Eighth Day – Always ‘New Beginnings’

October 21 2019

Month Seven Day 22

Tishri 22 is Always Shemini Atzaret (Eighth Day)

History Past

History Present

History Forward

The one thing we know for sure is that we can look back at history. It is then our God-given choice to pay attention or ignore those history lessons and our very own life-lessons.

5780 Feast of Tabernacles October 15 – 21, 2019 is past – Always Month 7 Days 15-21. (7 days)

5780 Pesach / Passover April 9 – 15, 2020 is future – Always Month 1 Days 15-21. (7 days)

There are only two feasts of The Lord that are seven days long; Feast of Tabernacles and Passover. These two seven-day long feasts of the LORD always begin full moon (Day 15). One celebrates the former rains (fall) and one the latter (spring) rains. Yeshua’s is born at the fall former rain and offered up in the latter spring rains. Without the former fall rains there will be no Spring fruit.

7000 years of celebrating two 7-day festivals is a total of 14 days every year. Fourteen days to remember His birth and resurrection. The Seed was planted on the earth to Sprout in the Spring.

What happens between these two seven-day festivals? It pictures The Door 4000. Yeshua Jesus teaches Torah his last 40 days and 40 nights on earth. For 4000 year this picture of Yeshua ascending back to The Father was portrayed in The Counting of the Omer.. The RETURN Pattern was seen on Day 40 of The Counting of the Omer as Yeshua ascended back to The Father while the disciples watched. The Father’s First fruit Yeshua came on schedule at year 4000 and is scheduled to remain there until the last scheduled Gentile returns to Torah. (God’s Torah never left the earth but calls men to return.)

The Feast of Weeks is celebrated every day for 7 weeks of 7 days (49 days) looking forward to that great day known as Shavuot when they bring their produce from every land to share at The Temple in Jerusalem. When Yeshua leaves he instructs them to stay in Jerusalem because he’s going to send The Comforter.

TEN days later on Month Two Day 27 (a dark night) on Day 50 The Comforter manifests himself among the disciples and people. It is Month Three Day Six .. a quarter of a moon showing. Yeshua left a dark world that had just murdered him. Ten days later the Holy Spirit begins to give the world light.

These days and patterns have not changed. Adam was instructed to rest every seven days as then so would the earth. Cain and Abel were scheduled to bring their first fruits from a earth that was producing material food. The Holy Spirit is the spiritual reward for resting in God’s instruction. The Spirit Pattern continues with Noach teaching it to his children before they scatter over the earth. Abraham learns it but has to leave The Land of Nimrod in order to be obedient. Mt. Sinai allows freedom to obey The Torah. More Torah meant more avenues of blessing.

Solomon’s assimilation into the world neutralized a ‘set apart’ people. Disobedience brought dispersion into Babylon for 70 years. 490 years of not letting the land rest (7 x 7 weeks of years) forced a RESET.

Daniel kept The Torah in Babylon and now he would lead the way to RESET their time clock. The Hebrew clock is The Hebrew Calendar. The Hebrew Calendar is the language, appointed times and alphabet instructed by The Torah.

With a choked throat and a somber heart I share this. On Shemini Atzaret 2019, one week ago to the day, I drove 40 minutes to pray in a basement with twenty people. Once again this group was repenting of our sins, sins in our family, sins from the time of our ancestors, and sins we were ignorant of.

Main stream Christianity believe the 27 NT books of The Bible are worthy to study for application today. But in reality, once they discarded the first half, deemed the Old Testament, they unknowingly discarded it all. Why should they repent for only believing in the NT part of The Bible? Because the New Testament writers only confirmed what was previously spoken. Both Jesus and Mosch declare they speak face-to-face…word-for-word from The Father. It was not in parables or allegories. And, if main stream Christianity throws The Torah out, they also unknowingly throw Jesus out. This type of Gentile will never make The Jew jealous to be converted by Yeshua’s bloody sacrifice.

When any of the disciples or Yeshua Jesus spoke, they were always talking about The Torah. There were no NT writings confirmed until around 400 AD. Constantine at 325 AD burned all Jewish materials to promote their Nicean Council’s church-made traditions replacing Passover with Eastar. Today, parents play Easter games unknowingly defacing God.

Yeshua warned men not to reject the face-to-face words given to Mosch. Jesus told them that if they would not listen to Mosch, they would never listen to him. Both of these men only spoke what God told them to speak. Both clearly understood God’s intent even communicating together with Elijah.

The Jew Sha’ul (Paul) reminds us, God forbid that The Torah would ever be destroyed. It acts as a school master teaching us what sin is…’missing God’s mark’. God forbid if one letter would be destroyed. .. Other Scriptures: Only until the sun and moon are no more will The Torah not exist.

The Lord’s appointed times are part of The Torah. God’s calendar is to be a ‘delight’. They celebrate God and they pattern the future. Simchat Torah is celebrated as a day of joy and a time of repentance.

A rabbi explained it as being connected to Yom Kippur (Month Seven Day 10) where all our sins are revealed and repented of. It is as if our sins were put in a drawer and sins penalty was not yet executed or stayed. It is up until this day – Shemini Atzaret – that gives opportunity for repentance. It was there that the hearts of men were to seek God and our Savior Yeshua.

IOWA – Two Temples – Shemini Atzaret – October 21, 2019

Two temples – One great grandpa finished his life course while one little, 5 lb. 10 ounce, Haevyn Margaret came into God’s world. Her grandpa was scheduled to die at the exact time she was scheduled to live. One life for another….death and life happened just as Shemini Atzaret indicates.

This grandpa (79) never got to hold his great granddaughter. In fact, Haevyn was in stress at the same time her great grandpa was in stress. He breathed his last breath after a coughing spell that sent a blood clot to his lung. His health had been failing for many years and now on Shemini Atzaret it was scheduled to close. God also scheduled new life to come to be a joy to this mother and their family to replace his loss. Haevyn’s lungs had God’s breath put in her even as her mother did not know her favorite great papa had died hours earlier.

It is truly bitter sweet time. Simchat Torah is the day after Shemini Atzaret. Tishri 23 is always Rejoicing in the Torah

After fellowshipping SEVEN days at The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles, God’s children were instructed to stay ONE more day. Shemini Atzaret was that extra day so God’s “Eighth Day” pattern is seen.

Yes, at year 8000, The Eighth Day will arrive and our earth is cleansed from evil. A NEW Temple will come through the heavens and arrive to sit on the earth. It’s the mansion being prepared for believers. It’s dimensions are defined that make it look like a phylactery box sitting on head of the earth. (Now if the Jews of today would not wear these black boxes we would NOT be familiar with The Phylactery Pattern. (Therefore, let us curtail criticism as we see God leaving certain things in place.)

Seven days – A consistent pattern even seen in, Creation’s Seven-Day Pattern.

Day One is now called, Sunday because of ancient sun worship.

Man-made traditions, gods and goddesses still impose their way into our lives. SUNday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then Shabbot. SEVEN days were established from the beginning and it will continue as God ways are sure.

At 7:00 pm on Shemini Atzaret 2019 I got a call from my sister-in-law to pray. She was told her daughter would be induced the next day. This first-time grandmother did NOT know they were rushing her daughter into surgery to save their first grandchild’s life. They had even held back ‘Papa’s’ death that day from their daughter, as he was her favorite.

What is Shemini Atzaret? It’s date is always Tishri 22. It is always a SABBATH. It is a day NOT to work or labor! As it closed, my niece had avoided labor and had a C-section.

This ‘Eighth Day’ sets itself apart in repentance and in JOY. It is a day that after being with friends and family for seven days…it’s time to have another Sabbath time with The Lord. It shows our earth finally being able to rest even after it’s millennial reign of one thousand years with Yeshua Jesus governing as King of Kings from David’s throne.

Three weeks early…..this child was on God’s schedule. She was to be born as her great grandpa left this earth. Shemini Atzaret found itself true to what that day really was. It was about one last rest, retirement, in repentance so if any last thing that needed repenting about was repented of before the final book for that year had closed. It’s likened to an accounting system where the ledger should balance at the end of the year. One life-book closes and another life-book opens.

Since Elul 1(September 1 2019) I’ve been meeting with a large group repenting. Prayers of repentance went out every day for ourselves, our cities, Israel and our country. Two hours of serious repentance with more repentance held early in the mornings on prayer lines across the United States and around the world.

So what has the Hebrew year 5780 meant to me as a Christian? To love my enemies…to love them by praying we not only REFORM as Martin Luther proclaimed, but to RESTORE ourselves to, The Lord. We can ONLY be face-to-face with ADONAI in repentance. There will never be peace with those of this world as we are to flee from sin…..but there should be peace among The Brethren.

And, how can we find the strength to look within ourselves and see our wretchedness? GRACE!

It is HIS grace given to us that gives us strength to repent. Even Adam didn’t know how to repent until he realized what sin was. To act as gods is not our position. To define God as we want him to be is not for us to fit Him into a particular box. He determines what ‘sin’ is…’missing His mark of excellence.’

Today, I repent for NOT understanding ‘repentance’.

If I ever misuse The Words of God .. it will be a curse unto me. I must NEVER represent God in falsehood. We can NOT put words in God’s mouth that are not His. Therefore, I am beseeching my brothers and sisters to RETURN back to ALL the Bible so we can see God face-to-face just as Mosch saw him face-to-face and it caused his face to shine. I have seen shining faces these last months because human hearts have literally shed tears seeking forgiveness for the transgressions of many.

The Hebrew’s coming out of Egypt had more ‘grace’ applied to them than in their entire NT. In fact, Yeshua’s disciples were told they would die a martyr’s death and they did. John was held back to reveal the testimony of Yeshua called The Book of Revelation and yet he was hauled off and killed after that.

Grace was given to Jesus to endure his work of crucifixion. Active ‘grace’ to endure comes from ADONAI (The Lord). All things are to bring glory to The Father; just as Yeshua brought Him glory.

Ephesians 2:8-9 is usually quoted without verse 10. Read it because every verse is key. Even Jesus’ half brother James (Joshua) declares that your faith will be known by your works. Shema…Hear and obey the instructions that help you to live in blessing while on the earth. Deuteronomy 6

Your good deeds of helping the donkey get up out of the ditch on Sabbath. Helping the poor and needy when you see them thirsty and hungry…give to The Jew first. Rom 15:27 – Paul states that it is the Gentiles responsibility to support The Jews in material matters since they shared their spiritual matters.

Paul never did away with The Torah (instruction). He was a Torah-believing Jew just as ALL the disciples were completely Jewish in their walk. In that Eighth Day (Shemini Atzaret) God’s legislation will finally have brought justice to our world.

Then that ‘Ninth Day’ (eternity) REJOICING forever will be what remains. When the sun and moon are no more…then we will live by His shekina glory forever.

It truly is by ADONAI’s grace bestowed to us in His son Yeshua’s blood that we can stand at all. For our world to rejoice in The Torah is to rejoice in Yeshua as The Living Word who became ONE with us as we are all ONE in The Father as well.

The Torah points to sin just as it points to light (Yeshua). We have to know what darkness is so we can choose to come to The Light. If we leave Torah, we leave our future generations without a ‘pointer’….a pointer to His atoning Blood.

Will we fail in keeping The Torah? Yes, because only One (Yeshua Jesus) is perfect. Can we ask for repentance from ‘sins of ignorance’? Yes, because even if we don’t understand what sin is and do it ignorantly…He is faithful to keep us.

Once we know Torah and The Spirit convicts it to our hearts…we are then held accountable. We move from drinking milk to eating meat. We grow in His instructions not leaning on our own understanding.

I close with this day being SEVEN days from Grandpa leaving and Haevyn arriving to earth. One left the earth and another arrived to ‘new beginnings.’ ALWAYS…always..B’reisheet – ‘in the beginning’ is read after these two festivals…Shemini Atzaret and Simchat Torah.

A new life has begun for this 5 lb. 10 oz little human being born at B’reisheet….in the beginning. Her life begins with powerful readings known as B’reisheet.

All across the world “in the beginning” Genesis 1 – 4 is read. John 1:1-17 is also read as these disciples reference Genesis 1. ”In the beginning was The Word….and the word was with God.” Yeshua was present at Creation and he desires to cradle this tiny little one in his arms. She is attached to these Scriptures and festivals the rest of her life. It is up to her parents to encourage her to seek His ways.

God our Creator directs us into the path of righteous living. His path leads to Righteous Eternity. The path of this life has one purpose: to give God glory while on the earth. God is glorified through His son Yeshua’s life. From Adam forward mankind looked forward to, The Seed. We now look back to that Seed and see it also named, The Sprout. If The Seed promised told to Adam in Genesis had NOT sprouted up out of the ground, it would have been the wrong Seed. The Sprout did flourish across the earth just as The Father desired; filling up everything The Torah says about Him.

The Torah proves Yeshua Jesus is, The Messiach. Thus we are held accountable for our actions to The Torah while on this earth. If you choose NOT to learn and apply Torah to your life, even as you might be saved by Yeshua’s atoning blood, you will NOT be called ‘Great’ in The Kingdom of God.

You can NOT be called GREAT because you do NOT apply God’s instruction to your life.

Torah less individuals are unable to teach TORAH because they don’t believe in it. In fact, many continue in ‘ancient traditions’ such as Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Eastar and more….Confucius…causing confusion in their children’s lives.

When St. Nicklaus doesn’t deliver what a child prayed for to him….that same child could relate that to God when they don’t see God answering their prayer either. Children lose trust very easily and are swayed to other fantasies. We must be careful to whom we teach our children to make their requests. Why would we teach them to follow ‘false’ men / traditions of men?

May Haevyn be raised up in joy and repentance. Her mother was in her mother’s womb when in a car accident that killed a 12-year old youth. This pastor’s son died, of whom had just written and professed at his recent ‘Confirmation’ that he was ready to enter heaven if it was so scheduled for him. It was scheduled for him that fateful foggy night on Highway 30 in Iowa. His parents were devastated in his loss and yet accepted God’s plan for him. Their forgiveness and not pursuing damages in a law-suit showed so much mercy on our family that God’s ‘grace’ was seen beyond measure. We MUST never lose respect for life as it is entirely orchestrated by God.

Again, one life is taken and a baby is left. This car-accident child that was in her mother’s womb is now following her own pattern of life and death. She was allowed to live just as her daughter was given breath on Shemini Atzaret. Our Creator cares about every hair on our head. He turns us back to His direction and path. We must follow him in repentance as He points us to eternal life.

Welcome sweet Haevyn….May you find God’s path here on earth that leads you to eternity in Heaven. Yeshua’s spiritual life-blood STOPS our spiritual death…we do NOT have to face the ‘second’ death.

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