Passover Finds Us Hidden

Happy Passover 2020. Most of our world is hidden away at one of the most incredible times in history. It is Easter Week and it is Pesach / Passover Week. They share the same theme but are entered into in different ways. Let us come in unity that this is about our precious Yeshua Jesus. We can share him this year in the quiet of our homes. We can eat lamb because Jesus is the Lamb of God. We can agree that if it were not for God sending his only begotten Son none of us would have a way to spiritual salvation. For this we MUST agree to be thankful.

Palm Sunday was even at the right time this year as on Nissan 10, April 4, 2020 Jesus did ride into the City of Jerusalem on a donkey to display himself before the Sanhedrin. The people were still so amazed that this new friend of theirs had called Lazarus to come forth…they followed him everywhere for three more days. Please let me use his Hebrew name because that is the name given to him by his family. Yeshua Jesus stayed in the area of Lazarus home until this very highest of Sabbaths…Christians will call Palm Sunday. They laid their coats and palms down for the donkey to step on. They were hailing Yeshua as king.

Every Jew will come to the synagogue on Saturday known as The Sabbath. Thus, is was on this Saturday…three days after calling Lazarus to come forth…that Yeshua was cheered by the people and chosen as their king. Two problems: 1. Rome was NOT looking for a king…they had King Herod to watch over the Jews. 2. It was NOT God’s timing for Yeshua to be king…God had plans for his death and suffering first. He wanted our king to relate to us in suffering and grief. Just as we are experiencing so much death on our earth right now…it is very difficult to be happy in many states and countries around our world. The Chinese New Year did NOT get to be celebrated. We do NOT get to gather for Easter Dinner usually served with the tradition of ham…although I believe many Christians are now choosing lamb…it just makes more sense, doesn’t it.

Thus, April 4, Nissan 10, God had the people choosing their precious perfect lambs from their herds. They were to this lamb close to their homes so the children and everyone could fall in love with it just as we have fallen in love with Yeshua Jesus sweet spirit. Everyone is very happy on Palm Sunday waving their pfones around. My husband reminded me that we would braid these palms and stick them in our pictures around the house so we would remember choosing Jesus as our Savior.

After upsetting the governors of Jerusalem with the news of Yeshua Jesus accepting to be their king and he did raise a man that had been dead four day to life…they felt very threatened. Money talks and so we find the story of poor money-hungry Judas being the one that would give the betraying kiss. It was like the Chinese Kim walking in and shaking hands with President Trump with anthrax on his glove. China wished President Trump a Happy New Year from China so the whole world knew they were proud being The Dragon. It didn’t happen….it was canceled the next day. He knew it…his government knew they were in trouble and closing down was NOW. No one was on the streets and people were starting to be hauled away as we saw via cameras. But the deception was there, calculated and tried. Billions were promised in trade with farmers getting 50 billion…if they could produce it.

It all makes sense now because you can agree to anything when nothing is going to happen anyway. Judas gave Yeshua a smile as kissed him on the cheek…the anthrax was applied..the kiss of death or did Judas just think…they really won’t kill him will they? I just thought they’d mock him and let him go. Wrong thinking Judas…and today when we say the name Judas we think of betrayer…but when we say Judah we think of one elevated.

3 Nissan – Lazarus died….right on schedule

7 Nissan – Larzarus come forth – right on schedule for the 4 pattern that runs in God’s plans

10 Nissan – Yeshua Jesus is chosen…exactly when all Jews are choosing their unblemished lamb to eat at Pesach/Passover.

14 Nissan – An early Seder with Yeshua Jesus disciples…he reveals his plans but not in so much detail that they stop it from happening…as we see Peter being called as part of Satan’s team if he would try to stop it….that was shocking news to them all.

April 8 is 14 Nissan – these events are happening right now as I write. Who would have thought this chosen king would die a death that you couldn’t even recognize who he was when they got done with him. Who would have thought God would sent his only begotten son…God’s Firstborn claiming to be God in the flesh…who would have thought up such a plan? God Himself because he didn’t love the world…but He loved us…each one of us.

God came in the flesh to rectify such terrible sin that permeates our earth right now. It was all planned by a merciful God just for us. And who would have thought it would come to this….the world tucked away in our caves…’as in the days of Elijah’ they sing…and it is true.

Because Yeshua Jesus will die at noon tomorrow…His blood pouring out of him on the ground and that ground will cry out so we can hear it and respond. TEN million babies died in the last 90 days in America via abortion…and yet it is the old baby boomers that are scheduled to die in this plague. The young are the ones that are to carry this story to their children who will tell their children.

This night we must remember that it is the fullest moon on record this year…as it looks the same size as the sun but the sun is 400,000 miles closer to earth. But tonight the moon is at it’s closest point to us and which makes them look the same size. Everything is equal in God’s eyes even though one is lessor…there is only one king…not two kings in our sky. That is a measure for measure showing us we have one King to look to and no more.

The dragon with many heads is China and other nations. They will be severed off so ONE KING can rule. It will be God’s standards that our earth can survive. No more abortion…killing…sex exchanged services (they call it trading).

Once Israel was established on God’s land again…a new game began. When that game plan started it was to bring about The Messiah..Yeshua Jesus to rule. God’s game plan could be called, Comfort…and that is what he named Noah when He himself would be comforted by removing sin…those who don’t want to play by his rules…who don’t want to call on Him.

Comfort (Noah) is sitting at New York…where they are NUMBER ONE in Abortion Clinic as of 2017 stats. New Jersey is next..and yes the state of Washington, California and Washington. Is it the hand of God that is striking the states that scream to murder God’s image? The Top Four states for the number of clinics are the TOP states for COVID-19. Maybe they’ve been in a covid operation against God long enough. And, now the sins of some are the sins of all of us…for we did not spank that child and lead them into the right paths of righteousness.

Passover – is beautiful that the sweet lamb…they fell in love now had to be slain…”Oh no, not our pet Abba!” Yes, your pet…it’s just what God’s instructions are…no rhyme nor reason they would say…it’s just how it is.

That is obedience my friends….no reason…just do it. But, our last generation will be held more responsible because we could see the measure for measure pattern. We are the generation without excuse.

So, should we be hard on those that want to celebrate Pesach that has so much meaning and tradition to it. Should we criticize those that studied to show themselves workman of the Lord to the debt that their eyes were unveiled? Wow…the veil split in The Temple…they could not see in…What God isn’t there? They didn’t even know He had left.

That is where we are today. We teach children to hunt for Estar eggs and put those down that just don’t want to do it any more. We each grow at different stages but final the curtain does come down…and there will be many that will be told…I didn’t know you…even though they did many good things.

You see God has things that we are to do…so generations after us won’t miss these precious stories…not of the bunny cotton tail…but of the precious lamb that was slain from the foundation of the earth.

My husband teaches bus kids and he has to go back and tell them who Adam and Eve are because their parents never even taught them that. So, is our earth calling on God? No, they don’t care…and thus nation is going to be against nation just as China took the lead with Russia and Saudi Arabis joined in dropping oil prices. Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes and yet we have not grown past the Easter bunny.

Happy Passover my friends. We will be held in our tombs during the seven days of Unleavened Bread. I suggest you google it so you understand that it is about removing sin from our lives. No one will eat leaven for seven days…it’s a command we can all do. It won’t be hard…but just inconvenient. First you have to know what leaven is. Research it…just like research what sin is. We have missed the mark…and that is sin.

We no longer call on God according to His ways and purposes and we do NOT invite Israel to be our spiritual leader…Yes, she’s trying to grow up…and we only push her down… But, find a rabbi on line and sit at his feet to learn the depth of your Bible…the whole Bible. God loves being black and white but He will speak to you lightly and not in depth if your heart is hard. The doors are closing…the switching up of our earth is ready. The testing of Yeshua Jesus is about to end…and stayed as silent as a lamb. God will be silent as well….so all this mess will be wiped off the face of HIS earth…not our earth…His earth. He knows how to renew it and He will.

Isa 26:14 The dead will not live again, the ghosts will not rise again; for you punished and destroyed them, wiped out all memory of them.
Isa 26:15 You enlarged the nation, Adonai, you enlarged the nation; and thus you glorified yourself; you extended all the frontiers of the country.
Isa 26:16 Adonai, when they were troubled, they sought you. When you chastened them, they poured out a silent prayer.
Isa 26:17 As a pregnant woman about to give birth cries out and writhes in her labor pains, so we have been at your presence, Adonai—
Isa 26:18 we have been pregnant and been in pain. But we, as it were, have given birth to wind; we have not brought salvation to the land, and those inhabiting the world have not come to life.

Isa 26:19 Your dead will live, my corpse will rise; awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust; for your dew is like the morning dew, and the earth will bring the ghosts to life.
Isa 26:20 Come, my people, enter your rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves for a little while until the wrath is past.
Isa 26:21 For see! Adonai emerges from his place to punish those on earth for their sin. Then the earth will reveal the blood shed on it and no longer conceal its slain.

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