The Fast of Firstborn begins

April 15, 2019 was Nissan 10 – Messiah is chosen as king 4000 years from Adam.

The great Notre Dame Cathedral burnt…a structure that has been a focal point on the earth for the Roman Catholic Church. An ‘icon’ of Christianity we could say. Each timber of the roof was a tree woven into a twist to support it. Five thousand trees (5000) that had given it grandeur on the earth.

One crane with one fireman with a hose was barely able to reach the height with the water. The fear of the power of the water crushing the entire structure caused them not to dump air-lifted water on it. Their goal was to save the stone structure. It was likened to a ‘marker’ of history.

April 15 was also the deadline for tax returns for United States citizens. The taxes that have been imposed by their country, their states local governments was now due. It was a fearful day for many as they didn’t have the money to send or they didn’t even know how to prepare their return as paperwork in general was confusing.

April 15 2019 – had the finishing touches of the United States Storm Cyclone with blizzard depths of snow or winds that blew and tornadoes for the states that want to add stronger abortion laws. But, it was a beautiful day in MO..with the grand-kids helping weed and the garden went in. It was the first day to mow the bright green grass that help the magnolia tree that survived the weekend winds.

What else was it? It is the day that I’ve been reading about in The Book of Jubilees chapters around 30. Because I’ve spent time understanding The Lord’s Feasts which then was involved with learning The Hebrew calendar everything jumped out at me. And, it could jump out at you too because Mosche who wrote it speaks in terms of a jubilee of 50 year increments. Everyone can calculate the date and month…but you must learn the Hebrew month order if you want to see why God speaks and acts on the days he does.

My favorite question is, “What day is it?” If I can understand what day is being acted on the I can see what The Creator is revealing to us. Our Creator known as Yahweh has had a message for every person in every age and jubilee. He directs the course of man even though man makes that final decision of what to do with how he’s been encouraged to move on the earth; it’ called free-will.

Nissan 10 was Monday, April 15, 2019. On the Hebrew calendar Yeshua told them where to find the ‘colt’ (unbroken to ride) that they would put him on to chose him to be their king. He knew what his plan was on the earth and he listened and obeyed every direction from The Father. That day had happened because of Lazarus three days earlier. What happened to Lazarus? He rose up. On that day, the differences between the Sadducees and The Pharisees was going to be settled. Was there resurrection after death or was there no resurrection after the body dies?

I always remember the differences between these two ‘holy’ groups because it was ‘sad you see’ that these people did not believe in resurrection of the dead, thus Sadducee. There were many ‘sects’ of the Pharisees but they all did believe in ‘resurrection’ after physical death. Yeshua (Jesus in English) had a plan to now show them who would be calling them from that ‘death’ as it would be He. His blood sacrifice on Nissan 14 showed that he was the human sacrificial lamb of God because he was God come in the flesh.

A lamb is chosen in the sacrifices because of His innocence in even dying. A ram was presented at Isaac’s sacrifice as it represented His strength to be that sacrifice and we can call to him through the shofar, made from a ram’s horn. The symbols have always been there, but men have chosen to not look into the deeper things that have happened in history. I like to investigate to see what our Creator is about because that is what we should be about.

In 2019 the Pope Gregory calendar and the Hillel Hebrew calendars align. They align in that on the Catholic Good Friday the world will also have Seder services fulling the command, ‘do this in remembrance of me.’ Communion was instituted at The Lord’s Seder in Jerusalem. He washed their feet to show how we should serve one another…not arguing that one person is better than the other. He instituted the cups of wine to show his blood that was shed and also how many cups it would take until his return…Four. And, he ate unleavened bread (not puffed up) with them showing they should not be puffed up in pride but removing the dirt (sin) even from their homes.

This week millions of people will Spring clean…which was taken from this tradition of The Seder Week. Clean the dust out of your lives (homes). Scripture commands that we also ear ‘unleavened’ bread for seven days. Anything that has ‘risen up’ in our homes is removed…no challah bread. These are all reminders just as Catholics remind themselves by attending church and going through, The stations of The Way of the Cross. I did this has a child and teenager so I speak from experience.

This Friday the calendars meet with Hebraism and Christianity joined in one purpose…remembering His suffering and dying. This can NOT be a bad thing….as it is about HIM. It is only through remembering and observing these things that our Creator sees into our souls as we humble ourselves and serve one another. It is in these things that we ‘wash’ each other in acceptance. No one is better than the next…because without His obedience to The Father…we would not ‘rise’ up and have eternal life.

My heart has been burdened on how to one more time write an article of how to convince us that this is real. This morning I received a live broadcast with our President Trump expressing his best wishes for Christians celebrating the meaning of Good Friday and three days later his resurrection which brings our salvation and also Judaism that celebrates for seven days The Passover.

I don’t have to keep writing this week about what Easter is about….it’s all over TBN…and other Christian stations…if people will watch. I don’t believe there isn’t a tribe on this earth that has not heard of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. What I do believe is that it takes a person to tell a person so people can take this message personally into their own mind. It is in the mind…that decision…that then turns the heart from it’s wicked ways. It is in our minds that when we hear God speaking…moving us in a certain direction of living out His commands….as we know He is revealing it to us in that time of our life…that we must listen and not b embarrassed to put Him on that donkey and praise Him as our King.

Him being raised up on a donkey (called Palm Sunday by Christians) also lead to His death. Because He was NOT to be a King of earth but over all Creation. He had to come and leave so All of The Father’s purposes could come into their fullness.

I’ve written an article about Yeshua being ‘A Horsemen’. In the spiritual we see His ministry beginning in The Wilderness with 40 days of temptation with ‘the deceiver.’ If you read Zechariah 1 you will see that these red horses have returned to find man’s peace on the earth. Then we see ‘horsemen’ return to remove man’s peace to bring Adonai-Tzva’ot (Lord of Heavens) peace.

In the spiritual we see Yeshua begin the road to God’s peace. Man’s peace has to be removed in order for The Temple to be restored…this is the theme of The Book of Zechariah. It’s about bringing The Temple back to the earth. Was it a scary thing to organize how priests it would take in order to have morning and evening offerings everyday again? Yes, it took a nation to prepare the way for it all to work properly so no one would be killed for dishonoring our Creator by doing it wrong. No more false fires that caused Aharon’s sons Nadab and Abihu to die before their father’s eyes. It was a very serious thing and so scary even King David as he lost a man to physical death because He touched the cart when it falling. It should not have been carried by a cart but by pole. Yes, things have to be done correctly when it comes to representing our ‘living’ God; ADONAI-TZVA’OT.

Our earth is in a state of ecstasy in looking for His return, and yet it is NOT prepared. How can we be ready when it says that from Jerusalem, “I will return when they say my name.” Christians hang unto English as to be the world’s language and therefore doesn’t like the name, Yeshua. They are not prepared to let go and ‘let God’ declare His name to all the earth….in Hebrew.

When we hang unto the English or German or Japanese language, etc. we do not see the original Evreit since Adam to Abraham to now. It means Hebrew. When we dismiss Hebrew we dismiss it’s calendar which is what is spoken by Mosche.

What have I learned this week leading to Pesach (Passover).

Nissan 1 was made the head of the religious (ecclesiastical) year by Adonai for Mosche to implement. Thus, from Adam to Mosche Nissan is Month Seven. At the Exodus Month Seven also becomes Month One. Thus, all of the months will have two characteristics to them and so you just need to remember when something is being spoken.

I don’t have a copy and paste for The Book of Jubilees, so be patient in reading this…it took me extra time in typing it. 🙂

Adam was taken out of the Gan of Eden in Month Four / Tevet / December/January. Adam is set into the land from which he had been made.

Watch this: Jacob’s daughter Diana is also taken in Month Four / Tevet and taken to a different land, Shekem. She is only twelve years old and will represent the twelve tribes of Israel being raped/disrespected and ask to merge of which they refuse assimilation. Her age 12 could also be indicating how old Miriam (Mary) was when she became pregnant….and is was at this same time of year and the month before in Kislev (at Chanukah) that this happened. Miriam leaves for Elizabeth’s house at Tevet – for a location change.

Jubilees 30 – This is year 2186 from Adam. Tevet is Month Four from Tishrei Month One. (They have not exited Egypt yet.) Months: Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet

“And in the first year of the sixth week he went up to Shalem, to the east of Shekem, in peace, in the fourth month. And there they carried off Diynah, the daughter of Ya’aqov, into the house of Shekem, the son of Chamor, the Chivviy, the prince of the land, and he lay with her and defiled her, and she was a little girl, a child of twelve years.”

There are many lessons that could tie to this and especially at last week’s Torah readings that occur every year at Pesach. It included the story in Mathew of the woman with a 12-year issue of blood of whom was healed when she touched the hem of his garment (tzitzit).

These twelve’s show us the twelve tribes of Israel of whom had blood covenants with God but only from a circumcised heart did He desire their offerings. This shows us The Creator came from a different location, shed His heavenly God-blood, and returned to his own place. Circumcised flesh returned Diynah to her family and Miriam circumcised Yeshua on the ‘Eighth Day’ showing his return at the time. The woman of issue was healed of blood. Blood is not about death but about life. Without blood we would die…the life is in the blood…just as Yeshua’s blood is Eternal Life giving.

Jubilee 30:8 “And let not a woman (God’s bride) that breaks wedlock and no uncleanness be found in Yisra’el (Israel) throughout all the days of the generations of the earth; for Yisra’el is holy (set apart) unto YAHUAH, and every man who has defiled it shall surely die.”

All of these life stories point to Adonai’s salvation for mankind. If we love the ‘Living’ God then we are grafted into these promises and these instructions.

Jubilee 30:20 “And we remember the righteousness which the man fulfilled during his life, at all periods of the year (The Lord’s Feasts); until a thousand generations they will record it, and it will come to him and to his descendants after him, and he has been recorded on the heavenly tablets as a friend and a righteous man.”

Now let’s watch The Book of Jubilees lay out more history that shows us the Passover month.

Jubilee 31:1 – Month Seven – Nissan 1

“And on the New Moon on the month Ya’aqov spoke to all the people of his house saying: “Purify yourselves and change your garments, and let us arise and go up Beyt-El, where I vowed a vow to him on the day when I fled from the face of Esau my brother, because he has been with me and brought me into this land in peace, and put yet another strange eloyhim (god) that are among you.”

31:2 “And they gave up the strange elohiym and that which was in their ears and which was on their necks and the idols which Rachel stole from Lavan her father she gave wholly to Ya’aqov. And he burnt and broke them to pieces and destroyed them, and hid them under an oak which is the land of Shekem.”

31:3 “And he went up on the New Moon of the seventh month to Beyt-El. And he built an altar at the place where he had slept, and he set up a pillar there, and he sent word to his father Yitschaq (Isaac) to come to him to his sacrifice, and to his mother Rivkah (Rebecah).”

I will fast forward through these powerful verses of Jubilees 31 to come to an important date in history that reflects removing all sin from our lives so we can meet with God…on Nissan 14.

Ya’cov (Jacob) is arriving back to his father Isaac after twenty years with Lavan. This should find us in the 21st year which closes out three 7-year Shemittah cycles; 3×7=21. We are going to find Rachel finally gets pregnant after giving hoarding her father Lavan’s idols. She had even complained about not being able to get pregnant and her husband told her that her problem was with Adonai, not him.

Her second born out of her loins will be Benjamin of whom will be called, the strength of my house just as the letter Beit (B) suggests…House. We can now determine through these verse that year twenty-two is involved in the pattern to bringing back the Messiach known as, Him who sits on the ‘right’ hand (strength) of The Father. Benyamin is named son of my suffering by his mother who dies at his birth and his father renames him, ‘son of strength’ by Ya’cov.

The Messiach Yeshua is known as ‘Man of Sorrows’ and our Messiah is also known as, “King of Kings.”

These verses in Jubilees strength what we already know in The Bible about our Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection. Their lives portrayed or pictured that day of all days in which we remember our Savior. It is not a Christian thing or a Hebrew thing to believe these stories. It is a God-thing that runs through our earth so ALL can believe and NOT be lost.

It is Gods thing to repeat His purposes over and over through men’s lives so we don’t miss it when it really happens. It is God’s thing to come and personally die for humankind…there is not stronger love than that. It is also a God-thing to finish what He began. He will return and He will return according to The Pattern He has set forth. It’s about certain days that hold certain themes and finally it will complete itself when it is scheduled to complete.

In this week Torah portion covering Leviticus 14 – 15 reveals about the ‘unclean’ being set outside the city. There were examples of lepers that God created the disease on their skin or in their houses. And there were cases of just being ‘unclean’ for situations sometimes beyond one’s control. Perhaps you sat on a saddle or sofa that a woman having her ‘niddah’ had sat on and you became unclean. Being ‘unclean’ is not a bad thing but it is something that has to be dealt with.

The issue is for all of us to admit, we are sinners. It is in this state of mind that we can find resolve. We can look back to these examples and say that is NOT for today. But, no matter what day it is and what plan Adonai used to show us we’re ‘unworthy’ as humans to come before Him, we must admit and humble ourselves on how to be healed.

Give Respect –

Let’s look a Ya’cov when he returned at twenty-one years from ‘The Lavan Experience’ to finally see his father, Isaac. Isaac is the patriarch that never leaves his land. Abraham was known as the wondering Armenian and Ya’cov lived 20 years with his mother’s family who worshiped idols.

Even as Ya’cov asks his father to come to celebrate what ADONAI had done for him, Isaac declines the offer as his bones are too old to make the trip even though Isaac will live fifteen more years. He is portrayed as our ‘Ancient of Days’. This ‘ancient of days’ sends his ‘bride’ to do his bidding.

When Isaac meets his two grandsons his eyes are no longer dim and he can see them. Rivkah too has her heart enlightened and rejoices in seeing them. Which boys were chosen to go see their grandfather? Judah and Levi would be the sons blessed by Isaac. After the blessing, they turned and kissed their grandfather Isaac greatly rejoicing. Isaac had one lay on his left and the other on his right as they slept that night.

In the morning Ya’cov had shared his dream and vision he had with ELOHYIM before he went to the land of Laven. Levi will also reveal a dream that he had while sleeping by the side of Isaac.

Ya’cov –

Jubilee 31:26 “And in the morning Ya’cov told his father Yitschaq the vow which he had vowed to YAHUAH, and the vision which he had seen, and that he had built an altar, and that everything was ready for the sacrifice to be made before YAHUAH as he had vowed, and that he had come to set him (Isaac) on an ass.”

Isaac declares that he is 165 years old and not able to hear the way…but for him to go in peace and take his mother with him.

Isaac pours out a blessing next on his son.

31:31 And Ya’cov remembered the prayer with which his father blessed him and his two sons, Levity and Y’hudah, and he rejoiced and blessed the ELOHIYM of his fathers Abraham, and Yitschaq.

31:32 And he said: ‘Now I know that I have an eternal hope, and my sons also, before the ELOHIYM of all’; and thus is it ordained concerning the two; and they record it as an eternal testimony unto them on the heavenly tablets how Yitschaq blessed them.

We no longer see a ‘blessing by trickery’ but by Isaac’s sincere desire. It would behoove each of us to consider the depth in The Book of Jubilees.

It was Levi that helped his brother Simeon slay the men of Shekem without their father’s permission. It was done through trickery of circumcision in the Shekhemites thinking they would gain access to all the blessings from Ya’cov’s God. It was the wrong reason for circumcision and two young boys were able to slew an entire town. Elohim put fear of Ya’cov’s family around them which protected them as they moved on to Beit’El and find Isaac’s blessing on them.

All of this happened in the month of Nissan….Month Seven that would become Month One as they came out of Egypt. Egypt lost every first born human and animal…no matter the age of the individual. It was the final plaque that released them to learn how to ‘worship/live’ according to ADONAI’S ways.

It was such a momentous moment in history that pointed to the next momentous historical figure that even changed the calendar to begin again at year 1. The Hillel calendar makes it counting continue from Adam but the Julian and now Gregorian STOP to remember those years. Roman Julius Caesar began a calendar in his name in 42 BCE. It began over too as the world was turned upside down by His life on earth.

Before his children leave their ancient of days father, the ancient, Isaac, hears two of them reveal their dreams and visions. Ya’cov was first of whom was blessed for sharing it and then we hear about Leviy’s dream of whom also was blessed for sharing it. Let us remember that Ya’cov was embarrassed by Levey and his brother Simeon for slaying the Shekhemites. The ‘slayer Levey’ has an entire city of men’s blood on his hands and now finds himself laying at the side of his ‘ancient of days’ grandfather after being blessed by him. Levey’s life-cycle to being a slayer would continue but it would be for work in Adonai’s Holy Temple with the innocent animals.

Simeon was the Levey’s brother who also slew the men of Shekem and his name means, hear. Another Simeon would see and profess the young babe Yeshua at The Temple at year 4000. It would also be Ya’cov’s son Simeon that was held in captivity in Egypt by his brother Yosef until they would HEAR and repent of their sins that they did to their father, Ya’cov by trying to kill his son. Simeon is a pattern to hearing or not hearing. The Simeon pattern is set to all future days. There is a time of silence because of not listening to Adonai’s ways. Remember, it was Simeon that slaughtered men of a false circumcision…this will happen again to those with a wrong heart to God. Simeon could now die because he had seen The Messiach and given the child his blessing at The Temple.

Our Creator never leaves his house but comes in whatever form He desires to communicate with mankind. Isaac never leaves his house (land around him) even as Abraham sent Eleazar to find his wife, Rivkah. Isaac does not leave to go to Beth’el. There is the place for The Father and there is a place for The Son of whom all are directly by The Spirit….in whom all are One.

ּּּּּLet’s continue to look at Jubilee 32 to find out what happened after Ya’cov left his father’s house. This pictures what happened when Yeshua our Messiah died and rose. He left his original home to come to earth as Ya’cov left Isaac’s house. Ya’cov had spent 21 years (3 Shemittah cycles) trying to return as Yeshua has spent into our Twenty-first century to return perhaps. In fact, we see that Ya’cov’s life span occurs in the 44th Jubilee of the earth. These are the years from 2150 to 2200. 2 2 – Beit Beit for house house or Temple Temple. Benjamin is Son of this strong house even showing up in history in the jubilee showing the (22) house house.

Patterns to do NOT have to be a surprise to us because our Creator pre-ordained it all and is capable of showing up so we can be excited in the patterns set before us. If only men would think more with an ‘elastic’ mind that stretches beyond their human mind….they could still believe and ‘watch’ for The Return.

It is more than exciting, as 2150 is half way to 2200 which are the number of Shemittah years that Ya’cov endured with Laven. He had to leave to see the ‘son of his right hand (strength) able to be born. Binyamin could not be born on tainted soil but only where perhaps the future Messiach would be born…at Beit El. Amazing again if we could accept this past image to see Yeshua’s birth and now we could be looking at a pattern that shows His second coming.

Jubilee 32:33 And Rachel bore a son in the night, and called his name ‘Son of my sorrow’; for she suffered in giving him birth; but his father called his name Binyamiyn, on the 11th of the 8th month in the 1st year of the 6th week of this jubilee. (44) The eighth month is Iyyar; 11 Iyyar. 36 is first year of 6th week. 2150 + 36 is the year 2186 that Benjamin is born and the year Rachel dies.

He is born close to the year 2200 which is 14 years away. He will be 15 years old when his grandfather Isaac dies at age 180. Isaac is 165 when he is born. Thus, we can see that Isaac dies in the year 2201 at the very beginning of the 45th Jubilee of the earth. I’ll look closer at these dates in future articles but they could show us a ‘timing’ of return of The Suffering Servant as King of Kings (strength). 2200 AD ish?

Ya’cov is blessed by his father Isaac after the false bloody circumcision of the world of Shekem. The foreskins are cast off as unworthy and The Creator protects Ya’cov travels to go to Beyt-El. Ya’cov spends one night with his father of whom won’t come with him but sends his bride wife.

His father lived close but yet too far for him to travel. Yeshua came to this world but could not live in this world. Ya’cov’s family had to remove their idols…our world needs to remove false ‘gods’ and covetousness. Our Creator desires to bless us and will live through our blessed lives.

His father lived at Beyt-El (House of Elohim) but not where Ya’cov had built his altar at Beyt-El, where Ya’cov had met God in his dreams before arriving to Laven land.

The timing is Nissan 14 – Month Seven Day 14

Jubilee 32:1

And he abode that night at Beyt-El, and Levity dreamt that they had ordained and made him the Priest of EL-ELON, him and his sons forever; and he awoke from his sleep and blessed YAHUAH.

The dreams and visions happened at the House of God because they were about The House of God.

Nissan 14 – Day of ‘Fast of First Born’, Day of Death for Yeshua on stake at 4000 years from Adam.

Year 2186 from Adam.

32:2 And Ya’akov rose early in the morning, on the fourteenth of this month and he gave a tithe of all that came with him, both of men and of cattle, both of gold and every vessel and garment, yea, he gave tithes of all.

Yeshua rose in the morning and found himself on trial for all the sins of the world. God had given the world everything they had and now they would have His own son…God in the flesh…be the ‘tithe’ offering. The Final Offering.

Is there a good ending to this story?

Yeshua also rose up on the third day…which is what we see here upon Ya’cov returning and then spending one night with his father Isaac and then one night at Beyt-El before the sacrifices happened.

On Nissan 1 Ya’cov had his family change their clothes from a bloody sacrifice and their travels. Day One was changing clothes and burning their idols.

Day Two was with Isaac being blessed along with two sons; Levey and Judah.

Day Three is at Beyt’El with Levey’s confirmed priesthood.

The Feast would begin on Nissan 15 he brought the offerings and thus he did daily for seven days.

Today, on Nissan 14 it memorializes all the ‘firstborns’ that died in Egypt. Before that Ya’cov is the picture of the beginning of sacrifice because He was thankful for ADONAI’s confirmation of his family to be priests on the earth.

Sacrifice was not new to the earth but it was new to Ya’cov’s family. It was NOT new to Abraham or Noach or Adam as we even see it with Cain and Abel sacrificing….one was worthy and the other unworthy heart.

In Hebraism the tradition comes with eating ‘unleavened’ bread for seven days. The first day of Pesach is a High Holy Day and the last day is a High Holy Day. Thus, Nissan 15 and Nissan 22 are days of no work….only FUN! They are to remember The Messiach’s sacrifice which was patterned by Ya’cov’s dedication to be a set apart people on the earth.

Levey was committed to the priesthood.

32:8 And he tithed all the clean animals, and made a burnt sacrifice, but the unclean animals he gave not to Levey his son, and he gave him all the souls of the men. (His sons were also be priests.)

32:9 And Leviy discharged the priestly office at Beyt-EL before Ya’aqov his father in preference to his ten brothers, and he was a priest there, and Ya’aqov gave his vow:….ordained on heavenly tablets as a Torah for the tithing again the tithe to eat before YAHUAH from year to year.”

Nissan 22 – Dedicated to build a sanctified place

32:16 And on the following night, on the twenty-second day of this month, Ya’aqov resolved to build that place, and to surround the court with a wall, and to sanctify it and make it holy forever, for himself and his children after him.

32:17 And YAHUAH appeared to him by night and blessed him and said unto him: “Your name shall not be called Ya’aqov, but Yisra’el shall they name your name.

Nissan 22 – Name Changed to Isra’el….

Amazing – The Name Change day became a High Holy Day even our calendars today in 2019.

Nissan 23 – Deborah Dies

32:28 And thus is was manifested that it should be, and it is written on the heavenly tablets: wherefore it was revealed to him that he should celebrate it, and add it to the seven days of the feast.

29 And its name was called “Addition,’ because that it was recorded amongst the days of the feasts days, according to the number of days of the year.

30 And in the night, on the twenty-third of this month, Deborah Rivqah’s nurse died, and they buried her beneath the city under the oak of the river, and he called the name of this place, ‘The river of Deborah,’ and the oak, “The oak of the mourning of Deborah.’

31 And Rivqah went and returned to her house to his father Yitschaq, and Ya’cov sent by her hand rams and sheep and he goats that she should prepare a meal for his father such as he desired.

32 And he went after his mother till he came to the land of Kabratan, and he dwelt there.

33 And Rachel bore a son in the night, and called his name “Son of my sorrow’; for she suffered in giving him birth; but his father called his name Binyamiyn; but his father called his name Binyamiyn, on the eleventh of the eighth month in the first of the sixth week of this jubilee.

34 And Rachel died there and she was buried in the land of Ephrathah, the same is Beyt Lechem, and Ya’quov built a pillar on the grave of Rachel, on the road above her grave.

In May 2009 I was more than blessed to be part of a trip to Israel for ten days. Because our U.S. organizer was related to a U.S. Congressman, we got to go beyond the normal tours. We arrived in an armoured bus to stand on the ground that held the marker of Rachel’s tomb. We saw the small road that had held her marker for her grave that was below. It is guarded by a single Israeli guard tower that was low to the ground that we walked in and met the guard. We walked through a bullet proof tunnel of white fabric that led to her grave site.

It is now TEN years later and I find these verses jumping out at me and solving my personal ‘Mystery of Benjamin.’ I know that he pictures the Messiah in all of his sufferings in his life and his families lives. I know that even his names show us first, The Suffering Servant and then The Strength of his father.

As I type these words to you….I’m amazed. I had not read these verses before I started writing this article. Now, we have a jubilee, week, year and day. My Creator is more than good to me….He answers the desires of my heart.

Now I can forge ahead and declare what He has shown us.

And, doesn’t it always come back to this one thing? He is risen! Benjamin almost died along in her suffering but He rose up….just as his name begins with Beit…house… He is our comfort…Yeshua is our Comfort.

I am in AWE that God more than planned out the world’s spiritual salvation. He worked it out in detail in every life that desired His will over their own will. We can only go to our Creator with our concerns as Ya’cov told his wife Rachel. She stole the idols and lied about it. She was an idol worshiper, liar and staler and for that she died. She gave birth to a son that would almost be annihilated had it not been for Judah of whom helped support him through the years.

When I ask myself what else I’ve learned today about these verses, I know that Judah and Levey were blessed. Today, we have the Levite priesthood to still be respected in worship today. Today, we know it is the family line of Judah through whom the king comes to reign on the seat of David. David is from the line of Judah.

Our Messiah is Yeshua…not a priestly line even though He is our Priest in Heaven…but He is from the root of Jesse…the line of David. He will come to reign on the throne of David as King. And, He is King of Kings in the heavens, too.

Oh my friends, now I can dig in and I’ll be posting soon. But, for now…please know that The Seder was commanded to do….Yeshua was at his last Seder when he said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Eat the bread together that communes us together and represents his body. Drink the fruit of the vine together so we see the cups of redemption. Do these things my friends to REMEMBER that God came in the flesh to die so you would believe HE loves you.

For Your Information for 2019 Passover dates:

Nissan 1 – New Ecclesiastical Year – Sabbath, Reading Tazria ‘She will conceive.’ (April 6)

Nissan 3 – Lazarus dies. (April 8)

Nissan 7 – Lazarus raised up after 4 days by Yeshua. April 12 (Pictures He returned at 4000 years)

Nissan 10 – Chosen King – Sat on donkey with palm branches. April 15

Nissan 14 – Fast of Firstborn – Early Seder with disciples – Taken at night to suffer (as Rachel delivered Benjamin at night alone, without Ya’cov) April 19

Nissan 15 – Unleavened Bread – Day One Passover – High Holy Day, Sabbath, April 20.

Nissan 16 – Unleavened Bread – Day Two Pesach – Counting of Omer Day 1 – April 21.

Nissan 17 – Unleavened Bread – Day Three – Omer Day 2 – April 22

Nissan 18 – Unleavened Bread – Day Four – Omer Day 3 – April 23

Nissan 19 – Unleavened Bread – Day Five – Omer Day 4 – April 24

Nissan 20 – Unleavened Bread – Day Six – Omer Day 5 – April 25

Nissan 21 – Unleavened Bread – Day Seven – Omer Day 6 – April 26; High Holy Day – No Work FUN

Nissan 22 – Sabbath Shel Pesach – Rest – Eighth Day – April 27

Nissan 23 – April 28 – Deborah dies.

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