Measure for Measure – How to End Plague

God gave David three choices of punishment. What did he do? He called for a census when it was not necessary. God only calls us to count what we have to then remove it so we can see we are strong in our weakness…because then we can give God the glory for being REAL in our lives.

Thus, 2020 is The Year of the Census. Is this co-incidence to this particular Scripture that is then dealing with a plague that removes 70,000 (God’s favorite #)? I could go into detail about counting people but I don’t want to get off topic. We are to trust God and stop being proud of how may we get on a church bus or how attend in each Sunday school class, nursey and worship center. God hates pride.

Yo’av warned King David NOT to take this census and actually refused to count the men in the tribes of Benjamin and Levi. So, for counting TEN tribe’s numbers to see how many men could fight, David would lose 70,000 souls. This plague was not the people’s fault. These death will be on David’s head.

(I’m going to put this in brackets here because some of my readings will understand how I look into matters. I see patterns…and right now we could see God’s plan for our earth of showing us TEN generations of 700 years each for a total of a 7000-year program for God’s children. Enoch 91 or 92 is very specific in defining what each one of these 700-year generations looks like through history. And, what we learn from Enoch’s calculations with The Book of Jubilees is that God does NOT just change things up exactly at that transition year.)

There will be a patterns within patterns as they each confirm what is going on. That is why we can NOT be disappointed when things don’t fall into place as we think about God’s timing. He will definitely follow another time line to prove His ways in that set of number or people as well. I may come back to that in coming articles but for now I want to get you to see our world at this time and how we can STOP this world plague. It will be according to God’s ways…certainly not our way…but it is what our Creator has for us to ‘look up’ and hear and act upon this…called SHEMA…Hear and Obey…Get in action…because this is how I patterned it out for David so the ‘last generation’ can also act OUT what can STOP or plague. There are other examples of stopping plagues as we could look at those. But, as my heart breaks and my eyes constantly tear up during these last three days of darkness that Yeshua Jesus has been in the grave, I have been praying for God’s insight on give His children hope and yet never denying He is the one removing men’s hearts right now.

In 2020 – a year of clear sight and hind vision…we have: A Census

Three choices:

1Ch 21:12 three years of famine; or three months of being swept away by your enemies, while your enemies’ sword overwhelms you; or three days of Adonai’s sword—plague in the land, with the angel of Adonai destroying everywhere in Isra’el’s territory. Now think about what answer I should give to the one who sent me.”

What do you think our world deserves. David just called a census to see how strong he had grown and to taut it to the world perhaps ?

Pride is what goes before The Fall. Should we list the areas of PRIDE? I won’t but let us not forget that the Stock Market was ready to peak at 30,000 points. God said ‘No.’ New York has the most abortion clinics in America. New Jersey is #2 with California, State of Washington all ranking in the Top Four…along with FL. Doesn’t this measure up to where the highest numbers were first coming in? I’ll attach those sheets to this article as well.

America has GREAT sins and creation is calling out the blood of the innocent. I would say that this area MUST be closed immediately as we need people to populate America…not decrease her numbers.

And, could it be that America will face all of these punishments? I hate to even type such a thing but it could happen for all the sins even against hating God’s appointed man for us. When we had Obama swear in on a Qur’an did that not concern Christians? Oh we talked about it but we did not ‘impeach’ him for incredible things that favored other countries over America.

Anyway…Christians prayed for this man to turn to God. He did NOT and continues to this day organizing institutions that are designed to turn our country away from it’s original intent of being a republic…not a colony.

Will our world see THREE years of famine or 30 years? Remember it’s the 3 that is key…not the zeros. This will happen in threes…one-thirds…as heard from John’s story of what Yeshua Jesus told him in his vision on Patmos.

When we think of famine, we think of food; but we must first think spiritual because that is how God speaks. We will have a spiritual famine…people turning away from God’s ways. And, then..perhaps then…they will agree to the answer that is being presented at the end of David’s plague….that removed 70,000 that actually is designed over and over again for our earth’s 7000-year program. Famine’s are how God speaks to us…blessing and cursing for obedience to His instructions. He molds the clay (us) and we should be as putty in His hands…loving His hands on us. Instead, we become cracked pots determined to ‘have it our way’.

These verses give us a punishment for a section of people whose leader became proud of his own success. It beings with years, then months and then days. When God deals with his entire world..don’t you think the anti is upped and it’s going to take more involvement and more time to convince an entire world? Yes…even tonight on Resurrection Sunday/Unleavened Bread Day Three tornadoes killed three in Mississippi and the storms surge into the east.

Perhaps we should check to see how many abortion services they have and if that state has initiated anti-abortion legislation 2011-2017….but check them into 2018-2020 now. God’s hand is still moving as his image is still removed through the innocent. Just as David’s sin came to the innocent people…this is God’s measure for measure vindicating the innocent children not only aborted but now in sex trades around our world. Girls and woman solicit themselves and use their bodies for lustful purposes…their innocence is gone. We had weeping parents and grandparents…now no longer having to give witness to what our world has become.

Our plague is said to first have come from a camel…That Spanish flu…also called 1918-1919 swept away 78 million around our world. Then we had more Ebola from a bat…and this from a bat it’s said…and yet they don’t know…but God knows.

Do we know what God wants? He instructed a group of children how to eat correctly. He even started to Adam in the Gan of Eden. It has always been about being set apart with food. A fruit from a tree….it was called, The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil perhaps because it was a poisonious fruit…not to be consumed by a human. Next God instructs people about what meats are good…which animals chew their cud so that animals does not have toxins for us to digest from them. But, no….the cloven footed pig is a yes, but does not chew the cud…makes it a ‘NO’. But how many PORK BBG’s do church people tout? Pastor’s serving up burnt bisket…carcinogens to their congregates…to make them all ‘feel’ good? Okay….FOOD from wet markets passed over in blood?

What about God being upset with JUST eating UNCLEAN and Christians leading the way in it? Israel is NOT perfect as Jews like to eat with Gentiles and eat as they do because they want to be liked..and place themselves above their silly friends who hold onto The Ancient ways that worked for years if their leaders lead them in The Torah. (I don’t bet on things, but I would say that our President did NOT eat ham today. He is doing Torah because it makes sense to eat clean…and not eat scavengers.)

ABORTION, LUST, ADULTERY, FORNICATION, EATING UNCLEAN…. These are things that God says will NOT enter the Kingdom. Why won’t they enter…because why would anyone want to come to a place they don’t believe in?

Now it’s time to see if your hearts quickens and my friend’s heart quickened and another friend’s heart quickened so much that she quickly passed it to her pastor. There is an answer…and it has been on my heart and my friend’s heart ever since we’ve come to love God’s plan for Israel.

Now it’s your turn to LISTEN with your heart to see God’s heart for us and Isra’el on our earth right and with President Trump being the one to bring them forth to our earth. His job is NOT done and we need to back him on how to end this plague. It will be up to each nation to give Israel this recognition…because Zechariah tells us that if they do NOT…they will have plagues given to them. Oh my….it looks like that Scripture just is being fulfilled in our day, dear friends.

And, I ask you…how many Jews are in New York that argue that Israel should NOT be a nation? How many Jew are dying or sick? YES…this is about God’s little piece of real estate and those tribes that come against their own people. Gentiles would love to be a Jew, but we can only be grafted into this beautiful way of worshipping our Creator. WHOA is us…all the little King David’s now being removed because they love living at Wall Street instead.

David’s Census Brings Pestilence
1Ch 21:1 The Adversary [Hebrew: Satan] now rose up against Isra’el and incited David to take a census of Isra’el.
1Ch 21:2 David said to Yo’av and the leaders of the people, “Go, take a census of Isra’el from Be’er-Sheva to Dan; then report to me, so that I can know how many of them there are.”
1Ch 21:3 Yo’av said, “May Adonai make his people a hundred times as many as they are now! But, my lord the king, aren’t they all my lord’s servants in any case? Why does my lord the king require this? Why should he bring guilt upon Isra’el?”
1Ch 21:4 Nevertheless, the king’s word prevailed against Yo’av. So Yo’av left and went through all Isra’el, after which he came to Yerushalayim.
1Ch 21:5 Yo’av reported the results of the census to David: in Isra’el were 1,100,000 men who could handle a sword, while Y’hudah had 470,000 men who could handle a sword.
1Ch 21:6 But he didn’t count Levi and Binyamin among them, because the king’s order was hateful to Yo’av.
1Ch 21:7 God was displeased with this and therefore punished Isra’el.
1Ch 21:8 David said to God, “I have greatly sinned by doing this. But now, please! Put aside your servant’s sin, for I have done a very foolish thing.”
1Ch 21:9 Adonai spoke to Gad, David’s seer:
1Ch 21:10 “Go and tell David that Adonai says, ‘I am offering you a choice of three punishments: choose one of them, and I will execute it against you.’ “
1Ch 21:11 Gad came to David and said to him, “Take your choice:
1Ch 21:12 three years of famine; or three months of being swept away by your enemies, while your enemies’ sword overwhelms you; or three days of Adonai’s sword—plague in the land, with the angel of Adonai destroying everywhere in Isra’el’s territory. Now think about what answer I should give to the one who sent me.”
1Ch 21:13 David said to Gad, “This is very hard for me. Let me fall into the hand of Adonai, because his mercies are very great, rather than have me fall into the hand of man.”
1Ch 21:14 So Adonai sent a plague on Isra’el; 70,000 of the people of Isra’el died.
1Ch 21:15 God also sent an angel to destroy Yerushalayim, but when he was about to carry out the destruction, Adonai saw it and changed his mind about causing such distress; so he said to the destroying angel, “Enough! Now withdraw your hand.” The angel of Adonai was standing at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Y’vusi.
1Ch 21:16 David raised his eyes and saw the angel of Adonai standing between the earth and the sky, and in his hand was a drawn sword stretched out over Yerushalayim. Then David and the leaders, wearing sackcloth, fell on their faces.
1Ch 21:17 David said to God, “Wasn’t it I who ordered the census of the people? Yes, I am the one who has sinned and done something very wicked. But these sheep, what have they done? Please! Let your hand be against me and my father’s family, but not against your people, striking them with this plague!”
David Builds an Altar
1Ch 21:18 Then the angel of Adonai ordered Gad to tell David to go and set up an altar to Adonai on the threshing-floor of Ornan the Y’vusi.
1Ch 21:19 David went up at Gad’s word, spoken in Adonai’s name.
1Ch 21:20 Ornan turned back and saw the angel, and his four sons who were with him hid themselves. As Ornan was threshing wheat,
1Ch 21:21 David approached Ornan. When Ornan looked and saw David, he went out from the threshing-floor and prostrated himself before David with his face to the ground.
1Ch 21:22 Then David said to Ornan, “Let me have the parcel with this threshing-floor, so that I can build on it an altar to Adonai—I will pay you its full value—so that the plague will be lifted from the people.”
1Ch 21:23 Ornan said to David, “Take it for yourself, and let my lord the king do what seems good to him. I’m giving you the oxen for the burnt offerings, the threshing-sledges for firewood and the wheat for the grain offering—I’m giving it all.”
1Ch 21:24 But King David said to Ornan, “No; I insist on buying it from you at the full price. I refuse to take what is yours for Adonai or offer a burnt offering that costs me nothing.”
1Ch 21:25 So David bought the place from Ornan for 600 shekels of gold by weight [fifteen pounds].
1Ch 21:26 Then David built an altar to Adonai there and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. He called on Adonai, who answered him from heaven by fire on the altar for burnt offerings.
1Ch 21:27 Adonai gave an order to the angel, and he put his sword back in its sheath.
1Ch 21:28 When David saw that Adonai had answered him at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Y’vusi, he sacrificed there.
1Ch 21:29 For at that time the tabernacle of Adonai, which Moshe had made in the desert, together with the altar for burnt offerings, were in the high place at Giv`on.
1Ch 21:30 But David could not go into its presence to consult God, because the sword of the angel of Adonai had struck him with terror.

We will no longer go into the presence of God because ADONAI has struck our world. And, it is about an altar. It is about the altar in YOUR own bodies temple. Who does it serve.

God will always show us His spiritual so we can look to it and follow it’s pattern. God wants an altar of sacrifice coming out of Jerusalem…the land that killed His propherts and still does today throughour world. We are a threshing floor bought by Yeshua Jesus’ blood. We must return to The Torah so people will see The Living Word in us. It is Jerusalem’s Temple ALTAR that is key. god wants to shine forth from it…not being bombed by some nations..but every nation has to agree and then that GENERATION will see His glory return…in heavenly splendor…cutting the heat of the serpent off…crushing it after it struck His children’s heels.

This is exciting my friends. I challenge you know to call your pastors, senators, congressman and have Israel starat her sacrifices…it’s Passover..and she is ready…she has her priests to do it. They do not need a Temple building because The Temple is in our hearts through Yeshua Jesus doing that. But the physical needs to be seen on our earth so they can make their decision of who should rule them.

Read the next chapter to see more of this story. I will be in prayer and repentance and we should FAST…from something…anything…it does not have to be food…but we are entering in the 50 Days of Counting of the Omer. That is when the Holy Spirit came to those in Jerusalem. The date this year is Sunday, May 31, 2020…Sivan 8. The day before is the Sabbath called, Nasso which means ‘take up’. Wow!!

One more thing…TODAY…April 12, 2020 being the counting up to that very special day. All you do is thank The Lord for this day… says you are looking forward to The Holy Spirit arriving to do very special things to thousands of people…it wasn’t just two people that were moved. These people did go back to their countries and tell about Yeshua Jesus.

You see on Day 40…Yeshua Jesus left this earth with specific words saying He would return..just as He left…in clouds. He would return as what…to complete the seat of David. He came through the line of David which was Jesse…Yeshua is known as the ‘root of jesse’. Jesse’s son through David will reign over our earth for a thousand years. This could be His entry into a world that finally released from their plague. Each nation by nation and each state by state perhaps.

What an incredible day to live in as “our heart is our personal altar’ turned to God’s living Word Yeshua Jesus. We must know his real name as it means, ‘my/your savior’. Ask Yeshua’s spirit to dwell in you…in your home..his name above our doorposts so you do NOT lose one person to this plague…that can only be stopped by ‘an altar’ seen by our world in Jerusalem.

Day FORTY of the Counting of the Omer will be Thursday, May 21….Resurrection Day, 27 Iyyar. Look to Israel’s altar my friends…let them erect it NOW…our Creator has always wanted to dwell with us and that is why Yeshua Jesus came as God in the flesh.

We are in the Days of Elijah as God put in a cave to protect him.

We are in the days of Elisha with our double portion returning.

We are in the days of Ezra as President Trump just walked out Ezra calling to divorce the foreigner in order to build the Foundation.

We are in the plagues of King David for calling a CENSUS.

We are in the Days of Binyamin as The Suffering Servant now returns as ‘Strength of my Hand.’

to be continued….on Binyamin….how he is The son in the Temple coming at 20…21…22…

AMEIN and Praise Be His Name,,,,YESHUA!

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