by Bob Ward

Living in Prophetic Times

IDES of March, the god Julius Caesar Born 100 BC

Everything (including correction) In It’s Time

Today, March 15 2021 is 2 Nisan 5781 –

This writing is when a ‘god’ who also honored other gods rose up on our earth. This Roman would claim their world at 100 BC and many plays would still be performed throughout out world in remembering the lessons of that history. Why 100 BC? What would that mean in the spiritual realm. We will discuss the number 1 and letter Aleph. We will see our Creator creates all men to move other humans into The Heart Test.

On March 13 (3.13.21) my teaching leader announced her decision to step away from leading our Torah Class on the sabbath to pursue creating teaching material. She loves teaching but it takes a week to prepare for the intense lessons she presents to us each week. She has raised up very competent individuals who can lead and teach as well. And, after the class was done, she retreated to another room and it was confirmed to her that this is from The Lord. The class noted her confirmation came at 3:13 pm as they told us. Numbers are not lucky but indicators of confirmation as we journey through life. She will not teach but we look forward to her continued input into the class.

The next day on 3.14.21 my husband and I began a road trip over two days that will close out at 1330 miles. I began writing this article because Marilyn impressed upon us in her last session that it took ONE year after the children left Egypt to stand at Mt. Sinai and say, “We will do all that you say.”

Yes, they knew ADONAI’s instructions but they were not obedient to them. Today, we know God’s instructions from our Bibles but have been talked out of them. We have not yet say, “We will do all that God says.”

Marilyn continually speaks out seeing the physical play out and how it shows the spiritual. It is that ‘spiritual end-game’ that our Creator is interested in. We are to look into the past to see the future. When she spoke about the importance of it taking one year for them to finally agree with ADONAI, I spoke up and remembered Ezra fasting, weeping and praying over The Tribes to repent and return in order to re-build the very foundation of The Temple after being gone SEVENTY years.

Yes, the tribes were all throughout the land camping out around the old foundation, but could not come to agreement about it’s foundation. Why could they not agree? Because they were depending upon the young who had never seen it. They were asking the foreigner and stranger who never had a heart for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Read Ezra and hear the sound of the weeping for The Temple to return. The people were released from Babylon in ONE DAY by King Cyrus (Korach).

Yes, it took ONE YEAR…in which Year Two from Babylon began on Nissan 1. Nissan would begin not a new year, but a month to count months. Nissan is still Month Seven since the days of Adam but also now a Month One since the days of Mosch. Nissan and all the other months would begin to have a two-fold ministry who might say.

The Second-Fold Ministry for the months would be spiritual. They would be portents to the future.

This does NOT have to be confusing as it happened in One Day….just as in One Day…March 15 (Ide of March) the United States closed down businesses and the world followed. The god who loved ALL gods rose up and closed our world. The gods from Athens to Allah all bowed to The Dragon’s hidden agenda.

One year later to-the-day…March 15 we traveled and read flashing signs in every state: “MASK UP”.

The double-minded new president still has not visited our border to see his new border politics are a mess. We could not find a hotel room on that Sunday night in Amarillo TX. Then a kind hotel upgraded the two of us to a higher class room in order to not turn us away. We traveled to the third floor to find a mask Hispanic woman and a mask Hispanic male eight-year old enter their room next to ours. They could see our smiles and we could only see their concerned eyes that we were going to poison them with COVID. In the morning I then realized why the hotels were full. America’s Borders were being breached.

It just took one day – The Ide of March 2020 shut down the world’s economy.

The Ide of march 2021 – One year later.

Yes, we can all look back and say, “2020 Instilled FEAR.” We thought we could trust our authorities, but it was our authorities that were duped as well. We know that children under age twelve do NOT die from this Bio-weapon…and yet many states will NOT let schools open. When people can’t communicate they continue in FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Every plan that is evil will come back on itself.

2020 Hindsight was not applied. We did not know to seriously look at our media that is used as propaganda. We failed to see the past to avoid the destruction of our nation and our world by The Globalists.

2021 is struggling to unveil the evil. 2022 will bring confirmation to ‘new beginnings.’ Bereshit, “In the beginning” are the first words in The Book Genesis. Yes, Yahweh brought forth our earth out of Chaos to have ‘light’ be seen. We will have a new beginning and it continues with presidents of whom are connected to 22.

Trey Smith is ordained to bring forth old prophecies. Seven years later (a Shemittah cycle) Kim Clement’s ‘strange’ words came true on One Day….January 6, 2020…President Trump’s Greatest Rally in Washington, D.C.

Pastor Clement’s words are quoted. There will be two presidents! One with a double mind and one anointed by God?

January 6, 2021 those strange prophecies were realized as The Great America Rally was hosted at The White House by our President Trump. A billionaire fighting for America beat all the odds and was announced as our president in 2016. In 2017 there will only be SEVEN 7.0 plus earthquakes. This business man became a HUGE earthquake to our earth. Our Creator didn’t need to issue any more. Donald J Trump was a MEGA quake in putting ‘Democracy’ first in ADONAI’s world.

January 6, 2021 Electorate’s votes were counted. Riots closed down The Electorate Steal. While a million had gathered and listened to Donald J Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others speak a mile away from the Nation’s Capitol building, some found access into it’s sanctuary. Capitol guards are seen opening the front doors while others (?) broke windows which lead to tear gas. Six people died of tear gas and one female shot to death as she approached the Hearing.

We saw this because our Creator planned it. Yahweh’s spirit moved upon Kim Clement to see January 6, 2021 in 2014 and 2015. Kim was purposed as a pastor, purposed to these visions, purposed to be revealed seven years prior at worship concerts.

Many would ponder Kim’s visions as would he himself. He wrote them all down and his daughter would share them after he passed away in 2016 from first a stroke and then a heart attack. There would be no new messages via Pastor Clement.

We could liken Kim to the Prophet Jeremiah who was held in prison by The King of Judah. Jeremiah was not to marry during that time of ‘house arrest’. There would be no family to hold hostage to give out ‘false’ news to the king. Yahweh would give no ‘new word’ to Jeremiah about them being carried off to Babylon. Kim would have no new word about our 2021 TWO kings (presidents). Jeremiah knocked over the god Daug saying you MUST remove ALL idols from The Temple. Kim also called for repentance from all idolatry in your life.


Kim Clement’s first words came on our FIRST President’s birthday, February 22. Washington’s family was descended from King John of England. Augustine and Mary Ball Washington had six children of which George was the oldest. George and Jeremiah will be alike in that they had no children. But George will marry Martha Ball and take care of her four children from her first marriage.

Kim Clement begins to open ‘the veil’ to understanding seven years before 2021. He saw January 6, 2021 even as he raised up his hands, they raised up his hands. When he shouted, they shouted. Then he said they wore Q…like the letter A-Q. It was strange he said.

Annemarie would also have a discussion with The Most High two weeks before February 22, 2021. She was told to look up 222. When she investigated she could only find that is was our FIRST president’s birthday. Two days later The Most High told her that it was He that made those first founders geniuses. It was He that gave them America’s Constitution….Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. He said that every person should study those words and declare them from every street corner.

Annemarie in February 2021 pushed forward impressing us about remembering America’s foundation and how it was important for our world to follow our lead. George Washington was about firsts. Kim Clement spoke on George Washington’s birthday in 2014. Kim Clement spoke on Donald J Trump’s birthday on 14 June 2014 about Donald Trump and two president’s reigning at the same time. Now we see it…the double-minded one would look up and then go away not answering the question. Kim Clement saw Joe Biden after his inauguration showing confusion.

Kim Clement on George Washington’s February 22, 2014 birthday first spoke of his vision in seeing 2 presidents. Then, two weeks before February 22, 2021 Annamarie was having direct conversations with The Most High as she spoke on her podcast in February. She was told to ‘look up’ 222. She knew that ‘look up’ didn’t mean The Lord was returning in the sky. She was to research it. She knew it as George Washington’s birthday.

Annamarie was pushed forward to continue this conversation on February 17, 2021. She knew she was to have ‘boots on the ground’ in North Carolina to pray for many youth to accept the Billy Graham mantels. Mantels don’t go with the person, but they transfer to others who will verbally desire them. She was told that there were many mantles that could be verbally claimed as likened to Elisha of whom ask for a double portion to be given him.

February 22, 2021 was about God-ordained leadership to rise up to save America. America had a definite part in saving our world from the ills of evil. Yahweh made our founders geniuses in the writing of our Bill of Rights, The Constitution and in The Declaration of Independence.

Kim Clement confirmed the Two President prophecy on Donald J Trump’s 68th birthday. He was born 14 June 1946. Kim Clement is confirming two presidents two years before Trump’s win in 2016. Donald J Trump has not decided to run as President and yet Kim Clement sees him as President of The United States.

The prophecy of Trump being president endured for a year through Kim Clement’s prophecies.

Three years later (2014-2017) Donald J Trump stood in the White House in amazement at what just happened to him. His relatives and friends wrote many books about him not being qualified to be in that position. He was torn apart at every corner of his life. The White House was Donald’s new prison. But, even COVID19 could not shut him in long…the people loved his honesty and caring for them. In his first year of presidency in 2017 there would only be SEVEN 7.0 earthquakes.

Donald J Trump was the earth’s next MEGA Earthquake sending shock waves throughout our world. Everything he touched turned to gold. He was anointed to bring Israel borders in line and he did. His team helped him be nominated for at least three to four Middle East Peace Awards. And yet, the next double-minded, presidential office-stealing, O’Biden would return to 50 years of politics continuing to be anti-Israel; sneering those awards.

By the end of 3.5 years Donald J Trump (like Jeremiah) was committed to staying the task set before him. Both Jeremiah and Trump became servants of our Most High, even as each in their humanity would have preferred their old lives back. Jeremiah could not marry until after ‘house arrest’ was over. Even Stephen Grover Cleveland did not marry until he won the presidency. President Grover Cleveland was the first president to be kind to the people. A man was told that Trump would only be the second president that was ‘kind to the people.’ Just as our king chooses to wed us in the most elaborate of ways, Grover Cleveland was the first to marry in The White House. Donald Trump and Melanie made our White House a ‘house of splendor’ as well.

One Year – and then The Wedding Vows: “We will do it”

They said, “I do” at one year old and then the courting lasted FORTY years. The old were removed in order to find those of pure hearts that didn’t remember Egypt. Those with ‘willing’ hearts were told the original story that they must tell their children.

Mosche was then able to give his farewell speech which is the Book of Deuteronomy. These are NOT God’s words, but Mosch’s words as he tells why he can not cross over the Jordan with them. He speaks for thirty days and then is mourned for thirty days. It is after these speeches that they cross over…to go into a couple battles…and then their feet split open water a ‘second’ time. The Jordan waters are held back for about ten miles with pillars mounted at each end in memorial.

(Yes, there are TEN generations that Enoch speaks about bringing our earth to 7000 years old when the next crossing is scheduled. (First the physical of tens that point to the eternal spiritual.)

Mosch was in full health when taken. He was mourned for 30 days. He dies on 7 Adar and is mourned until 7 Nisan. (Nisan 7 is the day Yeshua Jesus will raise up Lazarus of whom had been dead for four days.)

On Nisan 10 ‘the lambs’ were chosen and made pets for four days. Yeshua Jesus was chosen as the Jews ‘king’ on Nisan 10. The real ‘lamb of God’ sat on a donkey honored as their future king. But, because ‘the suffering servant’ had to come first and then the ‘king of kings’ come…Yeshua went into the country to hide until it was time for Jerusalem to slay God’s lamb on the ‘fourth day’. And, Yeshua coming at year 4000 from Adam also confirms he is the one opening the ‘door’ / ‘dahlet’ to salvation at 4000 years. (he letter dahlet is pictured as a door and is number four.)

Likened to when they came out of Egypt on 14 Nisan it became the Feast of the Firstborn. Yes, it gave memory to all the firstborn animals and humans that died in all of Egypt that year. As we look back to our savior’s execution on 14 Nisan, we recognize it memorializes that most precious ‘lamb of God’ to be sacrificed for our transgression of The Torah.

When that final judgment came that shadowed forward to God’s own flesh dying, the Egyptians wanted these Hebrews gone. The Wilderness would be where they could grow in the knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. In 2021 we find ourselves in a ‘wilderness experience’. When we our loved ones die, we must remember that God in the flesh also died for that person. It is in that HOPE that we have confidence for an eternal future.

Moses had set a fullness of time to be FORTY years. Today, our presidents are set to a FOUR-year term. Time is speeding up and thus the pattern is sped up. Four being the letter Dahlet and pictured as a door…shows us God’s intent of opening and closing leadership in history.

Kim Clement speaks in 2014. The Tetrad of four total lunar eclipses began in 2014.

On Nissan 14 the Israelites had to move out of Egypt quickly with their bread not able to rise. It is now ‘Unleavened Bread’ on 15 Nissan. Yahweh’s War was signaled with The Tetrad of 2014 – 2015. These days and years are portents. They point and confirm. Yeshua came at year 4000…and is known as The Door. He knocks and is waiting for you to open to Him. Five is the letter Hei for ‘behold’, grace.

The Wilderness children knew The Lord’s ways but did not have the freedom to ‘hear and obey’ them…Shema. Thus, they did life their way…honoring God but not obeying God. So it was then and so it is today.

The foreigner and stranger had followed the Israelites out of Egypt. Today, the Gentiles are the foreigners and strangers to the covenants of God. Through bible teachings we have learned that we are grafted into these strange ways. We are to follow the ways of The Torah seen lived out in the lives of our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Today we call them Judean values.

Humans that are NOT ‘strangers to the world’ remain outside these instructions. These humans choose to remain in the world as true strangers to, The Torah. These strange Gentiles even chose to persuade the Jew that their thinking is right for them as well. The true Jew should look at these Gentiles as lost to the covenants of Elohim and not assimilate into the stranger’s ‘strange’ thinking.

These first physical foreigners seen coming out of Egypt should teach us the wrong actions of foreigners to the covenants of God. We must not return to Egypt and become spiritual foreigners with them. The first instructions of YHWH are still the instructions for today. The first is still first and will last into eternity.


The first COVID vaccines are not even vaccines. They are a gene therapy using humans as an experiment. The bio-weapon released in 2019 shut down our world in 2020. And then under ‘warp speed’ the first shots were issued. Immediate death occurred as we witnessed a health care worker fall to the ground on live television. All the animals tested died and now likened to Agent Orange given to our military men during the Vietnam era, we are injecting strange genes into people. As in Agent Orange they trusted the military with their lives. Today, we stand in line again. The first are tricked with the actual bio-weapon being injected into them instead of coming through the air.

In just a year those people may be dead just as the Korach clan was almost completely wiped out…even as the ‘golden calf designers’ had to eat it’s gold dust and died. Some die immediately and some die over time. First came the ‘gold dust’ in The Wilderness and because of ‘the stranger’ convincing us, the spiritual side comes in our day that we perish by self injection.

First comes the physical example from which we are to learn. .

100 BC – A First number

Today, on March 15 – The Ide (15) of March – memorializes another god of the past…Julius Caesar born 100 BC. Christ is quoted saying, render to Caesar what is Caesars and render to God what is Gods. He is speaking of respecting the authority set up by God.

Julian Caesar so loved himself that he created his own calendar eliminating God’s calendar, The Hebrew calendar. Yes, people so loved him declaring Julius a true god even after he died. But, the one coming after him would leave the ‘real mark’ in BC. They call it Before Common Era but we know in our minds, Before Christ. Our Creator triumphed over that tyranny.

The Battle of the FIRST calendar still prevails today. God’s calendar began with Six Days and then on Day Seven we are to rest; thus a 7-day week (not eight). Sunday, is not the Sabbath even as today’s Rome has even convinced Protestant churches to follow Sunday. The Romans had their Julian calendar. Then Rome gave us the Pope Gregory calendar. Yes, YHWH still battles for His calendar which are His festivals. The Lord’s calendar is the portent to our future.

Exo 35:20  Then the whole community of the people of Isra’el withdrew from Moshe’s presence; 

Exo 35:21  and they came, everyone whose heart stirred him and everyone whose spirit made him willing, and brought Adonai’s offering for the work on the tent of meeting, for the service in it and for the holy garments. 

Exo 35:22  Both men and women came, as many as had willing hearts; they brought nose-rings, earrings, signet-rings, belts, all kinds of gold jewelry—everyone bringing an offering of gold to Adonai.

This week this Scripture was part of our Torah study. We closed out the Book of Exodus on March 13, 2021. Our teaching leader also closed out being our Torah Teacher…but not without reviewing her ministries history. And, we could not that Sabbath without her reviewing The Book of Exodus. It is powerful.

The first this article covered 20, 21 and 22 just as my heart for several years has pondered the years that Ya’cov worked for the world’s Laven and after year 20 of having his wages changed TEN times he left in year 21.

March 13, 2021 – Torah Parshah 22: Vayak’hel (He assembled) Exodus 35:1-38:20.

Sabbath Regulations

Exo 35:1  Moshe assembled the whole community of the people of Isra’el and said to them, “These are the things which Adonai has ordered you to do. 

Exo 35:2  On six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is to be a holy day for you, a Sabbath of complete rest in honor of Adonai. Whoever does any work on it is to be put to death. 

This portion is very serious and involves death for not setting this example on the earth. Did they die immediately? Perphaps, the first people were put to death to understand the community was responsible for taking this very serious. And, we do know that Solomon’s kingdom was removed as his own wisdom set in and he no longer obeyed many of these instructions. Thus, death came as a nation when they were carried off to Babylon for 70 years…but then they resurrected.

Repentance brought Restoration!

This is where America and our world are right now. We have been cast off. When we reject God’s ways, he has to do something to bring correction.

So, let’s repeat from the what I wrote in the beginning. It took them one year of coming out of Egypt to say with their hearts, “We will do all that you say.”

Men forget God’s life-lessons and return to their own ways. Solomon was the cause of their fall as he did NOT read (have his scribes read) The Torah every year to them. It was found years later by Joshia…who had an ever larger Passover than King Solomon.

When is Passover in 2021? March 27, Sabbath evening with Exekiel 45:21-25 and Leviticus 23:5 as Scriptures. Do you have a Seder planned? Will you have a Passover meal in your home because of COVID? They had blood over their doors andn the death angel passover over them in all the land of Goshen. Are you covered by the Blood of Yeshua Jesus? Then do a ‘remembrance’ of it. Pesach is a SEVEN Day Festival.

Verse 20 – Then they left Mosche’s presence….We have left God’s presence…just as Ya’cov left Laven’s presence. All of us should leave this world in order to return to The Father.

Verse 21 – They prepared items to build The Tabernacle in the Wilderness. This took time to prepare…a whole year perhaps for some items. Only those with willing hearts were preparing for God to dwell with them on earth. They saw him on the mountain and now they wanted him to dwell where they traveled.

In 2021 hearts are being prepared for His return. The world’s distractions are less and we’ve learned to lookk within ourselves. What do you have to offer to bring to build up God’s assembly on our earth?

Verse 22 – We use to give one day a week to church..maybe two at the most (on a Wednesday night). This verse says they didn’t give up time…but they gave up their gold. Yes, they broguht their best and they brought it willingly.

I close now with giving you the dates that you should meditate on. Now that we’re in Arizona we have family to visit and wouldn’t you know…we’ve been invited to my first cousin’s birthday party March 27 in the evening. Hmm!

No, I pray to find a group that will celebrate Pesach. It is a very HOLY time. It the day our Lord gave up His life so we could have eternal life. We MUST remember these things…and continue to remember not just for seven days but for the entire fifty days called The Counting of the Omer.

On Day 40 our savior Yeshua Jesus returns to The Father.

On Day 50 the Holy Spirit arrives which is called Shavuot…man calls it Pentecost.

A little secret for you –

Since there are two full moons at the Equinox there should be an extra month added to the Hebrew calendar but our calendars only show one. Thus, there can be another Passover 30 days from March 27, 2021.

It is in these things that man again must be a ‘watchman’ to see The Hand of God on us. In Arizona I know people who follow God’s calendar and they are prepared for this second month of Adar. If you don’t add it in your spring can come too early…and the rest of God’s calendar is off for his festivals.

Thus, be a watchman because those looking may see his appearing…because most of the world is on NASA’s calendar time line.

Wow! Now this report has many facets so you might want to listen again and pass to a friend.

It is God that is in control and in these ‘end of days’ as we know them, secret things can be seen…because we are kings and priests that can look into the ‘secret’ things of God.

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