Shame On The Devil – today’s shame

“Shame on the devil” is my husband’s favorite saying. My grandchildren laugh when they also joke about it. His church bus is packed every Sunday with children and adults singing and yelling “shame on the devil’.

Who should really be ashamed? We should be ashamed for how we treat each other. Impeaching a President for political election purposes may now become the norm.

Satan was elevated to a high position but still held back from taking position number one. That can only be held by The Creator. The Creator can never lost his position as Chief Justice. Lucifer was denied being God.

Satan and his minons were cast to the earth. One third of the angelic hosts chose to follow. This could be the first pattern of one-thirds. Let’s call it The Great Fall. Doesn’t it take 2/3 of the members to vote to change something? That leaves one-third thinking the opposite.

“Shame on the devil” is shame on us. Men and angelic beings have free will. Animals do not. They are for man’s pleasure. Man can choose to listen to the deception but then he must evaluate if there is any ‘truth’ in it. When words destroy God’s principles of loving one another, we are putting ourselves above God. In objecting to God’s oral or written words, we make ourselves gods!

Monday, January 28, 2020, 1 Shevat 5780 was International Holocaust Day. Isra’el’s BB Netanyahu was on American soil and at the White House with President Trump and reminded us what day is was.

America is blessed because President Donald Trump invited dignitaries from Israel to be on our soil to bless her. In turn she is blessing us. It truly is a historical moment…to be that nation to be attached to such blessings from our God…who loves Israel.

Each nation is a blessing to the other nation just as Ya’cov stood before Pharoah and blessed Pharoah at age 130. We have Israel blessing us at age 71. It is now 210 years later and Moses and Aaron are standing before a different Pharaoh in time as complaints of slavery were heard by ADONAI. Egypt was the location of blessing and now it’s the location of plagues to bring Israel back to her land. In 2020 Egypt will again be found to be a blessing as the Palestinians will be given land to become a nation. It truly will be a time of patterns once again unfolding in our world.

God told the priest Aaron to request a three-day walk into the desert so that the sacrifice of sheep would not be troublesome to the Egyptians. Since Pharaoh was NOT familiar with this living God, he turned down the request. Thus, the man that God would later call, that old crocodile, would be entertained by Aharon’s staff turning into a crocodile that consumes the other two staffs that had also turned into crocodiles. It is a true picture of man’s power struggle with being a god. Later we see that Aharon and Mosch meet Pharaoh when he is bathing early in the morning showing his human flesh and nakedness. Just as Adam realized he was naked before his Creator, Pharaoh was proven to be just a man as he also had human body needs.

On Wednesday, Israel hosted 48 nations who each sent a human being. Each of these men had been appointed by God to stand before Ya’cov and hear what BB (the latest Ezra) had to say. Yes, Russia’s Mr. Putin personally attended. President Trump was at a March For Life Rally in Washington D.C. and he sent our Vice President Pence to represent the United States of America.

Prophetic: Israel, recognized by President Harry S Truman from Independence, MO that they were now an independence nation. They were birthed in November 1947 and recognized by Truman in the spring. Trump recognized Jerusalem as their offical captial in 2017 when Israsel was 70 years old. Now, the 48 nations come to Israel when they just turned 72 years old in November 2019.

If we look at Ezra we see they have returned for one year after Babylon when his cry for The Temple foundation to be built. We truly are in the days and years of Ezra. It would behoove us to look at what happens in Ezra’s time line.

Vice President Pence, a Christian, put a kappa on his head and prayed at the Western Wall, January 22, 2020. PM BB Netanyahu then prayed at the Western Wall after he did. They both placed pieces of small papers folded up into it’s crevices. These two men each had small tiny box and exchanged them with each other. These small boxes were to be held in esteem at their government offices. This is important…Nations hear….but V.P. Pence took his prayers to the same God as Israel. Putin did not…how many did this? How many will do this?

By Monday Prime Minister BB Netanyahu has flown through the earth skies during a dark night. He is the bright light coming to America…welcomed with cheers of happiness and standing ovations at our transformed White House. He did NOT come through the back door and left sitting for hours without being recognized by President Obama. BB was so excited he just wanted to scream out…THANK YOU…THANK YOU! Our wonderful President knew it was a miraculous moment in time for our world. Our White House and Americans finally were able to give tribute to their Christian heritage…that comes through the God of Isra’el via Isra’el.

Standing with President Trump, Prime Minister BB Netanyahu recognized that that very day was International Holocaust Memorial Day. On this very special day it was time to declare WORLD peace with Israel. President Trump said that this Peace Agreement was necessary for all of humanity.

Did America think to organize a rally to honor this very special day? We did just have a March For Life Rally on Wednesday when VP Pence was in Israsel. President Trump was the first President to every attend and declared that every baby is created in God’s image. His words still ring in my ears as how God creates each life to be special.

So what about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day? America has been so distracted with ‘impeachment light’ that there was no MARCH to Remember the Holocuast here. Christians barely realized that it was International Holocaust Day! My Hebrew calendar told me otherwise I would not have known. Prime Minister BB Netanyahu was overly excited that The Deal of the Century was being presented on that Day. It truly is a break through of historical Biblical proportion.

The Powerful urgent request to impeach our president has distracted our world from thinking. The liberal left has only said how bad this president is and now we know differently. It has been very momentus and it’s good to see Israel happy…and want to stand on her own legs.

After 21 hours of being held hostage to our televisions to hear every word spoken against our president, we find the Democrates had no justification at ALL to ‘impeach’ the only president who really has made headway in claiming Jerusalem for, The Seed.

Our Creator planted a perfect Gan of Eden for us to live in. It is still our Creator’s goal to turn our entire earth back into that perfect Garden. It will have a perfect leader as well. He is described as, The Seed.

Satan twisted God’s words declaring his own creator a liar. Satan told Eve that God did NOT say that you would die, but merely said that you would then be gods knowing good and evil. Satan confused her on the definition of ‘dying’. It is the same trick today. We all will die a first death now because of that deception. We must remember what it was like their Garden because that is our future on the earth…once again…if we don’t believe ‘deception’.

Genesis 3:4-5 The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; because God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

We will then became our own judges. It has always been that God’s Torah was designed to judge men. His jjudgements are true and righteous. He protects us from evil by giving us the correct instructions that we should NOT add to. He alone tells us how to live in safety during our brief visit to this earth that leads to life eternal in his new Gan of Eden.

BB Netanyahu has had a hard time keeping corruption out Isra’el’s government. Therefore, they continue to not be able to establish a government. This ‘impeachment light’ has truly given us an eduation of what corruption really is.

Israel has been without a government for some time…perhaps a year coming soon. BB just will not accept corruption…(the enemy in it’s Knesset to hear their every word). They were given 90 days to form a new government and that date just somehow landed on Purim. March 10, 2020 is their next election to find a government without corruption sitting at it’s door..

PURIM! March 10, 2020 is 14 Adar 5790, Purim. Fast of Esther is March 9, 2020; 13 Adar.

Yes, the day Haman was found out and hung up in the city to be displayed before all men…along with his TEN sons is celebrated as PURIM (to cast lot). A corrupt member known as Haman was corrupt in King Asharezous’ government. He brought false accusation against The Jew. He said that they would only bow to their own God and not King A.

A degree went out to kill everyone of them that would not bow. No freedom of religion.

The evil intent of Haman’s heart was found out through fasting and prayer. God heard their prayers with another decree going out from the same king saying that every Jew was allowed to defend themselves from their imminent attackers scheudled for 14 Adar.

All Jews were to be removed from all 120 provinces…because of one man’s false lies. The second decree to benefit the Jews was not only that they were able to defend themselves, but the king himself issued the decree that the leaders and governors should particiate in helping strike the Jews enemies pre-emptively. Our Bibles all agree that there were 75,800 people killed because of their evil intent against The Jews. Jews were in hiding in 120 provinces just as we have Jews hiding today in our 20th and 21st centuries.

We are in year 2020 with clear vision of what to do with our world’s enemies…they are being pre-emptively removed. It will also be clear to remove the corrupt persons involved in the wicked conspiracy to remove President Trump since his God appointment in 2016. If it was NOT for President Trump being in office, there would be no Deal of the Century. We should pray for this to happen, because it does bring peace. The Temple mount is still covered by Gentile religions but that will be for our Messiah to figure out.

When I read about the land Abraham was promised, his children did spread out and live in those lands at one time. Then, in order to save walking distance, they built their own northern temple which became corrupt. God chose one Temple and not two locations to give honor. Jeraboam’s reign ended and those tribes assimulated but are still around. It is from Jerusalem that we must focus because that is where God says he will rule from.

It is from Jerusalem The Torah will go out and consume all the earth. It is from these rabbi teachers, sages that will determine our earth’s calendar…which shows The Lord’s Feasts which include The Sabbath. God’s plan is for our earth to fill up with Jesus’ Yeshuah’s saving blood. It is then..which is available to us now… that we all are loving each other to WALK together on this earth. The Torah comes to us via Israel via Jerusalem/Zion. Jews are in our own backyard in America. Ask one of them to teach you…and thank them with kindness.

Part of Binyamin Netanyahu’s name is in our Creator’s name. Yahu is short for Yahuah. God has many titles, but one name; Yehovah. His son is called by many names, but has one name and it is similar to his father’s name. Yeshuah is the father’s seed known as, The Seed.

Today, we just saw President Trump as Ezra standing next The Seed’s representative. President Trump did NOT smile while being credited for his accomplishments in helping Israel. He has realized he is only a vessel through whom Yahweh is working.

It is God’s peace that must come to our earth. We ALL must accept that Jerusalem is where God’s heart has always been….not Independence, Missouri. It is The Torah that can NOT be violated in one point…as He words go OUT from Jerusalem to the world. Gentiles are showing excitement all over the world to follow these instructions. Most Christians are already doing most of them, but there is some tweaking to be done.

If the Gentile remains haughty, Scriptures says they will be cut off. The time has come for change. Non-Torah believers will feel like a remnant when really they are the ones being sliced off the branch….which does get burnt up as terrible as that sounds…we can’t change God who is sold on on His ways and not our ways of understanding him.

Gentiles will not be tolerated one day and be held accountable for their stubborness toward The Torah. Pride comes when we follow the traditions of our human fathers (mere men trying to interpret the bible through Gentile eyes, not Hebrew eyes,) The ‘Times of the Gentiles’ will be up and then He returns.

Ezra weeps that they can’t even build the foundation ,much less The Temple because of foreign interference. He calls two tribes to himself, Binyamin and Judah as a few would not come. These two tribes were the leaders of all the rest of the tribes when dispersed into Babylon. They are now the tribes that will lead them out. Today, Binyamin (BB) stood before us thanking President Trump for being the only U.S. President to recognize the true ownership of Jerusalem. God owns it via The Jews. They are responsible to move Torah to the world via their capital. We know that Jerusalem is where God has established his rule…..The earth is his footstool and he reigns from Jerusalem.

Ezra and Zechariah are written at the same time period with both prophets/priests (Levites) concerned about building, The Temple. They wept and cried to bring the people back out after being 70 years in Babylon. Ezra fasted and prayed for three days until the tribes of Binyamin and Judah came to the entrance of the broken down Temple and they inquired of why Ezra is weeping?

Read the Book of Ezra…because when we’re given a specific date…we should definitely pay attention. Our President Trump is walking out the days of Ezra…right before our eyes.

December 18, 2019 was the Ninth Month Day Twenty (20). Ezra had called them three days earlier, Day Seventeen (17). It took them three days to come. Finally, they arrived and ask their questions and listened to his words while being rained on. They were cold and miserable, standing in their sin.

President Trump days earlier also had called his people to meet. He would announce his own impeachment at the rally in Wisconsin. His crowds cheered him on as they all called it a shame. The rally was delayed until he heard the news from The House of Representatives. As he exited Air Force One he tweeted…Impeachment likely…PRAY! He then stood before the nations of our world denouncing the false accuations held against him.

Many others had come with the tribes of Binyamin and Judah and heard Ezra’s words. Their hearts had been convicted that they had sinned and had married foreigners. Some even had grandchildren during their 70 year detainment in Babylon. They had been told Babylon was temporary. God was not forsaking them but issuing judgment for disobeying Torah. Their punishment was related to their crime. They had violated the land and thus they were going to be removed from the land. Today, the fight is still about land…the foreigner wants it. But this new foreigner since 642 AD only wants land so Ya’cov has no homeland.

Jews are still in foreign lands. Do they all move back to Israsel? Is there enough land for all of them and especially as they multiply on the earth? It began with a promise to one man, Abraham who had one wife, Sarah, of whom had one child, Isaac. (BB Netanyahu’s wife is Sarah.)

God showed Adam a plan. ALL were to rest…even the land…on Day Seven. Adam was made on Day Six. Day Seven was set apart to be a plan of rest. Day Eight seems to have become another day of rest, but estabished by The Gentile. In Adam’s case he started learning how to garden and take care of animals on that ‘eighth day’. Sunday has become a day for the pastor’s to tend their sheep. Does this pattern to The Eighth Day? I think of the Eighth Day connecting to the Eighth Millenium or 8000 years since Adam was created and put on the earth. These all pattern together to see God’s plan for the future.

When in their own land, the Jews did NOT follow Torah because it was hidden away from them after Solomon’s rule or perhaps at the end of his rule. We do know he did Torah at first and then his wives caused him to unfocus and not even carry it with him any more. It was tossed aside and taken very lightly. Bethseba was not happy with her son as we see him telling his mother’s feelings about his life in Proverbs 31. Therefore the people were ignorant. They did NOT apply Torah for large numbers of years (490 to be exact). Solomon’s grandson Josiah began ruling at age 17. He is recorded as having the largest Seder (Passover) celebration ever… even larger than King Solomon. That means that this kingdom was huge…it had grown so large that this Passover Seder just kept having people arrive from far away.

Laying the land fallow kept man in sinc with The Lord’s Celebrations. When they stopped laying their land fallow they actually stopped God’s time clock for history. God’s time clock has always pointed to God’s plan of redemption.

It is in Israel’s time-clock that we can see His return to reign on our earth. 490 years had passed that they never observed that particular Torah instruction. After all, they had this incredible Temple that shown like gold and all nations were bowing down to them because King Solomon had married into all of their kingdoms..

Pride in Solomon’s/Temple gold and in his world vision caused The Torah to be stored away and finally lost; it seemed an antiquated lifestyle to this ‘rich and famous’ man. Israsel would be removed from the land because it was the land pattern that silenced, The Calendar.

The punishment has a lot of detail so we can never forget The Land’s importance. Without land there is no Israel…and the enemy knows that. For every Shemittah cycle (7th year) that had been violated, it would take one year ‘in remembrance’ to bring them back to the land. For 490 years the land had failed to rest; thus 70 total years would be required for most of the people to bet set outside that Gan of Eden. God’s land would rest 70 years also showing us the 7000th year of our earth will be rested. Adam rested on Day Seven, The Temple was destroyed in year 70 AD and now we look to year 7000 for rest with our Messiah reigning. Day 7 or 7000 begin at 6000 ending at 7000. Day Eight will beging at year 7000 and go to 8000…respectfully.

When I was in Israel in 2009, it was a 7-year Shemittah cycle and no flowers were even planted in pots so as to honor God’s Shemittah cycle. Giving honor to God is more important than bowing down to men. We are just mere men made of adom (blood). We have Adam’s DNA in us. That DNA includes a spirit that will live into eternity and it also includes a DNA pattern to choice.

Man was created on Day Six picturing man’s time line of living on earth would be six thousand years. The Seventh Day would be very very special. It is the model to years 6000 – 7000… a one thousand year period. All Christians seem to agree about a millennial reign but they just don’t know when it will start. If your biblical scholar does not want to connect these dots…I would search out to study with those that are connecting patterns.

Shame on the Devil is really ‘shame on man’. First, The Scriptures were to the Jews by Jews via divine inspiration. These Jews are telling their stories of how they saw something happen. The disciple Paul heard Yeshua speak while those around him did not hear anything. Thus, there are times when Paul tells us the exact words he heard and there are times that he is simply telling his story of how something happened to him. Paul was instructing Christians how to live….he was showing them how to graft their lives into a program that was foreign to them. It is a way of life…not a way of salvation. Disiple Paul could have run away but instead he chose to be beat up many times so he could tell those around him why he strongly believed that Jesus rose from the dead and what they should do about that. Believe and then live out their lives in Torah also telling what Jesus Yeshua did.

When The Spirit quickens a human being and that person refuses to be lead, they will be held accountable for not giving honor to the Ruach Ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit). It the denying (quenching)of the H.S. that causes death…it’s unforgiveable because it’s really you rejecting his leading you. We can do nothing without His spirit. Repentance is key so we don’t remain in our haughtiness.

Jew and Gentile can be plucked off for their ‘haughty’ attitude about God. Neither of these two groups are dismissed from God’s correction.

The Gentile is specifically warned of becoming ‘haughty’. Their being plucked off of the original vine is speaking of Israel being the vine. Trees are grafted into each other to strengthen their weaknesses. The main branch came through Jesse, the father of David, through whom Yeshua’s lineage can be traced for 42 generations. The 14 pattern is very cool because it ties together the 42-pattern. Fourteen generations from Abraham to Moses, 14 generations from Moses to David, 14 generations from David to Yeshua. 14 x 3 is 42. Forty Two is the last year of the Sixth Shemittah cycle….it is saying the end is here with a new beginning ready. Numbers 43 – 50 are the numbers of the 7th Shemittah cycle….numbers that pattern to year 6000 – 7000.

If we are close to beginning year 6000….then we are close to Day Seven…of rest. We are close to Messiah’s reign at years 6000 to 7000. At the end of that the New Heavens and Earth are prepared…for that Eighth Day (not exact but approximately years 7000 – 8000.)

The Gentile is grafted into The Torah….taught by The Hebrew. It is KEY that our Gentiles to stop arguing over bible versions and look to the story line. No one should be left behind in learning and applying The Torah. If we keep arguing that The Torah is too ancient to apply to our lives, then we’re telling God that we understand him better than he understands himself. We can be likened to Lucifer and his followers of whom were cast out for such attitudes.

The Hebrew’s experience in the 70 years of Babylon shows their being ‘loped’ off for what? The Torah. The Hebrew is responsible for bringing the correct instruction to the earth. They must see that ‘man does not do what is right in his own eyes.’

Just as President Trump and PM Binyamin Netanyahu stated today, throughout our earth’s history they have been persecuted. As I was reviewing the life of Count Tolstoy, of whom was influenced by The Scriptures presented to him by Jewish men, his life fell apart. As he understood that it was hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, he wanted to change the very system that he was part of…a rich land owner…given to him via birth rights…in Russia. He was part of a system that did NOT allow the poor to rise up, but remained suppressed.

Not only did Tolstoy’s wife object to given most of their wealth away to the poor, her husband also wantaed to give all their land away. He wrote several books that would be encapsulate the titles, War and Peace. As my spirit was depressed from oppression lately, I opened to a page in his book where he was consoling himself in God’s purposes even as his state of mind seemed crazy to everyone around him. I was relating to his feelings of rejection…a man of God…wanting to do God’s will…and yet his family and friends depressed his spirit. How did he relieve his stress? he began writing about it…. War and Peace!

So, who got the blame as he tried to change Russia? The Jew, of course….because it was that dirty little book they carried around called, The Torah. Those five little books and a few extra ones that held the words of prophets and those of David and Solomon were just not what our earth wanted to hear. Tolstoy would speak to history giving honor to God’s words that he learned from these poor beggarly people that lived amongst them.

Later, these beggarly people would almost come to their ruin because of The Torah. It would be called, The Holocaust…occurring between 1938 – 1945. Seven severe years…with many years of cruelty before and still after that. Christians saw that they should bless Israel in order to be blessed themselves. But, they still fought against Jewish ways calling them false traditions and works to salvation. They even put a page in the middle of their bibles and labeled one OT and the other NT.

Scholars would come along and examine these books and find that there was not one thing spoken of by their English Jesus that had not already been spoken in the past via the prophets that would become known as having The Oral Torah. It was Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah with a thousand others and finally coming down to 450 and then 70 who would get it correct on what The Torah meant for God’s children. These great men would be called the Great Assembly.

It is NOT ‘shame on the devil’ because we are each held accountable to study and s how ourselves approved workman for The Lord. It is ‘shame on the Gentile’ who won’t listen to Oral Torah. Oral Torah is NOT Oral Tradition.

Today, I say shame on any man and particularly, Mitt Romney. For some reason he wants to stay in the lime light for being wavering to perhaps call for witnesses. It has been proven that there is NO case against President Donald Trump. If Romney and others continue to waiver and witnesses are called, our nation will go into months and months of distraction and not concentrate on Peace in our Middle East. JACOB’S PEACE agreement is vital to bringing The King back to our earth to rule in righteousness.

And, please know, that those understanding The Torah…sitting at a Rabbi’s feet IS biblical. There will be 100 Gentiles chasing after 1 Jew to have him teach them Torah. I am part of that group…and I do sit at their feet. Because of the few Jewish teachers it could become 1000 Gentiles or 10,000 Gentiles being taught The Torah by one Jew. These teachers will be called GREAT in the Kingdom of God.

Shame on any politican who claims to be a Christian and yet shine forth in their ‘lime light’. Impeachments need to end…and true Torah needs to be our rule of law….and it begins in Jerusalem.

Ezra fasted and prayed for three days with only two tribes coming at his request. They ask if they could return after further discussion with their families because so many of them had commited this horrible sin of attaching to ‘foreigners’. And, it was cold and raining…

Foreigners are those that do NOT want to follow the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Foreigners are those that want to be part of The Temple for the benefit it offers them….not what they can do to honor it.

Foreign wives and children had to be overcome (left in Babylon) in the days of Ezra. On Nissan 1 that was accomplished by going before their own judges. We are told that it is has been one year since leaving Babylon. Thus, we see it is year 71 and the foundation i still not started. Year 71 and our Israel is still sitting at her gates fasting and praying for her foundations to be laid for The Temple. If Christians really thought The Lor’d Shikinah would return to the earth, don’t you think we would speed this up? Today, that door is trying to be opened on our earth. The Deal of the Century is being laid out…to be implemented immediately if possible. Ezra had Binyamin and Judah confirming their foreign families were now settled elsewhere.

It was now Nissan 1. Their judges were working hard in Month Ten, Month Eleven and Month Twelve; Tevet, Shevet and Adar. Three months and now they were ready to build the foundation…It was Day One of the New Year…ecclessiastaical year..religious calendar. Will our judges take that long with Presdient Trump’s trial? Or, is this a picture also of the nations involved in The Deal of the Century? Examine Ezra’s time-line and we could see clues as to how long this plan could take. Their story-line as very very similar…same city, same problems, same goals..same time schedule. God is right on time…trust Him!

No foreigner could build the foundation stones because they didn’t know the foundation’s pattern. They also did not KNOW the owner of the building; the Living God. It had to come from the loins of the old men who had seen it 70 years ago. And since their bodies were old and weak, it would have to be communicated to their sons who would physically build it on the memory of the old men.

The foundation stones were laid wrong by the young men. The old men wept and cried that it was wrong and it needed to be reset. It had to be perfect just as it was before they had departed for Babylon in 587 BCE. The young men who laid the foundation were celebrating loudly but not as loud as the old men who were weeping and crying for the foundation having been laid out wrong.

The foreigners heard ALL of these cries and said that they would help fix the foundation. But, Israel could NOT let the foreigner touch it. The foreigner was only interested in the Temple flow of revenue from the seaport that exported salt. The Temple had been seen as place for collecting taxes for any products passing through Jerusalem to ship via their seaport. It sat on a trade route.

The foreigners for years kept influencing king after king that Jerusalem could not be buit up because of it’s potential to tax them…the foreign kings.

In Ezra we read that the major product for exportation was salt. And, other goods that came in from the seaport heading throughout Persia could have tariffs on them as well. Salt was being carried to the seaport from The Salt Sea…Dead Sea. Today we still have Jerusalem’s exports being held hostage as part of the plan of destroying Ya’cov/Isra’el. And, let us not forget that they are the salt of the earth. The depth of God should be understood here.

Today, the foreigner wants Jerusalem for it’s financial success and they use her for thievery. Yeshua Jesus turned over their tables claimin that they had made his Father’s House a ‘den of thieves’. It was about selling OVER PRICED sacrificial animals to the people. They would sell blemished animals unacceptable to a HOLY God. It was NOT the sacrifical system that was opposed…as it showed His blood being spilt. But, it was the misuse of The Temple…the misuse of the Torah…not taking care of your parents while still tithing correctly on their spices. They did the little things and not the bigger things.

Today, we have a ‘Shame on the Devil’ situation where a PEACE PLAN…being called, ‘The Deal of the Century’ is being laid out for our world. In the 2020 Deal of the Century Ishmael and Esau will receive a huge piece of land. The Palestinians could now have their own state and enjoy the prosperity of our earth. They will have four years to work out their details which also includes 50 billion dollars to help it happen. It truly sounds like PEACE. President Trump will rule for another FOUR years…so they had better get started now before his rule ends. We are in a very special time in history with so many Christians supporting Israel. It is time to seize the moment.

Today is Shevat 1. Open your Bible to Zechariah..start in chapter one and keep reading into chapter two.

Shevat 1-15 is about men on the earth, also known as trees. 15 Shevat is Tu B Shevat; the celebration of trees. It is always a full moon…in clear vision on the fifteenth of the Hebrew month.

Trees are planted in Israel at this time in Shevat to recognize God who has allowed men to take care of the earth. Trees are planted for righteous men and especially for those that helped to protect Jews during the Holocaust.

In 2019 the enemy has fired rockets that have caused ‘fires’ to burn in Israel…removing trees…many righteous trees that had been planted in memory of those righteous Gentiles who helped a Jew during the holocaust.

Israel is like the state of Phoenix…if it were not for men planting trees it would be a barren desert. I lived in Arizona for ten years with many of our family moving there as well. It would be hard to imagine Arizona’s many trees and homes with palm trees devastated by fire. I liken it to Egypt because of it being a paradise in the wilderness of our earth. And Israel is just like that… a ‘Gan of Paradise’ on our earth…planted by Yahuwah to bring fruits of righteousness to our earth.

Light is to come from the Midwest as envisioned by a rabbi standing in Israel. And interestingly, we DO have a football team that has dubbed several of it’s players as pastors. Many of their team members are in love with, The Kingdom of God. They want Jesus to return to our earth and reign. Thus, after I watched very closely the actions and faces of The Kansas City Chief’s owners winning to play in, The Super Bowl, I saw their glow for The Lord. All honor and glory was to be given to The Chief up there they said…He’s our Chief of this Kingdom.

Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2020, 7 Shevat…(Day Seven…a sabbath) is when our entire world will give witness to The Chief’s exactly FIFTY (50) years ago Super Bowl win. A jubilee of time has passed.

Our world will watch California-thinking be set free on our earth. Men will cheer their team on as our Creator is looking on as well. He set this up. Our Creator set this up to set free the Jubilee. The 49er’s are there to remind us of, The Jubilee. The Chief’s have already given recognition to whom is the real CHIEF in our world. The Kansas City Chief’s want The Torah set free on the earth.

It’s a jubilee that restores God to the earth. Whatever has been lost will be found. It is in the 49th year freedom begins…and then it’s year 1 again. The Aleph (1) is a silent letter…standing in authority over the earth…His Earth..only ONE Living God who teaches life…not death.

I close this with tight lips…still harboring sorrow in my spirit for an ‘impeachment’ of Ezra that loomed over him and my sorrow to President Trump. Would they come back and remove Ezra because he stood by The Torah? Would they remove Trump? Both of these men were perplexed as no ‘impeachment papers’ arrived. No tribes returned to Ezra for ten days. Everyone has been in discussions.

Only two tribes returned on 30 Kislev..a dark night…no sliver of moon until the next day. Could and would they leave their precious families all for the sake of, The Temple…where God wanted to dwell on this earth with them as a people group?

They did NOT ‘impeach’ their president/priest. They said they would leave their families in beautiful Babylon. They also would leave behind all the work of their hands and minds for the last 70 years. Oh BEAUTIFUL BABYLON…oh beautiful Babylon…a city of wealth. Yes, they had chosen to return to a ruin of a city and NO Temple, no Shekinah glory anywhere. They would have to build it’s foundation and it’s stones with a bow and arrow in one hand and a masonry blade in the other.

Today, we are shamed as nation who ‘impeached a president’ without cause…all partisan established over 78 days with only 7 days of access by President Donald Trump. Shame on those who tried to tear down America’s walls…and shame on those who still try to tear down Jeruaslem’s walls. These are walls built up by God to be His presence on our earth. God’s Walls are built to defend our souls.

The Gentile Church is soon to be loped off and they may not even realize it. When Yeshua Jesus died on the cross and the doors of The Temple flung open and they could see in…they never realized God had already left.

A serious movement began in 2003. This marker in time would give us 17 years at least that the Gentile has had to repent from their shameful ways. Many pastors have been loped off and replaced. Many Christian pastors loped themselves off from their own churches and have grafted themselves to Torah instead. If their members did not remain with them, they went and got jobs to sustain themselves until more Torah seekers desire their leadership.

The Gentile old-fashioned pastors not only don’t accept being loped off, they burn their favorite bible versions into their members minds and become cult like in attaching to it alone. These same people go on radio programs arguing with The Rabbi…thinking they are saving their soul. This verse was given to me to console my broken heart.

Psalm 119:165 “Those who love your Torah (instruction) have great peace; nothing makes them stumble.

If bibles or bible verses confuse us, we can look to patterns that run through our bibles and patterns that run through men’s lives. We have a consistent Creator who didn’t change form. We can think of his being an ancient old man or we can move him into our jet-set age a think of him as a beam of light. Our Creator of whom knew you before you came into this world, created many univeres and holds them all together at the same time. His patterns of chemistry, atoms, nuclear or just knowing how many hairs are on your head show us that we don’t need to challenge him in His purposes. God is a spirit far beyond our understanding. We just need to know that He does work ALL things to our good and to bring about His glory. through us.

It is not about a particular version of bible that was influenced by men at that time in history. Some of the best bible versions still today show their anti-Jewish / anti-Torah slant. It is NOT about how many times you’ve read The Bible. This ‘last generation’ has been given so much information that they will be held more accountable for it’s misuse. It is in the studying of our bibles and connecting the patterns that we see the Truth that never changes. All of Creation screams out…exactly on time…to declare His glory in the heavens.

It is in the Studying that we approve ourselves worthy of being the teacher of it. There are the least and the greatest in the Kingdom of God. STUDY to show thyself approved to be a workman of the LORD.

We can NOT listen to a person…though now seemingly honorable because he changed from being a drunkard or wife-beater. Sinners can relate to him but that does not qualify him to be a teacher….a pastor. There are many parts to God’s body and not everyone is fit to be a pastor/teacher. Many are better at being evangelists and many as missionaries. But, all parts are to participate together as one in LOVE united in The Living Word Yeshua Jesus…Living Torah.

We trust in the saving Blood of Yeshua Jesus first….just as the liar or thief does. Our standard for life on this earth is set to patterns that began from Adam to Noach to Abraham to Moses to Solomon all instructions pointing to Yeshua…(Our Salvation) coming to die on that stake to save mankind from the penalty of sin…eternal spiritual death.

The Messiach coming never did nor will violate one of God’s instructions set before Him. He filled up everything spoken about him so he could be seen in the Jew’s Torah teachings. When the Gentile humbles himself to be taught by The Jew, they join together in a joyful time in the Spirit. Two become one and then both see the real Walking Word…the living Word..The living Torah/Bible; filling up all the things spoken of him…Yeshua Jesus..

And, there is only ONE man that did all of that. That is the ‘secret’ that the Gentile gets to excitedly…with a burning heart…share with their Torah Teacher. But, both must wait for the other to have an open heart in order to receive that news.

Shame on us who have set such high standards that makes it terrible for a couple’s flesh (hands) to touch before they are married. If The Torah were applied today, there would be no pregnancies outside of marraige. There would be no rape victims…just married woman with husbands helping to raise those children. Men are setting standards so high that we think they can’t even trust themselves. High standards that cause so much difficulty that you can’t even talk alone with the person you want to marry. All for PRETENSE. Can this be likened to the Pharisees who built up their walls…known as traditions?

Oral Torah is different than Oral Traditions. It is the ‘traditions’ of men that Jesus was upset with…not Oral Torah.

Shame on us…. encouraging our children to only pick out a spouse according to our CHURCH denomination and not their sincere HEART belief to God. We are NOT to be unequally yoked and yet 50 percent of Christian marriages fail. God does have emotions and we had better have our emotions involved…God gave them to us for a reason. It takes effort and to stay married. God is always threatening to divorce us. But, he cries and weeps and accepts our repentance.

I stand in awe of pastors who declare so much righteousness before marriage that the couple has never even held hands before being married. Do we start over to find someone who will cooperate with this highest of standards or just impeach that spouse for a couple of nights after the wedding? You can see I should close this…there is too much going on…and I’m tired of evil surrounding what are good people…myself included.

Psalms 119:165 “Those who love your Torah have great peace; nothing makes them stumble.”

Ezra could have been impeached. Trump feels impeached. I’ve been impeached at the same time of these impeachments. Israel constantly is feeling impeached. Can righteousness be impeached?

Shame on Deception!

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