Burning Bush

Sixth Cycle Blessing – Two QBs: Donald Trump, Tom Brady

Our enemies try to darken Donald J Trump who has given Light to our world. God speaks to us through eclipses, calendars, men and more. President Trump will remain even if our world tries to put out his light.

He is born on Sivan 15…a full moon. Nine days after Shavuot when all stood at the base of Mt. Sinai and heard the thunderings and lightnings used as, ‘The Voice’ of God. The Torah (instructions) was being given when they said, “We will do ALL that God tells us. But, we will listen to you Moses because if we listen to God we might die.” This made Moses an ‘intercessor’ for the people to Elohim.

On this exact day, Sivan 6, in the future we celebrate The Holy Spirit given on Day 50 of the Counting of the Omer. This 50 days of counting begins on the first Sunday after the first sabbath after Pesach (Passover).

The spirit of God has always been on our earth and shows up in many forms. At Shavuot or what Pentecostals call Pentecost, man began to hear the words preached to them about The Messiach’s resurrection in their own language. It is as if a filter had been installed that converted what was said to them and they understood it in their own language……..

This happened to an acquaintance of mine at a Spanish church service in another country. When he came forward to hear The Gospel being preached, he laid flat on the ground and in his head he understood every word that was being preached in Spanish……Yes, he heard it in his English language. There was no interpreter. He was a strong military person and it took this miracle in his life to convert him to The Truth.

Language is not a barrier when our Creator is involved and your heart is open.

Donald J Trump is a ‘Person of the people’. He was born on a Friday, giving his mother rest on the Sabbath of June 15. He was born on June 14, 1946, 15 Sivan. It is the Torah Portion, Beha’alotcha, which means: ‘in your setting up’. Numbers 8:1-12:16 and Zechariah 2:14-4:7…(Zechariah talks about bringing The Temple back); Matt 14:14-21. Donald J Trump is a man that will ‘set up’ the things of God in view of the full earth.

May 26, 2021, Total Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 121 crosses the Americas. We will see lights go out around the world as America intentionally tries to capture those who tried to poison her by the China Virus, knock out our Cyber and produce fraudulent elections over the last several elections through algorithms. On this day it will be Donald J Trump’s 75th Hebrew birthday. He is bringing us out of darkness and back into light. He is born at a full moon full with God working in his life whose goal as been to lift others up in life. He is like Abraham who was 75 years old leaving his father’s house to walk the earth. Donald J Trump will continue to walk our earth giving light and life to all men. He will cast of the Red Dragons of our earth. But, it might take us to participate. Are you ready? Read this article to give you strength to KNOW within yourself that others have gone before you in this same battle. Bless you in the name of Yeshua…the name above all names…Amein!

January 20, 2021 – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Inauguration Day – Day of Treason

January 21, 2021 – Ya’cob Inauguration Year of Return

Patterns in history – A study of 1 Kings 1, 2 – President Trump / Jacob / King David

Jacob’s #12 son, Binjamin enters our world 2186 AM * He will be age 14 in the year 2200 am.

22nd US President – Steven Grover Cleveland

24th US President – Steven Grover Cleveland

I began this article January 20, 2021 which patterns to Jacob’s desire to leave the horrible house of idolatry with ever changing wages from The House of Laban in his 20th year with Laban. I have been moved to write about Yacov and his troubles for that last couple of years…and now we see why it has taken time to realize the pattern that open before us.

Ya’cov left Laban’s house in year twenty-one of arriving there. It is now 2021 and we are participating in the same pattern of fleeing from the evil government that we’ve finally realized wants more from us. It is now in our year 2021 AD we feel like Ya’cov trying to return to what we thought looked like original home (America). Many things have forced us to leave our businesses, family in the name of a plague from China…now correctly labeled, CCP virus. These things that have changed in our lives Ya’cov called wages in his last seven years with Lavan. He wasn’t even sleeping in his own warm tents with his wives because of taking care of sheep which represents God taking care of us…as humans are symbolized as sheep.

Ya’cov is not put in this ever changing situation until his 14th year with Laven closes. At the end of FOURTEEEN years he had twelve children with one being a girl…representing, The Bride. Binyamin is not yet born.

Today, is January 21, 2021 a time where Ya’cov has met his father-in-law of whom chased him for SEVEN days after finding out he left THREE days prior. Thus a pattern of TEN is established for us to investigate.

Ya’cov struggles with God having his name changed to Isra’el, one who struggled with God. After this name change, he is now able to meet his brother Esau who heard he was coming back home. Esau brought 400 soldiers with him…this was not a ‘welcome home’ party.

When they met and kissed each other on the neck The Scriptures indicate symbols with ‘bite marks’ on Ya’cov’s neck. Esau, is then given one half of what Ya’cov had earned over his last seven years laboring in a foreign land. Ya’cov does not accept returning home under Esau’s influence. He rejects Esau’s protection and slowly moves toward home staying in Shekem where that town also wants what remains of his flocks and herds. They want to marry into Ya’cov family by force at first by raping Ya’cov’s daughter Dinah. Marriage by rape did not work so an offer to join by making a pact with the God of Israel was offered. But, it was only a bloody sacrifice of the flesh via circumsion and did not hold any faith via the heart circumcision that The God of Israel was looking for.

The bloody scheme played out that they could join by circumcision. The Shekemites fell for it. During the Shekemites three days of circumcision pain, they were slain because of ‘hard’ hearts…only wanting to destroy Ya’cov from within via assimilation.

Today, the scheme is the same. Hate the Jew…tell wrong stories….disinherit anything about them.

We are in the Days of Laban. We are in the Days of Shekem. We are in the Day of the foreigner coming out of Egypt with the Hebrews. We want the ‘favor’ they have with God…and if we can’t have it via this ‘heart thing’ then men want to discredit everything about that ‘FAVOR’.

FOREIGN countries are now controlling America which includes people who do desire to follow The God of Israel of which many call themselves Judaeo Christians.

Satan’s interest is wiping out ALL the earth’s citizens who believe in Ya’cov’s encounters with The Most High. These citizens desire to have their name changed that identifies them with YHWH.

A fake ‘inauguration’ was allowed by our Highest to identify all the “sons of Shekem’ who did not desire a heart circumcision toward The One who sets up all governments. This ‘false’ narrative was seen in King David’s reign by two of his oldest children. Even though they thought they deserved to follow David in kingship, it is not by those (works) but it is an ‘anointed’ heart that God seeks.

The Promise of Kingship was not by firstborn rights, as we witness many firstborn borns’ are replaced by the second oldest. YHWH’s intent is that He is always pointing to our Messiach. He will seem to be misplaced…killed…suffering…but it will be His ‘second’ character of being a king that is accomplished.

These patterns are seen in Moses almost being killed as a baby by Pharaoh who actually then paid for his education and parented him, as Joseph seems dead but cast in a cistern for three days and three nights…who then rose up to be Second in command of all Egypt to Pharaoh. Esther hid from being a Jew born in Babylon and now her family tries to return home with the enemy still hating them…she is lifted up to be Queen of all 121 Provinces…again saving Abraham’s line from extinction.

Today, we have men…Grover Cleveland being one of them and then Donald J Trump. The Lord gave my friend Kevin a word when Donald Trump was running for president in 2016. He told him that there were only TWO men that would presidents that had a heart for the people. Donald Trump was one of those men and he should vote for him. I learned this last night 1.20.2021. Today, it is added to this study on the ‘why’ America is now under military control. It is the military that is responsible to find the those that committed tyranny against our soil.

He told me that later he ask God, who was that second man who truly cared for the people of our world. God told him it was Grover Cleveland whose real name was Steven. My friend reminded me that Steven had been martyred. He told me that he was the 22nd President of the United States. People loved him because he loved the people. People were called ‘mug wamp’ (?) because they changed from Republican to Democrat because he cared about every person. When I told my friend Robin this story this morning she had heard of this name and declared that she was one. She would always follow the candidate that cared about the people first.

President Cleveland’s last year of his presidency fell to hard time financially for the people which moved history away from him staying president. But, after four years, he is the only man to be re-elected to the Presidency and now the 24th President of the United States.

The 4 and 2 when together show us a final form. It does equal six (the day man was created) which shows turmoil since man is sinful. Dahlet is four pictures by a door. Beit is two pictured by a house. These numbers shows the door the to house. 42 is the last year in the sixth Shemittah cycle. 43 enters into the seventh Shemittah cycle which works it’s way to REST…like Day Seven of Creation.

There is a ‘birthing’ of openings on our earth. Forty Two associates itself into patterns showing us what is going on. Woman have a womb that is a door / opening to new life. Even the first two females born to Adam and Chanoah (Eve) are born in year 42 of that Shemittah cycle. Yes, it’s amazing that this pattern is seem right from the beginning.

Awan born Sixth Shemittah cycle, Year 42; Jubilee 2

Azura born Sixth Shemittah cycle, Year 42; Jubilee 3

How old was Adam and Chanoah? They were created in Jubilee 1…thus, they are 92 years old when the first female Awan is born. One jubilee (50) later the next female is born in Jubilee 3…YES>>>a shofar sound please….Our great great…grandparents were age 142. 92 + 50 years = 142.

1 Aleph strength ox (God), 4 Dahlet open, 2 Beit house. It God who brings us into his house.

God is in control of His house. He even sets the 24 elders to show us the house and door. These elders sit a judges over the earth. David’s generations are calculated at three generations of 14 each showing us 42 generations to when The Seed arrived to earth at the year 4000 from Adam. By another 200 years another door opened to Roman religion changing to Rome’s beginning claiming a mere man Peter as their foundation stone when it is Yeshua Jesus the Bible is speaking of. Scriptures were twisted to fit an agenda.

Today, we just witnessed a man that has spent 47 years in politics. They call him sleepy Joe because he’s probably on meds for some medical reason causing him to sleep more. And, he certainly is no spring chicken and needs more sleep as King David did. What is his name in the Hebrew language? B (2) house, D (4, door).

Yes, as history proceeds we have a man whose name is opening house. But, what follows his letter D? His name is really ‘Beit dein’. House of dens. He is not an open temple…but houses of dens. My Jewish friend who reads and understands this language says, she can barely think about this name because it upsets her spirit as it is attached to dark things that come out of dens/caves/openings. We will not go any further, as all men can chose to fight what is attached to their name or they will endorse their name. This is why we should seek a new name, such as what Ya’cov received after wrestling with The Lord’s angel all night…even putting his socket out…he did not give up the wrestling match.

We are expecting our Messiach to arrive but people don’t think it will be now because they don’t think they should be here as they’ve been sold down the path of Pre-trib. So, what does this mean?

Mat 24:13  But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered. 

You never thought you would go through this final tribulation! Now, you’re expecting a man you didn’t want to vote in to SAVE the world. Seventy Five percent of Americans voted for Donald J. Trump…a man for the people. We are not enemies with each other, our enemy is being deceived via the media. Now, we must accept being deceived as Adam just ask to be forgiven…and he was. He didn’t walk away like Cain. Adam offered a sacrifice upon leaving the Gan of Eden on the Rosh Chodesh of his Month Four…our Month Ten known as Tevet. His repentant heart allowed humans to be born to flourish on the earth. Free will has always operated even if YHWH directs man’s path. If you don’t want to have a servants heart, than He will find another to complete his purposes.

This my friend is another miracle before our eyes. We hated this ‘playboy’ and now through prayer his heart only wants to do what God instructs him. This is how YHWH is glorified my friends…by telling what God is doing right now in history. Don’t hide from God now…He is checking whose been naughty or nice…He’s checking if you made your kids believe in Santa more than Him who created them.

Mat 10:11  “When you come to a town or village, look for someone trustworthy and stay with him until you leave. 

Mat 10:12  When you enter someone’s household, say, ‘Shalom aleikhem!’ 

Mat 10:13  If the home deserves it, let your shalom rest on it; if not, let your shalom return to you. 

Mat 10:14  But if the people of a house or town will not welcome you or listen to you, leave it and shake its dust from your feet! 

Mat 10:15  Yes, I tell you, it will be more tolerable on the Day of Judgment for the people of S’dom and `Amora than for that town! 

Mat 12:8  For the Son of Man is Lord of Shabbat!” 

Mat 12:32  One can say something against the Son of Man and be forgiven; but whoever keeps on speaking against the Ruach HaKodesh will never be forgiven, neither in the `olam hazeh nor in the `olam haba. 

Mat 12:36  Moreover, I tell you this: on the Day of Judgment people will have to give account for every careless word they have spoken; 

Mat 12:37  for by your own words you will be acquitted, and by your own words you will be condemned.” 

Mat 12:42  The Queen of the South will stand up at the Judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Shlomo, but what is here now is greater than Shlomo. 

She came to hear The Torah; Yeshua Jesus came as The Living Torah and comes again as King to rule by it. This is Kingdom living.

Mat 12:50  Whoever does what my Father in heaven wants, that person is my brother and sister and mother.” 

Isaac yearned for his son Ya’cov to return to him. At the end of 20 years he was trying. In year 2020 our earth is trying to give birth. But Laban keeps chasing him for seven days (years). The seven years of tribulation is patterns from Laban’s chasing Ya’cov’s family trying to convince them to return to his authoritative ways. The Joe Vadins are chasing YHWH’s children. Hmm…Yes, the B can be a V. Den of villians? J is a Y…Yoe…Yoe…Yoe…always spun like a yo yo manipulated so easily..yo yo yo.

Mat 13:15  because the heart of this people has become dull—with their ears they barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, so as not to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and do t’shuvah, so that I could heal them.’ 

Mat 13:57  And they took offense at him. But Yeshua said to them, “The only place people don’t respect a prophet is in his home town and in his own house.” 

Mat 13:58  And he did few miracles there because of their lack of trust. 

Mat 15:9  Their worship of me is useless, because they teach man-made rules as if they were doctrines.’ ” 

Mat 20:28  For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve—and to give his life as a ransom for many.” 

Mat 20:33  They said to him, “Lord, open our eyes.” 

Mat 20:34  Filled with tenderness, Yeshua touched their eyes; and instantly they received their sight and followed him. 

Mat 24:13  But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered. 

Mat 24:14  And this Good News about the Kingdom will be announced throughout the whole world as a witness to all the Goyim. It is then that the end will come. 

Yes, The Gentile will be told they can come into the Kingdom.

The Kingdom will have Yeshua Jesus as ‘Commander in Chief’. Not Trump or another type of Grover Steven Cleveland. This will be the THIRD man that cares about the people. And, it could follow Ya’cov ‘Leaving Laven Plan’….where ‘the son of his strength Binyamin comes into the world after his bride that was a liar and thief died. Our Messiach can only come if his bride is young…a virgin…with a servant’s heart willing to give her own strength up for her king. The Bride of Christ is seen laying on top of King David to keep him alive long enough to announce the correct king. The Bride must remain pure…she never lusted/flirted with the world as we saw Lady Gaga dressed in pure white a goddess at this ‘false’ inauguration on Shevat 7 5781, 1.20.2021. Sin and corruption in full view at the White House of the United States locked down with 30,000 soldiers all around.

Shevat 7 shows us horsemen who are out looking at the world. Are they in YHWH’s peace of having man’s peace. After being found to be having their peace, that peace is removed…which brings about God’s peace seen by Zechariah now giving instructions on building The Temple. Yes, those instructions are yet to be given…as we see man fighting to keep his peace…and hating God for removing theirs.

This scripture was fulfilled in the days of Antiochus Epiphanies and now again at this new beginning.

Mat 24:15  “So when you see the abomination that causes desolation spoken about through the prophet Dani’el standing in the Holy Place” (let the reader understand the allusion), 

Mat 24:16  “that will be the time for those in Y’hudah to escape to the hills. 

We are told to stay in our homes (our hills) as our world is going on a reset. At the ‘BO’ Parshah reading which means: go, come our world may shut down it’s electronics. Nuclear should not go off. It should be a cyber war that we must endure. Communications with relatives/neighbors should be pre-planned. Extra water and food. Don’t let be a time to legitimize looting or stealing. Stay calm and know that ADONAI is the Lord of Hosts / Armies. PRAY with tears…sincerity of heart.

Now, I continue with what I wrote on Day of Treachery Confirmed, January 20, 2021, False Inauguration of Adoniyah Viden.

Ya’cov is coming out of Laban’s House after TWENTY years. His son Binyamin will be born on the road leading to his Father’s House….but it would be slow to getting there. The woman who stole her father’s wealth (gold) placed on figures that is called ‘idols’ dies in childbirth.

This story is a pattern for us to learn how to live our lives. The goal is to arrive to The Father’s House. The goal is to trust YHWH for our sustenance. Even if we have to give half of it away to our brother as Ya’cov gave to his brother Esau. Then do it…because YHWH gave it all to you anyway. Life is better than being killed.

My Pillow man, Mike Lindell, is losing his wealth and his life is being threatened for unveiling ‘fraud’ in the people’s vote. He was raised up by God to be able to have two million dollars to help pay to find out what happened to our election.

Jobs have been lost due to the planned demic by The Red Dragons of this generation.

History plays out again and again through patterns that have been set to teach us life’s priorities.

Romans 15:4  For everything written in the past was written to teach us, so that with the encouragement of the Tanakh we might patiently hold on to our hope. CJB

Rom 15:4  For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.  ESV

Mike Lindell, Bethseba and Solomon have a similar problem. They each are threatened to be called criminals.

Bat-Sheva speaking to King David:

1Ki 1:20  As for you, my lord the king, all Isra’el is watching you; they are waiting for you to tell them who is to sit on the throne of my lord the king after him. 

1Ki 1:21  If you don’t, then, when my lord the king sleeps with his ancestors, I and my son Shlomo will be considered criminals.” 

Jews and Christians have been called ‘criminals’ thoughout history. In these latter days we witness Media and Big Tec having no problem reservsing the truth just as Bat She’va saw it in her life time.

King David grew old and the years took it’s toll on him and he couldn’t get warm. It is like he’s in his COVID19 hibernation room not really seeing what is happening in his kingdom.

When Jo’ab, his military commander, killed his first son Absalom it broke King David’s heart. Absalom wanted The Kingdom so bad that he chased his own father David off his throne. David left along with his entire household in order to save all their lives. President Trump and his close friends and family have also had to seclude themselves.

We see President Donald J Trump in this very situation of seeking shelter from those that seek his presidency. John F Kennedy knew about this ‘internationalist’ takeover and was killed for wanting to return America to a republic and the gold standard. President Lincoln was assassinated because of putting America back on a standard other than being in debt to ‘internationals’. Money controls people and our world. Death intimidates people and they succumb. They don’t see America having a slightly different political system as a great problem. But, it goes against our Constitution which keeps humans free on this earth.

New plans by the military to stop assassinations of good men were put in place…but not without losing more in The Kennedy family. Nazi communists have infiltrated our republic at highest levels. They set up deaths of people to keep other’s in control. When you see high ranking people with black eyes or in foot boots, these people are been intimated to act according to ‘internationalists’ to accomplish their goals.

King David’s second son, Adoniyah, lives away from him and extols himself to be The King. David is still alive and so the people are confused if they now have two kings. America is in this same situation. We have President Trump of whom has NOT conceded and never handed over the two ‘nuclear’ footballs bags to Biden’s den of vipers. The Pentagon has not authorized him to know certain security measures so he could change military tactics. They have put him off and justifiably as you can not let our United States be handed over to China operatives…which it will be proven he is.

A young female selfless virgin is sought to be found in all of King David’s kingdom. We are Avishar. We are to be trustworthy to keep the king warm and to serve him. We are also the ‘second’ witness of all that is spoken to the king. We support The Bible and give witness to what it says. We are this female that wants to reign with Yeshua Jesus when He returns to earth. The Gentile has been given MERCY to be able to also walk in The Torah giving witness to that ‘final sacrifice’ on The Mount of Olives. The Christian gets it’s values from The Torah…that is why we claim to be of a Judea Christian heritage. Israel’s values yoke us to YHWH. All are called to LOVE God…no one is left out…it is a free gift to accept…accept that Yeshua Jesus filled up every prophecy told about him and raised up from the dead..as the ‘sign of Jonah’ in the belly of the whale. It was the last sign for every generation to remember.

Christ the Hope of Jews and Gentiles

Rom 15:8  For I tell you that Christ became a servant to the circumcised to show God’s truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs

Rom 15:9  and in order that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written, “Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles, and sing to your name.” 

Rom 15:10  And again it is said, “Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people.” 

Rom 15:11  And again, “Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles, and let all the peoples extol him.” 

Gentiles are to thank God for his mercy of being able to come into the promises given to The patriarchs. Jew and Gentile are thankful to see promises confirmed…through Christ who became a servant (dying on a cross) for all mankind…to those who would believe it.

We have many patriarchs even before Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. They are highlighted because they are the patriarchs that The Land Covenant was given to so our earth would forever know God was attached to the earth by a special land which was to bring forth His teachings.

Adam to Enoch had seven righteous men in that first 700 years of history. Enoch was the 7th in that generation. His son Methuselah began the ‘second’ 700-year generation. Methuselah, Lemek and then Noach continued that one righteous line. It only made it to three men…making it TEN men until The Flood. We now see the Pattern of Ten on the earth. Even as Noach has the ark door closed on Month Two Day Ten. It was the end of his preaching..It was Finished…as they didn’t know what they were doing…Yes, Yeshua Jesus forgave them with those words, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” They never realized that they killed the man God sent to them to save them. But, it was for their eternal salvation…not this physical body made of clay as it is eaten by worms. But, our souls will go on forever.

These patriarchs lives are seen in our lives. We see their success being our success and their deceptions being our deceptions, but perhaps on a much larger scale as our generation goes quickly to and fro on the earth in a nano second with 5G.

Patterns fill up everyday and especially in 2021…the year of struggle for Ya’cov to leave Laven.

Year Twenty – Shemittah Cycle Three: 0-7, 8-14, 15-21. We are at the end of the Third Day – Third Cycle. 1.20.2021 – Aleph, Mouth/Gate, Mouth Gate Aleph. YHWH – the name of which describes God’s power over The Hosts of Heavens is clearly seen. We are in a spiritual battle and prayer is needed to bring those heavenly hosts / God’s Army to our aide. Pray for our military that a host will stand with them a fire their guns killing the enemy. Pray for yourself that a host angel will swing that bat if an enemy enters your house. Pray for that God’s Military Host will thwart any enemy from looking in your window and they are not even able to step onto your border.

Pray for our beautiful First Lady that she will hold up her husband’s head to go into battle knowing she is their safeguard at home. Pray she continues to wear battle fatigues showing or enemies we have the right clothing on so they fear God’s children. Clothes are very important to our Creator. We came in naked for 7 years….just as after 7000 years we won’t wear clothes again because of having new bodies. We wore coverings of color to show boldness in The Lord…not being proud but just sharing what a dream meant…but jealousy lifts it’s head when someone else is complimented and not yourself. We must cast down jealousy seen in Ya’cov’s sons as they even tried to kill Rachel’s firstborn. Her beautify was disgusting before The Lord because it caused her to be prideful…she had to die to herself and when she did not she was removed in giving birth to a son she named, ‘son of her sorrow’. When Ya’cov returned he renamed this ‘second’ born to “son of my strength’. This my friends is who is coming … The Son of God’s Strength….Yeshua our Messiach. Read the Book of Jubilees to fill in the blanks. Your faith needs to be strong and your heart needs to trust. If you do NOT trust, you will NOT have miracles. You need TRUST…because we need God’s hand on us…telling us He is right there for us..not matter what we’ve been in the past…we need Him now to fight to give Him glory.

I love Proverbs 30. I proclaimed this at our grandson Andrew’s wedding shower. “Don’t let me be so rich that I forget you and don’t make me so poor that I embarrass you.” my paraphrase…look it up. Stop being spoon fed. Search the Scriptures to show yourself an approved workman of The Lord.

January 20, 2021. President-elect Biden accepted the Jo’ab Team’s encouragement to ‘take the throne’ that was not due him or them. Shevat 7 5781 The Adoniyah Team with Amalak front stage committed crimes of treason against our United States. Amalak Kamala will be removed as it is instructed to remember forever to remove Amalek from every generation.

Biden: B (beit) (2) Den (4) Dahlet invaded a house he had invaded before. It was not his first invasion of America’s government through false elections. Forty seven years later would be his last.

42 – The Tribes and Journey of Biden will be remembered with amour and armed military to an unjust inauguration by tampered ballots from China. Foreign interference in an U.S. election means: WAR.

Adoniyah Joe (yoe) forced a ‘false’ reign of kings on our earth. Under the influence of The Red Chinese Dragon spoken about in our bibles influenced by a financial also spoken of in our bibles fulfills prophecy right before our eyes.

The Awakening – Tom Brady becomes a new marker of time for us. I’m inserting this information as my updating this writing on February 11, 2021. On Super Bowl Sunday the KC Chiefs were shut down. I believe their pride of claiming The Kingdom placed God in their back pocket. God says, “Do not make your words my words, you don’t even know me.” In 2020 after claiming God’s kingdom from what looked like from their hearts, they won The Super Bowl. But, the Satanic half time was not condemned by them. The drunkenness at the KC Parade was an insult to anyone who watched it…with shirts coming off and being drunk. Patrick Mahomes would get his girlfriend pregnant and living together…still out of wedlock. And this team thinks God is going to have his name slung through mud? No way! And, when was speaking such words and being looked down upon by some….here Coach Brady’s son, who is now also one of their coaches worth millions, three days before The Super Bowl game ran into a young girl standing outside helping a destressed vehicle with her mother and is now in a coma. Did we hear about this at The Super Bowl and pay tribute to this young girl? No….the news kept it quiet…and they made little contact with this family recognizing Brady’s sons alcohol problem. Yes, God took charge…muddling their minds because they DO NOT THINK AS GOD THINKS. God would never condone such Torahless-ness. Instead, we see 43 coming into play as we move away out of this Sixth Shemittah year….of either double blessing or double wrath from God.

Brady Age 43, Yards 143, RY 6, Touchdowns 3, SA 21. He is 6’4″ born 8.4.1978. It is his TENTH Super Bowl with SEVEN wins. For those of us connected to God’s numbers….this man has God all over his life. I am refreshed to see we’re entering the Seventh Shemittah cycle..which year 43 is the first of seven years. I believe Christians will rise up…even through persecution…and make it back home to Isaac who welcomes him.

Now I return you to the original writing before the Super Bowl gave me refreshment…to know God will no longer put up with deception. Kansas City Chiefs 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 = 40. Kings reign 40 years. Hopefully we’re done with theses type of sports that again in 2021 had lucifer coming down to earth to be subject over his dominions at half time. May Satan have NO MORE half-time lifting up the Satanists on our earth. Nine is tevet seen as a snake, basket, twist. The snake is put in a basket with a lid on it. Satan is to be carried off. 31 is Jesus age when he was drawing people to himself for salvation out of Satan’s grip. Three is the letter gimel and number 3 which means to lift. One is aleph represented by the head of an ox that has strength. God is strength. 31 – Lifted up by God…God lifted up the Buccaneers. They are patriots vs. those deceived. Brady does not wear a mask while others do.

“ADONAI, you stomped on Deception at the end of Super Bowl Sunday. May we see 2021 be the beginning of the end of this 6000th Day. Let us begin The Seventh inning with ADONAI uncovering all that can be uncovered. Let this 7000th Day begin with a lid on evil…not to be carried across our earth anymore, ADONAI. Keep the lid on that basket and dump it into the eternal biss. AMEIN!”

The Church returns to be as wise as a serpent, not letting itself get deceived by other serpents. Moses serpents were really crocodiles…with Mosch one crocodile consuming all the other many crocodiles that challenged it.

Israel is called,The Bride. Gentiles attach to this bride that is a sought after as a virgin not fornicating with the pleasures of this world. Rachel had to die…she was a liar and thief. She thought her father had taken all of their inheritance and therefore she justified in taking the ‘golden idols’ just as we see the ‘idol’ in the form of a golden calf at Mt Sinai. They each had contributed their own wealth to that project but were found out at the 40th Day. Forty days of idolatry brought forty years of removing the ‘founding’ parents that built it. They had witnessed the ‘mighty’ hand of YHWH. The young crowd had only experienced God with his El Shaddai which provides every need attribute.

I was thinking about those that were removed being older. Over forty years over a million who witnessed signs and wonders would no longer testify to those miracles. Our Creator worked through the name YHWH (Lord of Hosts) bringing them out of Egypt. This weeks Torah Portion describes eight of those miracles. Today, we have movies that scientifically say how they each could have happened…thus perhaps debunking them which took the ‘glory’ of God away. Will God go back to showing us more miracles since these scientists did this? They will be held responsible I’m sure.

God says that he kept them by the name El Shaddai (provides) by providing their every need in The 40-year Wilderness experience. Those children never saw him as YHWH…Lord of Hosts. On January 11, 12 we saw 90 – 105 mph winds prophesied by a prophet. We saw a 6.2 earthquake hit Sulawesi Island Indonesia January 15 at the Rosh Chodesh Shevat 2 as Ve’era was being studied. 10,000 homeless with bricks laying on 20 health care workers and death toll not known.

Then on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 18, Shevat 5 5781 30,000 troops are organizing at our Nations capitol because of a ‘Peaceful Protest’ march on January 6, 2021. King taught us how to march peacefully, but these marches are now taken over by Antifah a terrorist groups run by Joe Viden’s left funded by billionaire Georgie Boy S. Internationalists don’t mind turning human against human…it’s been the Satan’s choice of war for 6000 years.

Abraham was promised The Land in 400 years. Prophecy fulfilled. King Saul, King David, King Solomon ruled 40 years as did some others to show the flow of that planned history and also 4000 years after that which bring our earth to 8000 years. That is when the ultimate plan comes opening up the heavens revealing what is on the other side of this veil we look through.

It patterns point to the year 4000 when YHWH himself did come in the flesh and was lifted off the ground. The Temple curtains were 22.5 feet tall. Noach was lifted 22.5 ft above the highest mountains in his wooden ark. Even Moses was saved in a wooden basket..and Yeshua Jesus laid in a wooden cattle trough continuing to point to ‘wood’ taken from a tree. That wood was cut and beaten and looked to The Suffering Servant Yeshua being cut and beaten.

People are patterned to trees. This month on January 28, 2021 Shevat 15, we are to celebrate trees. Trees (men) are not be cut down if they bear fruit. We must search our souls this month at this final inauguration as to what kind of tree will rule over us. What fruit can a people produce under trees that support withering? The fig tree that did not produce fruit was cursed by Yeshua.

Every person is on a journey on this earth. Doors open and doors close. Yeshua Jesus came through The Door (letter Dahlet) of History at 4000 years. He is the correct ‘dahlet’ to to our beit (house/2). Forty Two is the last year in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. It is the last year before the Seventh Shemittah cycle begins. Bi (in the) Den. In the den; House of dens.

On July 22, 2017 our 60-day old calf (born May 22) died with a fireman medic and an RN nurse confirming it’s death at the same time looking at it together with a total FOUR people in attendance in the hot muggy 90 degrees at 9:00 pm…myself included. A blessing was given as we left with a hope of a gesture to see a sign of life before we rushed into the house before the storm coming. My prayer got confusing when I ask not for a wiggle of a tail to perhaps be seen, but it’s head to lift up and then more of a fleece was laid out…with it’s hoof coming up as well. After requesting way too much information for what I just ask to happen, and dropping the temperature I quickly signed off the prayer in thanks in Yeshua HaMessiach’s name…Amein. The other three agreed by saying, Amen.

God can answer quickly – It was His prayer in my heart coming out of my mouth.

I had laid my hands on this bull calf earlier almost breathing air into it’s mouth which they stopped me. I crawled through thorns up out of the ravine and now I was standing with my daughter-in-law looking down on this dead calf that had died of heat stroke. This calf immediately lifted it’s right hoof and then lifted it’s head and sat it on top of that lifted hoof. My knees weakened and as I went to the ground in adoration, but I was reminded that He lifts me up to stand before him. I stood up and gave praise and thanks for showing “God real to my family’ in this miracle. They all resounded in “Praise the Lord” for this calf’s life. As the calf curled his head to his chest, we quickly retired to the house for the wind was coming that would break my flagpole in half, drop two tree limbs with 64 mph winds. It dropped the temperature to 42 degrees. Months later I realized it happened at the 42nd Parshah called Mattot Massei meaning ‘tribes and journeys. This number will embolden itself into my life and now by 2021 it is confirmed every day in some manner during my daily routine.

FORTY TWO is our journey in life especially now in The Sixth Shemittah cycle of our earth. He is opening doors to change us into what His goal has always been for our world. If we won’t give witness to Him, He gives witness to us. I am convinced that we MUST know His calendar and His ways…His Torah (instructions) are ALL for us today.

This I know for sure. There is a good house coming to our earth. There is a remnant that will seek it. Most people on this earth will miss this house because they only want to think ‘English’. But, the depths of God are in his original language with Adam, Hebrew. Biden is 2 4…written in Hebrew perhaps 4 2. No matter, it’s always 4 and 2 which show us the Door to the House…and your door (your heart) must be open to His house coming within you…which is patterned to His Temple coming on earth. This Temple is defiled. Our hearts have been defiled by ‘deception’ where brother and sisters don’t even talk to each other other this crazed election.

We MUST step back and look at the patterns/patriarch’s lives and what happened to them. It is of no mistake that God had 1 Kings available for us to read today.

I cried continually weeping on January 19, 2021 as I heard the enemy had executed a federal judges son (David) to impress upon us that if we don’t obey and judge how ‘Amalak’ dictates then life will be taken. Josh Hawley’s wife and his life have been threatened. President Trump’s life has been threatened twice in the month of January. My Pillow owner Mike Odell is losing his business. Corporations such as Target, Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond cancel offering Mike’s products.

The ‘tyranny group’ is in action to control people’s incomes and lives via media, big tech, food and planned demics. It is the Red Dragon of Revelation that is operating on our earth. 5000 years ago it rose up and did not die out….but changed it’s name from Cain to Nimrod to Herod to Hitler. One World Order has been on the agenda just as One Universe Order was sought by Lucifer (known as a morning star). This created angelic being chose to usurp YHWH;s authority. He deceived one-third of the angels of whom were cast down to the earth. This loss in the heaven’s resulted in the pattern of one-third of earth’s resources lost by one-third. These are predicted and may soon come to be as we are now in World War Three with our elections no longer allowed to be bought by foreigners.

Daniel discusses trees as does Jeremiah as to not using them to make idols. Wood was used in crucifixions where over history many Jews and Christians have died on wood. Even Jeremiah tells us it is wrong to decorate them. Gold and silver are poured on wood to store it. This also was a pattern to Mosch Ark they carried in The Wilderness and David safeguarded that should not be copied.

All through history gold and silver is still hidden in order not to be stolen. And, it is in open display on our bodies. When I was in Cario Egypt in 2000 I found that parents store their gold on their daughter’s arms by forging their gold into small bracelets put on small arms. As the child grows the bracelet can not come off. Hmm..perhaps it’s her dowry for her marriage, too.

Female in the Bible can represent The Assembly that is precious to our Father. Yeshua Jesus is the Groom with Israel being The Bride. No other group can replace The Bride. We are known as ‘attendants’ at The Wedding Feast.

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