Dreams And Visions

“I Have A Dream!” who began his civil rights speech with those words?

This young boy’s original name was not Martin Luther King. His name was Martin King. But, this young boy was impressed when his older brother returned from Germany and saw the memorial to Martin Luther…the man credited for the Protestant Reformation. Both brothers would add Luther to their middle names….not on their birth certificates…but they just claimed Luther’s name for themselves

The boy Martin King had a dream….a vision…of being a man who would set the slaves free. It was not a dream he had after eating pizza late at night…but a real-life DREAM of setting men free as he witnessed segregation all around his friends and family. Americans allowed slavery and it took a movement to bring that down.

The dreams or visions that men had in the days of 600 AD with Mohammad and later with Joseph Smith that caused the Latter Day Saint church, to name a few, can still see the effects of these doctrines still being followed on our earth.

What have we learned about ‘dreams and visions’? What have we learned about ‘prophets’ that have come into our world and influenc entire societies.

The Bible says that many will have dreams and visions especially in the ‘end times’ but that we should be aware if they are real prophets by if what they say comes true. Many of what these people say is to come can take many many years to come true and so are we suppose to believe their vision for all those years until it comes true. Scriptures says, “No!” In fact, we are not to follow them even if it does come true! Why? Because there is one more test to a real prophet of God.

The Test: “It can’t come against God’s Torah..instruction.” Hmm! So, if there are prophets who declare something and it comes true immediately and right before your eyes….as it is said will happen in the ‘end of days’ where many are deceived….what is the key to following them?

It CAN NOT come against God’s purposes for His earth! The reason men are left over to their own deceptions is because they lack The Truth…God’s Truth.

If this prophet or leader is against doing things ADONAI’S way…then he is a ‘false prophet.’

Do NOT murder – who are those leaders that support abortion?

Do NOT lay with a person of the same sex…men are not to lie with or marry another man. Woman are not to lie with another woman…and certainly not marry. This has become a huge lie in our world even argued in our courts.

Who are the prophets in our pulpits that feel sorry for a homosexual or heterosexual and allow them to sin against our Creator?

These sins are not knew to our world. Enoch’s world saw The Watcher’s violate human woman…lying with whom they should not lay with.

God’s image would no longer be pure in it’s DNA.

Mosch almost died as a child as live-birth abortion was applied to those children. We have more Pharaoh’s in our day than were in Egypt. Sixty-plus million aborted children have ‘no dreams’. These children’s lives were removed….not because of the leader’s kingdom being threatened, but because that child’s life was ‘inconvenient’.

Dreams – Visions –

I am NOT saying that human’s do NOT have dreams and visions in their lives, but after being in Tushuvah (repentance) every day from August 31 for forty days and nights, I’ve listened to men and woman weeping over the sin in their own families…even generations back to Adam and Chanoh, and sin in Israel and sin in the nations. My heart was moved to keep asking ‘why?”

If God is real in our lives, then why don’t we see Him active and real?

If God is real in our lives we should be desiring to walk on this earth according to His desires and not our own. We would be studying His Words to make sure we’re following His dreams and vision for His world.

I say this next part, because of James and Melissa. I just met this couple of whom are probably in their fifties. Probably ten years ago she had a vision….a desire….a yearning….for Switzerland. To see Switzerland come to repentance in Yeshua Jesus. Some years after this yearning desire (dream) she became equally yoked with Marilyn Griffin. Marilyn also had been given dreams, desires…to bring a change from man’s traditions to God’s traditions. These couples supported each other in prayer and supplication to our Creator.

I’m going to shorten this as the point that I want to convey came through a prayer that was declared.

It is NOT the dream or whim that we are to follow that results from eating pizza before bed. It is the urging that is within us to serve on a higher ground than where we are now. It is to walk out our course in this life following after His Dreams and His Vision for our earth and for His children.

What is God’s Dream for our world? What is His ‘vision’ for us?

I sat next to man (35 ish) in Cairo Egypt that told about his vision. After this vision kept appearing to him (Scriptures on His wall), he only wanted Christian training for his children. In his dreams he would see Scripture showing up on his walls as he slept at night. He was reading Bible verses but he did not understand what it meant. After those visions, he meant missionaries who explained the verses to him. He then got his own Bible to read which even by owning it, was a cause for imprisonment. He hid it from the authorities.

He and another man were both put in prison with no food. They had to deny their new faith in Yeshua Jesus to live. They had to deny Yeshua Jesus in order to return to their families.

His family was to only be raised in Muslim teachings.

His friend died before his eyes in prison. Both of their skin was falling off their bodies. He knew he was next to die as the months wore on. I sat across from this man in our small apartment late at night in Cairo a few days before our ten day trip ended. We sat in a small circle of ten people listening to his story. The Coptic Christian is always persecuted there and even more so those that turn from Allah.

Upon hearing others stories and their hardships in Egypt, I realized they risk their lives to tell us of their dreams and visions. Their dreams and visions lead to their salvation in Yeshua Jesus.

His close friend died for his visions knowing there was a living God that acts.

They witness miracles and they witness death. His own skin was falling off before his family rescued him. I thought of Jonah whose skin probably looked gray and slippery as he spent three days and nights inside a large fish and that was the condition of their jail cell.

Is Jonah just another ‘fish story’, as I was told as a child or do we accept God’s vision for him….to go and tell Ninevah about a God who desires men to live and not die….into eternity?

God’s Vision – God’s Dreams for us –

Everyone of us can see God real in our lives….if we just look! When our 60-day old calf died on July 22, 2017 but then raised it’s head and hoof up…after I ask for a simple sign of life before we left him lying in that dark valley of death it was a path of faith we were then set to walk.

I have always prayed that God would show himself real in my children’s lives. I see Him real all the time and especially over the last year with out small herd of cattle.

The mom’s all seem to have their babies on The Lord’s special day….and then were sold according to His ways as well. (I’ve talked about this before so you can check out the writing on Mattot-Massei to hear about God’s vision for our property named, El Shaddai.)

I will say this, that after that incident of only desiring to see a wiggle of that calf’s tail, after they had all three had declared him dead and then he within minutes of ending that prayer over him…lifted his head and sat it on his front right lifted leg…and held it…none of the four of us can deny his resurrection back to life. Our Creator answered the prayer that came out of my mouth….that wasn’t my words. He dropped the temperature down to 62 degrees with a 42 mph wind that took our flag pole to the ground within twenty minutes of it’s life being given back to it. That calf did not die but lived to 18 months before being semen tested to be a bull.

His life is still an amazing thing….and it was God who is still working through it all.

The calves sold for $1.42 lb. Taurus sold for $1700 in 2019. These numbers permeated in their life stories over their four years on our property named ElShaddai.

Now, I must finish by telling you about James and Melissa of whom had a ‘dream’ and ‘vision’ of bringing God’s true word to the world….in Switzerland. They did go to Switzerland about five years ago and did not stay…but they began to know the land. The summer of 2019 they returned from Israel after being there about three months. When I got to know them in July they had raised funds of $34,000 and were now able to make it to Switzerland in time to start the forty-days of repentance (Tushavah) from the Alps of Switzerland, one of the highest points of the earth

They had a vision (strong desire) to place white stones with scripture on them into the waters that began one of the biggest rivers in the world. Rivers represent the nations. I did not think they were going to leave from KC on time as Hurricane Dorine was shutting down the skies on the east coast. But, here is the fabulous ‘beginning’ of their 40-day journey.

At the Rosh Chodesh of the month of Elul (new moon) they climbed two hours alone together to find the highest waters that fed the Rhine River. As they approached the top they heard the sound of the shofar….(the shofar is to be blown at the Rosh Chodesh).

But, where did it’s sound come from?

It came from other believers they had met previously in Israel. Two people were also climbing that mountain to place blessing stones in its waters just at the same moment and hour. One had carried the shofar and all heard it,,, from the highest rivers sources in our world.

Dreams and visions come in many forms. What’s important is that we notice the path we’ve been set on and give God credit for it all.

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