International COVID Holocaust Day

January 27, 2021, Shevat 14 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27, 2021 – Shevat 14 – International COVID Remembrance Day

On this day ‘The False Prophet Media’, that has been telling us that COVID 19 is increasing and you need to wear FOUR masks at a time are now being CANCELED.

It has been ‘A Fraudulent Planned Demic’. On this day that we remember ‘The Holocaust’ of 1938-1945…SEVEN years….we can take off our masks knowing that we can LIVE. We will look around like they did those WWII prisoners did and almost be afraid that their next enemy was lurking in the dark to kill them. It would be hard to move on because they had no home left…no business to go back to. It would be hard because they were poor with only a shirt on their back. They had been defrauded by a system that did not die out. These same players continued to dominate their power over the masses.

NAZI: The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Facism: Government in control of your business, your church, your school, your life.

“You will not own anything, but you will be happy.”

The National Socialists are still with us and moved us quicker into Communism and facism as lives are expendable for the cause of The Party.

This ‘removal’ instead of ‘tolerating’ viewpoint is communism now operating in America. Stalin said that America would be taken over from within and without a shot being fired because they would mold the minds of the people via the schools and the media. This is politics married to ‘false’ prophets (news). This is described in our Bibles to warn us of what this final system would look like.

America has now joined other countries in accepting ‘fraudulent’ elections. It is not just in 2020 that his happened in America but in years past where Hilary beat out Bernie. The only thing that went wrong in 2020 is that 78 percent of the people voting, voted for Donald J Trump. It was a landslide at 10:00 pm. Americans went peacefully to bed. But, by morning, the Chinese, Italians, Iran, Germans, Britain and more had to reset the algorithms. They never thought God’s chosen would win by that much of a landslide. Now, other means of uplinking via internet had to be performed with unusual spikes moving things around in the programs of the machines.

The way out of this is not by leaving ‘fake’ contestants running these countries, but making the people aware of what has been going on for decades creating a world of despair in democratic nations. Fake elections have been found out and we are now walking into a new era. Whew!

We could also call this, “Election Fraud Remembrance Day!”

This is not about Party Lines, but about a real justice system on our earth. When King David’s son Adoniyah was made king by the people, it was not a legitimate kingship because David was still alive…And because the Prophet Nathan had not anointed Adoniyah king. It is with God’s anointing that leaders are established. By Adoniyah falling for General Joab establishing him as king among the people, Adoniyah was deceived. He had not checked with the courts to find out if he could “impeach’ his own dad. There can not be two kings at one time. The king has to be anointed by a High Priest.

King David lost two sons to death because they advanced themselves into a kingdom that was to be God appointed and not man appointed. Absalom, David’s firstborn, even ran his father out of town and occupied David’s castle until Joab’s army chased Absalom down and killed him. King David mourned continually for this dead son. He had lost Bethsheba’s first child and now this firstborn child…and then another child Adoniyah would have to die. On his death bed he was then pleased to see his son at age 17 rise up to take his place. And, this son would have to finish some of King David’s old business by removing several lives that had conspired against King David’s house during his reign. Solomon rose up to the occasion at age 17. Our Donald J Trump rose up in year 2017 giving us more of God’s confirmation that Trump is the ‘sounding shofar’ and the ‘correct’ president for us today. Right now we are waiting for this Adoniyah to be told to leave. I Kings 1, 2

We must look back at history to see the history to happen before us. Never in America’s history have we had a coo as we have happening right now. The ‘coo’ by communists taking over our capitol. If it does sit on ‘foreign land’ then we claim it back for all the death and debt that has occurred by their deceptive ways. The deception of that piece of land, Washington D.C. began in the years of Grover Cleveland. We must go back there and see what happened and why it has been allowed to continue. This is why I’m investigating the first man, Cleveland, and the second man, Trump and will continue that report tomorrow on 15 Shevat…the day to celebrate good trees.

ELEMENTS USED TO DECEIVE: Hidden Political Parties, False Media Prophets, Plagues!

Political: Dragons world wide and within

False Prophets: Media owned by dragons

Plagues: Planned biological warfare used on own subject…likened to using ‘agent orange’ in Vietnam on our own soldiers. Food shortages planned. Altering food. High production / no value.

FEAR: Don’t even breathe on each other.

Hospitals and doctors were given a 20 per cent bonus from the government’s COVID stimulus package of 2020. If the medical establishment would label any death as COVID related, the bribe was paid. Thus, everyone they could attach COVID to was given a COVID death certificate when they were already critically ill and scheduled to die. In fact, a university study showed that the same number of older, middle age and young people died in 2019 as died in 2020. And, that actually 2020 had less deaths than 2019 had because we became paranoid and took better measures to not die.

The International COVID HOAX Remembrance Day –

Remembering all those put on ventilators that killed patients.

Remembering those not quiet dead in China put in body bags and cremated alive.

Remembering not able to mourn those that mourn at people’s memorials.

Remembering doctors and nurses who were killed for telling the truth.

Remembering the suicides.

Remembering d-educating our citizens for a year.

Remembering the distractions failing the real needs of our world.

Remember to remember to remove ‘Amalek’ from every generation.

Remember to remember to remove ‘Kamala’ from our generation.

The False Prophet is The Media

The Anti Christ is The Political System

They give each other power.

The Trumpet was sounded in 2015 with winds blowing over the Iran and Iraq sands of our earth. Fifity lightening strikes hit with the earth shaking enough to topple Osama B’Laden Construction cranes killing over one hundred worshipers who had come early to Hajj. A week later 1,100 would die at the ‘devil’s corner’ where thousands of Muslims would throw a pebble in a ravine at the devil. A road barricade was not put back after high officials passed through. People piled up suffocating each other with no relief from either direction. Yes, they ended up killing each other all while coming to honor, ‘Allah’ at Hajj 2015.

These dark dust skies also had locusts and earth quakes over The Middle East. These were ‘marking’ YHWH’s War. By Day Three of Creation, 27 Elul, death had come in many forms to those that had been serving strange gods. Later, I remember pictures of a large cloud storm that had formed to separate the Israel form her enemy at her East Gate. The large long dust cloud stood there and Israel’s enemies could not see to fire their guns or drive their machinery. Yes, YHWH’sWar was on.

As our world looks for The Second Coming of our Messiah, we were given only the ‘second man who would care about The People. He was to be a president in The White House in America. The first man to be president that cared about The People was revealed by God to be Stephen Grover Cleveland. His name would cleave to the land. His lineage ran deep coming from Cleveland England. He would even be used for this theme of The Land with his relatives establishing Cleveland, Ohio. It seems our Creator is telling us to cleave to our land of freedom. When we do that, we cleave to His land in Israel that is to be a guide for The Torah to spread out from to all The Nations.

1776 – 1876; 100 years

It only took two Jubilees for money moguls to seize hold of this born baby and exploit her for the next 150 years. Our Founding Father’s were young men that left British entrapment with religion being one entrapment. An unjust religious system killed Jews and shipped them abroad for decades to come. They were scattered but it ended in 1945 with America and Russia working together to free the workd from Hitler’s NAZI hold.

This new baby of a nation found herself entrapped again due to a war loan not paid when due.

History in America for 245 years. One Hundred year struggle to stand up. War…in debt..took a loan.

Enter first man, 22nd and 24th President, who would be persecuted for his belief in ‘caring for the people’.

Enter second man, 45th US President, who would be persecuted for his belief in ‘caring for the people.’

ENTER Son of God who had been persecuted and killed for his ‘caring for the people of the world’.

When was the first 45th Anniversary of our earth? It would be the year 2200 to 2250.

0-50 = 1st Jubilee

2200 – 2250 = 45th Jubilee

So, who was born at this time? The Book of Jubilee has Abraham born in the year 1914 thus he would have The Promised Isaac at year 2014. Yep…the year Donald Trump is being moved to run for President of the US. Yes, the year of the first of four Total Lunar eclipses to occur over the next two years…in 2014-2015 on The Lord’s Festivals. Yes…definitely we have a pattern.

Let’s move Abraham’s family into this pattern a little more…

At the birth of Isaac The Land Grant clock begins. It would be 430 years from Isaac’s birth.

Abraham is 100 and thus it would be when he was 530 years old if he could have lived to see it…which he did not…as he died at age 175.

But, who is born closer to the year 2200? Binyamin is born in the year 2186 The Book of Jubilees is very specific about this.

Okay this is fun…we’re getting closer…to the 45th Jubilee of the earth when we perhaps can pattern to our 45th President coming when America is 245 years old (1776 – 2021) YES…this is getting good!

So, when does Abraham’s family go into Egypt to be saved from starvation…hmm…which our world is suppose to have those troubles too in the Planned-demic by the red dragons? Can we stop it?

#2 Kind King is Donald J Trump – A willing vessel of God to be used as YHWH sees fit. #45 President MAGA Hat and all. This number is the dahlet (opening/door) to hei (raised arm up, behold, look, man, reveal, show, sigh, the ). The man with his arms up reveals and opening door to look and reveal.

These letters describing our 45th President are very powerful for the days in which we live. Things in secret are now being revealed. Our 22nd and 24 President Cleveland is also known as ‘very caring for the people’ explain to us the double emphasis on the son (2) and the house (4). Two means: divide, house, family, in, with, peace. There is division in the house with peace for the family. Four is the letter dahlet which shows us the opening these tribes (us) that are on a journey on this earth that we enter into. It is in this story line that YHWH seeks for all men to open to His House. He wants us to be directed by men who truly care about people. This will be the new standard on which we should elect our officials to whom we give authority.

When King Yeshua returns to earth then we can trust that a King David will rule with kindness to the people. For now a prophecy was given that there are two men that will be presidents that will truly care for the people…..Stephen Grover Cleveland and Donald J Trump. It is up to us to pray for God’s chosen leaders. May we rise up to encourage them and not fall apart if something should happen to them. We must be those on the earth that cares for people more than ourselves. Wow…First two commandments right here. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart……and love thy neighbor more than thyself. Wow…I believe these two men have done that. Their lives have been of sacrifice for justice…YHWH’s justice for all our world… those that want it.

We should follow these leaders and not fear what they do as YHWH is guiding them into justice for our earth.

Cleveland’s secret was his mouth surgery to remove cancer. His possible death during surgery would have scared the people of whom were already fearful. So, he took his own life in his own hands and let them operate under adverse conditions and hope for the best on a hidden boat.

Trump is just like him as he is being quiet so as not to cause FEAR in us as we are just lost sheep. He will bear the brunt of suffering for us. He may stay hidden but I believe he will come out and expose that Number One Man tried to stop.

It is always with kindness that turns away wrath. And, it is in prayers such as Psalm 34 that can reach into our souls and give us courage to pray for their strength to continue on for us…all in God’s plan for us in His history as He destroys the Amalek’s in our time line of history.

I will be back tomorrow. I have the First Man and the Second Man being compared right now for us to give witness to God working through men to accomplish his purposes.

Do NOT fear…the red dragon is having it’s horns removed right now. It will continue to chase YHWH’s children, but we have our bigger RED man returning with TWO feet that strike our earth and shake it.

You know what…Yes, Cleveland is one foot and Trump is that other BIG foot. They are shaking our earth all under God’s direction with His sword in their mouths. Trump praying is God’s sword in his mouth. We must pray to the correct elohim. We let a false god be worshiped by an American president for eight long years. Now we know him and his friends bones will be seen sticking up out of the soil in our future history to look upon.

There will be no other gods before me…and we are reminded of this forever.

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