The Ninth Plague Exodus 9:4 2019

What can  we learn about January 11, 5 Shevat 2019 when we see live recordings of multitudes of God’s version of locusts invading Egypt’s religious center, Mecca?  What are we to think when it happens when all around the world Scriptures are being read about it happening to Egypt? In the month of Shevat the Torah reading was called, I appeared.  They appeared on January 14, 2019.  Thousands of crickets, jumping crickets, climbing on people and on Muslim sheiks at their temple.  The crickets were in their homes and outside clinging to trees and eating on vegetation. Shevat 5 2019 resembled The Ninth Plague of Egypt being instilled upon the people of Mecca as they came to prayer Friday night. I have been in Cairo when the loud speakers called men to prayer.  I was there for ten days and this ‘call’ is several times during the day and it lasts for thirty days.    I listened to this call nineteen years ago during Ramadan 2000.  I was in December 2000 and our country would be hit on September 11, 2001.    Were they praying about our destruction? A stragic plan was formed against the United States known as, Satan.   Bombs on American soil via airplane bombs.  Our skies were attacked just as our Creator attacks via the airways. Ramadan is known for it’s commitment to endorse the strength of war seen in Mohammad.  It is a time to stand against those not of Islam.  I am not inciting evil speech but just reminding ourselves of who came against who.  We did NOT start the invasion but only ask to worship The Creator as we choose to see fit.  The Hebrews only wanted to worship The Creator as they saw fit.  Instead they were enslaved to build the Pharoah’s dynasties.  The oil we buy now builds Arabs dynasties.  It does not look like this pattern has changed. Who can be blamed for these crickets?  Hmm…  I don’t believe in Mother Nature…so I would say, it’s our LIVING God…named YHWH…the name above all names.  Our God is a God of peace.  But, He is also The Avenger.  It is He whom brings these crickets…so we don’t forget the story of what Egypt means to us.  We must come away from Egypt (the world) and turn to Him..YHWH. Thousands of chirping  crickets throughout the land of Egypt instilled their fear int he days of Mosch and now again in 2019. The reading named Va’era (I appeared) Exodus 6:2-9:35, Isaiah 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23, Matthew 2:1-12 was being read at the same time…on the very day.  The Torah Portions put out by of First Fruits of Zion follow the same readings by the rabbis of Isra’el.  Thus, many torah-keeping people around the world understood what ‘The Hand of God’ was doing when the mass of ‘locusts/crickets’ showed up at Mecca. I lived ten years in Arizona and we know that crickets bring scorpions.  If you remove the crickets and you deter the scorpion.  I would say that the scorpions are headed to Egypt. Revelation 9 comes into play because we are NOT to forget the days when The Lord brought them out of Egypt. We are to remember the judgments of God.  It can come into our own lands if we allow false worship on the earth’s soil.  The earth is His footstood.  He will prune it’s vineyards.
9:4  They were instructed not to harm the grass of the earth, any green plant or any tree, but only the people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.
Mecca’s crickets did not look to have the heads of horses ready to battle (9:7).  But, just as eclipses are ‘shadows’ of things to come, so are manifestations.  Especially when manifestations occur as those particular Scriptures are being referenced.  We are told to ‘watch’ for the real manifestation.

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