Stop Studying Torah – Yom Kippur Update

The Secret of the ‘Falling Away’ Now Revealed

SST – Stop Studying Torah

When you invite Jesus, you welcome The Torah into your life. He is ‘The Living Word.” You are welcoming the Hebrew Yeshua. ONE in name in their attributes. Ya’cob had a twin Esau, but they did NOT look alike. Who do you look like?

2 Thessalonians 2:4  He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God. 

(objects of worship ie. christmas trees, Istar / Easter, Jesus, doctrines of men.)

A true Christian believer believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the anointed one. These people are now to be labeled: ESAU by Rabbi Isaac Shapira. I call this blaspheming. He has aligned himself to 2 Thess Chapter 2. He is telling the majority of our world to be ‘lawless’.

On July 25, 2021 a group of fifteen (?) Messianic followers of this man sat before him for two hours. They were told to go back to church, go back to Christianity. You don’t need a name. You are followers of Jesus. Jesus is Esau. Rome is Esau.

His way of repairing our world seems to leave The Jew as the caretakers of the earth even as most of them don’t yet believe in Yeshua. He is against The Gentile Esau having miracles, prophecies, dreams, visions, and gifting. He declared The Christians are Esau in whom Ya’cov will always battle. His book The BESORAH According to Covid-19, The Hidden Message of the Messiah describes why.

Is he claiming Ya’cov has all the inheritance? YES!

It is not the exact name we should be concerned about, but the ‘essence’ of what that name means. Just as Elohim is the highest god, it still remains that it is his characteristics that bring the essence of what He really is to us. He’s our Creator, Father, Healer, Provider and more. His thirteen attributes are revealed at Sinai.

Abraham was a stranger to the ways of God but his faith grew as he built his family through Isaac and Ya’cov. My friend thought we should embrace our roots with Abraham’s family who were all Hebrews. Hence, we too are Hebrews.

July 23, 24, 25, 2021 – Gentiles don’t need an identity. Gentiles are not attached to The Land….therefore circumcision is not necessary…it is a sign for The Land. You are The Nations…You are Esau. By Sunday night July 25 his last words spoken is what was really on his heart:

Almost yelling, “STOP STUDYING TORAH!!!” It rang in my ears and I was disbelief. But it would become more clear over the next weeks.

It was clearly from the enemy (Satan).

These RUDE and CRUDE mannerism came via Independence, Missouri. Israel was proclaimed a nation by Harry S Truman from Independence, MO when he lead the world by having the United States be the first country to recognize Israel as a nation. Now, Independence Missouri would again be the city that would declare ‘Independence’ from this evil spirit that has no plan of salvation for Israel, but comes to tear down those that have loved her. This group is rising up against The Deceivers charges…because we know that ‘the world’ first hated our Savior and that is why we are hated.

Independence, Missouri is full of people who carry guns and will not wear masks. It is a city under seige even as yesterday September 15 two police officers answered a strange call and as soon as they arrived the 22-year old police officer, Marcus..two week on duty was shot in the head. Gunfire proceeded and the second officer took the man down killing him.

This could have been my grandson…tears flowed from my eyes in remorse for him and his family. Innocent blood spilled from Independence. We have allowed chanting across our nation…’Defund The Police’, ‘Black Lives Matters’ when ALL Lives Matter. And now The Jew Matters is more important than 8 billion people on planet earth? These themes are good but are killing us phypsically and spiritually.

ALL Lives Matter .. especially a young 22-year old police officer two week on the job. Our Creator holds back judgment so all have the hope of surviving the ‘wiles of the devils’ schemes..which are exploding in these violent end days.

When you keep saying sorry for our parents past sins, that can be exploited until now the word, Reparation is a chant for more subsidies. Yeshua Jesus said to teach a man to fish and he will feed his family for a life time. The black has learned to work and my black friends see no need for any ‘reparation’. But, we have churches closed and men are left to their own violent thinking.

“Don’t offend Israel?” Is it offending them when I tell them to ‘GROW UP and Teach the earth YHWH’s righteous ways.’ If they would do that violence would end. But, no….we leave Satan master our minds saying: STOP Studying Torah.

Shapria spent THREE days and three nights on the soils of Independence. I say that he has taken the veil of deception off and now those that follow him will have to step out from behind that ‘tent’ and not ‘laugh’ at God as Sarah did. The Seed via Rachel’s Isaac is rising up on our earth. The Jew must TURN to Yeshua Ha (The) Messiach NOW to be saved. If the Gentile can see the savior in The Lord’s Feasts why can’t the Jew! Wake UP Gentile…learn to observe The Feasts…they are The Witness to The Jew!

The ‘Secret’ is out! This Tekkem Team designed to ‘repair’ our earth by tearing down the old Torah and then making up the new instructions for the Jew has been exposed.

We’re all now locked out of Israel with flights canceled indefinitely. Right now even Shapira’s team can NOT return unless they get The SHOT. YHWH has locked out friend and foe. Israel has announed on The Ninth of Av, “You can NOT buy or sell without the vaccine.”

The Repair Team gives the Gentiles instructions: “Go back to being a Church! Ecclesia is not church. You don’t even know the right word for church.”

(Well, why don’t you teach us the right words?)

The Repair Team says that the Gentile nor Hebraic Believer will see many miracles, experience dreams and visions…the giftings and callings.

(Satan is trying to control the spirit of YHWH…but that is NOT possible! He will give to whomever he chooses.)

Communism: Told what to think and do. Stay at home…stay in your church groups locked up with no promises…no Holy Spirit functioning for you Gentiles!

Yep…makes sense doesn’t it that this controlling spirit believes it can rule The Creator who directs The Spirit? This is quenching The Holy Spirit big time. Without the Holy Spirit there is NO salvation. This shepherd has just stepped across The Great Divide.

“It is a difficult thing to bring Israel to her position on the earth,” is the excuse for this new Esau Doctrine being laid out on our earth.

The mistakes of Rome continue if they keep dividing our Bibles in half when it is whole. There is nothing in the New that was not already estabished in the Old. Even Yeshua Jesus says he can only speak and do what The Father has him.

The church seems to want to stay on the left goat side. The Adversary is strking a final blow to a remnant that is trying to be portrayed as ‘idiots’ in ‘left field’. This man since 2013 has been in 60 countries and cities spewing hatred for Rome’s Jesus and now the Hebrew’s Yeshua. All are to be labeled ESAU.

This man fits the 2 Thessalonians 2 profile of deception. The secret is no longer a secret. He’s fully revealed!

We all have to agree that any conversion to Yeshua Jesus has to be of the Holy Spirit. It will also have to be the spirit of YHWH on The Jew that give them the desire to teach The Nations. What we are seeing right now is not a ZEAL to teach us The Torah, but a jealousy by The Jew to hold it for themselves. What I give personal witness to is his flattery to be invited in, then criticism to make Yeshua look weak, and then flattery in promising positions in his kingdom.

Instructions are being determined on what man qualifies to even hold The Torah when it comes out of it’s case. It is doubtful that a female can touch it. The halacha (guidelines) that are determined now in 2021-22, if violated will be called heresey by your local authorities.

Are we truly going to go back to straining knat? This type of repair “will be remembered 2000 years from now” beginning in Greenwood, MO! Really? Puppets are being born. I pray these zealous puppets cut their strings from those mastering their minds.

Who will have the right to throw the first stone when this group determines someone to be a witch (in their opinion)?

Rabbinical rulings are man’s opinion and not YHWH’s opinion. Elohim’s opinions are in the original Torah. The children were guided through the ‘Wilderness’ living Torah out for forty years. This generation would remember to keep it simple so even their children could do it. They were fed double on Day Six so they didn’t collect food on The Sabbath. “Remember The Sabbath is The Lord’s Day.”

Whose instructions will be taught? This is the ‘secret’ that has been hidden. It is man who wants his ways on the earth rejectding The Lord’s Torah. Being called ‘lawless’ fits perfectly. 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. He teaches his ways are best.

After seventy-one years of loving Jesus and studying The Bible in many venues, I have lived in the camp believing that The Holy Spirit is The Restrainer. When the ‘believers’ depart the earth in bulk, the HS leaves as well and that is when all ‘hell’ breaks lose on earth…is what I held in my mind reading from King James.

The Adversary revealed his team players…releasing ‘the secret’ on July 25, 2021. But it was not until Rosh Hoshanna that I was moved to turn to 2 Thessalonians 2 to come face-to-face with our new reality. Everything is ADONAI’s to timing.

That night I witnessed people being drawn with eyes mesmerized..fixed on him that they can’t even remember their question.

The words he is saying should make us shudder. Some are drawn to his presence while others turn their back on him and see his arrogance toward the group of 250 Gentiles that weekend in Independence, MO. We should be repentant for what Constantine began in 325 AD. We should repent that our ancestors brought evil against the Jews and others in it’s pogroms. But does that mean we bear the brunt of arrogance from them still today? No! We have admitted our ancestor’s wrongs. The Christians have helped bring Israel into her land.

Just as ALL Lives Matter there should be no past repirations due. The programs hurting those of color, Asians and whoever have been crushed. My black friends don’t want repiration, they have jobs…they got to go to school and advance themselves. We all have opportunity in America and now we protect those freedoms given to us by God.

We are all Hebrews on this earth living together and should not expect ‘welfare’ to sustain ourselves. Kingdom children are a new generation no longer arguing over the past because ‘the inheritance’ is for all of us.

But, it was Esau’s children that stirred up their father to go back after what they thought was THEIR inheritance. Even Rachel took her inheritance (figures with gold on them) as she thought she would lose wealth by going with her husband.

Abraham had 100 children in his lineage when he died. We are those children. Abraham’s beginning families were all Hebrews. Abraham brought Esau and Ya’cov together to resolve their diffences and they did.

The Anti-Christ spirit brings Esau forward in history to remind us of our earthly inheritance…not our spiritual inheritance. If he can get us to fight over the earth, we will become fille with iniquity that we miss the key that brings salvation to our spiritual inheritance…through The Son Yeshuah.

Our earth’s iniquity is full. Torah’s removal is almost complete. The Deceiver’s have cunning smiles.

At Rosh Hoshanna 2021, 7th Shemittah Cycle opens with my eyes reading and mouth dropping open as I saw The Man of deception. My thinking had been set free and I could see ‘the secret’ unfolding right before our eyes.

The 2021 40 Days of Repentance I found I could not pray without weeping. Through those tears I saw the unveiling of The Man of Perdition. It unfolded not only before my eyes but others as well. His spirit did NOT sit well with us. We are cascading quicker now rolling into an abyss of darkness without Torah and a plague fast at our heels…putting fear into us…making us run and do what we normally would not. We forsake our families for the rules of ‘isolation’.

2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 The Complete Jewish Bible. The ‘restrainer’ is defined explicitly so there is no confusion about what this ‘restrainer’ is restraining.

2Th 2:3  Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom.

2Th 2:3Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom.

The Adversary since the beginning has always sought to destroy our relationship with Elohim but changing words. The ‘you will die’ given to Adam in Genesis 2:17 became a “Ye shall not surely die.” in Genesis 3:4.

Gen 2:16  Adonai, God, gave the person this order: “You may freely eat from every tree in the garden 

Gen 2:17  except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, because on the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die.”

 Gen 3:4  The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; 

Adam was given the instruction on how to deal with the animals and eating before Eve was created. We see from historical records that she was created on Day 13 which was also Day 6 of the second week of Creation. She heard the instructions ‘second hand’ from Adam.

Israel is The Bride today that lives under deception. The ‘second hand’ information from ‘The Lawless’ is distracting them. Giving them Freedom is giving them Truth…the Living Torah, YESHUA! YESHUAH is NOT Esau!

The re-wording of The Torah has always been from The Deceiver. Torah states taht the stranger and foreigners are included in the covenants. Dispensational thinking re-words The True Torah.

The Torah holds the promises on how to live safely on the earth. This was part of Ya’cob’s inheritance. Satan is using Esau once again with Esau’s children even trying to kill their father Esau to get him to once again fight Ya’cov for the inheritance.

Esau comes to Ya’cob at the time his bride Leah just died. In Ya’cov’s sorrow Esau comes to challenge Ya’cov to the death. Ya’cob’s son tell their father that he alone can kill his brother. Ya’cov tries to send Esau away but Esau still stands at Ya’cov’s gate knocking. With great sadness Ya’cov appeases his sons and places an arrow directly into Esau’s heart. Esau drops to his knees and dies. Another arrow is sent into Esau’s armour bearer and he dies, too. One died for his master and one died by his brother’s hands. Two dead and now the battle raged between the siblings of these twin brothers.

The Deceiver turns brother against brother as their own children agree.

Deceivers turn words and are the first to deceive. Whatever blame is currently being placed to Gentile Believers is the sin the deceivers commit.

No my dear Christian, do NOT stand for this. We are for Ya’cov, not against him. If Ya’cov has a hard time getting his children to behave, that is Ya’cov’s concern. Family issues should stay at home with no evil speech.

Gentiles and Jews are Abraham’s children engrafted into all the promises…the miracles, the dream and visions, the callings..and eternal inheritance. We don’t need to leave our children a financial inheritance. Claiming our ‘etenal inheritance’ is what Rebecca helped Ya’cov do. He heart truly was circumcised.

We MUST never have the ‘essence’ of Yeshua be called Esau. If Christians choose to still use the Greek name, Jesus, then may they still hold his essence high. The name Jesus or Yeshua does not change his ‘essence’ of what He did on that stake. He is the promised Messiach told to be The Seed through a single woman who said yes, I will bear children so the world can populate. Yes, I’ll nurse them to health aids Israel’s vindication. Eve was vindicated for being a vessel to multiply humans on the earth. Woman are vindicated for multiplying.

No, we refuse to have Jesus’ ‘essence’ changed. It is not a spelling or is it? FYI

When they wrote Yeshuah King of Jews, King of Hebrews, King of …, Son of God…it was all TRUE. His ‘essence’ made him King of all.

Change the J to Y and you’re almost there. Yesus… In Hebrew his name is Yeshua and if you add the “h” to the end you’re right there to being very close to saying G-d’s name…Yeshuah. It is Yah that saves us so really the saving name appears as Yahshuah..God saves.

If Christians believe in a Jewish Savior who honored Sabbath, ate clean, and walked out Torah, why would a Christian not want to do the same thing? We know him better when we walk as He walked.

The Hebrews (us) are engrafted into the bride Israel. Those that were once afar off and strangers to the covenants of God are now drawn near and can join the same wedding banquet. We are NOT Esau…and an apology is in order.

Isaac and Rebecca did NOT approve the marriages when Esau found brides outside the family. We should not approve Jesus is married to Esau.

The ‘secret’ is no longer a ‘secret’. The ‘iniquity’ of Esau (the world) has become full with justice now being issued. A false Torah has being allowed. Are the ‘elect’ going to survive this last move on the chess board?

Groups have aligned themselves with this type of repair all to appease our past father’s sins with Israel! This has to STOP. This tire patch is letting out air and the tire is quickly going flat. And the ownership needs to change because they are causing extreme violence against The Torah. They now have REMOVED it!

We can NOT allow ‘violence’ to break out. Violence in ‘removing’ The Torah. Removing Torah brings ‘violence’ on our earth. This makes perfect sense. The removal of something that held the peace on the earth for thousands of years MUST return in order for the earth to stablize it’s shaking out of orbit. Yes, The Living Word must return to stop chaos. In that return, the stars will fall and the heavens will open with the earth shaking as it returns to form.

“No, we don’t want Torah…just New Testament teachings and perhaps some Ten commandments. That’s the Jesus we like. This group has his ‘essence’ of what He did on that cross revealed to them in their hearts.

Can born again believer Gentiles eat what they want and worship when they want? Are we then called, Lawless? We eat whatever and pray whenever.

Yes, Saturday is Sabbath but I still need to work my job.

Churches are more fun for our kids when they hear cute stories about Bible characters. We just don’t want them growing up hearing about so much blood shed. The result: Blood being shed on our earth.

Is this new school of thought to leave The Jew to The Jews going to bring them to THEE Messiach?

How much longer is it going to take for Jews to get their act together to be obedient to Scripture. They are to take The Kingdom BESORAH to the world. The GOSPEL that the Gentile is to participate bringing The Messiach to the earth.

Because we now have a world full of anti-kingdom people we see many anti-christs with no anointing upon but for evil purposes being deceived by their own words spewing from their own mouths…NO Torah..Only fit for The Jew.

These words are so peposperous but are accepted as being real. It is because our world is too busy to study just FIVE books. Yes, just FIVE.

When Isaac Shapira claims that Gentiles will have very few dreams, visions, callings much less miracles…he may be right. When they neutralize themselves and feed on books outside of The Torah…they will not expect great blessing.

Will ‘the neutralized’ be the least in the kingdom of God or perhaps they are NOT even there. The least do NOT teach. In fact, they are not only not teaching it, they are not living in Torah. There is a curse on those that instruct against The Torah.

Whoah is The Roman Church. Whoa is The Christian Church. There only hope may be that they hold to the ‘essence’ of our savior.

Now The Adversary goes after more of YHWH’s children. The trials and testing are allowed so you prove yourself going through this fire.

The Adversary goes after The Torah keepers. The Torah keepers are told to GO BACK TO CHURCH. That alone should tell you what makes Satan happy!

Will The Torah Keepers flee to the mountains (nations) OR retreat into their old school of thinking? How long did it take Abraham to leave his father Terah’s idol shop? It wasn’t too long before Abram burnt the entire business down.

The ‘Restrainer of The Torah’ is now going after the Hebrew Roots Kids!

They say: “No Esau, we will NOT let the ‘essence’ of these names be evil. ‘Jesus, Yeshua, Christians or Messianics’ be called ‘Esau’.

We will not sit in the seat with scoffers! Psalms 1

Typing Class 101 – Ms. Hadley: “It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

Torah Class 101 – “It is time for all good believers in The Seed to come to the aid of Yahweh’s Torah.”

It is time for ALL of us to depart from the ever-changing Torah instructions. Laban was ever-changing Ya’cov’s wages. Ya’cov woke up one day and realized he was living with his enemy.

Don’t set yourself outside the next Gan of Eden? We have the power of choice. We listen to words spoken by men or the words spoken by YHWH.

Will we be set aside on Cheshvan 17 to hide as we see the full miracles of deceit happen on our earth. Month Two Day 17 – Day of Reckoning

The instructions were not just for Adam and Eve…it was for their entire family. Just as we will not produce children in eternity Adam and Chanoah did nothave children while in the Gan of Eden. It took SEVEN years before being deceived. They moved out 42 days later on the Rosh Chodesh of Tevet (Month Four).

17 Cheshvan – Month Two Day Seventeen – Day of Deception

17 Cheshvan – Month Two Day Seventeen – Day of Flood Earth’s water baptism

17 Cheshvan – 2021 – A Sabbath – Our first granddaughter’s future wedding.

I find hope our first granddaughter’s wedding is a ‘sweet’ day. She loves Jesus more than anything in her being. She was born on Day one of The Feast of Tabernacles, 15 Tishrei.

He is what she lives for. She definitely belongs to him. She will attend His wedding banquet. I would like to believe that in this 7th Shemittah cycle on October 23 2021 that the deception and punishment that is patterned to that day can be annulled. One day that day will be annuled and set free from judgment. This year in 2021 is annuled because it is a Sabbath. Does it get deferred to the next day? I pray Kira’s sweet text to me will be for a SWEET Day..full of grace.

Jews are to be zealous to teach The Gentile which causes our earth to fill up with correct Torah (instructions). This is currently being accomplished as people are making plans to attend a Succot gather somewhere on our earth in just five days from now. The Feast of Tabernacles shows us The Wedding Banquet. One day all of these THREE remaining festivals will come to fruison.

Gentiles seem to be taking The Torah and The Lord’s Feasts very serious even more than the Jew. It makes sense that if 1000 Gentiles chase after one rabbi’s teachings, the Gentile’s growth is going to exploding.

The Jew doesn’t know what to do with these Gentiles that seem out of control in their creative righteous behaviors.

Gentiles are trying NOT to offend the Jew. And yet, they want YHWH coverings on them. They read about it…so they wear it or hang it on their door posts. The prayer shawl is like God’s wings surrounding you. A prayer shawl covering a person is likened to you own ‘secret’ place with God. Believers in Yeshua are to remind themselves of God’s instruction. Metzuzahs hung on doorways and tzit zit hang from their bodies. It all about remember the 613 which begins with loving God first and then your neighbor. To have ‘hate’ speech against the Torah is sin.

Is it a female wearing strings of pink with a single blue string in it suppose to make The Jew mad? I don’t think so, but it’s a small excuse to put a big stir to a boiling over pot. Dr. Shapira is stirring the pot that is creating the Christian to perhaps think twice of sending their money to support Israel. He has failed the course by Zig Ziglar, How to Make Friends and Influence People.

A man wearing a ball cap that says YEHOVAH on it had to be removed and I’m sure was part of the reason he has felt sick to his stomach the last two days from what he has seen.

And, my telling him of our ‘calf raising up from the dead’ must have shocked him to see the Holy Spirit working off shore from The Land of Israel. This calf not only came alive but responded to a specific request from my mouth (His words in my mouth came out) for a sign of life by lifting it’s head and it’s hoof. It sat it’s head on it’s right hoof a long time until I ended a prayer of ‘thanksgiving’ for His presence to us and showing Himself real to four of us, all family members.

His response was, “I only follow the Hebrew calendar.”

Is Esau going to get credit for having a miracle in his life? Hmm. Shapira confirmed the miracle by saying, “Did you just say you had a dead calf resurrect from the dead?” I explained a little more and he then responded with “I only follow the Hebrew calendar.” As he turned his back on me I agreed with him saying yes my cattle do everything according to it. Two days later as he signed the book I bought from him, I told him I had named this years calf Mishkan. He looked at me and said, “Mishkan? He sneered and turned away from me. This was a double witness against the Holy Spirit.

And to add insult to injury, three weeks later my Jewish friend who is mesmerized by Shapira belittled the miracle by saying as kids they would kill flies and say words over them. She resurrected two flies one time. Hmm. I wonder how dead they really were? Their two spirit have yoked together to ‘belittle the Holy Spirit. They are in The Lord’s hands for judgment. I can only report these incidents. We each have to choose to flee evil when we hear the slander against The Holy Spirit.

Gentiles hearts have been filling up with love for The Jew. But it has backfired. Because when you leave The Torah…you put a bigger chasme between the Jew and the Gentile.

This ‘repair’ movement’s leaders have become blasphemous. Sheep: run away!

The Jew being jealous over The Gentiles coming into The Torah is wrong. And it shows that they still do NOT know our Messiach. Jew and Gentile are to do the parts of The Torah that fits them. There is no Temple so there are no priests to follow those guidelines. There is no Temple so there is no daily sacrifice.

I rebuke this man’s hidden agenda that he drags others into and at the end cuts their throats like a kosher pig. Yes, he has even written a book called, The Kosher Pig. No one really understood this but let him go. Now the Kosher Pig Jesus is Esau. And if you love the Jewish Jesus who are called Esau. The Repair shop is only bringing disrepair Mr. Shapira…you are not my rabbi and therefore I won’t call you by that honorable name.

The Repair Shop called Tikkim has turned on it’s own. The explosive growth of Christians wanting to walk out The Torah has brought so much confusion that these ‘repair’ groups are no longer acting satisfactory. Pride of who will be the teacher of The New Kingdom Age is being fought for. It seems it will be he that screams the loudest will win.

There is a Gentile ‘repair’ group that has a two-year program to graduate Gentiles to be a rabbi. They go through training in Texas and graduate with an altered Torah. Are the ‘repair’ shops being fine tuned with new instructions from Shapira?

What are the ‘new’ instructions?

As we enter into the birthing of Messiah, we must look to Scripture. 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 is just one venue to visit and study.


Eze 22:2  “Now, human being, are you prepared to judge? Are you prepared to judge the city drenched in blood? Then make her realize how disgusting all her practices are!

 Eze 22:7  In you, they make light of fathers and mothers, they oppress foreigners, they wrong orphans and widows. 

Eze 22:8  You treat my holy things with contempt, you profane my sabbaths. 

When Ezekiel speaks he is showing just a few of The Torah commands that we recognize in The Ten Commandments. They don’t respect their fathers and mothers wisdom in Torah. They are oppressing the foreigners not showing them the covenants, the orphans and widows no longer have a Torah leader in their family. Temple items are to teach clean and unclean. They are not encouraging The Sabbath which means they perhaps have abandoned The Lord’s Feasts, too.

Judgment 2021 –

Israel has the highest COVID rate in the world with even it’s airways closed at Rosh Hoshanna 2021. Tishrei 1 – Israel’s gates closed to Egypt (the world). On the Ninth of Av – Israeli declares you will not buy or well without The Shot.

Can we judge anything without The Torah? No, it is The Torah that judges. But, is man that is to carry out the judgment. If mankind stops carry out the judgment then our Creator steps in. He has closed down our world and He is stepping in with judgment.

Without The Torah we have only moral law. That moral law becomes whatever man thinks is right in his own eyes. Minister Cleftlow Dollar’s moral law is wrong. He is causing violence on our earth. The Torah is God’s authority on our earth. We must have righteous pastors who know The Torah in order to guide the sheep.

Mat 23:28  Likewise, you appear to people from the outside to be good and honest, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and far from Torah. 

Psa 119:53  Fury seizes me when I think of the wicked, because they abandon your Torah. 

Exo 12:48  If a foreigner staying with you wants to observe Adonai’s Pesach, all his males must be circumcised. Then he may take part and observe it; he will be like a citizen of the land. But no uncircumcised person is to eat it. 

Exo 12:49  The same teaching is to apply equally to the citizen and to the foreigner living among you.” 

We were once strangers to the covenants but we are now brought in. We are the priests on the earth. We MUST never violate God’s instructions.

Eze 22:26  Her priests have violated my Law and profaned my sacred things. They didn’t differentiate between what’s sacred and what’s common. They didn’t instruct others to discern clean from unclean things. They refused to keep my Sabbaths. “‘I’m constantly being profaned (violence) among them. 

ATTACK’, n. An onset; first invasion; a falling on, with force or violence, or with calumny, satire or criticism.

The Kingdom will finish coming to the earth with Yeshua Jesus feet shaking the earth where anything evil will fall and burn up. Those first loving The Torah will rise up first. Many never knew Yeshua Jesus but they looked forward to and helped play out the ‘remembrance’ of The Lord’s Feasts to show His coming.

In the ‘essence’ of The Lord’s Feasts and his calendar we see The Messiach.

It is in this ‘essence or name…acts’ that we must stay fixed upon. The Seed / The Man that came 4000 years later to crush the head of The Adversary of YHWH is the essence of what he’s about.

Our world waited 4000 years with people doing The Feasts /The Torah pointing to The Seed that crushed his head even as The Adversary drove spikes into his heels. First the heels had to suffer because then The Seed could resurrect which is what crushed the head of all transgressions against YHWH’s instructions, for all that would believe in his resurrecting from the Dead. Now Jesus is known as The Living Word…Yeshua in Hebrew.

We must draw upon ‘the essence’ of what embodies this act. It does not matter what name (Jesus or Yeshua) that a ‘Believer’ uses….even though it is still important. But, we must stay focused on the very slight deception happening in our world right now as the followers of Jesus (who was The Seed..God in the flesh resurrected) are being chastised for being Jesus followers when in truth they love the acts that occurred…the essence of what they know about their Savior.

The Adversary, lead Christians into a movement labeled Messianics. These good intentions helped define ‘The Real Jesus’ with many books written.

The divisions in YHWH’s children in incredible. The Scriptures telling of families hating each other and going their own way. This is a ploy of setting up HATE. Hate is by The Adversary. We must stop letting The Deceiver control us…we are NOT Esau. We have an inheritance coming to us. We want to claim that inheritance when it arrives to earth. We want to be part of The Kingdom when it operates on earth for a thousand years.

We must repent right now during the last day of Teshuvah for having a ‘better than you’ attitude.

Repent for not listening to each other about our savior.

Repent for living under church doctrines instead of YHWH’s Torah.

We are all Hebrews going through life with our own Laben’s chasing after us to get our inheritance back that we thought someone stole from us. Even Laban’s daughter Rachel took her father’s inheritance as she felt he had squandered what was suppose to be their inheritance.

If we look at the theme being played out in our Bibles, we see that YHWH is telling us that it is His Inheritance that he wants for us. He wants you to have an eternal inheritance that can’t be taken away from you. But, it is how you respond to what He gives you now during your time of testing that will deem how valuable of an inheritance you receive in eternity. He wants you to teach Torah…as Torah shows The Living Torah…Yeshua. Honor Sabbath because Yeshua is The Lord of The Sabbath. Honor eating kosher as He is clean…and we are to be clean. When we don’t differentiate, we are reprimanded for not showing others the patterns.

The Sabbath can NOT be compromised because it shows us the next event to come upon our earth. Day Seven which are years 6000-7000. We are just years from it happening.

Eating clean can NOT be compromised because it shows us YHWH only accepts clean into The Kingdom.

Circumcising your child looks forward to the day your son will have a circumcised heart unto The Lord.

These are a few things The Deceiver is using to separate families and churches.

Yes, it’s all been allowed by our Creator because a falling away has to happen and the ‘iniquity’ on our earth is programmed to fill up. It has been planned by YHWH since the beginning.

The ‘secret’ things of YHWH are for us to seek out. When they are revealed we are to tell others. We must alert each other to open our eyes so ‘even the elect’ don’t fall for ‘the deception.’ YHWH has planned and purposed this to happen from the beginning. Don’t you want to be on the clean side and not on the side set for destruction?

In this year SEVEN of a seven-year Shemittah cycle, we are not only finding out the truth of the United States 2020 election, we are finding the truth of who rules our world. We are finding the truth of who unleashed a bio-weapon on our earth.

In the fall of 2021 closed eyes are being opened. The only thing we can do is REPENT for being deceived once our eyes are open. We must remember what Yeshua said from the stake…”Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

God’s ways are not our ways and therefore when we find we’ve been deceived, we must repent and His grace restores us. Yom Kippur is September 16. The Books are reviewed and closed. It is The Fast. Come in repentance to anyone you have a problem with. Repent as you do NOT want to carry that forward into God’s book. Deal with it now even if it’s just in your own heart.

Our world is looking for a government (mountain) that will lead us into life and not death. When they crossed over The Yarden they beheld two mountains…the lesson of doing what was right and being blessed was put on one mountain and the results of doing evil was represented by the other mountain. Mt. Ebel and Mt. Gerazim today are not cursed in themselves, but a picture of what to expect individually and from our governments that we are to help elect.

2Th 2:6  And now you know what is restraining, so that he may be revealed in his own time. 

The Lawless one is restraining the Torah on the earth. The Deceivers are restraining The Torah…it is called bringing violence against The Torah….by removing it!

Many can have an anti-christ spirit, but there will be one that has fellowship with many..writes books and then will dump on them making them feel they are in the wrong. Do not fall for this method of manipulation. Flee from evil…he roars like a lion tearing you down and yet softly whispering his next desires in your ears.


I’m going to remember July 25, 2021 as the day I heard the hissing of an adversary. Two days later I sat quietly for two hours listening and trying to understand as others ask the questions about this new program..SST. Listening then lead to the unveiling of ‘the ‘secret’.

TS – The Secret

A new Torah is written by The Adversary. The Secret: Stop The Original Torah

The Plan is NOT new. It is an old ‘secret’ now gone worldwide.

Jesus had to say to Peter, “Get behind Me Satan’ because Yeshua Jesus had to fill up all the prophecies that The Torah held about him. Today, in the final days when Messianic Believers claiming the Hebrew name of Yeshua as their savior are flourishing across our earth…the secret being whispered in dark corners is, SST.

Yes, men have always sought Truth and look for leaders that won’t lead them astray. I say to you today, that I hold no ill against those I’ve come to love in The Torah because they first loved our Savior Jesus and want his Hebrew heritage.

I hold no ill against my upbringing as a Catholic and then a Baptist. These venues brought me closer to my Savior Jesus. It is important for all denominations to stop having divisions over the name Christian, Jesus or Yeshua. We must stand against being called ESAU. These groups are not ESAU. They’ve been joined to the inheritance and the real ESAU is angry…and wants it back.

Memorize your inheritance

Eph 2:19  That is why you are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and members of God’s household, 

Eph 2:20  having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, the Messiah Jesus himself being the cornerstone. 

Eph 2:21  In union with him the whole building is joined together and rises into a holy sanctuary for the Lord. 

Eph 2:22  You, too, are being built in him, along with the others, into a place for God’s Spirit to dwell. 

We are being tried and we can pass this test. You now know ‘The Secret’ planned from the beginning. It is whether you will accept the correct instruction manual from God. If you don’t know the original copy, you won’t be able to recognize the ‘false Christ’.

You will be deceived my friends because even the elect that know The Torah may still fall….as they are this very day.

It is truly ‘shocking’ to me and others are ‘grasping for air’ as well.

Sabbath is sabbath

Circumcision is circumcision

Clean people eat clean food.

We are to be a set apart people recognizing The Adversary that comes. He is adverse to The original Torah.

“Get Behind Me Satan!” Your Torah…your instructions are your own and not that of, The Father. The Living Torah I know is Yeshua Jesus not Esau!

2Th 2:9  When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders. 

2Th 2:10  He will enable him to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the truth that could have saved them. 

2Th 2:11  This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie. 

2Th 2:12  The result will be that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken their pleasure in wickedness, will be condemned

Luk 16:29  “Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets. They should listen to them!’ 

Luk 16:30  “But the rich man replied, ‘No, father Abraham! But if someone from the dead went to them, they would repent.’ 

Luk 16:31  “Then Abraham told him, ‘If your brothers do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded, even if someone were to rise from the dead.'”

Yes, if you can’t believe Moses and the prophets…they won’t believe Jesus rose up. Jesus is found in The Torah and The Writings. Jesus sat in the seat of Moses. He was a Pharisee wearing garments that reminded them of The Torah. He walked and talked it perfectly never violating it once. Yeshua Jesus is HaMessaich (The Messiach) that returns to us. There are many that say they are the man with the right message. They make themselves gods to people. But, the true Messiah is One..he is united with The Father and can speak nothing but instruction from The Father. This relationship can NOT be denounced. The Law is in his mouth. He is NOT lawless. It is The True Torah that crushes the head of any adversary that says: “STOP STUDYING TORAH.” The full Torah in Jesus is his essence. He walked out love and he walked out correction. He walked out prophecies of being the ‘suffering servant’ and He will return walking out the prophecy of ‘King of Kings’. He is ben Yoseph. He is ben Binyamin. He is ben David. He is ben Nathan. He is ben Adam.

Knowing the stories of the Old Testament shows us our coming King. The Torah invites all mankind to see The Messiach that is coming to earth soon.

Today, the morning of Yom Kippur, I finish this long heart-wrenching article by responding to Rabbi Shapira’s teaching on September 12, 2021 at El Shaddai Ministries via Pastor Mark Biltz. In Shapira’s concern for the Jew’s salvation he blames the Christian and Hebrew Roots groups for delaying The Messiach’s return.

At 49 minutes into his talk he states that he had been with the Missouri Hebrew Roots group a few moths ago. “They are idiots. They have no movement of the Holy Spirit.”

I was there and I listen to every word…which was hard because his voice is so raspy and he can hardly speak. It was Shapira who caused confusion. Every time the MNL leader spoke he took charge and said that is just what I was about to say…but..and then made a correction which usually ended with, well..maybe that is right.

CONFUSION filled the weekend because he had the discord. He would not eat lunch with those that invited him to evidentally make the statement that he was not going to stand for those teaching The Torah and having God speak to them in their lives. He has elevated himself above Jew and Gentile to speak his own instructions (torah). His instructions come from rabbinical writing…which are just men’s thoughts on a subject…and making those thoughts to be true. “Man made from dust came from Mars? Really Rabbi? Maybe that red dust did fly down to earth and to stretch Joseph’s bones resurrecting from it was such a stretch that the group was leaving the room. His focus was not about The Torah…which brings righteous living to the earth. CONFUSION is the right word for that Convocation. At the end people came forward to stand around MNL leadership commiting to The Torah…not this guest speaker.

We know that Jonah represents The Messiah being buried for three days and resurrects to then have his disciples go to all the world with the gospel of his resurrection and that The Gentiles are attached to these same promises. Ninevah did repent. Was Jonah happy? No, he sat under a tree still mad that the city that killed his relatives received grace to be saved in their sin.

Perhaps we see Rabbi shapria sitting under that tree still mad that Israsel won’t share her Torah. Perhaps he is so frustrated that he thinks if everyone else goes away in the world, then The Jew will see the Messaich come. He’s will be right, because when he takes The Torah from The Nations there will only be violence left…which is what we see at this very moment at Yom Kippur 2021.

And 2 Thessalonians 2 describes the minions like Shapira who want to put their own thinking into place…changing The Torah….adding the extras to make the story line more concerning of who is who…so confusing for hours that you finally give up and just buy a book to read. Yes, The Deceivers are doing well and they are sitting among us…arriving in your home instantaniously.

El Shaddai Ministries Broadcast September 12, 2021 with 2.6 million viewers. We are being put to sleep and thus he is right that The Messiach will come soon. He’s causing Christians and Hebrews to hate Ya’cob. Is this the reaon why we see Israsel alone in her wars? All because Rabbi Shapira can’t get this Fig tree to accept Messiah which only comes via The Ruach HaKodesh. Does the fig tree die as Jonah looked to be dead, because they would not give The Torah to the world? Yes! YHWH is the planter and grower. The instruction for Jonah was to go give them The Seed to Salvation and he refused just as Rabbi Shapira is causing The Seed – The Living Word to be uprooted in our world.

Jonah 4:2  So he prayed to the LORD, “LORD, isn’t this what I said while I was still in my home country? That’s why I fled previously to Tarshish, because I knew you’re a compassionate God, slow to anger, overflowing with gracious love, and reluctant to send trouble. 

Jonah 4:3  Therefore, LORD, please kill me, because it’s better for me to die than to live!” 

Jonah 4:4  The LORD replied, “Does being angry make you right?” 

Jonah 4:11  So shouldn’t I be concerned about the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than 120,000 people who don’t know their right hand from their left—not to mention all the animals?” 

“So shouldn’t Shapira be concerned about the entire world where there are 8 billion people including his friends who don’t know if they are a sheep or a goat..sitting with God on the right or left?”

Shouldn’t Rabbi Shapira be concerned about The Nations who number in the billions? Oh Yes…Satan already owns their souls.

Yes, it the Christians and Hebrew Roots ‘believers’ that hold the remnant left to be destroyed by The Deceivers. Which church or groups have been and are still allowing their sheep to be flipped over and they can’t seem to get up…and now die from failing immune systems. A plague lasting months where some wish they could just die…not even having a relative by their side.

Jer 2:34  Right there on your clothing is the blood of the innocent poor, although you never caught them breaking and entering. Yet concerning all these things, 

Jer 2:35  you say, ‘I am innocent; surely he’s no longer angry at me.’ Here, I am passing sentence on you, because you say, ‘I have done nothing wrong.’ 

Jer 2:36  You cheapen yourself when you change course so often—you will be disappointed by Egypt too, just as you were disappointed by Ashur. 

Jer 2:37  Yes, you will leave him too, with your hands on your heads [in shame]. For Adonai rejects those in whom you trust; from them you will gain nothing.”

The Repair comes from Repentance…not ‘removing Torah from the earth.’

bml 9.17.2021

The Man of Lawlessness

Complete Jewish Bible

2Thessolonians 2:1  But in connection with the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah and our gathering together to meet him, we ask you, brothers, 

2Th 2:2  not to be easily shaken in your thinking or anxious because of a spirit or a spoken message or a letter supposedly from us claiming that the Day of the Lord has already come. 

2Th 2:3  Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom. 

(the fullness of removing Torah from the earth did not happen in their day. I is happening in our day.)

2Th 2:4  He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God. 

2Th 2:5  Don’t you remember that when I was still with you, I used to tell you these things.


2Th 2:6  And now you know what is restraining, so that he may be revealed in his own time. 

2Th 2:7  For already this separating from Torah is at work secretly, but it will be secretly only until he who is restraining is out of the way. 

2Th 2:8  Then the one who embodies separation from Torah will be revealed, the one whom the Lord Yeshua will slay with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the glory of his coming. 

2Th 2:9  When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders. 

2Th 2:10  He will enable him to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the truth that could have saved them. 

2Th 2:11  This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie. 

2Th 2:12  The result will be that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken their pleasure in wickedness, will be condemned. 

Stand Firm

2Th 2:13  But we have to keep thanking God for you always, brothers whom the Lord loves, because God chose you as firstfruits for deliverance by giving you the holiness that has its origin in the Spirit and the faithfulness that has its origin in the truth. 

2Th 2:14  He called you to this through our Good News, so that you could have the glory of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah. 

2Th 2:15  Therefore, brothers, stand firm; and hold to the traditions you were taught by us, whether we spoke them or wrote them in a letter. 

(The Traditions are in The Torah…The Lord’s Feasts, Sabbaths, Rosh Chodesh.)

2Th 2:16  And may our Lord Yeshua the Messiah himself and God our Father, who has loved us and by his grace given us eternal comfort and a good hope, 

2Th 2:17  comfort your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and deed. 

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