Torah Removed – Bibles Are Next

Whoever Holds Out To The End Will Be Delivered!

Holds To What? Whoever Holds To Torah!

I sat in a class in Olathe, Kansas two years ago. The Associate Pastor said that they no longer were an assembly or congregation but would call themselves a church. In a Sunday school class he ask, “What does ‘violence in The Torah’ mean?” No one answered and he went on to say that in the end days there would be many wars and we should be prepared for them.

In 2017 I had read a book by a rabbi that explained this phrase. I turned to him and said what this rabbi had taught about this phrase. He looked at me and said, “Did I hear you right that the violence in The Torah means the removal of it?” And, I said, “Yes.” He was shocked. A week later I bought him the eleven-page article on it. By 2021 their church still honored The Sabbath but it’s members still go to church on Sunday. They don’t require the Gentile to eat clean and the Gentile is not required to be circumcised. They are a worship church that studies Torah from the pulpit when moved to. They talk about abundant grace and give encouraging words to the people. NO TORAH taught is the result of a two-year degree out of Texas.

It is now 2021 and I still hold fast to what this means in Scripture. We must take this serious because none of us want to fall victim to removing God’s instructions from our earth. It is not the wars and rumors of wars that should concern us….they will always be there. But, if we look at the Book of Mathew and especially chapter 24 we see what Jesus concern was. False teachers…false religions creeping in…changing…adding..taking away God’s word.

42,000 denominations…each projecting their own thoughts of what The Bible says.

After being in Bible Study Fellowship study for some twenty years and a discussion leader for most of those years…I have put in hours of study on The Bible. God’s Words must be taken serious because they lead to eternal happiness or anguish. It leads to building a relationship with God or some may use it as a type of get a get-out-of-hell-free card. We do have a Creator who wants a relationship with us.

Thus, after all these years…when I was 57 to learn that Jesus was a Jew shocked me. To learn what qualified him to be The Messiah was that he never failed in point of filling up The Torah…never abolishing it but endorsing Torah to spread out over all the earth was earthshaking to me. Had I wasted all these years in Bible study? No. But, it took me into a deeper study of God’s plan for us.

After fourteen years of walking out Sabbath and The Feasts, I have yet to see my personal witness penatrate the holds that The Church has on my Christian family. Families don’t like arguing and so they just change the subject to avoid discussion. This personal persecution has been felt by many of my friends who have had the scales removed from their eyes, as well. What I say next I say in love. It is what Jesus actually said that should shock us. He tells what the end of this generation looks like?

After listening to Tom Bradford in August, 2021 I’ve gotten the courage to once again to try to SAVE my family and friends and you from eternal destruction. Things may get worse in relationships but they can also get better for the eternal value of Jesus’ words. I am praying for scales to be removed from eyes and the wax out of the ears of many. And our dear dear pastors to set aside pride of what they thought was their doctrine and now is being challenged.

I believe these fourteen years have seen some fruit in that many now believe:

Jesus is a Jew.

They understand that Christmas and Easter are traditions made by man.

They understand that Day Seven is The Sabbath.

If we can start there we’ve made progress. But, that wasn’t even the problem when Jesus told what the end would look like. He gave a more vivid description calling it ‘lawlessness’. Men would be without The Torah. There would be false prophets. Prophets are those that explain God’s word. Their words would be false. Their words would lead people to join groups that honored other gods.

Tom Bradford says two things happened when The Catholic Church took over. The Hebrew and Muslim would have to go. If you looked like one you were arrested, tortured and killed. The purpose was to remove The Torah. In the Hebrew writings were prophecies. The Book of Daniel has now been discredited as being written after the fact of Antiochus Epiphanies in 167 BC where he did kill over 10,000 Jews and set himself up as a god and put statues of Zeus in The Temple and had non kosher activities all over Israel. The Essenes went into hiding and it was the Maccabees that got them to band together once again to reclaim God’s presence on the our earth at The Temple.

This was a prophecy from Daniel perhaps 400 years before 167 BC. Since prophecies are now being debunked, it will lead to doubting The Bible. One thing leads to the next. No Torah, No Prophecies, No miracles, No Bible. Torah was and still is cast out. Now our Bibles are to be cast out.

I never expected to place my words as a fleece before The Lord and have a calf raise up exactly as the words came from my mouth. “Lord, I can’t believe this calf is dead were just a few words I spoke. As I closed this prayer for life over all our cattle, I stopped and thought…I wonder if ADONAI would give me hope with some sign of life. Then the words came forth from him, “Please give a sign of life before we go in…raise up his head…and his hoof. I was shocked at this specific prayer and apologized for it. I closed a somewhat simple prayer in Jesus’ Hebrew name only…I pray this in Yeshua HaMashiach (The Messiah) Amein.

The three other adults agreed by saying, Amein. And then the dead calf laying in a ravine below us two ladies and next to the two men below lifted it’s head up and it’s right hoof and sat it’s head on that right hoof. We all gasp for air and in unison declared together, ‘Praises the Lord’. I immediately went into a prayer of thanks and for ADONAI making himself real to my family. The calf held that position during my entire time of prayer.

After this I have continued to investigate as to why me…why our property…and why at the 42nd and 43rd Parshah reading on the Sabbath of Mattot Massei at 9:00 pm, at 90 degrees..with a 62 mph wind then dropping the temperature to 42 degrees…saving the other twenty cattle, too. You can read this story at

And, now in July to have a rabbi discount this miracle on our property outside the land of Israel shook my soul. It was our Creator he was coming against. Now, I see what is happening in these last days…even a miracle given to a Gentile will not be tolerated. It should only happen in Israel? Hmm!

For four years I’ve told this story and more stories attach themselves to our cattle. They all surround themselves around The Lord’s Feasts…as do my being married on Yom Kippur. Our one granddaughter was born Passover Day One and our oldest granddaughter was born Feast of Tabernacles Day One.

These feasts are what I write about. I will not stop because because The Lord’s Feasts are my joy to bring back to our earth. I’m personally attached, my family is attached and land named El Shaddai Estates are attached to His blessings. He has provided all we have and will continue to keep us safe as we even watch the storms around us.

False prophets are appearing right before our eyes. They want to deny God is at work all over the earth. The Land of Israel will be set apart as that is where Yeshua will reign. If you add h as the last letter to this name you have God’s name: Yeshuah.

Tom Bradford has taken four sessions so far to study Mathew 24. He takes his time so we can catch this. Listen to his August segments.

Chapter One Yeshua is sitting on the Mount of Olives. It is a large area and somewhere on that mount he will be crucified in the spring time, exactly on the right hour that the lambs were slain.

His tamidim come to him privately to talk to him about what will be the sign that Yeshua will come and that the ‘olan hazeh (the age) is ending.”

The first thing said from Yeshua is, “Watch out! Don’t let anyone fool you!”

The thing that they could be fooled about is his name. He is going to be given a different name. Has the name Jesus been confusing?

Some may come in their own name and say they are the anointed Messiah. These false Messiahs will lead people astray.

This year in Israel a man age thirty had his hand kissed as many called him, The Messiah and he was accepting that praise. There have been other Messiah that have proved to be wrong and thus they still have not found The Messiach. Perhaps these false Messiah’s are the reason why Israel has recently had two separate accidents with people dying. One of Day 33 Count of Omer when hundreds crowded to see a dead rabbi memorial had people crushed on a stairway. Another had bleachers collapse causing death this summer.

Mathew 24:6-9 gives us the future where they can expect more wars…his talmadim will be arrested…which they were…punished…which they were…and killed…which they were all because they hated Yeshua so they hate them.

Mathew 24:10 speaks of people being trapped into betraying and hating each other…which they did at the time that the Catholic Church got rid of Jews and Muslims. If you even looked like one you were arrested, tortured and killed. By doing this they got rid of the Jew’s Torah. The books were burnt all in the new name they created: JESUS.

I see the trappings as some of my so-called Hebraic friends are now even praying against anything rabbinic in their groups. Has this friend been snared and drawn in to think that our Creator is only going to work in The Land of Israel. Americans and Europeans and elsewhere don’t get any Holy Spirit? The Goeim are not worthy of God’s gifts?

Dr Shapiro actually said, what he saw in Kansas City the last two days made him sick. He was full of hate for those that loved The Torah. He was upset with the word YEHOVAH on a cap and a girl wearing pink tassels tzit zit. Really? We are to declare His name! And it does not say male or female.

By Sunday night in Greenwood, Missouri he said the words, “STOP Studying Torah!”

This my friends…if you are a friend…I do not know…but I still write this to you to open your ears and take the scales off your eyes. Look before us and stop arguing that The Torah is not for The Gentile. It is for the Gentile..and the Jew that is zealous for The Torah is to teach it to us. There is a jealousy for it that we all want it. We chase after the Jew to get it. The Gentiles have so fallen in love with it that it has confused the Jew. Now, their goal is to raise up leaders who follow their guidelines to even know who can and can’t carry The Torah scroll. They will now create a distance from The Torah as we saw woman are not to even touch it.

The freedoms of The Torah are now having chains tied to as did King James when he paid for The Bible to be put in print he then chained it to the pews so people would have to go to his Catholic Church to read it.

False prophets are appearing and fooling many people.

Mat 24:10  At that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other, 

Mat 24:11  many false prophets will appear and fool many people; 

Mat 24:12  and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah.

What are we to do?

First, recognize there is a great problem and it is coming out of Israel. It has turned into quenching the Holy Spirit around the world. This is an anti-anointing movement lead by just a few Jews. This is causing people’s love to grow cold because of increased distance from Torah.

Mat 24:12  and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah. 

The Jew is to be zealous for The Torah. They are called upon to carry it to The Gentile. The Gentile has received it. The Gentile has become so gun ho for The Torah that the Jew is now wanting to put stops on The Gentiles application of it.

Mat 24:13  But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered. 

We must hold to Torah. This is who will be delivered no matter what age you lived in. It has always been about God’s Word. His Living Word Yeshua is the physical that we MUST hold to in order to be delivered safely into The Kingdom.

So, if you are church that does not lead out with The Old Testament…I suggest you do…because otherwise your group has nothing to hold to. These are Jesus’ own words to you. He’s telling you that in a false name you will think you’re saved when actually there is a Hebrew Savior that is calling you out of a false kingdom. Your battle is not of flesh and blood…not of those in government…but it’s a spiritual battle…right in your church. It’s a battle for your soul. But, if you come closer to Torah (Mat 24:12) you will make it.

The Kingdom had come because Yeshua was on the earth. He came to explain the simpleness of The Torah. The first three feasts he completed in three days. The fourth feast (Feast of Weeks) took 50 days. These four feasts pictured his first coming which happened.

The last three feasts show us His Second coming. If you don’t understand Torah…you will follow false teachers. You will NOT know the time of His arrival…you will have stopped looking. You must learn the feasts because that is where He is found.

You don’t need guns to protect you from the world. The Torah is your ammunition to protect your church and set it free. Yeshuah, The Living Torah is coming to Jerusalem as a warrior king. His feet will shake the earth causing it’s plates to slide. His arrival will upset the atmosphere so the stars fall. He will come according to The Lord’s Feasts described in The Torah.

I’ve had fourteen years to weep about this. It’s what I think about when I wake up. I am always praying to save people from the destruction they don’t even know is going to happen to them.

They know Jesus and even do miracles in his name, but he’s going to say…I don’t know you. Why does he say that? Because you don’t know The Father’s instructions. Yeshua followed them and died for them so you could believe the instructions. He consumes the feasts. The Lord’s Feasts give witness to The Father who created all these things to be a witness for the world to see. Don’t you want to be a witness? The Lord’s Feasts were not made by man.

Getting rid of Halloween is not enough…get rid of it all. Do The Lord’s Feasts as these are The Father’s ways. Any other way is the way of the anti-christs.

Those that detest the anointing are those that deny Yeshua is The Messiah. They pattern each other like in a mirror. When you see one you see the other…The Living Torah and the Spiritual Torah.

How can you hold out to the end when you’re not holding on to anything?

Or, are you holding on to someone with a Greek name instead of a Hebrew name?

How do you call upon Him if you don’t now His name? We must call upon His name as that is how He will return to us.

These are the words of Yeshua…thus word from Elohim……take them serious.

There will be miracles outside the land of Israel…they are happening all across the world because after 2000 years you can’t stop the Holy Spirit. Even if rabbis want it stopped it won’t be stopped.

Mat 24:12  and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah

Mat 24:13  But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered. 

Mat 24:14  And this Good News about the Kingdom will be announced throughout the whole world as a witness to all the Goyim. It is then that the end will come.

You have now heard it…. I’ve announced it and others are announcing it. The Good News is that The Father wants the Gentiles to be in The Kingdom reign that is planned for the earth. Yes, Yeshua will be here to lead that government.

Mat 24:46  It will go well with that servant if he is found doing his job when his master comes. 

Mat 24:47  Yes, I tell you that he will put him in charge of all he owns. 

What is the servants job? Living a life in Torah….then he will be in charge of all he owns. He will own much because his blessings increase as Torah’s blessings kick in. His mansion will be like Job…very blessed.

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