Great America Comeback

King Cyrus blesses Israel and returns in glory.

Skepticism is over! America higher standard of living.

7 million new jobs!

3.5 % – Lowest Unemployment

Now are Days of Ezra – Days of judges removing foreigners. The US Senate will listen to Ezra. Judah and Binyamin returned and brought themselves before their judges to determine their own wrong doing. They didn’t impeach Ezra. They judged themselves.

Who will build the foundation of The Temple? No foreigners!

Trump is now Ezra. December 18, 2019 impeachment day was Month Nine Day 20.

Ezra 10. After three days they came and saw Ezra fasting, praying, torn clothing and ask what was wrong? We have married foreigners for 70 years. They can’t return with us.

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