Hebrew History Channel – Part II – 4000 Years – Ascension Omer 40

4000 years from Adam – Defiled Kingship and Priesthood – Yeshua Jesus arrives to earth as Suffering Servant…and to teach Torah.  This article began with Part I so be sure to read it.  Part II was also written before the May 28, 2019 Midwest Tornado outbreak for Kansas and Missouri.  That particular outbreak was on Day 38 of the Counting of Omer on a Tuesday night.

The Kansas storm trackers could NOT even see the F4 tornado because it hid behind torrents of rain.  I watched intently from our home 80 miles away as it traveled closer to being 20 minutes from our home.  It stayed on the ground for two solid hours as city after city was given warning when it would hit them….thus not any deaths that I know of right now.

All the rain-soaked lands would again be soaked as this storm had traveled from Arizona and continued to New York.  The F4 began in Douglas County Kansas.  It stayed on the ground with debris for 2 hours…and then another system was going to cover the same path four hours behind it.  There was only time to tarp the homes with roofs missing before it began again.  Clean up by The Lord is still at hand.

This unprecedented system continued into Day 39 of Omer toward New York. It killed several during the night on it’s way…but missing our friends in Iowa.  The Nation has been on storm and flooding alerts for weeks and for some in Missouri and the Midwest for months.

The Kansas City anchorman remembered in 2003 when his entire home was carried off the earth.  The MCI Airport was closed for five hours as debris dropped on it’s runways…debris was being carried 50 miles from it’s original source.

On May 22, 2019 Iyyar 17 – “To-the-day eight years later.” the news read.   2011 May 22 Joplin Missouri was devastated by a tornado.  2019 May 22 Joplin Missouri reporters showed pictures of damage from high winds that even took down power lines while tornadoes struck nearby towns. It was not just Joplin that was to be reminded, but it is all of Missouri…all of the Midwest…all of the desert areas..all of the northeasterns…all of us.

But why is our Creator allowing these things…people say, “But, he’s a loving God…not one of judgment.  That judgment stuff is in the old days.”  I beg to differ as my retired years have taken me to examine many patterns to see if there is a pattern to God’s activities.

We were again reminded of earthquakes on Day 36 of the Omer with Peru having the next 8.0 earthquake on May 26, 2019.  Our grandson is on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to The Amazon.  He just today May 30 called his father to say he was on time to arrive in Miami tomorrow on Friday, May 31.  My spirit is lifted as we had not heard from him during this ten-day missionary trip.

As I’ve been known as the ‘earthquake expert’ in the past, it is another ‘Hand of God’ I must give witness to in our family.  As he walked out of our home I looked with him on my computer the likelihood of Brazil having an earthquake.  Brazil was not in the zone of high earthquakes.  The last 8.0 earthquake was an 8.2 at Ndoi Island, Fiji on August 19, 2018..on 8 Elul.  These earthquakes are nine months apart.  The one before that was 8.2 in Tres Picos, Mexico on September 8, 2017 eleven months apart.   It’s Hebrew date was 17 Elul.  Elul is the month known as ‘the king is in the field’ so the people can know their king and he can hear from them.   Yes, a perfect earthquake month…as Adonai uses fear to shake the souls of men to return to Him.

Both of us were relieved and we drove him to the airport.  His trip was on The Amazon River…a wonderful place to travel by boat only to help with medical aid where needed.  They did not speak English so communication about Jesus would have to be through interpretation.

May 25, 2019 on the Sabbath Behar (on the mount) we found our grandson 80 miles from the epicenter of the next 8.0 earthquake on our earth.  They are rare but seem to be increasing.   But, as Adonai would have it…he was there to experience Peru’s 8.0 since The Brazil Amazon River trip took him into Peru.  He told me he was outside of the range of a cell tower.  His father made a call to a person in the United States and he said he assured my son that the group was fine.

I hate ‘silence’ but it does build patience.  My thinking was that if these little villages had no cell service, then how did this man in the United States talk to anyone about this group of twenty?  How did he know anything as the earthquake was hours old?  I now can delete some of what I wrote because the ‘silence’ has been broken and he is on a flight home.

The ‘Hand of God’ moves to remind us of our sin and it reminds us who is in charge….not Mother Nature…but The Creator Elohim..the greatest and only God there is.  And, it is in the times of ‘silence’ that we reach out to Him more…I am thankful for answered prayer.

What needs to happen to us to remind us to pray?  Do we pray without ceasing…so when we claim His name quickly in your sudden terror….miracles happen?  I’m glad our family was surrounding him in prayer…we have a Great God who wants to hear from us…all the time and not just in emergencies.

Does our world still believe in God? If so, why do I always feel pressed to let them know what day it is on God’s calendar…not the Gregorian Pope calendar…but the Hebrew calendar?

If there are patterns in earthquakes…which I know there are…then there are patterns in tornadoes…and we should give credit to whom credit is due.  Everything happening to our earth is used by our Creator for His purposes.  He knows every hair on your head and every thought in your head.   YHWH is His powerful name.  There can be NO other ‘gods’ before him.

ABORTION on the U.S. books since 1973…the year our first child a son was born.  I can’t imagine not having him nor his son in our lives.  His son is 22 and gives a sermon from the pulpit at several churches and on this day the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer is a witness up and down the Amazon.

Missouri pushed forward a law that says there will be NO abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. They will now be sued by Planned Parenthood that uses abortions as birth control.  Where did the tornado lift up…when it hit the Missouri border…and then back down at Excelsior Springs and Kearny, MO  Are these liberal towns?

Kansas election topics were strong for abortion and Gay rights and all the other letters added so you don’t even know how many people are represented because they ‘feel’ their emotions…so they must be a woman. Or, they have more masculine traits even looking like their fathers…so they must be a boy.  God gave each person an identity check which some check with ultrasounds before birth.  God knew what he placed in the woman’s womb…this woman just needs an early C-section if she doesn’t want to raise up God’s image in her life.  There is zero excuses for abortion.  We can NOT be a Pharoah or a Herod to determine what children live and what children die.  There is only the choice of life..there are people waiting to adopt.   A mother will be thanked for giving life instead of  bearing the guilt of being, Executioner.

There is but one avenger…and rape is not ours to avenge.  The life is the womb was meant to be…even if it does not meet your standard…even if it’s inconvenient…even if it won’t have what is considered a loving family.  Every human being that is conceived was meant to be on God’s earth to have their special ‘moment in time’ on it.

I’m a type A woman with may opinions so you would think I would be for woman everywhere…and I am…as I can’t stand people who think woman should just be barefoot and pregnant…as the say goes. I believe woman have great intuition over men but they also need stabilized in their thinking when emotions roar.  Men and woman are to work side by side just as woman was taken from Adam’s side.  But…….woman are not listening…and this movement is out of hand.

Kansas and America voted more woman into positions that truly don’t have the qualifications for the office they were hired.  But because they are a woman…people voted that direction…to just prove a point…and now I say, “Whoa to us America.”

Women’s emotions are roaring for rights.  Whose rights?  Our rights come under our Creator’s rulings and when The Torah says Do Not Murder…we should not murder.  When it says to not commit adultery we should have one husband.  When it says to not have sex within your family we should fight incest and sex trafficking.   We should teach our children that it is wrong when any man or woman touches them improperly, it is wrong.  We should teach children that our sex organs are different and not the same.  God determined our sex…not our minds that deceive us…not our emotions that are run by a depressed adrenal system that eventually shuts down correct thinking.

I refuse to let any group drag me into what their opinion of truth is if it doesn’t line up with God’s truth.  It is man’s responsibility and blessing to multiply on the earth.  In that blessing we are to teach our children God’s instructions on how to live on his earth safely under His protection called The Scriptures.  These Scriptures point and show that child his redeemer.

Therefore, I am against you…groups of ‘vipers’ among the innocent…taking the blood of their own babies..ripping them from their bodies.  We should expect to hide in our ‘safe rooms’ when  ‘the wrath of God’ is upon us.  Flooding, tornadoes, storms, hearts stopping because of stress.  Energy drinks that quicken death  coming in the disguise of Vitamin B.  It’s not the same caffeine my friends…don’t touch it.  Life is short and there is only so much one person can do.  Learn to say, “Can’t do it”or “Later maybe.”  This is  not a Nike world of, “Just Do It” or “More and More for Jesus.”  Remember, our Creator has everything under control.  He will move your heart…listen to Him in the quiet places…your heart.

I can never say enough about dates that line up and judgment times of the earth.  It is God who avenges.  You can forgive others and move forward in Him.  Forgiveness is key to your being an effective servant for His kingdom.

To those that think Sunday is His special day, please note that ‘The Eighth Day’ is ‘The Day of The Lord’s’ wrath.   The Seventh Day patterns to the Millennium of rest. If you don’t know how to REST on Saturday called The Sabbath then you won’t see The Rest that was created for man since the beginning with Adam.  We should not live in an escapism mentality.  Be happy and enjoy life in Him.

The Eighth Day has nothing to describe it except for those that pass into death and return to share.  These are serious God-moments.  If you’ve been close to death and it’s been dark, please review your doctrine.  There should not be darkness, but only light when we pass into eternity.  Quiet your mind and fill yourself with his words from The Bible….turn off the world…the televisions… and your phone.  Turn back to Him…there is nothing wrong with ‘silence’ from our world but there is something very wrong with suicide.  It says you’ve given up on Him who made you.  You can NOT give up on God…because that leaves you in a very empty place for all of eternity…without your Creator.

The realms of our heavens above us will open and we will see and behold many things.  These have been hidden from our eyes…but every knee will bow as all is revealed.  Our heaven will be shaken and wiped clean of all ‘watchers’.

Earthly men become only ‘watchers of God’ and some give their opinion as being doctrine.   Other ‘watchers’ teach men to stray from The Torah…God’s words (instruction).

The earlier ‘Watchers’ are held back right now retained for punishment as they did a very poor job by getting too involved in Adam’s children.  After 1333 years…God was comforted in removing them all.  Noach name means, Comfort and he took action to preserve the human race.  Noach and Enoch also preserved Shavuot.

The Comforter came on the festival of Shavuot which is Day 50 of the Counting of the Omer.  Without this Comforter there is no drawing to Yeshua Jesus and thus no salvation.  This celebration, known as Shavuot, is seen even in the days of Adam, Enoch and Noach.  Noach’s sons stopped remembering it…And now…we are ‘as in the days of Noach’ thinking that these ‘old things’ just can’t be for our day.   How could The Lord’s Feasts still rule the earth in worship when we are such a modernized world?  Noach had a modernized world as well…with furnaces in the days of Abraham likened to our own metal ones.  We did not arrive from the monkey.  Seed multiplies it’s own seed and there is to be no mingling of other seeds.  The dog that looks and acts like a zebra is against God’s Torah…there should be no cross breeding of such things…dogs with horses…even mules are sterile because you don’t breed donkeys with horses…like you don’t breed elephants with hippos.

Are we so creative that we want to see what we can create.  When will we stop seeking knowledge and realize we can be happy without going to Mars.

We search for God by building machines like CERN.  Man still wants to find out how our world began.   God tells us that Creation speaks for itself.   CERN found that there is something that holds us together…and whatever it is that holds us together is not explainable without a creator.   Okay…they admit it…but you don’t hear that on the news.

People should want to know ‘what day it is’ on God’s schedule for the world.  We should expect discipline when the voting of issues is done at the poles.  Is it a few deranged people that have given into ‘being deceived’ or do the masses vote against God’s issues?

Greek thinking stinks.  Are we still in the Greek days?  Even the Jews did NOT want their people to know that language or those gods.  Disciple Shu’al was a Jew…zealous for The Torah and he did know Greek.  His Greek name was Paul and his Hebrew name was Sha’ul.   He had lived in Rome with his parents; thus a Roman citizen..but a zealous Jew.

Paul is still the most mis-understood person in The Bible, I would say.  He intentionally requests to be in prison so he could travel to different officials so as to tell the good news of the Goem (Gentiles) able to come into Judaism by Yeshua Jesus’ blood.

Judaeo-Christian values is what America is based on.  Our parents are Noach, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David…to Yeshua Jesus.  It took 4000 years of lineage that CANNOT be dismissed because we ‘feel’ our emotions and that determines our sex.

Other gods…. We made up Zeus to be a god.   Alexander died at age 33 was only labeled ‘great’ after they lifted him up after his death.  And, it would be his grandson Alexander IV that would be labeled ‘Hercules’.    These Greek things (gods) are still with us today and cause us to have stinking Greek thinking.

Things are constantly created to distract us and our children from the One that deserves true worship.  We are deceived priests of the earth allowing what was holy (set-apart) to become common.

The pattern to His reign begins at Adam.  Yeshua came at 4000 years, known as Fourth Day, and now we can expect three more days, or 3000 years, bringing in a new reign at 7000 years.   Zero to 1,000 years is One Day with the Lord or in Heaven’s time.

6000 – 7000 is Day Seven. 7000 – 8000 is Day Eight.

Three thousand years can be likened to Adonai’s witnesses..the two great lights in our sky…the sun and the moon.  He calls them His witnesses.

The Third Day (3000 years) is likened to the moon being completely hidden for three nights…and then the light is seen.  Our Lord is hidden physically while still being there.  But, He came in the form of the Ruach HaChodesh instead so every many could be filled individually.  He is within you…and you only need to call…and instantly He directs your path.  It is Yeshua’s spirit that dwells in believers.  This can be likened to a microwave that you can’t see, but you see the results of the action of a microwave.

Many patterns show us The Day of The Lord….which is the physical return of our Messiah.   Sunday is the Eighth Day of the week and has been set to honor Yeshua’s resurrection.  The Eighth Day still does not replace The Seventh Day…The Sabbath.  It is the Seventh Day that was set apart at Creation to ‘remember’ what God does for us.  It will be during this Seventh Day that our earth will again find rest with her King ruling…providing for us always.

Our Creator Adonai will live with mankind for one thousand years and then that Eighth Day will bring in another time slot of renewal for Adonai’s plan for the earth.  He has a plan of salvation that we have not yet seen for the earth just as he continues to have a plan for us to be involved with that new estate.

Adam was promised The Seed. This Seed would die in order to sprout up on the earth. The Seed would crush the ‘deceiver’s head’ of whom had been allowed to strike His heel. He was allowed to strike at Ya’cov for a time and then ‘silence.  It was finished at year 4000 AM.   Three days later…would also be 3000 years later to make that 7000th year….that 7th Day of Rest.

Yeshua Jesus was The Seed arriving on the earth at the time in history that Israel’s kingship and the priesthood were both defiled positions. The king was an anointed position by a prophet. There were no prophets as Rome and The Herods had them killed.

The priesthood (serving at The Temple) could only be held by Levites.  We are priests and able to minister to others because we qualify by His atoning blood sacrifice.  We canNOT intermarry with non-believers in this priesthood.  The Roman Herods intermarried with Benjamin in hopes of creating a Hebrew lineage. The High Priest can only be from Aharon’s family which is also from the clan of Levi.  This pattern of priesthood continues but it is through Yeshua’s blood.

John the Baptist’s father Zechariah was in line for the High Priest as he descended from Aharon…also a Levite. Their son Yochanan (John the Baptist) was the threat to the throne and finally killed.  Herod knew his sin of sleeping with his brother’s wife was death so he killed his brother brother.  He knew The Torah and worked his way around it.  This act is actually seen with Rueben lying with Ya’cov’s concubine wife Bilah.  When she told him what he had done to her, Ya’cov never had relations with her again and she died a lonely woman.  Ya’cov also issued the judgment of ‘death’ to the one that would lie with his father’s wife.  Rueben was not killed because just then the ‘rule’ was created.

Then Herod took pleasure with his wife’s daughter (his brother’s daughter) and was willing to give her up to half his kingdom…a saying that meant she could have whatever she requested.   Herod was despicable in behavior because he manipulated The Torah…thus making himself, Torahless.

The King was to write out The Torah once a year and read it to the people.  The Herodian days could be likened to the ‘days of Solomon’ where he too thought he was above The Torah.  Solomon was granted some wisdom but ended up claiming his own wisdom as we see in his actions and here in his words such as, ‘All is vanity because you work your whole life and just hand it over to those that will undo or waste all you’ve built.’

Life was futile to Solomon as he violated Adonai’s instructions and molded them into his liking.  He did not write out the Torah every year nor did he read it to The People.  We should be reading our Bibles and reading it to our children on a set schedule.

Adonai told him that his kingdom would be taken from him but at the time of his grandchildren.  He completed a forty-year reign so people think Solomon was perfect when in fact he is seen as an anti-Christ…against Torah.

Men’s sins do NOT stop the plans of God…the forty still pointed to The Fourth Day…the 4000 years to The Seed to come to open the gates (dahlet 4) of Hades.

The anointed men were removed and Israel was carried off to Babylon.  King Cyrus brings them back after 70 years.  (This shows the 7000 year plan of return.)  Then by 167 BC we see those that love Adonai helping the Jews in the Maccabbean revolt to bring The Temple back to the earth../after 3.5 years of fighting The Temple is won and that remembrance is called, The Festival of Lights or Chanukah.  In the Book of John Yeshua is seen standing at Solomon’s Temple porch in the winter giving this festival commemoration.

At this time ‘false’ leadership emerged as the Jews were merged with Roman power to rule them.  This revolt that killed thousands.  In 167 BC they fought to bring back Adonai’s presence on the earth and that is still celebrated today as Chanukah (Festival of Lights/Festival of Dedication).  In John 20 we see Yeshua Jesus standing at the porch of Solomon’s Temple in the winter…it was Chanukah.  Why did He give memorial to it?  Because He would be the one that they would call, The Light of the World…the one that people would ‘dedicate’ their lives to.  It was His dedication to the Father’s plan that allowed his human spirit to go forward to the stake and die on 14 Nissan…as ordained from the foundation of the world.

The Plan:  The Spirit of God would indwell human flesh so that they knew he was one with them.  God sent himself wrapped in human flesh to suffer and die for sinners of whom he could not know sin.    In His earthly ministry, He still lived out the days exactly as prescribed to confirm the future.  lHe also strengthened the Torah with words such as as…they say that if you lust with a woman that it is sin, but I say to you that if you even think it in your mind that you have sinned. He was not adding to The Torah but strengthening it so they would admit they were sinners and needed Him as their savior. Repent was Yochanan’s baptism and Yeshua’s blood would be their salvation.  The Torah showed them their sin.   Yeshua was baptizing them unto eternal salvation.  Then he was instructing them to RETURN to The Torah that was also designed to keep them safe on the earth.  His final return has not happened yet and it is The Torah that still continues to point to those days.

Each day is special, but each day is not holy.  It is The Lord that makes a day holy.  He definitely made The Sabbath holy (set-apart) since Creation.  Historical records show that they observed Shavuot…giving of Holy Spirit and instruction…with Enoch.  It was passed unto Noach and Shem and Abraham and continues today.  I see it as the second-longest running festival of the Lord next to the weekly Sabbath.  I believe the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur with The Feast of Tabernacles lines up with Noach making and getting in the ark.  They would be the third, fourth and fifth longest examples of The Lord’s Feasts and how long they’ve been operating on the earth.  Fast of First Born is seen with Pharaoh when the Israelites leave Egypt with Mosch.  Passover is next as they pass through the Reed Sea in that baptism into The Wilderness.  Unleavened Bread is seen in them being fed in The Wilderness for forty years and it is again verified with The Bread of Life leaving the earth exactly on The 40th Day of the Counting the Omer.  This day is known as Ascension Day.  Ten days later, on the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer, it is known as Shavuot.  Mosch called them all together to receive the instruction at Mt. Sinai.  This mount is in today’s Arabia not Egypt.  2200 years later on this same day, we see the instructions of staying in Jerusalem as The Comforter would come to them.   Pentecostals call this day Pentecost because people could understand in their own language when people spoke to them.    The correct name is Shavuot and has had tremendous meaning since the days of Enoch and probably Adam.  We see Cain and Able bringing their offerings of which Cain’s was not satisfactory.

That is a quick explanation of The Lord’s Feasts that has been lost because of kings like Solomon who thought life was all about him.  It is lost because someone decided to start their calendar based on when Yeshua Jesus died and resurrected.  It got lost because Christians were convinced that The Jews killed their Jesus when The Seed planted in the ground had been planned since before the foundation of the world.   It is lost because people wanted a New story line when The Temple was burnt down.  Thus, they created an Old Testament and a New Testament.  What really happened was that there was a New Covenant that pointed to God’s own blood being shed for the penalty of sin which is spiritual death.  I do not want to labor on this, but it is understandable as to why people would think The Torah was done away with…as everything is new in Christ.

Our Creator makes covenants with each generation as growth happens on the earth…more people…more covenants.  But, there is not one covenant that is not still in effect.  Once our Creator makes a covenant with man, He will not break it.  The covenants stand as witnesses to His faithfulness to every generation.

The promise to Abraham involved three things.  Land….Adam also had the most beautiful garden to live in actually planted by Adonai.  Seed…Adam also had a seed that would through his loins that would crush the head of Satan.  Blessing….Adam would be blessed to multiply on the earth.

Isn’t it interesting that if one generation forgets to tell the people of Adonai’s plans for the earth, He will repeat it to the next generation of The Righteous?

Adam, Enoch, and Noach all observe The Sabbath and we see them at Shavuot when the first harvest is bought in thanks.   Cain did not bring his best.   Cain then made the decision to leave the area and build his own city and live according to what he desired to celebrate.

Able’s blood cried from the ground as he was killed by stoning…and not buried.  We find that it is a horrible thing for a child to die before the parent…it is not God’s plan for that to happen.  We see this righteous Adam.  Adam dies a peaceful death and that afternoon Cain’s stone house falls in on him.  Stone for a stone…just as he killed his brother Abel with a stone.

What did God do after His son set the captives free? He set the land free! He burnt down The Temple because it was defiled….corruption everywhere…and Adonai will NOT be part of the wrong pattern set on the earth. The earth’s altar was to be a reflection of what was to be in the heavenlies.  Heaven could not be defiled because of the earth’s priests being defiled.  The Temple had to burn down until the proper priesthood could once again establish it.  Yes, the earth will burn to cleanse it for the proper Priest and King…the one that can hold two offices… of priest and of King.  Yeshua is anointed and appointed to qualify as King.  Yeshua’s priesthood is a heavenly one.  He is High Priest in heaven and brings that Priesthood to earth.

Yeshua’s pattern of return directly connects to His resurrection of three days.   All of the symbols of three in The Bible verify his plan to resurrect after three days.  His resurrection verified the past and it will also verify the future.    Yeshua resurrected to ‘come again.’  He told them that some of them would not die before they saw The Kingdom of God.  He was the Kingdom of God on earth…but it also was not His time to bring it into its full manifestation.  He was the ripe green tree but the world was not ready for that tree.  His return would have to wait until the world was purged of it’s wormwood governments.  They made the water of the world (nations) taste like poison. These nations would hear about Elohiom’s plan for the earth and they would either join in the plan of multiplying on the earth or they would destroy themselves by war and killing babies.   Adonai does not bless a nation that kills children.   Pharaoh killed children, unwise Solomon offered his children to Molek and 4000 years from Adam Herod gave edicts to killed children.   These leaders were very short-sighted because they didn’t even trust their own sons to reign after them.   Solomon’s 40-year reign was more important to him than Adonai’s 8000-year plan of reign for the earth.

The pattern of reign continues as His first coming occurred at 4000 years from Adam thus we can expect three more days or 3000 years making his reign at 7000 years.   This follows Johns revelation of Christ where there is a one-thousand-year reign just before The Eight Day (8000 years).  I love the fact that people who say, “If only Jesus was here our world would not be this way!”  There will be 1000 years where more children will be born and we will experience life as Adonai had planned it from the Gan of Eden.  I also believe that those with resurrected bodies will also participate in The Lord’s Feasts…spelled out in The Torah…during that thousand-year reign lead by our King of Kings Yeshua.

Now would be a good time to remind ourselves of Enoch 92.  There is one week of releasing The Watchers.  That week consists of earth’s time of 100 years.  It is a short time but just enough for deception to once again be released to test the hearts of men.  These will be the hearts of those born during the millennium.  This last generation will follow the theme of “the last shall be first.”  They will be judged for their actions while living in that last thousand years of history…which is cut a little short.  This reminds us of Adam and his generation of men that lived to almost a thousand years old.  But, because there is no perfect man, his days will be cut short of a day with The Lord.

Thus, it seems we could have people on the earth in that last thousand years of earthly history just like at the beginning.  People lived to almost a thousand years old while walking with The Spirit of God and now this plan is repeated but with man able to spend almost a thousand years with God’s Spirit now in risen flesh.  The first half of history looked to ‘the first Adom’ made of flesh and the last half of our world’s history will look to ‘the second Adam’ God in the flesh.

I would love to insert a study on Leviticus 23-24.  All of the sacrificial offering system points to His future coming.  It pointed to His execution and they also point to His second coming.  If our world ever allows that system to be on the earth again, we must know that it points back but it still points future…to the Seventh Day and the Eighth day.   I believe these Scriptures point to earth’s timeline.

Let’s revisit Part I’s study on Iyyar 14 – Hezekiah’s Passover.  If you couldn’t make it to the first Seder/Passover…you could have one on 14 Iyyar and continue celebrating for eight days.   It gives our world another picture of His Second Coming…which completes The Eighth Day that sees total sin removed from the earth.  Even, the Watchers have been judged for getting involved in human affairs.

How are you?  This is a different viewpoint because it is proven through pattern.  I’m going to continue as there is more.  Really, it’s not crazy…just different…and yet it’s a simple plan that all of humanity probably understood.  It has only been in the last several hundred years that we’ve been confused about The Lord’s Day.

Another interesting Scripture is at the close of The Book of Jubilees where it states that Day 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 had been closed off from Satan….but on day 19 he was allowed again so as to help with Egypt.

We know that ‘Deception’ can be held back.  The ‘deceiver’ had to ask for Job.  Yeshua prayed for his disciples that they would not be asked for.   He prayed against the ‘tempter’.

It is in this system that man reveals his heart for God.   Satan can be bound and he can be released. It is on Day 19 that we see the letter nine that is the letter Tet. Its picture language is that of a snake or basket with its meaning being ‘to twist, surround.’  Day 19 Satan is released to twist himself once again into man’s mind hoping to deceive him…as he worked in Pharaoh’s mind…giving in but always changing his mind…so one more evidence of God’s power could be seen.   Pharaoh was given over to his human spirit that is weak and vulnerable to deception.

The Tet 9 snake cannot harm those with a circumcised heart.  “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”  When a believer has the Ruach HaChodesh indwelling,  there is no room for ‘the deceiver’.

It makes sense that our Creator would use the full moon to stop darkness.  The moon and sun are The Lord’s two witnesses.  They see everything that happens on the earth.  The moon was full on Nissan 14 and on Iyyar 14.  Nissan 14 was when Yeshua held his last Seder on earth.  Iyyar 14 is when mankind could hold their last Seder for that year if they missed the first one at Nissan.

Yeshua’s death caused the sun to go dark.  The sun gave witness for three hours that God became flesh and blood in His son and suffering death on a stake to redeem mankind.  He died suffering as a prophecied through the prophets of being a Suffering Servant.  Even in the Garden of Gethesame, there was a full moon on Nissan 14 so all the world could see.

It takes three days for a sliver of the moon to shine forth after the 29th of the lunar month.  Day 28, 29, 30 are desperately dark days on the earth.  And finally, on those full moon days of 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 all is clearly seen so as to be set free.   The sun and moon are His witnesses that He is our Savior.

Could it also be when our years reach into the numbers of 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 that we sense their drawing us to what brings our salvation closer?

It is a pattern perhaps that we can look at history and see Adonai’s hand on these years floating through history.  Do we notice our Creator’s hand on the earth…or do we just live our lives…and wish it would all end soon because we’re tired?

We have just lived through the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. These have been the years with Adonai’s ‘War memo’ attached.

These years began the most current Lunar Tetrad celebrating Israel. Four Total lunar eclipses in a row completed a pattern in 2015 and yet a few more than average flowed into 2016. The year 2015 was identified as the year God’s War began with 27 Elul be a specific date in 2015. The world already knew Jerusalem was Israel’s but it became confusing with America’s president denying that passports could say Jerusalem, Israel. Thus, in 2016 a man ran and was elected to reign in 2017 that would openly declare to the world that Jerusalem was Israel’s capitol and even move our embassy there.

The Tetrad also marked the 1967 Six-Day War and a tetrad in 1949-50 marked her being a nation in 1948. It is unusual to have four Total Blood moons consecutively but what is especially noted about these Tetrads is they marked the beginning of Passover, marked the Feast of Tabernacles, marked Passover again and the final Total Blood moon occurred again on the first day of The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles. Looking back at history we see that these feasts and a Tetrad also occurred when in 1492 Columbus loaded his ship full of Jews to save them from Spain’s inquisition of killing Jews. Eclipses are ‘markers’ and even their Saros Series talk to us. If our Creator knows every hair on your head, then He knows and orchestrates all of this.

Feast of Tabernacles Day One is a high holy day…no work. It was the day Nathan died in 2015 to then return to tell about God’s War.

The dead were quickened back to life to describe the vision in the heavenlies and the message that He was coming soon. A miracle election in America shocked the world with a very worldly man…a movie producer really…a businessman from the U.S. presidency by the name of Trump. I called him our ‘last trump’. Since his election, this man has been the only real ‘trumpet’ for Israel. He did not care what his Congress said because he knew what was right in God’s eyes. Harry S Truman also knew what The Bible said and declared their name not to be Palestine, but Nation of Israel in 1948.

Yah’s goal has always been to have a priesthood on the earth that would point to Him…coming in the flesh as the bull (the Aleph) the strength of His house. The Kingship and High Priest had become corrupt and no longer was a pure line of priesthood….so it burnt in 70 AD. Jews were burning on stakes and then Christians burnt on stakes as protesters of the Catholic (universal) faith turned on each other all in the name of Jesus. It’s been a brutal thing to see men take vengeance in their own hands.

Fire – known as Holy Spirit.

Fire – Destruction by physical fire because we lack the first fire.

They say in 7 years a meteor is headed to our earth. It is the same one that flew by and missed us and now it’s angle has us in its path. Programs are shown through Public Broadcasting to show us how a meteor destroyed the dinosaurs billions of years ago. We know that dinosaurs lived in Missouri and the world. We also know how a world-wide flood quickly froze them with the flood burying them as fossils of which we can study today. Our earth has evidence of meteor hits but I must reconsider their suggestions in this film of what really happened.

We know the earth will be purified by fire because Adonai the author of The Book of Genesis declares it. But, at what time we do NOT know. Our earth is on schedule for a thousand-year reign with our King on earth reigning from Jerusalem. When He arrives there will be a cleansing of the land and an earthquake that divides Israel from east to west when His feet sit on that mountain from which water will flow to heal the nations. We have NOT had this happen yet.

What all eyes will see is His coming. Out of darkness will come light….and clouds of witnesses will come with Him. The veil will be removed between heaven and earth and those that remain alive will rise up. The earth is purified as judgment is meted out..not by a meteor…but by Him who comes on a white horse with His white garment dipped in blood. He will avenge the blood of His children. Could he use a meteor? Yes, but they have hit the earth before and perhaps made it wobble. This will be different where all knees will bow…and it will Him that takes your chin to lift you up so there are no more tears.

Noach’s Flood was about baptizing the earth with water just as Mosch would come through waters out of Egypt. Forty years later Joshua would again lead them across the waters of the Yarden showing another baptism for that second generation. And, this second generation had to be circumcised in their flesh. Yes after forty years their hearts were changed and now they could cut their flesh as a sign of their ‘covenant’ with God. The oldest person was no older than forty years old…besides Joshua and Calev who believed Yahweh could deliver them 40 years earlier. I believe Calev is 83 when he claims his portion of land.

Second Chances –

In 1787 we see an 8.0 earthquake. It occurred on Pesach Sheni…The Second Passover. Seventeen is how old Yosef was when sold to the world..and it is how long he would live after being reunited with his father and the Ya’cov dies.   Father Israel raised him for 17 years as Yahweh protected them from their enemies. Then, Israel (Ya’cov) would only see his favored son Yosef from his favored wife Rachel for 17 more years.  Yosef first suffers at the hand of his brothers which portrays our Savior also coming as suffering at the hands of his brothers.  Then Ya’cov and those deceiving brothers are being placed together in a city of their own under Yosef’s rule from another city.  Yosef ruled seventeen years over all  the lands and over his family’s affairs.   Second to none and equal to Pharaoh just as we see The Seed Yeshua agreed to being a bond servant to Yahweh which found himself equal to Yahweh.  A bond servant was treated better than the owner’s own children or himself.  Today, the words servant and slave have different meanings than that in the lives of the Hebrews.  Thus, we’ve lost the true meaning of the bond servant.

Seven does show us The Sabbath…as it shows us The Millennial reign…where The Bond Servant also reigns as King of Kings.  It’s fun  to look at Yosef’s life in segments of seventen as the second set shows us the age of The Messiach’s suffering.  It is a pattern that shows us his age of suffering at age 34 or it is the year 34 AD that he suffered and died.

17 years + 17 = 34 years

Messiah stayed on the earth for 34 years until his return to The Heavenlies where He now reigns in the strength of The Father?  Six years is missing to complete the 40 pattern seen in days and night, how long the first kings would reign and many other 40 patterns.

Solomon and Alexander the Great are also types of this pattern as they are seen as being chosen by their fathers.  They both showed strength at age seventeen with Alexander taking full charge at age 20.  Solomon takes 20 years to build his palaces and House of God. Alexander did not have a son to pass his kingdom on and thus four of his generals divided up the ‘newly’ conquered worlds which Daniel spoke as four horns coming out of the head…to later have a single horn, the Romans, lead the world by the time Yeshua came.

The Horn of Noach.  If we add one more set of 17 we find the age that Noach 601 was when exiting the ark as their first king.  Flood is over in Noach’s year 601.

17 years + 17 years = 34 years + 17 years = 61 years

Shem is 600 when he enters his rest/death.  Shem and Noach both picture The Sixth Day.  Adam was created on Day Six.  Adam, Noach and Shem all represent mankind caring for the earth.

Sixty one could be seen as the ‘seventh day’.  Even when you add them together, they total seven. It took one full year for Noach to leave the ark…he was then 601.

Our year 6001 completes 6000 years for the earth and thus 6001 is known as the first year going into The Seventh Day.  The Day of Rest…The Sabbath for mankind and for the earth.

Month Iyyar – 14, 15

Iyyar 14 – Second Passover Seders throughout the world.

Iyyar 14 Civil War ends with the capture of a president..ending the bloodiest war on American soil.

Iyyar 14 – CERN – Opening day for an expensive world-effort to find God.

Iyyar 14 – Nazi Eichmann, Jew killer captured 1960.  Sixty, began his own ark experience.

Iyyar 14 – Gulf Mexico 2010 BP oil burn…waters on fire.  152 days until valve closed.

Iyyar 15 – 1933 Tenth son of King Abdullah al-Saud named Crown Prince.  (1333 AM (from Adam) – Noach’s sons also named kings of the earth.)

Iyyar 15 – Italy’s Mussolini fulfilled the prophecy.  Second of three kings to die according to Zech 11:8, 12:6.  Two days later in same year 1945:  Hitler….

(17 Iyyar) – Completely severed from earth  on 17, 1945, Hitler committed suicide with his body buried.  He would not be hung up for public display.  His body was never found.

Iyyar 15 – 964 BC – Saros Series 42 Total Solar eclipse is 1034 years before The Temple burnt in 70 AD.

Parashah reading 42 Mattot Massei instructs us not to assimilate into the world. It describes the tribes and their journeys..  At the Ba’al of Pe’or incident it was found that Adonai would not allow the Israelites to be cursed.  It was suggested by Balak that they intermarry with the Israelites so as to defeat them by assimilation.  Thus, before the Israelites could cross over to take their promised land…they had to deal with exactly that problem.  It would now be brother against brother as the saying goes.  All had to die except for those that women that had never had sex with a man.   420 pounds of gold and silver would be the collection and taken to The Temple. (Could this bootee be seen as the Hebrews retrieving the metals previously given to their Midianite brides or men taken as husbands?)

Forty-Two is likened to the Sixth candlestick on the Menorah. It is likened to Day Six of Creation when Adom is known as the blood man. Every Day Six in The Wilderness with Mosch brought them a double blessing as they collect a double portion of food. Day Seven was and is still for rest.

It takes effort to rest and those that do NOT find worms in their food.  They wanted to collect food on the earth’s ‘day off.’  All works are burnt up.   Obedience finds blessing.  Sickness is only glorified through healing.  Men break the patterns that show The Messiah; thus they break the patterns that bring The Messiach’s return.

The Messiah is our Double Portion.

Or, we can choose double silence.

Double silence unfolds with God not hearing our prayer. We keep checking for manna to arrive on Saturday because that’s the day we want it. They do NOT want to believe in the Sabbath so double portions of unrest happen in their families. Day Eight is Sunday…a new beginning for sure…but still it’s not Day Seven…The Sabbath. Day Seven was set apart at Creation. The Sabbath is a comfort to those that rest in it.  Noach’s name means ‘comfort’.  God found ‘comfort’ in renewing the earth though baptism.  The Holy Spirit is know as The Comforter and came upon Yeshua as He was baptized.  Yeshua’s actions caused a voice from above to announce approve of His son.  Yeshua had just finished with 40 days and 40 nights in The Wilderness with no food.  They were his days of temptation with the ‘deceiver.’

One hour of heaven’s time is likened to 41.6 years of earth’s time. This is because God declared 1,000 years to be one day with Him. 41.6 is just short of 42.  It does not have to be perfect because 41.6 shows us a ‘remnant’.  It’s not exactly 42, but it is a time, an amount of a number that can be cut short so not all will perish the Scripture says.

There is a time when our Creator closes heaven’s door to hearing prayer. There is a time of silence! It is described in Scripture as an half-hour. The archangel Michael was delayed 21 days as he was assisting another angel to fight against Persia. He was delayed one-half hour.  This shows us that when we do not seem to hear from Adonai, we need to continue in prayer for the angels that are being sent to fight for us.

Heaven’s one-half hour is likened to 20.8 years of earth’s time. One hour is 41.6 years.

Ya’cov followed this pattern when he came out of Laven at year 20 of being in The Land of Laven, the land of Ya’cov’s troubles. It was a half-hour of time in Ya’cov’s life that he was not able to hear from his father. Isaac is not seen leaving his father’s house…but he accepts his children and visitors coming to him.  It is Esau that torments Isaac in taking his inheritance early.  Esau could be compared to the parable of the ‘prodigal son.’   And, Esau is even seen returning to Isaac and promising to love his brother Ya’cov and cause him no harm.

Resurrected Yeshua will not leave Heaven until the set time either.  He is the head of The Father’s house.   Yeshua is experiencing the same treatment as Isaac by Esau.  His children leave him and yet at his death they promise to live in peace with his brother, Ya’cov.  It is Esau’s children that turn Esau’s heart away from Ya’cov after Issac’s death.  They feared that Ya’cov would take all of what they thought would be their inheritance. We see this in the historical book of Jubilees that gives extra detail on the stories that give us more insight into many biblical matters.

The monument built between Ya’cov and Esau is only a monument.  It lost it’s meaning as the Esau’s children were not part of the two brother’s covenant with each other.  The testaments spoken to Isaac were now broken by the Esau and his children.  In FIVE years…the day that Leah dies and Ya’cov is mourning her loss, 4,000 hirelings surrounded Ya’cov family on all sides.

It is the year 2211 when Leah dies.  This is five years after Isaac died in 2206.   Thus, it took five years to prepare an attack on Ya’cov.  Four thousand men of strength stood at Ya’cov four-sided tower.  Fifty-three men defended each of the four sides of the tower.  153 means ‘sons of God.  Thus, this 53 must show us ‘sons of Ya’cov’.   Esau screamed great threats and recanted hatred for his brother Ya’cov…for all the ‘mighty men’ and world to hear. Ya’cov’s children said it was Ya’cov that should strike his own brother.  Ya’cov shot one arrow to Esau’s right breast was quick and deadly.   Fifty-three men at each tower shoot arrows at one thousand warriors and kill them all.  Ya’cov’s children then chase Esau’s children who fled into the forest and make them servants of Ya’cov until Ya’cov’s family leaves for Egypt…in 2217.  There is five years left of the famine when they leave.  The famine began in 2215…just as God’s War began in 2015 AD.  But Ya’cov does not go down into Egypt for survival until 2217…just as Israel today now has a strong friend in America’s White House in 2017 that gives them a strong hand of help.

In 2217 Yosef will give his full brother fives sets of clothing and five times the amount of gold and silver as his half brothers.  A full brother is respected, clothed and fed in full arraignment.  President Donald Trump has given Israel full respect clothing them with Jerusalem and full military strength for their enemies.

In 2019 Israel just hosted their elections with BB Netanyahu winning his Fifth Term.  And, yet he just dismissed The Knesset because these brothers would not form a coalition to work with him.  A Mr. Lieberman is not cooperating and desires new elections on September 17, 2019.    It will cost one billion dollars in lost revenue for people to get off work to vote again and it will cost $147 million to have new elections.  The people are chanting BB but the opposition won’t form a government.

Elections in September 2019 will see eye-to-eye with the Gregorian calendar…as 17 Elul is 17 September…our favorite number that we’ve been discussing.  The number that brings Kings to the earth remembering Yosef who was sold at age 17 and Solomon was being prepared as well.

And note this….”Exactly one month after the 21st Knesset was sworn in, a majority of the Knesset voted late Wednesday night to disperse and initiate an unprecedented repeat election on September 17…17 Elul.  Let us not forget that Ya’cov saw his father Isaac again in his 21st year of dealing with Lavan.

If Israel does not resolve this problem now, we could see the 22nd Knesset being headed by a new Prime Minister….voted in on the 17th of Elul…the month the king is in the field to know his subjects….and the month to bring the world their king to be coronated on 1 Tishrei…the day Adam was created…and then Adonai rested the next day, The Sabbath.

I always thought the 21st century played a part in His return and yet we see the 22nd century declaring the Beit Beit, Temple, Temple…house, house..leadership, sukkot.  This is now confirmed with this unprecedented election which would be the Beit Beit Knesset in the year 5780.  Five (Hei) behold, Seven (Tet) surround, Eight (Het) (say ‘chet’) life.  Behold surrounded in new life.

Could it be that in our year 2020 that shows being  in perfect vision that our world will align with the Hebrew calendar that speak of new life and beginnings.

Benjamin – Son of my sorrow – Son of my strength!

Benjamin is born at Ya’cov’s year 22 with Lavan. Historical records tell us that Ya’cov had helped his mother Rebekah (bride) return home to her husband (his father), Isaac. While he was gone Rachel gave birth to Binyamin and names him ‘son of my sorrow’ as she dies after birthing him.  The year is 2021 and the day is 11 Iyyar.  This shows us the twentieth and twenty-first century in our time-lines.  Aleph Aleph Iyyar.  Ox Ox of the month…Day 11…two hands lifted up..two of Adonai’s hands lifted up.  Two names for a suffering Binyamin and yet Yosef clothes him as a prince.

Ya’cov is told of his bride’s death in 2021.  He returns immediately to rename him, ‘son of my strength’.  Rachel was a liar, thief and complainer to Adonai.  She did not trust YHWH and lost her earthly life, but is remembered always for her part in history.  The bride who raised one son without a husband around and her second child she dies because her husband spoke a word of death to whoever had stolen Lavan’s golden idols and she bore the curse of his declaration.  She has a tomb outside the special place that Abraham bought at McPhelah.  It can be covered with grass and weeds and only in recent years as late as 2009 did a little cave in her memory was being prepared to read The Torah in.

Our Messiah has returned in strength to Yahweh’s house. He will return as King when requested to return. He must find us dead to our works..our things of gold..so we will call Him “God of our Strength.” And, we say from Jerusalem, “Blessed is He that comes in the Name of Adonai.”

We are Rachel. She had still clung to the idols of gold for her security. She did not trust in Ya’cov’s God to provide for them so she wanted the gold on the her father’s idols.  She also struggled with God because her womb would not bear more children.  She was picture to the future and did not understand.  She grew weary of her part in Adonai’s plan.  She did not see the future but lived in the moment.

Ya’cov did not melt the idols down for their value of gold, but he buried them under a tree…he did not want anything from anyone else so he could say, “everything I have is because of Adonai.”

His children could no longer be associated with lying and thievery. Ya’cov knew that before his father Issac was born entire cities were burnt to destroy the evil around them. After the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah….a year later his father Isaac was born. Ya’cov knew that he had to raise his children up to be a generation of righteous people….not following the ways of Ishmael or Esau.

I close with one more tidbit on the special number 21.  Moses was 21 years old “In Pharaoh’s court doing his bidding until an Egyptian hurt a Hebrew and Mosch slew him. Jubile 47:10.

Yeshua was 21 years old and saw the Egyptian Romans hurting the Hebrews.  He came to be slain..The Seed planted at year 4000.

In our twenty-first century we are likened to kings living in mansions.  Are we concerned for our brethren the Jews?

Today, after over 8000 words I still could say  more…but I will close with Happy Ascension Day.  If Yeshua had not returned to the heavenlies, the Ruach HaChodesh could not indwell us.  Our Creator God is a spirit.  He is above all things, just as He is in all things to hold everything together.

Be happy today….it is the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer…May 30, 2019.  He is returning because 2000 years ago He said he would…and He is not a promise breaker.  But, be patient…only He knows when the times of the Gentile are up…when the last one will return to Torah…which keeps man safe on the earth while showing him his sin.  It is the Ruach HaKodesh that will quiet your soul and lift you up…because you are His.

Happy Ascension Day Yeshua – We look forward to your return…and we will say from Jerusalem – “Blessed is He that comes in the Name of Adonai.”  You are Adonai coming soon!

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