Point of No Return by Joel Rosenberg


POINT OF NO RETURN – recorded on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020; Day 22 Counting of Omar.

Joel Rosenberg explains our current unique world crisis and how it began and where it seems to be going.  We will deal ‘catching away’ in a near-soon article.

He shares his pre-tribulation belief of which I disagree.  I’m still publishing his sermon because he gives great detail about the demise we find ourselves in.

Common sense tells me to look at what has been unfolding around us and then determine where the time clock could be set….if we need to set a clock at all.  

If 15-year old Nathan from Israel died in Israel in his aunt’s home on Tishri 15, 2015 (Feast of Tabernacles Day One) to then return to tell us Jesus was returning soon, then we should question following a man-made rapture doctrine.  It should behoove us to think out loud and say…what just slipped by us and now what stage is happening to our earth?  Even Joel reasoned that some will NOT take this serious and look at it as just a normal happening on our earth. 

Man today thinks God is going to put on an incredible Hollywood Production before our eyes.  will we actually see the Four Colored Horses…white, red, black and green?  No…my friends…they have now shown up in several Nations flag colors.  Well, that’s not what you expected?  Well, look deeper and think out loud and discuss these things with scholarly people who study God’s Word.  The Chinese Dragon and her children have these same colors in their flags…identifying them as those horsemen that will take ‘peace from the earth’ told about in Zechariah 14.  Other horses  of other colors also take peace from the earth…because man is at peace with himself…and it is NOT God’s peace that was found on the earth.

Patterns show us that The Holy Spirit works to bring people to repentance. Every one of the twelve disciples died a physical martyr’s death….John was carried off late in his life after being exiled on the island of Patmos where Yeshua Jesus told him his heavenly revelation…of which he then tried to explain the best he could.   Daniel was told to seal up certain things up until it was time for them to be revealed….and it was John that was now told to reveal those ‘last day’ secrets.

Every generation has martyrs of wars to bring about that final decision for personal salvation and our world’s salvation of bringing forward God’s Kingdom reign upon earth.

Young 15-year old Nathan is now 20 years old.  He will now enter the military for TWO years at a minimum.  He just may be able to fight in that Final Battle where TWO Million die in Israel…and yet many still survive.  He saw those two bodies that had been brought to The Temple Mount to be put on display before the world for THREE days….just as Yeshua Jesus was laid to rest in Jerusalem…the City that killed the Prophets sent to her.  These two ‘wilderness men’ (earth’s leaders) will be taken to that mount and cheered that they died…as these two men represent all the nations that first caused the other nation to close their borders….and closing down their nation’s businesses…which caused other nations to do the same…which now has lead to FAMINE.

Famine of God’s Word relates to Famine of Food.  Without the Spiritual healing we can NOT have physical healing.

At this time in our history, I know who these two men are that will be blamed for this current and coming famine of our world.  You know them and hail them as our leaders because we believe in our heart they have been chosen by The Father for such a time as this.  Both men have been torn to pieces by their own constituents.  Both men proudly honor Israel and her land chosen for Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cob.   People have sent each other cards of cheer when they were elected and now the enemy will send each other pats on the back for removing both them.

History is being made and I believe in the next two to three years we will see our world elevated and cleansed of all it’s enemies.  Full exposure is necessary to cleanse evil from the earth…as sampling: that NY actually TAXED Samaritan Purse for being on their soil while the man of God, Franklin Graham’s charity hospitals, poured forth to serve all New Yorker’s in their COVID crisis.   New York ask them to help and then it’s people showed hated toward them because of their one man/one woman stance on marriage.  New York is under siege with storms today…May 16 2020.  New York had TEN times the human loss than California….explained in a 35-page article, today.

REPENTNCE has to be embraced TODAY.  Admit sin…admit sin daily…admit sin that our family committed or is commiting…even future sin.  In our ‘wilderness’ experience is it too much to suffer during a world-wide crisis?  Or, do we just want to FLIP OUT of here and not remain to keep the Holy Spirit active through you?

Now listen to Joel….but know God’s War is FIVE years into the making…Yeshua is the Angel he saw upon leaving his ‘death’ experience.  Yeshua Jesus was so large and massive with piercing eyes that looked through you…and He had a large sword in his hand…lifted up and ready to swing.  This is the same Angel that the Jusbite saw when David was told to go and buy that ‘threshing floor’ from him.  This man’s four sons saw this angel too and hid themselves…but gave witness to the land exchange…that stopped King David’s plague that killed 20,000 people because he took a census…to see how strong his military was.  In our year 2020…the year of America’s Census…our plague scared us into hiding and creating our own personal wildernesses where have been able to ‘think’ about God and what he is doing to the earth.

David was only able to stop his self-induced plague occurring over three days by relocating the ‘ark’ to it’s new location…by buying the threshing floor from this particular man.  It has been TWO thousand years…NOT three thousands years.  But, when we take our TWO thousands years from Yeshua Jesus’ death of 27 – 34 AD…no one knows for sure…it makes us almost exactly 2000 years from then in years 2027 – 2034 AD.   Our earth is promised a ‘new leader’ from the Tribe of Judah…via the son of Jesse….son of King David…of whom Yeshua Jesus qualifies.

That last thousand-ish year is spent with Yeshua Jesus present on our earth…ruling via The Seat of Mosch…known as, The Torah.

So, are there more battles? Yes, so we best not get some of them confused and think they are NOW…because it is at the end of the millennial (one-thousand years) that The Deceivers are once again let out to deceive who they may…and then that FINAL and great BATTLE ends sin forever.

It is called, Shemini…Eight….new beginning. After 7000 years we enter into an Eight-day period where all things are NEW.

So, when is the rapture? NOT yet…because there is a millennial reign that is being set up right now.

So, the real words that we were taught to say is, “May you kingdom come to earth…as it is NOW in the heavens.”

So, the real goal is to bring in a government that is ruled by The Torah…and also known as The Living Word…known as Yeshua Jesus.

Was young Nathan correct in what Yeshua said to him? Yes, Yeshua’s sword has been stretched out against mankind in physical ways…27 Elul 2015 Sand storms in Middle East…Iran and Iraq blaming each other for it that week…Creation Day Two. Then Iran lost hundreds of people to the pile-up at Mecca a week later and Iraq as well blaming The Saudis. And, then the earth shook bringing an Osama bin’laden construction crane down killing a hundred that arrived early for hajj 2015. No one in the bin’laden family could leave the country.

The month of Elul has 29 days in it. Thus, 17 days later, on Tishrei 15, 2015, this secular young teenager from Israel will have an experience that changes his life. He desired to return because he knew he had wasted his life in senseless things. Now, he is 20 and can give HONOR to his King Yeshua….even as he told us that it is not what you wear on your head or hand…but YHWH can smell what’s in your heart. He was convicted to wear a tzitzit to remind him of the commands that are pleasing to YAHWEH. He would give his life to helping others have a good life on earth.

YAH’s War began in September, 2015. Three and one-half years later a plague has spread out across our earth…affecting 185 countries.

December 2020 COVID became a name that if said too many times…news outlets would ban your website or article. December 2020 during Chanukah Port Hardy Canada had several THREE 6.0 + earthquakes. Today, May 16, 2020 Nevada had a 6.7 earthquake splitting highways open…no deaths! Chanukah Day Five – Iran hits US bases in Iraq killing 25. Chanukah Day Six – Miketz “from the end” torah study Genesis 41:1-44:17. Chanukah Day Seven – Jews knifed in NY..TX killings. Chanukah Day EIGHT – Australians now SLEEPING on beaches as fires eat up homes, vegetation and animals.

December 18, 2019 – 20 Kislev – Ezra 10 – After one year of coming out of Babylon, the leader, prophet and priest in sackcloth weeping calls the tribes to himself telling them they have married foreigners and can not associate with The Temple unequally yoked. They (Judah and Binyamin) came after three days and admitted that they had sinned this great sin. They ask if they could get back to Ezra as they admitted their sin but it was raining and cold and they would need to talk to their families to see about separating from them. Would their families they’ve grown over the last 70 years in Babylon agree to divorce them? Would these tribes return in mass to Ezra demanding his impeachment or maybe even kill him and all other prophets that wanted to uphold this section of The Torah?

December 18 – 20 Kisliv…same day Ezra called the tribes to come to him, President Trump called the citizens of the United States to hear him at a WIS rally. He announces his own ‘impeachment lite’ asking for prayer as he exists Air Force One. House Representatives Pelosi holds up papers…we’ll get back to you about this.

December 2020 – False Impeachment implemented by House of Representatives – Impeachment is a diversion to the real scheme…The Planned Plague. Never before in history has a past presidency struck to crush the people’s choice for president. The old ‘world order’ is so deep that it seems impossible to defeat as they ‘order the next suicide or murder those standing in their deep throat programs. Even the FBI, CIA, WHO, World Trade all have underlying goals for our world. Population control by The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation is just one of the mighty heads to this dragon of old that seems to again rise up to rule over the earth. China has 70 nations under it’s control by employing thousands in each country….and bribing local mayors with millions for their forever minerals rights. China’s dragon tail wants to grow to New Zealand…while holding hostage 1.3 million Muslims in camps for the good of the world. Where does China get her organ donors put on an EMu machine that paralyzes the person during extractions?

January 1, 2020 – Tevet 4 – Iraq US Embassy under siege. U.S. Military brought in.

January 7 – Iran shot 12 missiles at Iraq US bases…and same night downs Boeing passenger airliners killing all on board. (FAST OF TEVET – 10 Tevet)

January 8 – 11 Tevet – Impeachment only took 78 days.

January 10 – 13 Tevet – Locust cover 90% Africa; corona virus, fires Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa. Trump going against Iran, Russia ship near collides with US warship 2nd time in 7 months; wolf moon Erev Shabbot “And he lived’ Vayechi. (10 million locusts appear in 14 days on Va’era (And I appeared).

January 17 – 20 Tevet – President Putin’s government walks out on him as he plans to remain in power.

January 21 – 24 Tevet – Vice President Pence in Israel at Israel’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day along with 40 other nations including Russia’s Putin and Ukraine’s new president. VP Pence prays at Western Wall with BB Netanyahu and Danny Gentz (representing blue and white party). (President Trump remains on American soil.)

January 23 – 26 Tevet – lowest unemployment ever 3.5%, 7 million new jobs. Trump closed border to China…unemployment will go to 10%.

January 24 – 27 Tevet – Trump at March For Life…First time a President marched and participated.

January 25, 28 Tevet – Shabbath Va’era “And I appeared.” 10 million locusts appear and swarm 900,000+ acres of Africa. First wave with second wave in another 14 days, February 1, 6 Shevat Sabbath, Bo – ‘come / go’. Exodus 10:1-13:16

January 26 – 29 Tevet – Kolbe Bryant killed when helicopter flew into hill killing daughter and friends. Lakers set up, Emmy award. Iran hits US Embassy Iraq. Turkey 6.7 earthquake.

January 27 – 1 Shevat – Rosh Chodesh – BB Netanyahu/Danny Gentz at WH President Trump. Middle East Four Year Peace Plan…then flies and meets with President Putin….goes home and excites people about Jordan Valley. Zechariah 1 – Horseman checking earth for God’s peace.

January 28 – 2 Shevat – 7.7 Cayman Islands Airport building swayed while our daughter and son-in-law were returning from five-day vacation.

January 30 – 3 Shevat – Hamas hits Israel. BB with Putin in Russia. Iran hits Iraq missiles.

January 31 – 4 Shevat – 4:42 pm Friday…No witnesses called by Senate on Trump impeachment.

February 1 – 6 Shevat – Locusts – Sabbath Bo – come / go.

February 2 – 7 Shevat – 360 Wuhan Corona virus deaths 9700 quarantined land sea and air from China.

February 3 – 8 Shevat – State of the Union Address by Trump fabulous…Nancy Pelosi tears up.

February 4 – 9 Shevat – Prayer Breakfast – Impeachment Acquittal – Trump to N Pelosi…don’t pray your evil on me. Psalms 6:11 enemies confounded. KC Chiefs Super Bowl parade. Drunks with no shirts in cold…bad example. Italy Malyn train crash.

February 7 12 Shevat – Dr. Li died. First to expose virus…tortured, reprimanded, forced to sign paper, his family left to starve to death. Others died too. Good Horsemen.

February 11 – 15 Shevat – Ezra – We now need time to go before our own judges to separate from the foreigners in our families. They complete their judging on Nissan 1 and can now build the foundation stones of The Temple.

February 12 – 16 Shevat – 10,000 new cases in Wuhan China. Political prisoners.

February 19 – 24 Shevat – Zechariah 14 Horsemen go out to take man’s peace from the earth. Duane Fields teaches on horses of Revelation…does not mention these horsemen. Duane has a ‘cough’. March 5 sits with Dennis Wilson for 2 hours…he will die on March 21. Duane 75 and wife Patty 73 test positive and endure sickness to survive because she was on chemo therapy and he was on arthritic medicine with quinine in it.

March 15 – Churches close but some will not…but will, too late. Deaths occur.

The ‘Point of No Return’ came when 40 nations gave Isra’el recognition at her Holocaust Remembrance Days and then turned their backs on supporting her being an ‘altar’ to the earth to look to for God’s foot to rule. These 40 nations need to return to be her blessing and put down ‘the dragon’ whose head they need to remove themselves. The Horsemen of death by plague and famine are riding our earth and stopping our blessing. These nations flags are white, red, white and black….the color of the horses described by John in The Book of Revelations.

Evil has showed up and countries are now hiding in their own ‘wilderness lands’. The Dragon will continue to chase after the other nations (children). There is HOPE….it is up to every individual to turn their heart to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov…YESHUA. It is then these people that direct their government to support Israel so she can be an ‘altar’ to turn all nations to righteousness.

There is a Point of Return….Return to The Torah is returning to Yeshua Jesus’ instruction. He has returned in judgment with famine and plague…seen by Nathan in 2015 and the Jusbite who sold David the threshing floor which is now in Jerusalem. This is the spot of soil on our earth that points to the major threshing that continues to sift mankind to finally RETURN to The Father through The Son.

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