Measure for Measure – Relationships

March 31, 2020 – Please read…then you’ll be ready to read Measure for Measure – Removing This Plague. It will post on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, April 12, 2020. There are THREE choices measured in I Chronicles 20

Are .you going stir crazy from being in close quarters…yet we are constantly busy searching for news? Are you being persuaded by ‘the fake news’…(doesn’t tell both sides of the story…slanted reporting)?

So what is real in our lives? Tears of joy is what we all desire! I had anger and tears yesterday…I began happy and then because of arrogance the morning turned soured and I stomped away from a conversation…cried…pouted some more…went down to our dock and laid down flat trying to control a red-head’s temperament. Yes, I’m blessed to have a property such as this because we built if for such a time as this. A blessed life…not cramped in a small apartment…or inside cruise ship…sick with CV. And yet, this enthusiastic grandma…was brought to tears because of a child not give respect to a parent.

I share this because it’s our feelings that are dealt with everyday and truly by the very people we love. The only way that we are beaten is when we think we are. . We are only beaten when we turn to crying and feeling sorry for ourselves….we are only beaten when we forget that many people right now are losing their loved ones…their parents…of whom I’m sure they wish certain words would have never been spoken between them.

Even face-timing our sweet 13-year old granddaughter in Arizona on her birthday was hard because we couldn’t hug her. We could not have done it anyway, but this day it was worse because once you start crying, other sentimental things are full surface and that’s just what you want to do…cry because you MISS your family. People are missing their families right now all over the world. People are learning that it’s not about being on a cruise…but “We just want to go home” is the plea of many. A daughter about age 40 went on television requesting the Florida governor release her parents from The Princess where they are sick with CV-19. Her father needs a hospital on order to survive. These are hard decisions for a country to make and it comes down a single Governor to make life decisions right now.

Today, March 31, the captain of a Navy ship has CV and it’s spreading through their ship of 5000. Many parents children pray for their child as they go off to war and recently sat in the waters so IRAN would try to contain itself. These ships now have CV…and how did they get it? Do we fly in supplies by infected people.

PANDEMIC – Today, an intense personality on tube says that it’s crazy that our world is shut down for only losing .01 percent of those that get infected. At his recording he said that 1000 Americans had died. I just wanted to throw up…and the figures for America now on March 31 could be 2.1 plus million if it does NOT contain. He is giving a flu statistic…not a NEW virus that pushing through our world like The Spanish flu…Swine flu in 1918.

If there is no sympathy for the elderly….and the kids just might like to get their hands on some of the parent’s inheritance a little sooner….I pray that isn’t behind why some keep saying this is crazy to do this.

The first instruction from God that comes with a blessing for long life of that child is to ‘give honor and respect’ to their parents. If it takes leaving all you have to your church or other places, then do it. We have too many rich children on our earth that do NOT know how to work for what they have. In fact, we have people who run for office and get in because of their own wealth…Mighty Mike comes to mind…who constantly spent millions on trashing our President. What if our President could function without political distractions? Keep encouraging me in a positive way Mr. President…I like our strength.

Who else benefits if the elderly leave our earth early? Retirement funds are not put in a separate fund to draw interest to grow. Instead this money goes into a general fund and is spent freely on government programs. Thus, the generations investing their money into Social Security fear they never will get even their original investment back. It’s a bad system that was created for a short term purpose that was kept to keep feeding our wars. It has remained and now suppresses it’s people. A new system needs to be found so all generations can have back what they thought was an investment that would have a return. Many do like their money supporting murderous abortion clinics and prisons because we don’t obey even the first TEN Commandments…do NOT murder.

Parents are not mad at their children as a parent’s love always runs deep. Many children do not give honor to those that raised them. Our world no longer gives honor to a children group that shows the love of The Father through them. In fact, they want to remove them from the face of the earth. This comes from not understanding God’s patterns and measures.

We have cruise ships that no country wants to let them dock to disembark. These cruise liners want you to think they are American supported. But they are ported out of Japan and other countries. That is who they pay their tithe to. And now, America is suppose to let them disembark? Australia sent five cruise ships from her shores with one left. And if that cruiser is still there in September, they will be fined $6,000 (probably a person). I think we’re going to learn a lot of things from this CV containment. We must NOT turn away the sick as FL Governor let the Princess disembark and took the risk to his state…and the United States. Will the world remember who was the Good Samaritan? Or will they keep calling good…evil?

How many remember the ports around our world that would not let The Jews disembark fleeing war. Port after port denied access to their freedom. They were in close quarters…not sitting in private rooms catered and pampered. Every possession they owned was in one suitcase if even that. Even Spain gave deadlines for every Jew to gone from their soil by a certain date. Christopher Columbus was a Jew working for Spain. So they got rid of him too as he filled his ship full of Jews not even given food.

Jews died on board crowded ships as American’s roared through the twenties and thirties. By 1942 the ovens were the ‘final answer’ for the Jews…who once again were denied immigration to America. They returned to oven….and isn’t it the measure today in 2020 that people with the Chinese corona virus are sent to the crematory with no memorials given just as The Jews had no memorials…except for a few around the world to Never Let This Happen Again….but the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac remembers and vengeance is now being played out.

Whoa to him that falls in the hands of our angry Elohim.

Measure for Measure – SHIPS

Military ships….disease spreading…just like it did in 1492…as Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Maybe they wanted him to fall off their flat earth….but he didn’t. Now in 2020 people want to go back and think flat earth again….when they can see our world is round as our moon is round.

Human trafficking…slave market then and slave markets now. Sex is sold on the internet and the new high is beyond talking about…children’s blood is spilled in this horrific sensational disgusting plague of sin. Eugenics has been the worse evil created on our earth. How to be a god.

Children killed for their youthful DNA rush and I just won’t discuss what I just don’t want to know about. Sin can become too great and it just can’t be imaged what has happened to our world…as Satanic worship sees no end on selling humans on why ‘death’ is justified. These sons of Cain have lost their way and will DIE. In God’s War of 2015 the victory will be His. I’ve been watching to see how long this war will be. It was signaled by The Four Blood Moons that occurred at Passover, Succot, Passover, Succot. It’s been five years this week that it started. If we’re scheduled for a Seven-year war plan, then this plague will last two years….and more wars…it seems. Ham children have always wanted where Noach and Shem lived. They chased him off, but he still came back in those days and still today. It’s a battle for Jerusalem and God will NOT give up that original Garden of Eden. They tell you that it is where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Ya’cov and Leah are buried.

March 31, 2020 – Churches can stay in contact with their congregation by a one-call going out. Pastor sent out a one-call of how much he loved everyone and he was praying for them. He announced the mother of someone had died. She was elderly and expected it seems. Then he announced another person had died…a female member…coming to the church with her husband for about a year and half and members for six month. “Well, I just saw her at church two weeks ago. This is just unbelievable.” Why were churches having church two weeks ago when their President told them to NOT gather in large groups?

March 30 – I walk twenty-five minutes to a neighbor’s house to pick up a health sheet on honey and cinnamon. Ann shared how difficult life had been for her since she’s such a small person and her husband (300 lbs) returned from a care center to be on hospice from their home on Friday. He was terminal with cancer, would not participate in rehabilitation at this center and constantly pulled out his oxygen tubes. He did not contact CV19 while there…he was clear coming home…but did NOT want to live his state of life.

March 31 – I called Anne to arrange to return her health sheet. She tells me her husband died at 9:00 am. Shocking…but not. He was terminal and didn’t want to live being a burden to anyone. He was at peace with his children and life she said. They both had a previous spouse die in their marriage. They spent five years together and now in their seventies knew how to deal with death. Ann had cried her heart out while he was in the care center. This depression was stressing her own heart. She would fight to live as her own two children were not in good health and would need her. Yes, another neighbor to pray for and with.

I tell you these stories because death is all around us. Disease hits every generation. Why does it hit us? Because God allows it so He can destroy it forever.

Psalms 91 is being quoted and even sung beautifully right now during these ‘cursed’ days. It truly is beautiful in telling us “No disaster will happen to you, no calamity will come near your tent; for he will order his angels to take care of you and guard you wherever you go.” …because he knows my name, I will protect him. He will call on me, and I will answer him.” Read it….But read Psalms 90 ahead of it. Psalms 90 – 106 go together as a thought.

Are we men and woman of God? Do we know His name so God can answer us and make Psalm 91 come true? People don’t declare his attributes which describe his character. What name is above all names? God says, you should know his name and his son’s name. Ed’s years of pain is now done. He knew the name Jesus…but did he know Jesus as God come in the flesh?

Psalms 90 begins that it is a prayer of Mosch the man of God declares that ADONAI has been every generations dwelling place even before mountains and the earth and the world were formed. From eternity past and eternity future you are God. This Psalm tells the span of a man’s life.

Psalm 90:10 The span of our life is seventy years, and if we are strong, eighty.

Psalm 90:10b yet at best it is toil and sorrow, over in a moment, and then we are gone.

Mosch recognizes who ADONAI is and that it is God who dictates the length of our days. It is God who gave longer life if we honor our parents. Thus, we can be given ‘length of days’ when we become strong in God’s word. Mankind can take this as being physically fit, but our Creator speaks in the spiritual. Obedience to Scripture / His Words is the key to a long happy life.

Mosch talks about toil and sorrow because that is God’s discipline for sin. David lost his firstborn because of murdering Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband which we know pictures God losing his firstborn because of saving man from sin.

Let’s move to Psalms 92 which talk about evil….and why it is allowed on our earth.

Psalm 92 is declared as a song for Sabbath. There is a Sabbath for our earth. The day, week and land Sabbath are all pictures to our earth’s final sabbath for a thousand years.

Psalm 92:7-9 Stupid people can’t know, fools don’t understand, that when the wicked sprout like grass, and all who do evil prosper, it is so that they can be eternally destroyed, while you, ADONAI are exalted forever.

Summary – March 31 – Celebrated life with 13-year old granddaughter Lauren zooming her friends. Lauren (Lamid – lift, Resh – head, Nun – life; lifted to be head of life). I love you sweetie. Gma!

Arizona imposes house strickens at 5:00 pm. Stress within families over CV19.

March 31 – Personal friends: Possible reasons three die: Age, COVID, Cancer.

March 31 – Husband bible study 10:30 pm – II Kings – impressed that 185,000 enemy are destroyed by one angel. This measures to Passover’s death angel removing all firstborn’s if they are not covered by blood placed on their doorpost of their home with people eating inside. This pictures celebrating their redemption that was nigh. Wednesday evening, April 8, 2020 begins Day 1 Passover Week.

Hebrew History –

Nissan 1 – Head of Hebrew Ecclesiastical Year – Moses was told to make this day a rosh (head).

Nissan 2 was March 27, 2020.

Nissan 3 – March 29, 2020 was the Sabbath named Vaykira, “And he called”. God called many into eternity and this verse says that ADONIA called Moses and spoke to him from the ‘tent of meeting’ to instruct the people to bring their best burnt offering because God – from His Tabernacle will send His perfect Son back to our earth. He died (burnt up) and was perfect…the perfect gift acceptable to make atonement for ALL men on earth. Leviticus Parashah 24: Vayikra (He called) Lev 1:1-5:26 (6:7).

Lazarus Dies – Nissan 3

Lazarus Come Forth – Nissan 7 – Resurrection words commanded by Yeshua Jesus to his friend.

Measure for measure – ALL mankind will also resurrect after 4000 years (4 days) of God’s timing.

(ADONAI’S firstborn arrived at year 4000. He came as The Suffering Servant. This Suffering Servant returned to The Father declaring to return just as they saw him leave…via clouds / sky. He will reign for a thousand years known as the millennial reign of Christ until / at 8000 when God’s shekina glory returns to this cleansed earth…the ultimate war occurs just before year 8000 begins.)

Nissan 7 – Lazarus resurrected draws crowds for three days. Yeshua Jesus pours forth Truth to them and they declare him King of Kings on Nissan 10.

Nissan 10 – Hebrews are choosing a perfect lamb for their family for Pesach. The people chose Yeshua Jesus by putting him on a male colt donkey. An animal never been ridden shows authority over man, the animal kingdom and the earth.) Riding a donkey or burden tells us He takes our burden upon Himself. The measure for measure shows our Messiach returning on another animal…a WHITE horse of victory. Humble donkey / suffering servant – measures to a animal of majesty…a horse carrying our King with an iron staff (The Sword is The Torah found in our Bibles).

Nissan 10 – April 4, 2020 – Shabbat Tzav ‘command’. Lev 6:1-8:36; Malachi 3:4-24; Matt 17:9-13.

Party at Lazarus house..a Sabbath walk…Yeshua chosen a king/lamb of Jews. Anointed with oil by Mary – prepared for his burial on Nissan 14.

Nissan 11-13 – April 5-7, 2020 – Spring cleaning – Get the leaven out of our homes. No yeast or rising products to be found in home. He had no sin – no leaven.

Nissan 14- 21 – April 8 – 15, 2020 – PASSOVER WEEK –

Nissan 15 – 21 – Unleavened Bread – Eat a piece of unleavening each day. Crackers or things with no yeast in them. April 9 – 15, 2020.

April 1, 2020 – Nissan 7 – Lazarus resurrected after 4 days in tomb…US military head Pentagon go underground to protect America from ‘invisible’ death angel found in 2019 called COVID.

April 1 – April Fool’s Day – Scripture says to never call God’s children a fool. They should be as wise as serpents hiding and ready to strike their enemy.

Death COVID angel: Numbers approximate but taken within hours of same time each day.

1943 – Nissan 3 – Sabbath ‘And He Called’ – Lev 1:1 – 5:26; March 28 – US – 1943 – (1943 – Holocaust in full swing with gas ovens – where are the Christians?)

2363 – Nissan 4 – Sunday March 29 – US 2363 deaths – North Korea tests 2 missiles into Japan waters.

2600 – Nissan 5 – Monday, March 30 – US 2600 deaths

3400 – Nissan 6 – Tuesday, March 31 – US 3400 deaths (Yeshua death/resurrection age? Joseph sold age 17, Jacob enjoyed only Yoseph for additional 17 years = 34 years (with son coat of many colors)

4482 – Nissan 7 – Tuesday, April 1 – US 4482 deaths –April Fool’s Day believers. Lazarus resurrected.

Before the numbers rise to high, we should take note of what areas of world and our country are feeling the strongest power of this plague occurring by an invisible ‘death angel’.

“Larry Edgeworth, a long time NBC audio technician at the network’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in Midtown died March 18.” Worked in the field covering positive for left Democrats. Died within the first 250 victims.

“Maria Mercader, a CBS News producer who won an Emmy with the network in 2004, died Sunday from corona virus.” March 29, 2020; Nissan 4.

Same article written on March 29, 2020, “At least half a dozen CBS employees have tested positive for corona virus so far, as well as NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Shell and Lucien Grainge, the chairman and chief executive of Universal Music.”

Lucien sounds like ??? . Our Creator’s appointed leader President Trump, for us at this time has been torn down, lied about, leaving nothing undone to him and his family…and ‘impeachment’ by The Media cult has been nothing but a coo.

Be the ‘watchmen’ if you have the stomach to report about ‘The Death Angel’ that is passing over our earth. Others are also connecting this CV deaths to those that speak against God’s chosen to be in authority. Even Moses sister Miriam and older brother Aharon didn’t walk into the promised land. They both thought they could lead better than their stuttering brother, Moses.

President Trump is God’s appointed man at this time in history. No MORE….conspiracy theories as all of it is allowed by God. The blame is on us with repentance being the answer. Instead of giving testimony that this could happen…now the ‘hand of God’ is before us and we want to deny it. When we deny God of this…we remove His glory from our earth. It is He that removes evil from our earth. Let us stay in Noach’s Ark so we can get out again. It took him one year and four months to walk on a cleansed earth. The animals walked out after one year and ten days but they held back at the ark until Month Four. This two is a strong picture of Yeshus Jesus coming in ‘Four’ segments of time. We are to go through our troubles and start again…stronger in belief because it is God that saves us….One is taken…another gets to stay. I believe evil is taken as it must no longer infect our earth. Plagues always cleanse away those that don’t want to follow God’s instructions. We survive so God’s word will continue to shine forth on our earth. We are to overcomer the ‘dark’.

Just as an old wine skin can NOT hold new wine. The old teachers (Pharisees) would not be open to go back to the original Torah. They did not want to remove the walls they had built up to keep the people safe from violating any of the Torah. Today, we make things up just like they did…to keep our minds stayed on Him. The teachers today are also these old ‘wine skins’. Pastors teach the old paths began with The Twelve Disciples. They don’t want to travel the road of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Their wineskins are leaking so bad that they are being taken (just as they always pray to be taken soon because they prefer heaven to this world.).

Our Pharisees believe in the after life so that is good. But it is Sad-you-see when people don’t believe in Christ’s resurrection because then they don’t have a living God to set the first example via Yeshua Jesus…these were the Saducees.

Some of today’s walls have only been built for a few hundred years. We follow them because we can’t imagine our modern world that goes ‘to and fro’ so fast on the earth ever going back to archaic ways. Some of these walls actually began in 200 AD….once The Temple of God that held the presence of God left…they thought they could build new…bigger and better cathedrals and God would show up…doing worship their way and not His way. WRONG!

The Great Assembly of 450 Torah-honoring men knew they needed to write down God’s way to worship before they too left the earth. They were the last of the originals that actually participated in The Temple’s function. When we hear of ‘the old paths’ it is also God’s first love for His children. A set of instructions that could hold up to the end of days. Ezra, Nehemiah, Mordicai and 450 others spent years perfecting it’s wording. They would become known as The Great Assembly and was highly respected. Today, we don’t learn this, but instead warn ourselves about being involved in ‘the traditions of the elders’. (traditions of men)

The Traditions of The Elders was written by this Great Assembly…men who saw The Temple in action and knew how each person participate…because truly not ALL of The Torah can be applied to every man. It is up to us to figure what we can participle in we give honor and glory to our Creator who spoke it’s every word through simple men.

The new wine skins (teachers) will be open to learning what parts they can apply to their students lives. Then their students become teachers and God’s instructions spread out on our earth as we duplicate what in our hearts.

The old wine skin had served it’s original purpose. Let us pray that those of us that want to be new in Yeshua’s wine skin…called a renewed wine skin (believing in a renewed covenant) will be able to stay to tell the truth about the stories of wine and what they mean to us….His Blood!

Elisha was now an old wine skin and he was ill with the disease that would eventually kill him; II Kings 13:14. King Jo’ash came down to visit him and wept over him with these words, “My father! My Father! The chariots and horsemen of Isra’el.”

We see this same expression with Elijah when he left the earth. Elisha saw chariots coming for him..and Elijah said that if he saw it…the blessing would be a double portion. We should think about this…because we have The LORD is pictured in such a chariot in John’s vision. We also know horses are mentioned in The LORD’s return…along with other saints returning to earth as well. And, God is described in a chariot that can turn all directions just as it thinks about it.

Now, we see that it will King Jo’ash that is to be blessed because of his sincere heart of not wanting Elisha to die. It is Jo’ash that also sees these chariots coming for Elisha. Thus, Elisha tells Jo’ash to open the east window. Jo’ash was told to bring Elisha a bow with arrows. He then was to shoot one arrow out the window. Elisha had his hand on top of Jo’ash’s hand when he shot the ‘arrow of victory’. Elisha declared that Jo’ash would defeat his enemy Aram. Then Jo’ash was told to take the arrows in his hand and to strike the ground. Yo’ash struck the ground three times and then stopped.

Elisha became very angry with Yo’ash as now he would only defeat his enemy three times and not five or six times. This did play out in Yo’ashes life time. Aram died but was not killed. It would be his son Ben-Hadad that would continue to torment Isra’el.

Our lives are blessed by God’s chosen leaders. But, if we do NOT get rid of our enemies…because of public opinion…we leave God’s enemies to the next generation. What has happened to America is against God’s principles set out in these ancient days. America’s distraction causes The Land not to rise up according to God’s purposes for our earth. Therefore, we must cheer when the wicked are removed…which I know is against most Christian thinking: God is LOVE! He is love, but He is more…He is ‘The Avenger’. And right now, we need to protect those that will follow our President…because this President is like none other. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing at times, but he moves in Spirit that is placed in him by our Creator at this time in our earth’s history.

I really wanted to show you some things from II Kings…so let’s hold on for a little more understanding about HOW God thinks.

2 Kings 15 speaks of kings ruling twenty years…and we see that in many places…even The Clinton’s ruled in some manner for 22 years on our earth as well as The Obama Dynasty. Perhaps we could prophesy a Trump Dynasty to begin with rulers that think and act as his entire family does.

I need to go back to 2 Kings 13:20-21 where Elisha bones were placed in a burial cave. (Even today, deceased people are set aside for perhaps a year and then a few of their bones are in a special box to be put in a burial cave.)

21 Once it happened that just as they were burying a man, they spotted a raiding party; so they threw the man’s body into Elisha’s burial cave; and the moment the man touched the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood on his feet.”

This is to show us what happens to us when we join to become ‘bone of his bones’ by believing Yeshua Jesus bones died and resurrected. We will stand up at resurrection day. Thus, there is NO fear of death because when thrown into His grave we will rise up.

These are the stories that need to pass onto our children….our very own new wine skins.

Let’s finish with what my husband, Douglas, was so excited to mediate on. One death angel killed 185,000 people….Read All About It at 2 Kings 19:35. “That nigh the angel of ADONAI went out and struck down 185,000 men in the camp of Ashur. Early the next morning, there they were, all of them corpses – dead.

And to further prove who is in control of time…slide over to chapter 20. And, read about what it will take to be able to go up on The Third Day. (We know we’re at The Third Day of God’s time-clock for this segment of our earth’s development.)

2 Kings 20:10 Hizkiyahu (Hezekiah) said to Yesha’yahu (Isaiah), “What sign will there be that ADONAI will heal me and that I will be able to go up to the house of ADONAI on the third day?” Yeshua’yahu said, “Here is the sign to go up to the house of ADONAI that ADONAI will do what he said: do you want the shadow (of the sundial) to go forward ten intervals or backward ten intervals?” Hizkiyahu answered, “It’s easy for the shadow to go down ten intervals. No, let the shadow return backward ten intervals.” Yesha’yahu called out to ADONAI, and he brought the shadow on the sundial of Achaz ten intervals backward after it had gone down that far.

Time is God’s. Our enemies are God’s. Our wine skins are God’s. We don’t really do anything except give Him praise for even being allowed to exist. We must eliminate those that dishonor God’s instructions for His earth. Yeshua Jesus will NOT return until Jerusalem is clean. It is NOT clean…but it wants to be clean…they want The Gentile to understand The Torah but they are killed every time they try to teach it. The Gentile wants The Jew to understand Jesus. They will NOT see Him until they see him in his Hebrew context.

We are about to enter into early Passover on April 10…a Tuesday night…Nissan 14. Nissan 15 is actually Passover on Wednesday. This is small home groups as witnessed coming out of Egypt. Those that desire to do large gatherings are planning 15 Iyyar, 30 days later because of our world’s virus. A second opportunity 30 days later is instructed if you can’t recognize the first one. It will run Nissan 15 – 21, 7 days.

Do you have anything unleavened in your home? This week’s Torah portion said what to do if you don’t have anything to bring…not even a small little bird or dove. What if a person didn’t even have olive oil in their home? What if they did not own any frankincense oil? It teaches that they could just take some very fine flour and give it the priest and he would accept that for them as an offering. To whom more is given…more is required. It is our heart that God wants. Are you willing to sacrifice some of your savings so other could keep their life? If you’re complaining about this plague not being real, think again. What can you give to come to the aid of your fellow human being. I believe we may start thinking more of babies in the womb and trying to keep them as well. Selfish does…measures to selfish taken.

DOCTRINE: There is ONE doctrine…found in One God…One Instruction Book called, The Torah. There should be no disrespect for a rabbi any longer. There can be discussion as that is iron sharpening iron. But, to throw out what they’re trying to teach is a measurement problem. There should only be peace coming from The Torah given to us by The Hebrews to learn about God’s way to worship. They have His words in their hearts as should we. They are at peace with that and they will FIND Yeshua Jesus because He will be a man who has NOT violated it in one point.

Don’t these stories give you peace about life and about death? I have great peace….and yet I’ve had a hard time coming back to write about God’s actions on our earth, because death is about mourning…mourning a human being that took nine months to develop in it’s mother’s womb in order to be born to breath air. A human is very special and is designed to live…NOT die.

SILENCE – There is a time of silence…and we have entered into it. It’s not crazy but appropriate to understand the numbers God works with…so none are ignorant. People learn through different vehicles and numbers is just one method of seeing God real in our world. 42 surrounds our history.

One hour is 4l.6 (42) years in earth’s time if heaven’s time clock is one year equals 1000 years. Thus, a half hour of time is 20.8 years. These are numbers so we can break them down into minutes and seconds to just ‘get the picture’ of what is trying to be shown us. It’s really the same measure-for-measure time clock you might say.

Our Creator says there are times of silence…and actually states that there is a half-hour of time of silence in heaven that occurs. If God stops creating which keeps everything going for us…then it’s a time of reflection and sanctification. What is silenced? God hearing our pleas? The sinner can no longer enter in…the door is shut. Sin will no longer be tolerated with God being given the joy of removing it. His comfort can take just a half hour? Will we feel His hand removed for perhaps 42 days, 42 seconds or 42 years or 4200 Years? This number seems to have it’s measurement in a period of sanctification time. I believe we are right now at a door of sanctification for our entire earth. We, my friends, are blessed to participate in something that has never happened before history as our earth has seen it closing down. Yes, we will NEVER be the same….and it is a blessing from God to see this happen. SIN .. missing the mark with God has to stop.

The letter Dahlet (4) with the letter Beit (2) shows us that the Door to the house / temple (Jesus) has been offered to many through God’s redemption of all mankind. Men through all generations took they offering and turn it down. We are in a period of offering right now. People will refuse and some will accept this door.

They refused Noach’s and his son’s offer to walk through a door that stood open for years as it was being built. History moved to year 4000 AD where Mary found herself ‘as in the measurement of the days of Pharaoh’. Baby killing is removing God’s image from the earth and a serious door shutting happens to stop it. If you don’t like life…then your measurement will be your life.

Yeshua Jesus is shown knocking on a door. We have to open to HIM, not Him to us. He is the one doing the inviting. You should be seeking what His heart’s desire is…not him expecting Him to give you your heart’s desire.

The Church is described as a Shulamite woman of whom says she is happy inside at this time. She had just came in from the rain (blessing) and doesn’t want to go out into the world. She I tired of telling about the ways of God’ first love, The Torah. As history moved forward The Torah is synonymous with Yeshua Jesus…as He is called, The Living Word. God, is The Word made flesh.

Letter Tav – Foreheads were marked by an angel with this letter. It means a ‘sign’. These people became in a covenant with this ‘death’ angel that had to pass over them because of this sign on their forehead. This is the same sign that looks like a door frame with blood splashed on it from the lamb at Passover. If you do NOT have this sign that represents your covenant with God through Yeshua Jesus in your mind, you will not be spared with the ‘spiritual death angel.’ NO Tav (sign) above their door said that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov werenot welcome. God’s firstborn was to die in the future and they did not want to be part of the signal to the world about this plan. If you don’t want to participate…people die…because it was about death.

We have to understand that our Creator is about patterns…it is through his children, Jew and Gentile, that patterns can play out. God does not have time to waste his blessings on those that don’t want to go into hundred fold eternal blessings. Please don’t be confused about earthly riches…they are just a distraction to see how you handle them. Be careful…be happy but don’t plan on keeping it. It was God’s and you can’t take it with you…His streets are already paved in gold.

People right now just want their world back so the markets can make them rich again…forgetting who created them…chasing after the god’s of power.

The ship COMFORT – Noach’s name means, comfort. How can our world be comforted at this time? God created Noach (Comfort) to bring comfort to Himself by removing those that don’t want to be part of God’s eternal plans.

We need to stay UP for so many that are sitting silently in their homes while their loved ones are trusted into the care of the tired and the weakened. And, fear has us believing that we will be injected with some ‘mark’ of a beast that turns us into robots…losing our own minds…submitting to The Beast? I have to agree that this is NOT the seven year tribulation. But, it is God’s War…it’s a Pandemic invisible war unleashed by humans….even seen unleashed in 1918-1919 at WWI. It took more lives than all our wars and holocaust together.

1919 – 2019 is 100 years of bat bio-weapons. Perhaps COVID, found in 2019, is a ‘marker’ of time in history…two Jubilee cycles of 50 years each with a new kick start at Swine Flu’s Centennial. Swine flu also known as Spanish Flu would cause bleeding from the ear….causing blood to flow freely and mix.

In my personal life we saw a small amount of blood come from the ear during a flu time last winter. Now this year a different person with a very very serious flu or virus that acted like this corona but also had a small amount of blood from the ear. Since it takes time for a virus to die out or mutate and change their power on the human body, perhaps this incredibly sick family had The Swine Flu strain since blood from the ear was involved and we don’t hear about that with this virus.

Do NOT fear as God tells us to be SMART and hide when it’s necessary to hide. We have a God-appointed President that has never had this much talent of leadership. Even ‘The Press’ will become as wimps because this man with the name of Trump is a ‘trumpet call’ from YHWH. Praying for him is asking God to keep us safe! We MUST thank God for him and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. These two people must be joined at the hip in their leadership. We are only blessed through The Torah and they know how to teach us the depth of God. Haggi is going down….he is teaching the D word and not the C word. Many of you will know what I’m talking about. Our leaders must NOT mislead our world any longer! They can NOT be lukewarm….sharing half truths…learned from their fathers and not from the Hebrew mindset. Pride truly has gone before this fall.

People are already arguing about God as they sit in their own ark in discussion over The Bible and listening to TV evangelists. People are choosing new pastors right now…releasing the grip of guru pastors who sound good on Sunday and have the whole week off.

My friend living in New Mexico was so disappointed when she called the pastor to suggest setting up callers from the church who check on the it’s members and their needs. She could have organized it and kept those member’s needs met during this crisis. His response…was nothing.

Do pastors not want to learn Hebrewism? Let’s back up a little in 2 Kings and see how God’s people did NOT want those on the walls that understood Hebrew to hear what was ready to be told to them. The King of Asher wanted all men…on the wall and elsewhere to hear what he was going to say.

What they were about to hear was to scare them…just as we are suppose to be scared today.

Here’s the words spoken from God’s enemy which also sounds like our enemies today. These words come after King Hizkiyahu gives the king of Ashur ten tons of silver and a ton of gold even stripping the gold off the sanctuary doorposts. 2 Kings 18:13-16.

WAR is about booty and next we see it is about removing the image of God from our earth. God’s image is seen in us doing The Torah and it has been ripped away from us for 2000 years.

Today communist dragon-worshiping China did NOT get to have her New Year. But, this dragon continues to spread it’s sweeping tail conquering islands making footholds on her way to New Zealand. The gold, silver, copper…minerals and diamonds will ALL be China’s because communion is willing to bride the little island leaders a measly million dollars to turn the eye on trade. Taiwan is losing business because China sells cheaper to these islands just as she treated America. This is a battle with ”’Bolsheviki Red Bernie’s crowd and democracy. Australia and America are letting China’s dragon grow many horns…nations.

Have you heard the saying, ‘It’s not right to kick your opponent when they are down?” This is what China has had planned for a long time and it’s now that this dragon has struck with a bio weapon. We must HIDE in order NOT to perish…and only a remnant is left.

King Ashur nor China’s booty will NOT protect the people. These island nations are destined to change to Totalitarian rule. The northern kingdoms failed to do Torah and it was then that other rulers took them over. It would be wise to understand history so we DON”T repeat it.

From Lakhish the king of Ashur sent Rav-Shakeh and others to address King Hizkiyahu, king of Israel.

2Ki 18:19  Rav-Shakeh addressed them: “Tell Hizkiyahu: ‘Here is what the great king, the king of Ashur, says: “What makes you so confident? 

2Ki 18:20  Do you think that mere spoken words constitute strategy and strength for battle? In whom, then, are you trusting when you rebel against me like this? 

This is true. Many enemies believe in power and not restraint. North Korea told President Trump that they wanted their restraints removed without concession on their nuclear. Trump disagreed…then they this happened to put fear back in our world: Sunday, March 29, 2020, Nissan 4…the day Lazarus dies…North Korea sends two missiles which land in Japanese waters.

2Ki 18:21  Now look! Relying on Egypt is like using a broken stick as a staff—when you lean on it, it punctures your hand. That’s what Pharaoh king of Egypt is like for anyone who puts his trust in him. 

Saudi Arabia is Egypt and their king has chosen to be ruled by democracy. Let us support them as their oil revenues now go their people. This sect of religion does follow parts of The Torah similar to Christians who apply the parts they are comfortable with. Muslims then add many of their own man-made inclinations. Mormons are very similar in following The Torah but then add their inclinations of thinking.

2Ki 18:22  But if you tell me, ‘We trust in Adonai our God,’ then isn’t he the one whose high places and altars Hizkiyahu has removed, telling Y’hudah and Yerushalayim, ‘You must worship before this altar in Yerushalayim’? 

This is interesting to think about because our world is having the same problem of where worship is to be centered from. We are told it is to center out of Jerusalem, but many argue Israel is a very poor example of being righteous. Jeroboam wanted to be l ike his brother reaboam with a temple of spendor…so he built one with the excuse it was closer for the people…when it was really only several miles to walk to Jerusalem….and yet further if you lived up north…but still there is to ONE place that we receive our instruction…from The Jew…who received it via The Torah via Moses.,,who carried it out of the wilderness and into the future…into Jerusalem.

At the time of this story there were many altar to worship God just as people have an altar in their yard dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Mormons have many church building each with a needle on top declaring this is where Jesus will return.

On March 18, 2020, 22 Adar The Salt Lake City area had a 5.7 & 4.2 earthquake which broke the trumpet out of angel Moroni’s hand at The Mormon Temple. The Mormon Church will NOT be the church that blows the shofar for King Yeshua Jesus’ return. The mount that will be stood on is The Mount of Olives…the anointing mountain in Jerusalem.

And, Nissan 7, April 1…April Fool’s Day… a 6.5 earthquake at Challis National Park Idaho which spread put fear into people in many states and again in Salt Lake City, Utah. How many knew Lazarus was called forth today? (God’s own children did not want The Hebrew’s on the wall to hear….just as people don’t want to hear about The Hebrew calendar today. Yes, Lazarus woke up the earth because his resurrection lead to a great 3-day party…everyone was together on The Sabbath…and crowned Yeshua their king…..this story continues to shake our world today.

Today, is 7 Nissan…the day Lazarus was raised up by Yeshua. Today is also the day that our Pentagon moved into it’s bunkers 2000 feet underground in CO…they are protecting themselves from this bio weapon released by China.

2Ki 18:23  All right, then, make a wager with my lord the king of Ashur: I will give you two thousand horses if you can find enough riders for them. 

2Ki 18:24  How then can you repulse even one of my master’s lowest-ranked army officers? Yet you are relying on Egypt for chariots and riders! 

We rely on the dragon China that is growing many heads (nations) that depend on her. She is the one that spread her fire across our earth trying to remove it’s leadership and people. We must be smarter than Dagon…who fell over when sitting next to the Ark of the Covenant. When the figure Dagon was sat back up…the next morning he had fallen over again…now with his arms and head broken off. You see God will not sit next to an idol or those that keep them in their lives.

I wrote this in March into April and just now had time to edit it. Thus, many things have happened with Passover Day 1 finished with everyone in their little homes (cave). Now the story continues because we’re relying on Egypt (our world) to save us.

Look for the next post on How to Remove a Plague….YHWH told King David how to do it.

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