The Dragon has many heads! We must not become it’s tail!

Dr Shiva tells how to handle virus.  Immune systems are compromised.  Compromised people will desire Big Pharma.  Let’s build the wall of Defense…in Mexico and your body.

My son rose up after three days of not able to lift his head off his pillow…coming off of working his fireman shift and overtime.

After 4 ounces of colloidal silver spread out over 24 hours and drinking Dr. Wallach’s BBT 2.0 for a day…he rose up and then couldn’t go to sleep after drinking it at 5:00 p.m. until 3:30 a.m.

Call Youngevity and tell them Bonnie Laux sent you.  Get one can and build our wall of defense.  It has always been high in A and is balanced in all other 90 essential nutrients your body has to have.  It also has probiotics and prebiotics to balance your digestive issues.

Go to to see it’s ingredients.  Order a can.  I just ordered six cans in case they ran out after people listen to Dr. Shiva take on this.  It is cheaper buying in bulk.  It was then that Ryan (38) has been down by our property entrance with his children fixing some fencing.  I said, “Ryan is up?”  Then he came up our lane to help service the big mower.   Yes, he was still coughing and sick .. but he was finally up and slowly functioning,  They stayed six feet from each other…tried anyway with my reminding them often.  My husband (71) did NOT get sick from that experience…it’s been over 14 days.

As our left (standing six feet from me) he told me his experience.  It was then that I knew my waking up at 5:50 a.m. sincerely praying for my sick son, and pleading with tears for his life and Duane and Janie Field’s  life that God moved me to know to see God’s hand on us.  My husband and I had been back on this product for a couple of months staying diligent about taking BBT 2.0.

In fact, God had directed my path to meet the Fields just about 30 days ago.   And, now to come into contact with CV19 by putting my hands on her as I stood behind her to pray over her what another ‘hand of God’.    I even moved my hand to the crown of her head to pray for God to lift up her just as he did the calf that we had die on 7.22.2017.   It is in His power that can spare lives but I know the sincerity of our prayers is important.  I had my hands on the head of that calf…praying and even shaking it to come alive…and it just lay there.

Janie had cancer come back after several years and she just now going through a monthly treatment as a last remedy.  .  At this point she just does not feel like eating and is very weak.  This CV19 put her in the hospital for 4 days…and Duane had to stay away from her.  She came home and then went back into the hospital again because she was so weak.  She just got home again a few days ago.  Pray for both of them to desire to eat.  Duane said that he knows the smell of CV19 and it smells like a dead mouse.  So, let us pray against the smell as they suffer through this.  Their faith is strong and they know God is their Healer.

Laying my hands on Janie (73) was at an early Purim Celebration  held on Friday, March 6.  It was held early because people getting out during the week was just not as good for schedules.   God knew he was shutting down our world.  There were about 40 people there with Duane and Janie arrive as half way through it.  They did NOT have enough time to fellowship with others during the meal.  Again, God’s timing is perfect in protecting His children.  And, I don’t think anyone ate the food they brought…tummy’s were full.    She sat next to me.  Soon it was time to dance and I filmed my friend Alice and once again was not sitting next to Janie very long.  We did read through the Book of Esther together as a group.

I washed my hands before and after that function knowing we might be in dangerous territory with this virus.   No one knew about a six feet guideline yet.  As I laid my hands on her shoulders she looked at me and just smiled in thanks.  My prayer was sincere in heart and I could feel tears coming inside of me beseeching for this woman who loved Yeshua Jesus.

That was me sitting next to a COVID 19 positive couple on March 6.  I also was also sitting in Duane’s Bible class at Connection Point Church on March 11 for two hours.   We were fifteen feet from each other but there were many older people there…but perhaps all at least six feet away.  I do not know about their health situations.

On March 12 I made a personal commitment to end my bible studies in this area.  For some reason I found myself scurrying around this Kansas City Overland Park area probably five nights out of seven.  I even got to sit at the feet of Rabbi David Friedman on a Monday night.  Now I would know who I was watching via internet as he just started doing that was his Gentile group.

I made my last visit to Costco on a Thursday not knowing about my connection with CV.  Now, I have not left our property since…except for walking down our asphalt road since March 12.    On March 19 I get a call from Duane to say that Janie tested positive for COVID 19 and his test was tomorrow…but he thought he was 75 percent sure he was positive; he was!

My prayers are constantly for them to live and they are both still alive.  They are very sincere about walking their lives out serving God.  Duane even teaches via a local radio program.  Now, I would contain and stay away  from anyone coming near our home.  This house can now be declared, ‘clean’…unless my husband is going to pick it up at his church where he goes into every day to do some bookkeeping…ugh still!  He says no one is there.

Duane’s call on March 19 was a ‘wakeup call’.  He said that he had wished that he would have stopped sooner.  He knew it was no ones fault and that many people will get this because it’s airborne and invisible   But he needed to call everyone that he thought he had made contact with to tell them to self-quarantine.  I could see that it was hard for him, but he is a very responsible person and he did it…even as Janie was now in the hospital and he was quarantined at home.

I’m not sure which person had it first, but on March 5 Duane (75)  sat next to his friend Dennis Wilson (77) for two hours at a ‘magicians’ forum.  They both have had careers in entertaining through their magic shows and as they are older it is part time.  Another part of this story is that Dennis Wilson died from CV 19 Saturday, March 21, 2020 the day he was scheduled to perform in Kansas City.  He was the first death in Johnson County…and it was quick with his wife never to be able to hold his hand after Tuesday March 24.   A reporter posted her FB blogs in memory of their families heartbreak.  No funeral.  The kids drove into the parking lot making a circle with their cars listening to the doctor who stood in the middle of that circle.  No one could hug each other or their mother but they talked for several hours…they father was dead!  So, is this real?  Yes…it is real and it is sad!

Once I heard from Duane about their situation, I changed to sleeping in the basement away from husband.  After all the preaching I had been doing about him stop going to church…here I was the one that came in contact with this invisible plague.

I did NOT want to be the cause of anyone’s death.  And, just at this time he received news on his being diagnosed with severe left ventricular hyper…… (enlarged heart).  He had a five-way bypass in 2011 and starting in 2012 has taken the original BBT product before they added this enhanced version.

Over these last nine years my husband has worked at his diet and exercise.  When he feels better  he is off of the church donuts and candy bars he hands to the his bus kids every week.  Life is a choice of what you eat. And after trying several other companies that sell vitamins, we both just happen to restart being serious about the BBT 2.0.  And, now we know why God moved us to just go ‘back to the basic’ with Dr. Wallach.  God was protecting me as my system was also shot and I had just done a liver cleanse to get rid of my yellow looking eyes.  That really crashed my immune system as thermalogist told me.  I was in worse health than my husband.  But, we both added collidial silver to our health program with BBT 2.0

I never got sick from actually sitting by and touching Janie.  My husband is now on track making sure we each drink two glasses of this every day or get it in some form of energy drink.  Dr. Shiva is right….we can come through this…but it’s going to take concentration on building up the wall of defense within ourselves.

Did my son get better?  How long did he cough and look miserable.  For about three days of being on BBT 2.0 he was good.  Actually today, I was glad he had a Kelly day and was able to help with our garden, cutting brush around here and even mowing his yard.  They still have our only canister that we gave his entire young family of four children.  None of them are coughing and we do get them a few more shots of colloidal silver once in a while.  He went to back to his rescue work today…and we continue to pray for God’s protection and lift up our son’s head every day to life not disease and sickness that surrounds us.

Okay…I didn’t sit down to tell you all this…but I just did.  I wanted you to listen to Dr. Shiva.  This seems to be a different video than the first I watched.  I know he’s been around for a long time…but right now he is our ’emergency’ doctor to listen to.

Dr. Wallach has a powder to sprinkle on our dog Kyla’s food.  She loves it and just wont eat sometimes with it.  It came yesterday and yet some products are on backorder.

Yep…I knew it…they are a strong company and Dr. Wallach has always thought that this day would come.  So, he’s a prepared company and does have the best minerals as they come from an estuary in Utah that the minerals probably were laid down with The Flood.  My husband went and saw this mine and he has full rights to that mine.  His rights pay for the kids school in that area.

I’m going to share my information with in hopes that you too will not wait until this particular goes out of stock.  There are other places I’m sure to get A, zinc, C and all the things we’re hearing about…but in this can you will no longer buy separate bottles of all these things we’re hearing about.  Just know it will be cheaper to do it this way…and saving money is what life is about especially when you have a large family.  If you get six cans it will be $55.00.  Just my minerals lately from Terah Health was $65.00…and I didn’t have vitamins, etc.  Anyway…one time…

You can call Youngevity (you might be on hold for awhile) and ask for The Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0  Peach Fusion.  The original BTT might be okay as it has 7500 units of A but this one has twice that…along with Resveratrol.  Check it out.  We know this … along with sincere hearts toward God’s will in our lives .. is what prevented my contacting CV and did not pass to anyone.  It is now four weeks since I’ve left our property.  My husband leaves for church…I do not.  Hence perhaps his A is so strong now…he’s escaped it.  I will say a man’s wife (our retired age) did die and his sister a few days/weeks ? after that.  He doesn’t want any one to visit.  I say this again…please stop having church.  This particular church is having people drive up their cars…stay in them…and Pastor preaches from his pulpit outside and it’s piped into their radios…it reached 100 feet.  So, people we can have church…but it goes back to Honoring your parents…this invisible plague is attaching their compromised systems first.  Love your neighbor will stop the spread…and we MUST stop it.  It took Phineas, Eliezer’s son to stop it.  It will take our sons to stop it…but 20,000 people died in that camp with Moses until the javelin was thrown through the man who held a foreigner in his arms…just outside the temple walls.  We MUST come away from the foreign gods this world.

Can you order this on line…yes…  But, since I told you perhaps you’d honor us by buying here.  We’re retired and don’t work…and I’ve never promoted Youngevity ever on this Hebrew site since I began in 2015.  My heart is for you and His name to pray in Hebrew is Yeshua…our Messiah that  is coming.

Dist # 10990908

Or just call 800.328.3189 and give them my information.

What you want is BBT 2.0 Peach infusion, powder.  It comes in a bag or can.

I have listened to all the politics and believe most of it.  But, for now we must trust our President to lead our nations and not make people panic.  He knows God is in control and giving him the information at that point in time to lead our nation.  It is God who is charge of this plague…just as President Trump calls it.

God has allowed it…and now we MUST hide from it.  Read my other articles.

Life up your heads and see that your redemption draweth nigh.

Bless you all,


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