, 9 or 10 days later, God’s Spirit returns in the form of The Ruach HaChodesh to send men ‘out to the world’ with this Good News!

This series began in the year 1550.  It truly is showing signs of Jubilee (50) that released what is bound…setting free.

Day 50 (jubilee)…….is Shavuot and can land on Sivan 6 but it does not have to. But, none the less….it is God’s timing and the 72nd final eclipse of lunar Saros 134 ends on Sivan 15.  Fifteen is always a full moon so we must look to what that month means in history.  If we study the Scriptures that surround that month you will feel God’s movement on the earth.

134 began on Passover and it will end at the celebration of The Holy Spirit……….AMAZING……..

134 – The Aleph (God) is lifted up (three/gimel) to be the door (four/dahlet). “May God lift us up so we can see his nail prints on the stake on which he hung.  Let us look to the piercings of his body as he hung on he doorpost (dahlet).  Let us look up and be amazed in His handiwork on the earth….as He draws near to us….Amen!”

Those that ‘watch’ for His return will see His return in many ways and declare those ways. The ‘righteous’ are not to be mocked as we are not to ‘mock’ especially the rabbis that also declare and look for The Messiach as they see it.  We must ALL unite and be looking.  It is in these things that we can all have a conversation that just might be understood by one that is afar off.

He will return…in glory…coming through bright clouds…not from a ‘secret room’… just as Mosch looked to Him that shone brightly as if the mountain were on fire.  He left in a cloud and said he would return in the same way….oh what a glorious day for all the world to see.

My question is, “Will we stop allowing other humans to hide information that others before us already knew? New dogma required the burning and banning of such materials.

Dispensational teaching consumes the church and yet we witness church attendance down or no church on Wednesday or Sunday night any more.

It is sad because the sheep want to be safe but they see ‘the fox’ in the pulpits who have become stubborn follow me-only pastors.

It is not about what would Jesus Do…It is about what DID Yeshua do…the Hebrew…not Greek…Savior of ALL those that will be grafted into The Living Word.

The Book of Zechariah Chapters 1 and 2 describe our world today.  Zechariah is talking about removing man’s peace for being against the ways of the Jews…through whom The Torah was first given because it showed God’s ways of living safely on the earth.   It is not to be confused with legalism.  The Torah shows man that he is a sinner and now it is refreshing to be obedient to it once we first ‘love’ Him who died for our penalty for sin.

Will our churches encourage the sheep to read other books such as, The Book of Jubilees, Yasher, Enoch etc. to help them see the patterns that run through the earth? This is how mankind sees The Living God and that He is active.  These are things that build our faith…so we will not waiver when it drops to -50 degrees and our life support of electricity goes out.  God is our SOUL power!

Abraham Lincoln is more than my hero….he has become God’s instrument of ‘witness’.  Our cows have been a witness as each birth and death He is seen in them.  You have witnesses right before you, too.  You have your own Abraham Lincoln connection if you look for them in your personal life.   Once you know ‘what day it is’, you will see God in the earth and in your life.  All of the things in our lives point to His coming.  You don’t have to sit in church to be entertained…God is right there before your eyes…if you just look.  He wants to bless…He wants you to have LIFE in abundance.

The study of the Hebrew Calendar must come back to the earth.   Then we will ‘Re’eh’ (see) God in all that goes on in the earth………even this POLAR VORTEX is His….at The Days of the Horseman Abraham Lincoln…just one of the many sent to help us to no longer be slaves to sin…but be friends with God…YHWH.

So, who are the Horsemen of Today?  Please know that you are sent to bring PEACE to Israel…as the next chapters of Zechariah explain how to se up The Temple on the earth.  It represents YHWH’s strength and gives witness to false gods…of whom can do nothing because they are NOT real. AMEIN to that…We have a LIVING God…since the beginning of our time…but always was…Believe it or not!

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