Two Vessels – Ezra weeps – Trump impeached both in Kislev 20, December 18 2019

Ezra is a Levite priest and a prophet. Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel and others have to convince the people to return to restore Jerusalem and the Temple. It has been one year from the year of release in 517 BC from Babylon. The seventy years of punishment is done. Punishment for not honoring, The Land Rest.

The next jubilee of release would be 467 BC. Could they restore The Temple in the next jubilee of years (50)?

Fast forward to 1967 AD and pattern shows that a 6-day war occurs on 6.7.67. (a release year)

Impeachment of President Trump occurred the day the tribes of Judah and tribes of Benjamin came and stood before Ezra and ask him why he was asking them to pray and fast as well. Ezra knew they could just kill him for his message of repentance from marrying Babylon wives. Assimilation has happened and now their children were also appeasing other god’s.

67 negative Senate votes could strike President Trump from his God-appointed position. Others have judged him an unfit leader. Many of these leaders. (Biden, Carey) have children on foreign payrolls of whom could also be investigated by President Trump for collusion with foreign powers. Thus, without a trial for President Trump, impeachment papers were quickly put in place.

He is not allowed to call Joe or son Hunter Biden to testify.

2017 also released The Trumpet Call for Israel. Jerusalem was officially given into Israel’s possession as President Trump sounded that horn.

Still in his first year with 30 days to go, President Trump secured Jerusalem with the goal of securing its foundation stones. The goal of building it’s Temple foundation.

Ezra nor Trump are impeachable and their troubles reveal The Temples ‘false’ foundation builders.

Ezra and tribes Judah and Binyamin are one year having returned to Israel but still live outside The City (Jerusalem).

The foundation could not be built with foreign help. The young men came to build it. The older men of whom had seen the original foundation cried in despair, weeping that it was wrong.

President Trump saw politicians sons and families eroding America’s foundations accepting foreign bribes. (Hunter Biden $1.5 billion to invest)

Yes, judges presided at Judah and Binyamin families trials. They had to leave them in beautiful Babylon where life was comfortable. The husbands returned and even attacked by the foreigners who wanted to help build so they could partake in its riches. With sword and mortar their hands built its foundation.

The Chosen Children had to clean house before they could build The Temple’s foundation or even enter The City.

Ezra wept bitterly as the foreign woman (and their children)had to remain behind.

We weep bitterly as men are lead astray. Our nation is lead astray by lies. These foreigners are not be voted in.

Kislev 15-25 is a time for cleaning the Temple before it’s Dedication if it’s lights begins 25 Kislev (Chanukah).

President Trump is God’s Man at this time in history. General Gadalia was removed by a few. That day is still remembered on Tishri 3 by a fast every year since the days of Babylon. The sins of a few were bore by the entire nation for rejecting Adonai’s chosen leadership.

Our nation will receive discipline for the rejection of God’s will. We must remove the evil that lives with us.

Ezra 8:31 describes their return after Babylon. They brought foreign wives with them.

On 20 Kislev Ezra stood before the people bringing correction.

On 20 Kislev 2020 President Trump stood before our nation bringing correction.

Choose you this day whom you will serve said Joshua.

Trump was triple matching donations for his cause.

President Trump still has plans of peace for Israel. He is Yahweh’s man at the very hour in which we live.

Babylonian corruption is to be cast off as in the days of Ezra.

Ezra 517 BCE leaves Babylon. At one year he weeps with fasting three days plus for Jerusalem. No foreigner can build Temple.

Donald J Trump becomes President. At one year he endorses Jerusalem against all odds.

Our current President King Cyrus is also Priest Ezra….merely a ‘vessel’, allowing himself to be used by God. Being prayed over and seeking justice for all.