Calf born on Parshah He Appeared. He disappears for 48 hours then He Appears.

God’s calendar Aligns Sept 2019; New Life at Passover.

How does it align? What aligns? Where does it align. When can it align? Why does it align?

English 101: How, What ,Where, When, and Why asks a question.

It seems I am always full of questions especially today in the Hebrew month of Nissan on Day 19, April 24, 2019.

WHAT happened on Nissan 19? WHAT happened in the far past, in the past, now, and HOW will it affect the future? WHY is it important to know this? HOW will we respond to the answer we find? WHEN did these things happen and WHERE did they happen? All of these words that are leading questions help us to APPLY what we learn from asking questions.

I keep looking to see if there are patterns running through our earth that Creator God is trying to show us. It seems we are almost to the year 6000 of an 8000-year program. We know our savior Yeshua The Messiah came at year 4000 from Adam. He said he would return as He left (in the clouds with witnesses). And, he said that it would be up to The Father to reveal when it would be. This seems to be the question that permeates our minds as we are told to be ‘watching’ for that return.

Date for Date: August 2019 is one day off from the Gregorian and Hillel calendars seeing what I call eye-to-eye…date-for-date. It is then that man can see The Creator’s hand on the world. If only we could be on the Hillel calendar we would not need conversion charts. But…for now…until we mature..we will put up with the accepted calendar for Judeo Christians called, The Gregorian.

When will these calendars see eye-to-eye? August 2019 is one day off. August 2 will be 1 Av. One month later in September 2019 all dates align. Yes, these calendars will align so no one will be without excuse.

WHAT is special about September 2019? On the evening of September 29 is is 29 Elul. It is the last day of the year 5779. It is called, The Day of Remission where all things are released from the last year and a new year begins. The year 5779 becomes 5780 on the Hillel calendar. Nine is like a twisting snake that surrounds until we finally get to that perfect round number of ten (yud) which shows us the ‘strong’ hand of Elohim.

The Hebrew calendar changes to a new Head of Year for the civil calendar. On the month of Tishrei, Day One is known as, The Feast of Trumpets…two days long. It is also known as Rosh Hashanah. And, it also begins The Days of Awe.

In 2019 we see that all eyes will clearly hear The Feast of Trumpets….the Lord’s Calling…in The New Year…with The Days of Awe attached to it for TEN days. Two days of calling ending in ten awesome God-days…on Yom Kippur.

WOW…that is lots to think about! But, the 9 (surrounding, snake, twist, basket) is coming to an end. It will be 5780 on Hillel’s calendar; and 2020 on Gregory’s calendar by January 1.

Tishrei Day 1, 2 5780 – Feast of Trumpets (September 30, October 1 2019)

Tishrei 1-10 5780 – Days of Awe – September 30 to October 9, 2019)

Tishrei 10 5780 – Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement and Judgment (October 9)

All over the world trumpets will be sounded to call in the New Year. To call our King to the earth…to set up His kingdom that is to come on the earth.

I would encourage you to research this so you know what day it is.

It is a rare occasion to have the Pope and Hillel calendars align. But, it did the day I got married to my wonderful husband of wisdom and mercy. He truly has a gentle Godly spirit about him for which I am thankful. Our 49 years of marriage on Tishrei 10 has not been totally calm he married a woman of high spirit and type A personality. We each appreciated the strength the other brought to the marriage table.

We were married on October 10, 1970 which aligned on Hillel’s calendar of Tishrei 10. We were married on the Sabbath at 5:00 pm in Iowa with a Catholic mass with a large crowd joining us with a reception of dancing, eating and drink. That is what we knew then…not how we would do it today.

Month 7 Day 10 – Day of Atonement – But, before The Exodus from Egypt it was always Month 1. Our Creator was setting up a pattern for the earth to see The Son of God come in the spring at Passover and suffer as His firstborn set to die for the world. The Seder lamb represented Yeshua and the blood on their wooden doorposts represented His blood to be on the stake/cross.

Now, I see why Nissan had to become a Month One. He had to die first…as our Suffering Servant…so He could return again at the original Month One to Tabernacle with us. Wouldn’t it be incredible for Him to show up as the year moved to 5780….with everyone being on the same day? But, what will The Day of the Lord look like? Peaceful? His peace will be a rod of strength and power coming on a White Horse…not a humble donkey….yes…it will be a Yom Kippur…for those that don’t understand Him and what His blood represented on all of these doorposts that have been posted up on the earth.

At Yom Kippur 2019 we will be married 49 years in October and seeing eye-to-eye with the one who saw that we would be married that day. We will be married one jubilee the next year in 2020. Abraham and Sarah were married when they were 50. Adam and Chanoah (Eve) were not pregnant until age 50. A jubilee of time is a marker. Not many people enjoy their marriage covenant that long.

Alignment does not happen but every couple of years. February 1 2014 saw eye-to-eye and it would be part of the 2014-2015 Shemittah year which also held the four blood moons known as a Tetrad. These four blood (Total) moons were special in that they occurred only on Passover and The Feast of Tabernacles.

2015 held zero months that would see eye-to-eye with Pope Gregory’s calendar. March 2016 held the next aligning month in Kislev….everyone would see The Fast of Dedication known as Chanukah…the time of conception of Miriam with Yeshua Jesus.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to download the app It converts the calendar and also allows you to add items. I know our Creator works on both calendars but I’ve been desiring to see what happens on The Hebrew calendar since He sent His son to come and die for the world via The Hebrew calendar and not any other calendar.

If we are NOT on the right calendar, we will miss His appointments or we won’t see Him working in our lives….and we won’t see the real dates of his birth and death.

Let’s start with knowing The Hand of God knows every hair on your head and protects every hair on your head….He cares about His children. He doesn’t want anyone giving you a bad haircut as you don’t. Under that hair is your ‘thinking kapa’…your mind. The mind is wonderfully made and has the capability to create things that will even get out of your control….like the AI – Artificial Intelligence.

Our Creator is all knowing and He even knew about AI before it became a problem for us to be concerned about. He has allowed it to come about to once again not fear it but to embrace what could be evil about it. It is our responsibility to look into these matters so our Creator stays in our minds and not something ‘artificial’ that is becoming what will seem ‘real’ to us.

Again, this article could go into many directions so let’s go back to the words that ask what, where, when, how and why.

I know WHY Adonai gave me my specific husband…he’s perfect for my personality…and my husband chases after God’s heart as I desire to…we’re perfectly made in Him.

But WHY were we married on Yom Kippur? Why on a day known as, The FAST?

WHAT would I do with this information once revealed to me? Answer: I tell everyone about, The Fast.

WHERE did I learn this? Through the Hebrew calendar.

WHEN did I learn about this? After being drawn to learn what The Lord’s Feasts were.

HOW do others respond to this? Confused.

WHY did this happen to us? Because our Creator knew I would be prolific in speech and share it.

WHY at this time in history? Because our Creator knew it was time to RETURN to His calendar.

Did we answer How, What, Where, When and Why? Okay, let’s move on to other lives and God working in them this way.

WHERE else would I see the calendar show up once I learned what it was about? Our children, grandchildren, friends, cattle….

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the first thing I wanted to know about was my family. I calculated my families birthdays to see their birthday on God’s calendar…the Hillel calendar. I’ve learned not to make a big deal over birthdays because life it NOT about us but HIM. And, it is more important on how we ‘end’ our lives than when we started. Many start well, but end badly.

Son, number 1 had a sweet baby girl in October 1998. I found that her Hebrew birthday is very special indeed. And, this granddaughter (20) has truly dedicated herself to be in His will only. She’s dedicated herself to Him and only wants to live in His house doing as He desires. She was born on Day 1 of The Feast of Tabernacles, Month 7 Day 15…Tishrei 15.

This number one (1st) granddaughter – Born Tishrei 15 – Day One of an 7-day festival known as The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles. This first granddaughter just owned a black Angus cow that will do something. Cow Bahar will deliver her bull calf on Shavuot known as Pentecost. This spring Feast of The Lord is also known as, The 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer. Her calf was the last to deliver in our herd and some were wondering if she was really pregnant. The bull calf was on God’s time-calendar.

Our second child was a girl and she delivered their third child…a girl on Month One Day Fourteen; Nissan 14. It is the Fast of the Firstborn. It is commanded to ‘remember’ this day and the children even ask the ‘why’ questions on ‘why’ this day is so different. Yes, every day is special to God but not every day is holy (set-apart) for a particular function. Nissan 14 was set apart from the foundation of the world.

It is the day The Suffering Servant Yeshua Jesus died on the stake for the penalty of our sins. This little girl is my Type A and enjoys her Bible. She will be able to tell of His death and burial that happened two thousand years before she was born. My prayer was for a red-headed granddaughter since I’m one. After a few years we saw her blond turn which is now a beautiful deep red-copper, brown eyes and dark eye lashes and she tans. She will have the will and stamina to share about His resurrection of which she already is part of His blood sacrifice at age 9.

There was to be another calf born on our first granddaughter’s Hebrew birthday, Tishrei 15, The Feast of Tabernacles. That mother was a red Angus cow with a calf to be named, Taby in Fall of 2018.

There are more calf stories and that is a book in itself as they continually were born at The Sabbath and then they or their mother carried the name of that Torah reading….even Ethan’s calf Noah was born in the rain as the Sabbath began Friday night with it’s Parshah reading named, Noach.

I desire to write a separate article about God’s hand on His ‘cattle on our small hills’. Most of our 15 cows are sold but three. We are now waiting for cow Hadassah to deliver. I believe it will be this week during Passover.

I was wondering how we would once again give witness to The Hand of God on us without them. Our three children are done with their pregnancies and our cows and their 2019 calves are to all be sold. But once again, I stand in awe because it is nothing to do with us…it is all about Him.

I have a friend in Arizona who encouraged me to blog since he realized I saw things on God’s calendar. He now will become part of a pattern of life as he just became a grandfather on a very special day. They lived in Iowa and moved to Arizona with us around the year 2000. Their teenage daughter that moved with them just had her fourth child….Three girls and now a son. Oh yes, he will be spoiled by these three sweet little princesses being the only boy, and that will be fine. This family loves The Lord and dedicates their lives to his will…they are their church…full time ministering to each other.

This little boy was suppose to be born on his mommy’s birthday, April 21. She did not induce her labor and during the morning of April 22 she goes into labor. By noon we saw pictures of their beautiful son of whom they named, Caleb Samuel…given his father’s name as his middle name. We too have a grandson Caleb of whom truly walks out his life in The Lord. At age 10 he even is learning piano to play at the offering.

Caleb Samuel…what a beautiful name I thought. Caleb who believed enough that got to cross over at age 80 years to the promised land and Samuel who held and prophesied over the baby Yeshua Jesus at his dedication at The Temple.

And, then I saw another ‘Hand of God’ appear. He was born on Nissan 17…Resurrection Day. I knew what day it was when we got the news of his birth. I told them immediately of Resurrection Day. They could not wait to read his Scripture verses.

We know that The Fast of the Firstborn is Nissan 14. All firstborn cattle and human died because Pharaoh prophesied it. This looked to God’s firstborn son (Yeshua) would die…the ultimate firstborn ever…being God in flesh. And, it happened exactly on the day, Nissan 14. The lambs were slain beginning at 3:00 pm as was Yeshua slain (died) at 3:00 pm. It all patterned so reality would be believed.

Therefore, when you add three days in the grave we have Nissan 17 as Day of Resurrection. This new little Caleb was born Monday, April 22 2019 on Resurrection Day. He will always be able to speak with authority about that special day. He is attached to it and it will follow him about all the days of his life. It is now up to him to bear witness to it….and we know his family will encourage him about speaking of The Creator who so wonderfully made him in his mother’s womb.

Oh, what a sad thing when we get in control of having our children and disrupt the natural flow of God’s hand on us by inducing labor. Thank you Janelle for bringing forth life and thank you for walking your life out with Him as your Savior.

This is a family that will appreciate seeing The Scriptures that are read at this time of year that attach to their newborn child. They are healed by those stripes that were inflicted on God himself in the flesh. And now their son can be saved by those stripes when he is old enough to understand what God did for him.

WHO else is attached to those stripes that healed us? Who else died as a suffering servant but was also born as a horsemen on the earth? Abraham Lincoln. In spring 2018 on Nissan 19 our ‘blessed’ cow Montessa delivered a large bull calf. It was her second born. She is the mother of the calf that died and came back to life on May 22, 2017. In April 2018 the winds blew strong with temperatures being 42 degrees. It was a chilly delivery but the winds blew him dry. He looked the same size as his two three-week old half brothers. He would be named Abraham.

WHAT was different about his birth in April 2018?

He was attached to Abraham Lincoln…a cold night…assassinated Friday evening as Sabbath began and died on Sabbath, Nissan 19. This calf was named Abram. I told him the afternoon I found him that I had hoped that he would one day be a father so his name could be, Father Abraham. He was beautiful and a gentle bull calf…sold at the St. Joseph Sale barn…shipped off our property on February 1, 2019. When I looked at his shipping date, it amazed me…. WHY did it amaze me? Because it was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on the Hillel calendar. Again…I was not surprised because life on our farm was just like that. If you paid attention to detail you would see El Shaddai in it’s detail…His breath is on this land because it is named after Him…El Shaddai’s cattle… El Shaddai’s hills… it’s all from Him and for Him.

The calf’s name was confirmed even as he was now ten months old. He was born on the day our great President Lincoln died and now he was taken from our property named, El Shaddai…(God – provider of all) on Lincoln’s birthday. I think of that calf and wish I had found him a home so I could continue to see him. Perhaps he will still rise up to be a father.

My ‘Calves For Sale’ sign didn’t work and he loaded up with nine other cows to auction…a very poor sale, too. Only $1.36 a pound with us being Buyer 42. That is another story for another time…but today April 23 2019 is WHAT DAY?

Nissan 19 – The Day Lincoln was assassinated.

WHAT is Nissan 19 on the Hebrew calendar? If Yeshua Jesus conquered death and rose up three days later, it is on Nissan 17 that captives were set free…and that includes all who believe in it. He then left to present His blood on The Heavenly Altar…on Nissan 18 (eight/new day). Nissan 19 shows our Savior Yeshua ministering to the public once again…revealing how all men can be free. Abraham Lincoln’s goal was to set the captives free. He witnessed his own two sons die from disease while other’s sons died by the sword. It was the bloodiest of wars with father and son killing each other.

Abraham Lincoln was a very depressed man in his presidency and the world needed him. And yet for political reasons he was removed through schemes. Yeshua was removed by politics and jealousy as well. Both had money-changer problems, too.

I love Abraham Lincoln’s life story even as he is born in the month of Shevat. He is born to be a ‘horseman’ to our world setting the slaves free…removing man’s peace to bring God’s peace to men. Shevat is in the winter…probably in February.

And, I just found that if Yeshua was baptized at Shevat 24 to then begin his 70 week or three year ministry, He also is portrayed as a ‘Horseman’ come to the earth to bring the correct peace…peace for the souls of men…eternal peace..showing us how to walk righteously.

On April 15, 1865 Andrew Jackson will be inaugurated as the 17th President of the United States. Lincoln was the 16th President. The strength (1) of a man (6) is not enough as we need His comfort to handle all the sorrows. But this an of sorrows would also rise up and be remembered throughout history with a monument built for Him. Yeshua has a momentum in our hearts and all over the earth as well.

Nissan 19 is Feast of Unleavened Bread Day 5. Abraham Lincoln was a sinner likened to all men. He overcame suffering and was re-elected to be president four more years. Yeshua was elected to be the Jews king as he was put on a donkey on Nissan 10. And, then they killed him…according to plan..God’s plan.

It’s all according to plan…just as a bull calf rises up…to be born…to be slaughtered…so was Yeshua Jesus…born to be slaughtered. A bull calf offered up…a ram offered up…a lamb offered up…a little bird offered up…

WHY? All things and patterns look to Him that is ‘all things’. Pictures for us to remember Him….children born, cattle born…all pointing to Him.

WHY? So not one sheep is lost.

WHY? Because we have a Creator that is more than mercy…He is LOVE in action…He came and did it for YOU….and me!

WHY? So we will be like Him…LOVE in action…remembering The Feasts and times…remembering The Appointments…remembering the birth of New Life…Eternal New Life!

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